Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 324 (Week Ending 24/04/2017)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
602886 Marischal Designated Activity Company Dublin 1, D01h104
602898 Lunar Commercial Mortgages Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
602907 Drws Solutions Limited Co. Cork
602934 Zenotec Limited Galway
602936 Ditchley Group Talacare Nominees Limited Co. Cork, T45 N258
602814 Exponent International Engineering and Scientific Consulting Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602815 Judge Haulage Limited Co. Kildare
602816 New Century Chinese Food Limited Dublin 12
602817 Cloughwater Plastics Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602818 Milestone Racing Bloodstock Limited Co. Wexford
602819 W & Y Investment Limited Dublin 13
602820 Shakei Cuisine Limited Dublin 7
602821 Love Bia Limited Co. Clare, V94 Kpx7
602822 Inday Limited Co Cork
602823 Candesign Engineering Limited Co Dublin
602824 Sonas Play Therapy Limited Co. Cork
602825 S & B O'Grady Limited Co. Clare
602826 Coolnamona Farms Limited Co. Limerick
602827 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Lxxiii Limited Dublin 2
602828 Redclyffe Guesthouse Limited Cork
602829 Sikiet Consulting Services Limited Co. Wicklow
602830 Neter Energies Limited Co Cork
602831 Gd Building & Roofing Products Limited Co. Clare
602832 Jademacay Trading Limited Dublin 4
602833 Raiyan Limited Dublin 1
602834 Magna Clava Limited Longford
602835 Michelson, Pinkus & Vekselberg Holdings Limited Co Clare
602836 Hamilton Park Apartments Owner's Managment Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 18
602837 Stocking Vale Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
602838 A & V Plastering Limited Dublin 15
602839 Galway Urology Research Fund Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
602840 Rocketgiants Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602841 Seamus Winston Driver Hire Limited Co. Galway
602842 Santry Spv Limited Co. Meath
602843 Br Property Maintenance & Renovations Limited Co. Tipperary
602844 Wirecreek Limited Dublin 1
602845 Greeneyed Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 18
602846 Dgc Logistics and Transport International Limited Dublin 2
602847 Smie Limited Co. Tipperary
602848 The Strands Hotel Bar & Restaurant Limited Co. Mayo
602849 Stg Capital Limited Co. Westmeath
602850 Sumatra Consulting Limited Dublin 2
602851 Ingenious Information Technology Limited Dublin 2
602852 Corfu.Apartments.Villas Limited Dublin 2
602853 First Nano Paint Limited Dublin 2
602854 Ventoux Aviation Limited Dublin 2
602855 Alia Properties Limited Co. Donegal
602856 Kenny Plastering Limited Co. Cork
602857 Shyland Limited Cork
602858 Clsec Holdings 14s Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
602859 Beara Top Tyres Limited Co. Cork
602860 Inchicore Parkview Residences Limited Dublin 8
602861 Astra Sports Limited Co. Kildare
602862 Cognition Services Limited Dublin 3
602863 Allgone Contract Cleaning and Pest Control Limited Co. Carlow
602864 Kernow Limited Co. Dublin
602865 Scotia Ireland Tours Limited Co. Kerry
602866 Eden Professional Medical Services Limited Cork
602867 Bas Motors Limited Dublin 12
602868 Abeyr Properties Limited Co. Kildare
602869 Excel Printing Ne Limited Co. Meath
602870 Viewpoint Properties Limited Co Mayo
602871 Belpak Limited Co. Dublin
602872 D Madigan Properties Limited Limerick, V94 Wc6a
602873 Ballinagare Tavern Limited Co. Kerry
602874 Stonefield Horizons Limited Co Mayo
602875 Dominus Fortis Limited Dublin 4
602876 Moxie Media Productions Limited Dublin 2
602877 Peanutvale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602878 Almondclose Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602879 Walnutwell Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602530 Paytabs Payment Gateway Limited Co Clare
602531 Nwg Wireless Group Limited Dublin 2
602532 Somerton Construction (Saggart) Limited Dublin 12
602533 Collchoill Limited County Kildare
602534 Lina Molame Limited Co. Laois
602535 Mean Time Consultancy Limited Co. Meath
602536 F. & D. Supermarkets Limited Co. Mayo
602537 Hydro Demesne Limited Co. Cork
602538 Chrono Invest Limited Co. Dublin
602539 Domtree Investments Limited Dublin 2
602540 Lane Networks Limited Co. Dublin
602541 Mollycove Limited Waterford
602542 Douglasmeadow Limited Waterford
602543 Jakevale Limited Waterford
602544 Rydergrange Limited Waterford
602545 Taryndale Limited Waterford
