The list contains companies that have a status of "Struck Off" or which have been dissolved in the last 2 months. There are 1481 companies in this category.

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Company Name Partial Address
Bernhard Gunther Limited Co. Kildare
Better Energy Options Limited Co. Na Gaillimhe
Bg Network Limited Dublin 6
Bid2share Limited Kilkenny
Bidland Limited Foley Street, Dublin 1
Big Sky Holdings Limited Dublin 2
Bill & Kits Limited Newcastle West, Co Limerick
Bj Management Company Limited Parkwest, Dublin 12
Bjm Catering Limited Co Westmeath
Blackline Tyres Limited Co Cork
Blackwater Media Limited Co. Meath
Blarney Taxis Limited Co. Kildare
Blenacup Construction Limited Co. Cavan
Blitz Distributions Limited Shankill, Dublin 18
Block B&C Francis St Management Company Limited Rathmines, Dublin 6
Bloxham Nominees Limited Dublin 1
Blue Flag Developments Limited Co Clare
Blue Fuse Limited Co. Kildare
Blue Liffey Limited Portrane, Co Dublin
Bodytime Therapies Limited Dublin 14
Bohola Cab Company Limited Harcourt Road, Dublin 2
Bolivan It Services Limited Dublin 2
Border View Service Station Limited Donegal
Bosiq Limited 652 South Circular Road, Dublin 8
Boulaling Developments Limited Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
Boundary Management Limited Dublin 16
Bouw And Dak Construction Limited Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Bowcrest Limited Waterford
Bowesbake Limited Sligo
Bowmar Contracting Limited Dublin 2
Bp-Ie Securities 1 Limited Dublin 2
Bpl Town Planning Limited Dublin 7
Bramell Limited Cork
Braycar Personal Credit Limited Co Cork
Bregasda Limited Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
Brendan O' Callaghan Limited Co. Monaghan
Brian Dolan & Noel Kelly Developments Limited Co. Roscommon
Brian Mansfield Limited Co. Meath
Briarbay Construction Limited Co. Donegal
Brickrow Construction Limited Co Kildare
Bridgeford Investments Limited Co Longford
Bridgemor Construction Limited Bunahowen, Ballina Co Mayo
Bridgewater Franchise Limited Dublin 24
Brimac Security Limited County Donegal
Brinkfield Investments Limited Gorey, Co.Wexford
Brixen Limited Dublin 2
Brobster Developments Limited Bray, Co. Wicklow
Bronndubh Limited Co Dublin
Brosc Designs Limited Killarney, Co. Kerry
Browne & Hayden Limited Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford