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AnaCredit Reporting Software

We’ve already helped clients across the Financial Services sector achieve
smooth hassle-free reporting of AnaCredit requirements, with our superior AnaCredit & CCR software.

AnaCredit Software AnaCredit Software

Fully automated, partially automated or batch solutions are available
depending on your requirements.

Using CRIF Vision-net For AnaCredit

Achieve a low cost, high data quality, enrichment service that minimises a draw on
organisation resources for the reporting of AnaCredit and CCR data.

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  • Parent companies at every level of the family tree will be identified and their records enriched, as required by AnaCredit.
  • With instant access to over 200m companies worldwide wherever the Ultimate Parent company is located we will supply you with enriched AnaCredit data.


  • With CRIF Vision-net you can avoid the need and cost of further processing. Our AnaCredit enrichment file is as per Central Bank specifications complete with required CBI AnaCredit Codes for various fields, including County Code, Form Type and many more, saving you time and hassle.
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  • Customer records can automatically be delivered through secure SFTP, and screened using our proven data analytics to identify unique registered numbers such as LEI, CRO Number, or RBN. No need for you to have CRO numbers for your customers to hand.
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  • Our AnaCredit software allows for the upload and on-boarding of new records (new to the organisation customers) in monthly batches to be matched, enriched and monitored for changes, allowing you to comply with AnaCredit reporting, on an ongoing basis.
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  • A freshly updated file will be generated with the latest information to include identified legal entities and enriched existing customer records, delivering one comprehensive file for frictionless reporting every month, saving you time and money.

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