Below is just a small sample of Companies who recently scheduled a Meeting of Creditors to Appoint a Liquidator.

Each and every one of these Business failures below were predicted by! On average, up to 6 months before the company actually went bust. Six long months – which allowed our customers take corrective action and minimise their bad debt exposure!

If you'd like to be warned – up to 6 months in advance, of any of your customers displaying signs consistent with Business Failure, simply click here to sign-up to today.

Company NameDate Meeting Of Creditors AnnouncedVisionNet WarningFailure Predicted in Advance
Glenwood Inn Limited19/09/2020more than 2 yearsTick
Doonbar Limited19/09/2020more than 3 yearsTick
Eleven Bar Limited19/09/2020more than 10 yearsTick
Recycled Aggregates Limited19/09/2020more than 2 yearsTick
Ten-Bar Limited19/09/2020more than 2 yearsTick
Thornbush Holdings Limited19/09/2020more than 3 yearsTick
Louis Craughan Butchers Limited17/09/2020more than 8 yearsTick
Express Alteration & Tailoring Services Limited16/09/2020more than 8 yearsTick
Cgak Restaurants Limited15/09/2020more than 5 yearsTick
Dermot Wallace Motors Limited15/09/2020more than 5 yearsTick
Fashco Limited15/09/2020more than 5 yearsTick
Hoban Construction Limited11/09/2020more than 5 yearsTick
Lubdub Foods Limited11/09/2020more than 2 yearsTick
Camden Design & Consultancy Limited08/09/2020more than 2 monthsTick
Juku Gear Limited08/09/2020more than 18 monthsTick
Thomas Walton Transport Limited08/09/2020more than 18 monthsTick
A & S Fox Trading Limited07/09/2020more than 18 monthsTick
O'Brien Lynch Catering Limited01/09/2020more than 18 monthsTick
Spike Music Management Limited29/08/2020more than 18 monthsTick
Manorcare Management Limited28/08/2020more than 18 monthsTick
The Second Augusta UK Commercial Property Fund Public Limited Company28/08/2020more than 18 monthsTick
Crafthouse Construction Limited28/08/2020more than 6 monthsTick
Crodan Limited28/08/2020more than 10 monthsTick
Beechfield Careline Limited28/08/2020more than 3 monthsTick
The Kelleher Clothing Co. Limited28/08/2020more than 3 monthsTick