Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 312 (Week Ending 18/01/2017)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
596683 Clare Street Pharmacy Limited Co. Tipperary
596690 Mallory International Mie Designated Activity Company Dublin 6w
596692 Fulphil Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
596704 Tom McGrath Transport Limited Co. Limerick
596745 Panamera Aviation Leasing Xiii Limited Dublin 2
596617 Arion Event Management Limited Co. Offaly
596618 E Z Reach Kitchens Limited Co. Tipperary
596619 Yadgar Foods Limited Co. Offaly
596620 Chandler Engineering Limited Co Cork
596621 Healy Safety Systems Limited Co. Tipperary
596622 Northwest Fitting Services Limited Co Donegal
596623 Cullen Water Bottling Limited Roscommon, F42 Fc62
596624 Premier Wazzp Limited Co Kerry
596625 Ballydarrig McCa Limited Co. Kerry
596626 Act Food & Bev Limited Co. Cork
596627 Bright Home Retails Limited Wexford
596628 Reveal Makeup Studios Limited Co Offaly
596629 Zaniah Limited Dublin 24
596630 Dunite Limited Wexford
596631 Valentia Digital Communications Limited Co. Kerry
596632 Meridian Global VAT Services Limited Dublin 24
596633 Avro Sétanta Group Limited Co Dublin
596634 Paisley Park Limited Dublin 4
596635 Moyderwell Medical Limited Co. Kerry
596636 Tanerol Limited Co. Louth
596637 Dmac Construction Limited Co. Donegal
596638 Barry O'Sullivan Business Analysis Consulting Limited Co. Cork
596639 Devour Bakery Limited Co. Mayo
596640 Novelplast Ireland Limited Co. Meath
596641 Devereux Ventures Limited Dublin 4
596642 Deansgrove Farm Limited Co. Tipperary
596643 Fortune Taverns Limited Wexford, Y35 V2f9
596644 Racecraft Elite Design Limited Co. Kildare
596645 Shane Loughnane Plant Repairs Limited Co. Galway
596646 Ingenitec Software Services Limited Galway
596647 Avianporcine Limited Co. Cavan
596648 John Campbell Fashions Limited Dublin 24
596649 Wti Flooring Limited Dublin 12
596650 Dublin Training & Massage Academy Limited Dublin 2
596651 Bisdar Limited Dublin 22
596652 Jupdaz Limited Dublin 22
596653 Krasgar Limited Dublin 22
596654 Mho Properties Limited Dublin 22
596655 T.H.D Ss Limited Co Kildare
596656 Nugrowth Media Limited Co. Limerick
596657 Social and Local Community Fundraising Limited Co. Kildare
596658 Medlumics Ireland Limited Dublin 2
596659 West Cork Burger Company Limited Cork
596660 Chreag Mhór Holdings Teoranta Galway
596661 O.C.M. Electrical Services Limited Co. Kildare
596662 Nullius in Verba Limited Dublin 24
596663 Mortack Bpt Limited Cork
596664 Mei Wei Foods Limited Dublin 20
596665 Green Rend Systems Limited Co. Cork
596666 Clevedon Engineering Services Limited Co. Cork
596667 Booleen Limited Dublin 22
596668 D.I.A. Carpentry Limited Co. Cork
596669 Elite Performance, Strength & Weight Loss Limited Co. Cork
596670 Caddy Catering Limited Co. Dublin
596671 Transformativ Projects International Limited Co Clare
596672 Ballaman Windfarm Holdings Limited Kilkenny
596673 Kinvara Taverns Limited Co. Clare
596500 Kebab Cottage Limited Kerry
596501 Sana Massage Limited Dublin 24
596502 Ak Sulemankhail Plant Machinery Ireland Limited Limerick
596503 Dc Fitness Physio Limited Dublin 8
596504 Gefil Limited Dublin 1
596505 Nalagiri Mindfulness Limited Co. Tipperary
596506 Kasio Business Services Limited Co. Kilkenny
596507 Canchango Limited Dublin D15
596508 Erikas Print Limited Dublin 12
596509 Highline Management Services Company Limited Co. Dublin
596510 Lietuva Hospitality Limited Co. Kerry
596511 Lmc Transport Limited Co. Wicklow
596512 Mvk Asset Holdings Limited Dublin 16
596513 Uah Medical Limited Co. Laois
596514 O'Neill Refrigeration Limited Co. Louth
596515 Pfsl Limited Co. Cork
596516 Wilson's Improving Performance Limited Co. Laois
596517 Cyrus - Smart Service Limited Kilkenny
596518 Fortview Poultry Limited Co. Monaghan
596519 Vmp Shorts Designated Activity Company Dublin 7
