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Being a sustainable business brings many advantages both environmentally and commercially.
As more companies opt to be greener for reputational reasons, a new EU Directive (CSRD) means that companies with
over 250 employees now also need to monitor the sustainability of the companies they do business with from January 2023.

This directive is likely to be extended to SME's in January 2026, but already many smaller companies are signalling to their
customers that they have started their sustainability journey. This trend is likely to mushroom in the months ahead,
as awareness of the climate crisis grows.

The above is in addition to European Central Bank and EBA guidelines.

How Synesgy Can Help


Collecting, analyzing and reporting on the sustainability of your company and the companies
you do business with is a time-consuming and costly task.

To help, CRIF have invested in and created Synesgy. A new solution that lets companies monitor,
assess and report on you and your suppliers' sustainability activities
in a standardised way – totally hassle free!

How does Synesgy work?

Synesgy makes the complicated area of sustainability – well, easy. It operates in-line with the 17 sustainable
development goals (SDG's) and allows you to request, collate and view the sustainability,
of your company or the companies you do business with... with minimum effort.

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What Is ESG...



A company's impact
and initiatives



A company's social
responsibility with
their community



A company's governance
of their activities to be
held to high standard

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