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The Annual 'Business in Ireland' Review for 2022 from CRIFVision-net is now available!

The 2022 edition reports on the record-breaking year for new company start-ups, marking a significant turning point for the Irish economy's Covid-19 recovery. As well as this large increase in start-ups, the resilience of the Irish economy can be seen in the Insolvency figures which have continued on decrease on last year's figure.

As well as this, you can expect analysis on all the key trends that have emerged in the past year for Directorships, Closures Vs Start-ups, Export Markets and much more...

With comments from our Managing Director Christine Cullen on the current state of the Irish economy as well as some analysis of the trends to look out for in 2022 from our Regional Director Sara Costantini.

Read/Download the Annual Review 2022, below:

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