602546 Smartfox Limited Co. Cork
602547 Goldenriver Food Company Limited Dublin 9
602548 Tjc Ventures Limited Co. Clare
602549 Shillelagh Structuring and Trading Limited Co. Dublin
602550 Anthesis (Ireland) Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602551 Carrigtwohill Business Association Limited Co Cork
602552 Dr Renewables Limited Co Sligo
602553 Plush Luxe Limited Co. Dublin
602554 Nabana Limited Co. Carlow
602555 Riverrock Emerald Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
602556 Adventure Interior Design Limited Dublin 11
602557 Online Holiday Cottages To Rent Limited Limerick
602558 Srj Retails Limited Dublin 11
602559 Cherry B&B Limited Dublin 11
602560 Molci.Coffee Limited Dublin 20
602561 Eagles View Inn Limited Co. Mayo
602562 Hartlynn Limited Dublin 2
602563 John Diskin & Associates, Consulting Engineers Limited Co. Galway
602564 McDermott Environmental Limited Dublin 15
602565 Jackman Investments Limited Co Kilkenny
602566 Ganzos Childrenswear Limited Dublin 6w
602567 Fiach Ventures Limited Co. Mayo
602568 Wild Grape Wellness Limited Dublin 2
602569 Magic Master Prod Limited Dublin 2
602570 Hosta Investments Limited Co. Dublin
602571 Storani (Technologies and Consulting) Limited Dublin 7
602572 The Windy Arbour Inn Limited Dublin 2
602573 Vows Bridal Limited Cork
602574 The Ofl Catering Company Limited County Dublin
602575 Clean Air Technology Limited Co. Laois
602576 Killora Operational Excellence Consultants Limited Co. Galway
602577 Apparel Print Limited Co. Wicklow
602578 Emitech Limited Co. Kildare
602579 Far From Avocados Limited Dublin 16, D16 V228
602580 Lawler Developments Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
602581 Elliotts Chauffeur Drive Limited Dublin 11
602582 Prostruct Construction Limited Co. Meath
602583 Fans View Limited Dublin 16
602584 Carrigview Ai and Scanning Limited Co. Wexford
602585 Lighthouse International Education Consulting Limited Co. Kildare, W91 E8p3
602586 Hillcourt Construction Cost Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
602587 Vice Coffee Inc Limited Dublin 1
602588 Eracrest Developments Limited Co. Wicklow
602589 Horans Garage Limited Laois
602590 Money Boot Camp Limited Dublin 1
602591 Regal's Lgl Hair & Nails Professional Limited Co Meath
602592 Jp Wine Wholesalers Limited Dublin 15
602593 Claremont Adviser Services Limited Dublin 2
602594 Tld Online Marketing Services Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602595 Tailored Image Ireland Limited Dublin 9
602596 Pvc Plant and Machinery Sales Limited Dublin 7
602597 Kanisz World Limited Co. Galway
602598 Victorstar Limited Dublin 2
602599 T.W.Roofing & Carpentry Limited Cork
602600 Als Alternative Lighting Solutions Limited Co. Monaghan
602601 Sugru Psychological Wellness Services Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Westmeath
602602 Volkswagen Financial Services Ireland Limited Dublin 22
602603 Francis Regan Fencing Limited Co. Roscommon
602604 Kerr Eco Build Limited Co. Louth
602605 Technoinvest E-Parking Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602606 Ardeola Limited Cork
602607 Rkh Developments Limited Co. Clare
602608 Bhp Advent Limited Dublin 2
602609 Alphen Blue Unlimited Company Dublin 4
602610 Arendelle Limited Dublin 18
602611 Torxtech Limited Dublin 14
602612 Jmcs Management Limited Dublin 14
602613 Skyewood Limited Waterford
602614 Rockyraven Limited Waterford
602615 Jondeevale Limited Waterford
602616 Gordonberg Limited Waterford
602617 Tech Depot Ireland Limited Co. Clare
602618 Lynetra Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
602619 Murphy Blocklaying Limited Co. Meath
602620 Dr. F. Moedinger, C. Belli & Partners Limited Co. Louth
602621 Receasy Limited Dublin 3
602622 Shelancan Management Services Limited Limerick
602623 Real Time Cycling Ireland Limited Co Louth
602624 Altic Car Traders Limited Longford
602625 Mrm Plant Limited Co. Wicklow
602626 Farney Jg Enterprises Limited Co. Louth
602627 Brightrock Limited Galway
602628 Liscademy Limited Limerick
602629 Jfac Secretarial Limited Co. Cavan
602630 Cargo Trike Limited Co. Kerry
602631 Aidenville Limited Waterford
602632 Aptoncore Limited Waterford
602633 Gilliehaven Limited Waterford
602634 Marshallcreek Limited Waterford
602635 Mis Insulations Limited Co. Westmeath
602636 Boncur Construction Limited Dublin 18
602637 Switchboard Technologies Limited Co. Cork
