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With access to over 200 million companies worldwide there are no boundaries to the data we offer here at CRIF Vision-net. From the Isle of Man to The Bahamas we have data on every company across the globe to help you identify and screen new customers - all from within your existing Vision-net account!

There is no reason for Irish companies to be unable to perform their due diligence on international entities, it makes exporting goods and services abroad less risky and opens a world of new opportunities. That's why we offer our customers the ability to perform searches on companies from 230 territories worldwide. Not only this but our unique scoring system and reports are consistent for all countries and are always delivered in English making it super easy to compare trading partners from different territories, review credit and manage risk on a global scale.

Why CRIF Vision-net?

Like with all our services, we've made it as simple as ever to access international reports and documents from wherever your goods are shipped or sold at the most competitive prices.

We work with local financial experts who we have evaluated as the top business information providers to give you the highest quality information with the most up-to-date and reliable reports.

CRIF Vision-net International Reports Benefits:

  • Search from within your existing Vision-net account
  • Available instantly online in 163 Countries
  • All reports delivered in English
  • One consistent Global Score/Layout

Low Prices Customised to Your Search Needs

With three levels of data available you can enjoy the data you need at low prices, and grow your business network with confidence with any one of our global credit reports.

  • Verification Report: Verify the existence of the legal entity, the registered name and address, official number and report options available.
  • Slim Credit Report: Identify the key persons involved, a summary credit report, key financial fields, and statutory filing data.
  • Full Credit Report: View a full credit report, with up to 4 years of financials, shareholders / owners, associated companies and more.
  • All these benefits and more make it easier for you to trade with Confidence, Visibility, Transparency and Familiarity.

    Why does it matter?

    It is even more important to perform due diligence on international companies as the further geographically you are away from a customer or supplier the less likely you are to know of their ability to pay (word of mouth is less effective). Using preventative methods like our Credit Reports will reduce the possible losses from what would otherwise be a high risk undertaking.

    For more information on International Searches Call: 01 903 2660 or Email: Helpdesk.vision-net@crif.com

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