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Thinking of setting up a company in Ireland? Launching a company is a significant step that requires a lot of hard work, determination, careful planning and consideration. But what about timing? While luck might not play a decisive role, avoiding certain days might help set a positive tone for your new venture.

We have analysed all corporate insolvencies recorded over the last few years, and derived a list of the unluckiest days of the year to set up a company, so you will know exactly which days to avoid if you're thinking of setting up a new company.

The list below details the 10 'unluckiest' days to set up a company in Ireland, based on the day of incorporation, and just how many corporate insolvencies were recorded on that date.

Top 10 Worst Days to Set Up a Company in Ireland:

  • 7th of December - 1,786
  • 15th of April - 1,708
  • 12th of March - 1,568
  • 18th of February - 1,561
  • 11th of April - 1,531
  • 20th of December - 1,530
  • 10th of March - 1,505
  • 7th of April - 1,502
  • 9th of March - 1,501

There is no fool proof formula for a successful launch of a new business venture. Ultimately, superstition is subjective. The quality of your product or services, and your ability to meet your customers' needs will determine the potential success of your new company. Although, avoiding these dates might just help...

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