- by Ian Finnie on 08/02/2018

We are in acceleration mode and Ireland has taken its place as Europe's fastest growing economy

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Many aspects of that recovery are demonstrated in our 2017 Annual Review. Last year was the first time in almost two decades more than 20,000 Companies were registered, up 8% on the previous year. Company insolvencies fell by a further 10%. In addition to this our Recovery Index shows a growing confidence among Irish consumers as our economy steadies its path to prosperity.

So while there is no doubt our recovery continues we are not invulnerable. Unpaid debt remains a concern with nearly ?117m per week lost to Irish Businesses in Bad Debt in 2017.

Full details are available in our 2017 Annual Review, a comprehensive analysis of business trends in Ireland today. To view the full report, simply click the link above.

View The 2017 Annual Review

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The 2018 Annual Review


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