596520 Juju Cane Limited Co. Wicklow
596521 Coimmvest Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
596522 Msk Pharmacy Limited Dublin 16
596523 Erikside Limited Dublin 2
596524 Dng Catering Limited Co. Dublin
596525 Kiciprop Limited Co. Dublin
596526 Pat Colgan Electrical Limited Co. Westmeath
596527 A & R Brady (Cornacliffe) Plant & Civils Limited Co Longford
596528 Blackburne Pharmacy Limited Dublin 14
596529 Kiltallaght & Rinkinstown Farms Limited Co. Louth
596530 Athlete Fitness and Performance Co. Limited Co. Wicklow
596531 Fashion Place Limited New Mallow Road
596532 Kids Speak Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway
596533 Edr Russell Farming Limited Co Donegal
596534 Seamus McGowan Investments Limited Co Donegal
596535 Cronini Investment Holdings Limited Co. Clare
596536 Simple Rc Detailers Limited Co. Wicklow
596537 Gilroy Consulting Limited Dublin 6w
596538 Orchard Eco Developments Limited Co. Meath
596539 Kilcrea Developments Limited Co. Cork
596540 Roman Blind Factory Limited Co. Kildare
596541 Pepipost Limited Dubliun 6, D06 C8x4
596542 Glen Arctic Limited Co. Donegal
596543 Tangney Opticians Limited Co. Kerry
596544 Junior Doctors Limited Dublin 9
596545 Smd Plastering Limited Dublin 11
596546 Gadgets 4u Limited Dublin 8
596547 Carrigwell Farm Limited Co Tipperary
596548 Marcon Tanks Limited Co. Monaghan
596549 Ballybrack Construction Limited Co. Donegal
596550 Limerick Swimming Club Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
596551 Hytech Specialised Control Systems Limited Dublin 11
596552 Like:Minded Productions Limited Dublin 16
596553 E 3d Steel Design Limited Co Meath
596554 Backoffice Partnership Consulting Limited Dublin 2
596555 Technology Backoffice Consulting Limited Dublin 2
596556 Backoffice Consulting Limited Dublin 2
596557 Integrated Backoffice Consulting Limited Dublin 2
596558 Emmet Murphy Project Management Limited Dublin 2
596559 Apostille Legalisation Services Limited Dublin 1, D01x4p1
596560 Crana Bed Company Limited Co Donegal
596561 Road Safety Contracts (Roi) Limited Co. Donegal
596562 Fc Grocery Limited Limerick
596563 Ballymore Real Estate Investment Limited Dublin 20
596564 Craft Stuccodores Limited Co Cavan
596565 J Kane Transport Limited Co Donegal
596566 Djp Logistics Services Limited Co. Wexford
596567 Support3000 Vr Limited Co Dublin
596568 Lisnalty Investments Limited Dublin 6w
596569 Yen Aviation Leasing Limited Dublin 2
596570 Aran Islands Knitwear Limited Co Mayo
596571 O'Connor Urban Architecture Limited Dublin 8
596572 Rwk Painting & Decorating Limited Dublin 24
596573 Bioxplor Limited Dublin 4
596574 Luoc Aviation Leasing Limited Dublin 2
596575 Saigon Aviation Leasing Limited Dublin 2
596576 Dirty Juke Records Limited Co. Sligo
596577 Kilrooskey Contractors Limited Co Roscommon
596578 Skills4stem Ireland Limited Co. Louth
596579 Nas Aircraft Investments 11 Limited Co Clare
596580 Mark B Shopfitting Limited Co Kildare
596581 Copper Coast Shellfish Limited Co. Waterford
596582 Cdf Cleaning Limited Dublin 24
596583 Conlan & Barrett Auctioneers Limited Co. Donegal
596584 The Ballyshannon Port Company Limited Co. Donegal
596585 Capital Ark Aviation Limited Co Dublin
596586 Eoin Lacey Limited Dublin 5
596587 Closmont Holdings Limited Wicklow
596588 Stratton Ventures Limited Co. Wicklow
596589 Stratford/Grangecon Local Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co Wicklow
596590 Eventure Marketing Limited Dublin 9
596591 Ballygannon Ventures Limited Co. Wicklow
596592 Ballinacarrig Ventures Limited Co. Wicklow
596593 Kilgarve Consulting Limited Co. Dublin, K36 Wf65
596594 Farmingdale Limited Co. Dublin
596595 Chalk Creative Agency Limited Dublin 8
596596 Eugene Mulcaire Architects Limited Galway
596597 Fornax Technology Limited Dublin 9
596598 Barry O'Connor Transport Limited Co. Cork
596599 Teleflex Properties Ireland Limited Co. