Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 339 (Week Ending 22/08/2017)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
579381 Trudy's Body Transformations Limited Co. Dublin
32722 Demesne Enterprises (Dundalk) Unlimited Company Co. Meath
43506 G & T Investments Limited Wexford
129662 Height For Hire (Allied Services) Limited Co. Meath
195867 Height For Hire (Forklifts) Limited Co. Meath
215931 Alldeal Trading Limited Dublin 2
274544 Craanford Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee Co.Wicklow
282990 Drumgort Construction Limited Co Longford
331047 Eirvia Design Limited Dublin 15
339134 Don Murphy & Associates Limited Co. Cork
347180 Group 26 Diversified Holdings Ireland Unlimited Company Limerick
368007 Midleton Garden Centre Limited Co Cork
374957 William Hynes & Associates Limited Dublin 9
454007 Top Cross Stone Limited Co. Cork
460724 Imokilly Meat Services Limited Co Cork
473618 Cic Technologies Limited Co Kildare
475150 Ocean Planning and Design Consultants Limited Galway
475633 P & J Service Station Limited Co. Monaghan
481101 Clag International Limited Dublin 2
493125 Gokey Limited Dublin 2
497798 Glenstarr Homecare Limited Limerick
504869 Glowroute Products Limited Dundrum Dublin 14
506655 Diya Consulting Services Limited Dublin 15
519522 On This Day Limited Co. Carlow
539631 Rocsports Leisure Limited Co. Meath
548014 The Luxury Dubliners Trading Company Limited Dublin 2
549717 David Connaughton and Company Limited Co Westmeath
568910 International Law Clerk Services Limited Dublin 16
588204 Three Threads Ireland Limited Cork
53821 Kirwan Florists Limited Dublin 3
59937 St. Leonards Trust Company Limited Dublin 2
69291 Garvey Brothers (Neilstown) Limited Dublin 9
90424 C.E.A. Company Limited By Guarantee Co.Dublin
111528 O'Connell Bros. Refrigeration Limited Co. Monaghan
120644 Blackwater Crafts Limited  Co. Cork
120880 Emerge Education Limited Dublin 6
152063 Tallyhoe Construction Limited  Co. Galway
174736 Hunter Marine Limited Co Wicklow
194742 White Flower Services Limited Co. Limerick
224492 Universal Hair & Scalp Clinic (Irl) Limited  Dublin 2
225826 Sanoline Limited Dublin 4
239460 Brookville Pharmacy (Santry) Limited Co. Dublin
240810 Tallulah Bytes Limited Dublin 4
244523 Children of the Andes Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 8
256518 McKpp Limited Dublin 18
270614 Cad-3d Limited Co. Dublin
273620 Strokestown Filling Station Limited  Co. Roscommon
281386 Portfolio Publishing Limited Dublin 3
289164 Adrian Michael Ryder Associates Limited Co Meath
300035 Hi-Tech Solutions Limited Co Kildare
309572 Millennium Fisheries Limited Dublin 1
316265 Creative Inputs Limited Dublin 6
334186 Clark Accountancy Limited Co. Kildare
337677 Ropav Limited  Dublin 2
337769 Ticn Limited  Co Donegal
337770 Ticn (Ireland) Limited  Co Donegal
337788 Pgw (Europe) Limited  Dublin 7
340235 L.M.G. Developments Limited Co.Donegal
346608 Ecomm Online Services Limited Dublin 4
348747 Internetwork Security Consulting Limited Co Kildare
349702 Bio-Energy Therapists Association Co. Wicklow
352485 Bken Limited  Co. Meath
358009 Ogsy Automation Limited Cork
359667 Bill O'Donnell & Sons Limited Cork
367866 Horgan's Buildings Senior Citizens Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
373748 Norlia Limited  Co. Tipperary
373879 Cloonbrackna Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee  Roscommon
373904 Verona Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 3
375453 Heritage Ceramics Limited Co Kildare
380437 Jpm Design & Associates Limited Co. Roscommon
385003 Da Panza Limited  Co.Meath
389011 Loc International Limited  Co. Kerry Ireland
396128 Rathvilly Dvc Limited Co. Carlow
396752 Tralee Mini Storage Limited  Co. Limerick
397036 China Sourcing Limited Dublin 15
398295 Rathmines Home Help Services Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 6
401559 Dr.Twomey Unlimited Company Dublin 4
405606 Oakdale Podiatry Limited  Co. Kerry
407790 D & a Technical Services Limited Dublin 2
431494 D. Lohan & Company Limited Roscommon
432244 Dana Europe Financing (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
433349 Maximaliser Limited  Co Dublin
433383 Mfsd Transport Limited  Co Dublin
438592 Colm O'Neill Transport Limited Co. Wicklow
439409 Paul Jordan Electrical Limited Co Dublin
441252 Corporate Edge Limited Co. Donegal
443421 Sogema Investments Limited  Dublin 18
443601 Clonakilty Health and Safety Limited Co. Cork
446619 Moruna Limited  Dublin 18
447947 Granite Art Limited  Co. Tipperary
448103 Nostos Limited Co. Wicklow
461086 Interactive Classroom Solutions Limited Dublin 15
466454 Paco Interiors Roi Limited  Dublin 15
467202 Kearney Castles Limited Co. Galway
472046 Hrs Business Solutions Limited Co. Tipperary
472913 McCague Windows Limited Co. Monaghan
473428 N & P Lawless Enterprises Limited  Co. Clare
474583 E & C Isabella Limited Cork
476962 Gymtech Europe Limited Dublin 15
478585 Brew & Chew Limited Co. Carlow
479854 Barking Pan Limited  Co Galway
479886 Diongbháilteach Limited  Co. Cork
479893 Trim Wool Shop Limited  Trim Co Meath
480147 Strategic Finance Concepts Limited  Co Waterford
483500 Radve Construction Limited Co. Dublin
492887 Eddisons Commercial Ireland Limited Dublin 2
493928 Cloud Media Limited  Dublin 8
493975 Presentation Furniture Limited  Dublin 24
493977 Peralla Healthcare Limited  Co. Cork
494147 Future Nutrition Limited  Co. Wexford
494965 Caped Koala Studios Limited Co. Cork
495246 Lds Training Limited Co. Kildare
500784 Fe & Pm Limited Co. Kerry
501320 Westlink Building Contractors Limited  Co Kildare
501454 Sfh Media Services Limited  Co.Dublin
501549 Ryan Corporate Investigations Limited  Co. Kildare
501758 Sram Bicycle Component Holdings Limited Waterford
505240 Jjw Consulting Limited Co. Wexford
508559 S.F.Z Takeaways Limited  Co. Limerick
508725 Mpjp Stores Limited  Co. Sligo
508780 Gwv Point Limited  Dublin 14
510067 Mjjm Construction Limited Co.Cork
511184 Afilias Domains No. 5 Limited Dublin 2
511186 Afilias Domains No. 1 Limited Dublin 2
511187 Afilias Domains No. 2 Limited Dublin 2
511489 Redel Health Limited Co. Kildare
515644 Ronley Limited  Co. Sligo
515707 A & Z Foods Limited Co. Wicklow
522736 Kfe Property Development Limited  Co Louth
522769 Woodstock Bloodstock Limited  Kilkenny
522772 Cfi Paulownia Limited  Co. Tipperary
522942 Mssemea Limited  Co.Cork
523312 The Leyton Attens Super Hero Academy Limited Cork
524443 Mercantile Land Investments Limited Dublin 7
530616 Market in the Air Limited  Dublin 11
531028 Royal Digital Film and Media Co Limerick
531878 M&E Cad Services Limited Co. Dublin
535693 Global Amuse Limited Cork
538191 Chytel Europe Limited  Co. Louth
538199 Wat Thai Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 13
538235 James McCaul Transport Limited  Co. Kildare
538291 Northborn Limited  Dublin 2
538672 Beeman Properties Limited Limerick
539743 Cppcc Limited Limerick
543638 Signal Fire Limited Co. Wexford
546867 Base2digital Limited  Dublin 8
547005 Student Travel Camps Limited  Dublin 2
547417 McG Music Limited Co. Dublin
547424 Vasgard Medical Limited  Co. Galway
556060 Cote Batiment Limited  Dublin 2
556085 Web Energy Media Limited  Dublin 2
556112 Fia Rua Security Limited  Co. Cork
