- by Amy McNeice on 13/06/2023

  • CRIF has been named as one of the top artificial intelligence decisioning platform providers in latest analysis from leading global analyst firm.
  • The recognition is attributed to its StrategyOne solution, a key component of the company's portfolio which empowers business users to easily implement, test, monitor, and modify business rules, credit scores, calculations, and entire decision processes.
  • CRIF has strengths in tools for business experts, decision intelligence technologies, application development tools, and security.

June 2023, London:

Europe's leading provider of credit information, open-banking and digital solutions CRIF has been named as a leader among artificial intelligence (AI) decisioning platform providers.

CRIF was among the selected companies that analyst firm Forrester invited to participate in its evaluation wave, The Forrester Wave: AI Decisioning Platforms, Q2 2023. In this evaluation, CRIF was cited as a 'Leader' in AI decisioning alongside other influential industry players.

The report analyses and scores the top AI decisioning platforms across 23 criteria, scoping their ability to provide enterprise business and technology teams with tools to author and automate business decisions.

CRIF's inclusion is in part attributed to StrategyOne, a key component of the company's portfolio which empowers business users to easily implement, test, monitor, and modify business rules, credit scores, calculations, and entire decision processes. It also helps businesses reduce costs thanks to no-code rules, while it helps organisations embrace different decision management approaches.

StrategyOne, up and running in over 30 countries worldwide, is a fully tailored solution to create and manage customised workflow in a very flexible way, enabling automatic and reliable credit decisions based on qualified traditional and innovative data.

StrategyOne Can Help Financial Institutions To:

  • Reduce time-to-yes
  • Increase the automation in the evaluation process
  • Increase evaluation accuracy
  • Improve customer experience
  • Offer a better internal user experience
  • CRIF has clear strengths in credit decisioning because of its vast consumer credit databases. However, with StrategyOne being applicable to many other non-credit decisioning use cases, CRIF is successfully penetrating new markets and addressing new customer needs.

    The firm's success in continuously improving its platform by adding more industry-diverse solution accelerators and automated feature engineering for machine learning was also highlighted as a defining feature. Moreover, CRIF customers can benefit from its full portfolio of solutions and data for credit decisions and user experience design.

    Forrester concluded that CRIF is a leader in the space and is a good fit for both existing customers that wish to expand decisioning within their organisation, and for new customers in financial services.

    Leonardo Piva at CRIF Digital said: "We're honoured to be recognised as a leader in The Forrester Wave?: AI Decisioning Platforms, Q2 2023."

    "CRIF AI decisioning platform is a core component of our value proposition, so we're happy it is getting the recognition it deserves. At the same time, we're always looking to improve our value-add services by adding more cutting-edge solutions and features, the needs of our customers are always front of mind."

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