602638 Tab Labs Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602639 Glavloc Intallations Limited Cork
602640 Paul Kelly Contracting Limited Co Cavan
602641 Emerald Sky 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
602642 Underground Films Ghc Limited Dublin 2
602643 W.Brophy Haulage Limited Co Kildare W12 Wc52
602644 Castlematrix Investments Limited Co. Limerick
602645 House of Flowers (By Faye) Limited Cavan
602646 Intellispine Limited Co Dublin
602647 Kevter Holdings Limited Dublin 15
602648 Moirac on Tour Eu Limited Co Donegal
602649 Freshii Lifestyle Limited Cork
602650 Zone Digital Marketing & Media Limited Cork
602651 Glow Grow Limited Wexford
602652 Killian Pharmacy Holdings Limited Co Galway
602653 Techeadz Limited Co Dublin
602654 Dakco Limited Dublin 6w
602655 Aveen Modelling Limited Co Cork, T45 Kf74
602656 P.V.S Ventures Limited Longford
602657 Marsap Limited Galway
602658 Imperium Technology Limited Co. Monaghan
602659 Fseea Limited Dublin 2
602660 Lily Cotton Limited Cork
602661 M&M Coleman Buildings Limited Co. Tipperary
602662 Afrodyta Laser Clinic Limited Co. Wicklow
602663 Zero Gravity Float Limited Co. Cork
602664 Liqin Investments Limited Dublin 4
602665 Gray Vb Limited Co. Dublin
602666 Linenhall Lettings Limited Co. Mayo
602667 Total Cbd Limited Co. Roscommon
602668 Data Dock Consultancy Limited Co. Dublin
602669 Drana Dairy Limited Co. Carlow
602670 Gendsca Limited Co. Monaghan
602671 Firstcare Nursing Home Operating Group Limited Co. Dublin
602672 The Physique Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
602673 Teach a Brand To Fish Limited Dublin 12
602674 Ceres (North Main Street) Limited Waterford
602675 Dublin Hajj & Umrah Limited Dublin 15
602676 We Buy Clothing Limited Co. Dublin
602677 First Choice-- Itech Limited Dublin 22
602678 Bennigans Limited Co. Tipperary
602679 Sex Positive Limited Cork City, T23 Xn53
602680 Banner Motor Sports Club Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Clare
602681 Unicorn United Limited Co. Clare
602682 Bsk Carpentry Services Limited Co Kildare
602683 Cut & Sew Dundrum Limited Dublin 18
602684 Dukelen Oils Limited Waterford
602685 Iv Travel Limited Dublin 8
602686 Commuter Aircraft Leasing 2017 I Limited Dublin 2
602687 Inver Mor Financial Services Limited Dublin 2
602688 Wesley Brennan Plant Hire & Groundworks Limited Co. Carlow
602689 The Extras Dept (Ire) Limited Co. Donegal
602690 Karlton Executive Limited Co.Louth
602691 Cqs Food Limited Dublin 15
602692 Pratt's Garage Limited Co Cavan
602693 Masarnia Staropolska Limited Co Meath
602694 P & M Lynch Investment Holdings Limited Co Cavan
602695 Wellbeing Investments Services Limited Co. Kildare
602696 Theft Finders Limited Co. Kilkenny
602697 Cyrcadia Data Services (Cds) Limited County Wicklow
602698 The New Swan Limited Co. Wexford
602699 Cappagh Bawn Dairy Farm Limited Co. Waterford
602700 Dwb Electrical Limited Co. Cork
602701 Positive Light Limited Dublin 2
602702 Spring Sparks Limited Dublin 2
602703 X Clear Limited Cork
602704 Trinity Jlr Limited Wexford, Y35 Vah6
602705 Myrentconnect Limited Dublin 4
602706 Health and Wellbeing Health Food Store Limited Dublin 15
602707 Clontarf Securities Limited Dublin 2
602708 Sqai Limited Co. Louth
602709 Consult Telecom Team Limited Co. Dublin
602710 Erry Gleeson Farm Limited Tipperary
602711 Scattered Books Limited Co. Kildare
602712 Garrynagowna Construction Limited Co. Roscommon
602713 Athenry Boutique Limited H91khha8
602714 Afro Sa Limited Dublin 18
602715 Nordspring Limited Co.Dublin
602716 Taiga Special Opportunities Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
602717 Terry Hughes Property Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
602718 Benchspace Cork Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
602719 The Transition Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 8
602720 Novidia Limited Cork
602721 Josce Limited Cork
602722 Consulting Positions Limited Co. Cork
602723 Os Big Picture Productions Limited Dublin 20
602724 Kingsgate Packaging Limited Co. Meath
602725 Midland Contract Sewing Limited Co. Westmeath
602726 Grants Car & Van Sales Limited Co. Donegal
602727 John Murphy Valeting Limited Wexford
602728 Castleglen Valley Investments Limited Co. Meath
602729 Brennanstown Asset Management Services Limited Dublin 18
602730 Rossmore Assets Limited Dublin 12
602731 Engage Construction Limited Co. Cork
602732 Galway Orthopaedics & Spine Unlimited Company Galway
602733 Flight Crew Training and Services Limited Dublin 18