556113 Fia Rua Import & Export Limited  Co. Cork
556133 Lodge Business and Accounting Services Limited  Co. Kilkenny
556172 Gravity Digital World Limited  Co. Roscommon
556178 Selppa Limited  Co. Wicklow
556205 Iron Bloodstock Limited  Kilkenny
556215 N-Gage Repairs Limited  Cork
556219 Ock Structures Limited  Co. Louth
556259 Briarfield Investments Limited  Dublin 7
556270 La Buona Forchetta Limited  Co. Cork
556343 Lehrukskasd Lwama Firm Limited  Kilkenny
556369 Emire Advisors Limited  Dublin D01 X5x0
556370 Ld Barnes Capital Limited  Dublin D01 X5x0
556383 Click Clinic Limited Co Donegal
556392 Pipeliner Ireland Limited  Co. Westmeath
556395 Paj Takeaways Limited  Co. Kildare
556399 Aviance Ventures Limited  Co. Leitrim
556406 Brightbytes International Limited  Dublin 4
556409 Modular Coffee Dublin Limited  Dublin 2
558723 Crawley Maintenance Limited Co. Meath
560299 Sdq Technologies Limited Dublin 15
560811 Matt Lyons Sales Solutions Limited Cork
563067 Fel3sun Limited Dublin 2
566132 Douzet and Son Limited Dublin 7
566601 Qsnt Services Limited Co. Meath
566847 The Burke Review Limited Co. Galway
567473 Opexc Events Limited Cork
567517 Soldiup Limited Dublin 7
568492 Isolarchs Limited Co. Dublin
574349 Pk Euro Energy Solutions Limited  Co Sligo
575363 Jamni Limited  Co. Kildare
575386 Ryan Imports Limited  Co. Kildare
575389 International Tinsmithing Services Limited  Dublin 7
575404 Facile Agile Limited  Dublin 6
575437 Ardcost Oysters Limited  Co Kerry
575455 Ic&S Intelligence Consulting and Solutions Limited  Dublin 7
575470 Fergvest Limited  Dublin 6w
575478 Ultimate Dev Limited  Co. Dublin
575484 Smi Express Logistics Limited  Co. Monaghan, A81 Ead0
575487 Maria Hair & Beauty Limited  Co Donegal
575488 Siva Domestic Cleaners Limited  Co Donegal
575496 Ravello Ventures Limited  Dublin 3
575518 Turnings Investments Limited  Co. Kildare
575542 Cúram Care Limited  Co Meath
575550 Zircon Electrical Limited Dublin 12
575554 Hasnain Rizwan Limited  Dublin 2
575567 Marfall Design Limited  Co. Mayo
575626 Dl Mind Limited  Dublin 2
575629 Perhentian Consultants Limited  Dublin 2
575637 Irish Modular Cottages Limited  Co. Meath
575651 Xpress Business Management & Consultancy Limited  Dublin 2
575660 Sphere Online Platforms Limited  Dublin 7
575664 Manora It Support Limited  Co Donegal
575729 Caltegan Imports Limited  Dublin 24
575746 Ith Timber Marketing Ireland Limited  Co. Cavan
575794 Dempsey Doyle Limited  Co. Kilkenny
575820 Aurora Energy Management Limited  Co. Sligo
575835 The Dog House Grooming Studio Limited  Co. Dublin
575836 Dublin Realty Plus Limited  Dublin 3
576153 Techware Tonic Limited Dublin 4
576360 Kate Beauty Limited Dublin 8
576851 Peak Capital Limited Dublin 18
576852 Altanovas Limited Dublin 18
576900 Ans Advanced New Software Limited Dublin 2
576976 Jme Financial Services Limited Dublin 14
578564 Estone Electronic Limited Co. Wexford
583162 Jsn Famco Limited Co. Dublin
583521 Mulvin Education & Training Limited Limerick
584837 Second40 Agb Solutions Limited Dublin 4
586285 Lslco Ie Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
587178 Pob Software Limited Dublin 16
587814 Sunrise Organisation Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 8
589463 Shortech Limited Co. Wicklow
592166 Boyle Marine Consultancy Limited Co. Donegal
593634 Raw Energy Marketing Limited Dublin 6w
597575 Arena Softplay Limited Dublin 16
599427 Alphabet Properties Limited Dublin 17
604036 Gig Innovation Europe Limited Dublin 2
607411 The Velvet Cell Media Limited Kildare
There are 230 companies in the above list.

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