It is recommended that you have the following system specifications when using Vision-net. Other configurations may work, but these are our recommendations:

The following is the list of suggested settings for Internet Explorer. Please enure that you have set the Internet Explorer settings as follows and then try the tests again.

  1. In Internet Explorer go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options..."
  2. On the "General" tab, look at the "Temporary Internet files" section.
    Temporary Internet Files
  3. Press the "Delete Cookies" button if it exists. This should take just a few moments to complete.
  4. Press the "Delete Files" button. When the "Delete Files" dialog box pops up select "OK". This can take quite some time to complete.
  5. Press the "Settings" button. Set "Check for newer versions of stored pages" to "Automatically" or "Every visit to the page".
  6. It is strongly suggested, but not required, that you reduce the "Amount of disk space to use" to 32MB or 64MB.
  7. Go to the "Security" tab and select the Internet logo
  8. If the current "Security level for this zone" is set to High or Custom then press the "Default Level" button.
  9. Go to the "Privacy" tab if it exists
  10. If the current "Security level for this zone" is custom or higher than medium then press the "Default" button.
  11. Select "OK" and then return to the tests page and try again.