602734 Garrettstown Farm Limited Co. Carlow
602735 Aacl Limited Dublin 12
602736 Ceann Sibeal Hotel Limited Co. Kerry
602737 Candy Shop Digital Limited Co. Louth
602738 Jfbs Services Limited Co. Kerry
602739 Triumphant Church of God Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
602740 Blush Vs Limited Co. Cork
602741 Smart Building Equipment Limited Dublin 2
602742 Joe Walsh Accountants Limited Dublin 2
602743 Koko Mobiletime Limited Dublin 8
602744 Incredibly Fast Shipping Limited Co. Meath
602745 Druzyville Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602746 Fuchsitelane Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602747 Howlitevale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602748 Innovation Moon Limited Cork Ireland
602749 Rustic Catering Limited Co. Limerick
602750 Io Investment Owl Limited Co Dublin
602751 Dbe Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
602752 Lavish Looks Limited Co. Limerick
602753 Catcalls Limited Dublin 8
602754 Smart Software Horizons Limited Dublin 11
602755 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Seven Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602756 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Six Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602757 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Eight Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602758 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Nine Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602759 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Ten Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602760 Little Blue Heroes Foundation Dublin 2
602761 V.A. Dodd Director Services Limited Bray Co. Wicklow
602762 Soilse Na Cathrach Limited Co. Limerick
602763 Bostec Engineering Limited Dublin 18
602764 Jdr Technology Limited Co. Cavan
602765 Ibusinesscard Limited Dublin 12
602766 Mars Medical Limited Co. Waterford
602767 Brian Dowd Utility Consultants Limited Co Dublin
602768 Quattro Formwork Limited Co. Meath C15 Kc04
602769 J. Lee Motors Limited Dublin 12, D12 F8f7
602770 Imir Spórt Teoranta Baile Átha Cliath, D01 Y282
602771 Nahedh Limited Co. Meath
602772 Zanet Solarium Limited Limerick
602773 Tagoat Catering Limited Co. Wexford
602774 Sontil Investments Limited Dublin 12
602775 Sunbar Hair & Beauty Limited Co. Galway
602776 Vintage Food Trucks Limited Dublin 16
602777 Oak Hill European Credit Partners Vi Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
602778 Ballinfane Limited Co. Carlow
602779 Ashbourne Asset Holdings Limited Co. Kildare
602780 O'Gorman Startup Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
602781 Cowley Brown Limited Dublin 8
602782 Lovendegem Company Limited By Guarantee Co Westmeath
602783 Somerton Lodge Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 18
602784 The Brow Factory Limited Cork
602785 Axe Analytics Holdings Limited Co Westmeath
602786 Hakelo Limited Co Westmeath
602787 Lcacf Limited Co. Meath
602788 Cns Coaching Limited Co. Wicklow
602789 Haloglide Limited Co. Meath
602790 Gmk Engineering Limited Co. Kilkenny
602791 Gl Accommodation Management Limited Dublin 1
602792 Kyanitedale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602793 Malachitehall Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602794 Card Factory Ireland Limited Dublin 2
602795 Morrissey Communications Limited Co Wicklow
602796 Summit Roofing & Carpentry Limited Co Louth
602797 Qful Media Limited Waterford
602798 The Builders Yard Limited Dublin 7
602799 Amplify Experiential Limited Dublin 15
602800 Bbn Electrical Limited Waterford
602801 Fir MacAnta Teoranta Co. Waterford
602802 Storan Farms Limited Co. Limerick
602803 Our People in Limited Co. Mayo
602804 Kilduff Castle Farm Limited Co. Limerick
602805 Hollypark Dairy Limited Co. Carlow
602806 Yajuj Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602807 Original Irish Dirt Limited Dublin 2, D02 N883
602808 Dma Food Technologies Limited Cork
602809 Tigers Bbq Restaurant Limited Limerick
602810 Gareth Smyth Consultants Limited Co. Kildare
602811 Conradh Construction Limited Limerick
602812 Coughlan and Kerlin Limited Co. Dublin
602813 Splicetech Network Services Limited Co. Offaly
602528 Gep Management Services Limited Dublin 18
602529 Glb Refund Limited Dublin 2
602527 Zamalight Public Limited Company Dublin 2
There are 358 Company set ups in the above list.

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