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We regularly gather feedback from our customer community. Here are just a few examples of what our members have to say about

"We use before opening customer accounts to check company status, and confirm some of the information they've supplied, it's quick and easy to use" March 2008

"I have been using for over six years and it has always been consistently reliable and up to date." January 2008

"We used to pay an annual fee for information and we've saved a fortune since moving to Now we just pay for what we use and our account rolls over year after year." November 2007

"As soon as any of my customers file their latest Accounts... I know straightaway, and it doesn't cost me a cent..." October 2007

"We use your service right across our branch network for opening new customer accounts and KYC checks. It is quick, easy to use and we've always found it reliable. The billing is very transparent and the alerts are handy." July 2007

"One thing I've found is that makes it to easy to access different information sources from the same place." July 2007

"If Carlsberg made information services┐ you guys would probably be the best one!" May 2007

"Just last week I looked up information on one our top customers. They'd just filed their latest accounts... after seeing them I was able to give them much better credit terms." February 2007

"I'm using it almost daily now. Not sure how I managed without it in the past. We use it to check the information on all new accounts. At around E2 a document, it pays for itself. I'd have no hesitation in recommending" January 2007

"We moved from another information service, to almost two years ago. The move was easy. Initially we moved because of the savings. Over the last few years in using it, we've found the service great. Having used other services, I would highly recommend" September 2006

"There's hardly a day goes by that I don't find myself logging on to my account. It's great value, for just a couple of Euro I can view any company's latest accounts, their Directors and make a credit decision based on the facts." June 2006

"Having sold to the same companies for many years, I knew who was who and very rarely carried out any kind of checks on the companies I dealt with. However, I recently received an email from yourselves, which informed me that there was a lot of movement going on within one of my top customers. They had filed their Annual Returns and had changed many of their directors. With that I called the customer and arranged to meet the new directors. This simple 'meet and greet' solidified my position as a supplier to this company for the foreseeable future. I would never have known about the changes without Thanks for your update." June 2006

" is ideal for our work. We can quickly check our own filing records, and those of our clients. It's also helpful for Audit purposes." April 2006