- by Megan Gilmer on 28/11/2023

We all could use more time in the day to focus on our value-adding tasks, but manual admin, data analysis and decision making takes time, and for good reason.

Transform your day-to-day for the better, with StrategyOne Decision Management; a user-friendly business solution, so that you can automate decisions by using data, scorecards and business rules for an automatically delivered final decision, or recommended actionable next steps.

Smarter Automated Decisions

StrategyOne's intuitive decision engine can analyse and interpret reports and data, and rules can be defined by the user with a simple graphical rule configuration console, customisable to user workflows with ease. That covers rules to be managed, tested, and re-defined, with no software development and no IT team involvement required.

Automate the Entire Customer Journey

It doesn't end there, you can also automate the entire customer journey! StrategyOne puts business people in the driver's seat, so you can quickly and easily implement, test, monitor, and change business rules, credit scores, calculations, and entire decision processes without coding, leading to automated decision-making throughout your enterprise, that you can be confident in.

StrategyOne spans the customer lifecycle, covering all aspects of decision management with graphical, easy to use decision-making technology.

It's a complete business rules management platform and decision scoring engine that enables your organisation to identify the right targets, increase customer loyalty, boost sales and margins, manage risk, and implement business and regulatory policies and procedures.

Key Benefits of StrategyOne:

  1. Convert Ideas Into Effective Actions
  2. Test and Apply New Decision Logic
  3. Implement Your Analytics Models
  4. Increase Control Through Standardised Decisions
  5. Training and Support

Don't wait to accelerate your digital transformation and automated decision-making! Chat through your requirements with one of our Credit Bureau Search Specialists today on Tel: 01 903 2660 or email solutions.vision-net@crif.com.

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