- by Amy McNeice on 30/08/2022

The Vision-net service just got a whole lot bigger! We're delighted to announce that 4 new services are now available to use on Vision-net.

Each unique service is geared to help you better pre-screen, verify, or check the people you need to screen - from directors, business owners, sole traders to private individuals.

All 4 of these services are included in DigitalHub, the services include...

  • Enhanced Person Reports
Background check any person with a single click and re-access reports instantly for up to 12 months free of charge.

  • Verify ID or Proof of Address / Income
  • Verify your customer's ID or capture proof of address / income in seconds. Eliminating manual handling of ID docs.

  • Link2Bank
  • Request a report on a customer's bank account data, and can make a real-time live assessment of their incomings and outgoings.

  • Batch PEP Checks
  • Save time and resources by uploading a batch of customers, for instant PEP checking.

    As a solution DigitalHub will help you better manage your person checks from on-boarding to approval, and gives you a solid back-up for your existing KYC systems.

    To upgrade your account today simply call Tel: 01 903 2657 or email solutions.vision-net@crif.com

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