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For many SME's the re-opening of the economy, will be about looking for new ways to do business. Identifying new industries to trade goods and services into; and fueling their sales, marketing and CRM teams with the best new leads available.

This is where CRIF Vision-net can help. Our information solutions let you easily enrich your existing customer data - with the latest updates on any business customer, like director or business owner contact names, key contact details, business size criteria, credit risk movements and more.

This means your marketing team are more informed about new prospects, and your sales team can quickly and easily prioritise new business leads and opportunities.

Our information solutions are available in API or business list format, giving you the most flexibility to test them and see. Simply decide on the criteria by the location, size, industry or type of business? and we'll provide you with a full list matching the required criteria. Or give us a sample of your customers and we'll return a fully enriched dataset on them for you to distribute to your teams.

With Ireland's largest database of Irish companies, these are some of the best tools available to help you re-grow your business by armouring your teams usable and actionable data.

4 Step Process To Re-Growth

Identify - Access your unique business list and search by the filters that matter most to you.

Follow-up - Our Business Lists include the key decision makers with easy points of contact to make it simpler than ever to reach the right people.

Close - With Pre-screened leads at your fingertips, closing new sales with healthier businesses will become the norm.

Grow - Monitor your new customers for further growth potential.

As the recovery happens and a forecasted new cost-conscious environment develops, the only real question is.. will your business be well placed to take advantage of customers who are more open to switch suppliers than ever before.

For more information on how lists can help your business Email: Info.vision-net@crif.com or Tel: 01 903 2657.

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