If you're having a technical problem accessing Vision-net.ie ...why not try one of the following.

If you're on a corporate network have a quick chat with your IT department, there's probably something small that they can fix in no time at all.

If you're using the Internet from home, it is best to check the following.

Note: The links below point to external sites over which we have no control. Vision-net takes no responsibility for any programs or updates downloaded or installed from external sites.

Perform the following system checks:

  • Make sure you have an up-to-date virus scanner running on your machine. Grisoft provide a free virus scanner for non-commercial use or purchase one of the many commercial offerings by McAfee or Symantec.
  • Make sure you have a firewall in place. Windows XP has a firewall built in. Visit Microsoft Security to learn how to enable it. Other users should install something like Zone Alarm which also has a free version.
  • Make sure your operating system has the latest patches in place to protect you from security vulnerabilities. Windows Update is the place to go for Microsoft Windows patches.
  • Consider running a tool such as Spybot S&D which should remove any spyware from the machine. Spyware is often resposible for stealing personal information and displaying un-wanted popup advertisements when you browse web sites.

Perform the following system checks:

  • Do you have enough memory? These days 512MB should be considered an absolute minimum for a computer to run well. Consider upgrading to 1GB or 2GB if possible.
  • Do you have a fast enough internet connection? Some documents available on Vision-net can be over 100 pages and can take a long time to download over a slow connection.
  • When did you last check your hard disk for errors or defragment it? These tools are generally available by right clicking on your C: drive and choosing properties. A "Tools" tab should be available.