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What Makes Credit Reports So Useful?

Credit reports are one of the most useful and insightful tools when assessing companies, managing risk or background checking for due diligence and they're one of our most popular reports. Whether its for a quick glance at the risk rating or a full deep dive of the financials or ownership or risk.

What Are Credit Reports?

Despite the name, they're not all just about credit. Credit reports contain a wealth of data for so many applications, from pre-screening to AML. All company and financial information is pulled from official company documents so you don't have to trail through hundreds of pages of data. As well as this, intelligent insights like credit score/limit and analyst insights are included to paint an accurate and intuitive picture of the state of a company.

Why Should You Use Credit Reports?

If you wish to reduce your exposure to problem payers or have greater insight on any company in these uncertain times credit reports are highly predictive. In seconds, it gives you a great feel for a company. Not just for credit, but so much more for your sales, legal, procurement and KYC teams.

What is Included in CRIFVision-net Credit Reports?

  • Credit Score, Credit Limit and Company Status
  • Identifying Information: Company Number, Type, Size, Date of Incorporation, NACE Code & Registered Address
  • Previous Names & Owned Business Names
  • Credit Score Timeline: Any previous changes to the Credit score/credit limits in the past
  • Financial Information: Annual Returns filling details, Auditor Details, 5 years Financials, Key Ratios,
  • Analyst Observations & Industry/Sector Analysis.
  • Director Information
  • Shareholder Data: Outlines the ownership structure and percentage of shareholdings.
  • Judgments & Mortgages/Charges Information
  • NEW COVID Industry Impact: Marks the industry in which the company operates on a scale from 'No Impact' to 'Severe'.

What Makes CRIFVision-net Credit Reports Unique?

CRIFVision-net Credit Reports use the very latest technology along with the key critical risk factors facing Irish businesses today, to continually monitor and evaluate every score every day. Over 30 years of experience in Business Information has allowed CRIFVision-net to build the best Credit Report Scorecard.

Many of our users find our Credit Reports are second to none, for many reasons:

  • Most up-to date scoring model - using the most innovative technology in Ireland our data is based on hard economic facts, resulting in a highly predictive score
  • Real-time data - updated as soon as changes occur, every Credit Score is reviewed every day to check for any new data which may affect the score
  • Designed for the Irish business environment - unlike many others which are imported from UK
  • Easy to follow reports - which offers a top level credit score at a glance, along with analysts observations and key ratios to offer the most comprehensive credit decision you can get
  • Built in monitoring - that alerts you immediately if there is any change in a company's report
  • How Do You Access a Credit Report?

    The good news is, access to Credit Reports is already included in a CRIFVision-net subscription. This means you can access credit reports immediately from within your account. Just look for the orange ' 'Credit Report' button. You will also find links to credit reports at the top of the standard company report when logged into your account.

    For more info on our Credit Reports:

    Email: info.vision-net@crif.com

    Phone: 01 903 2660

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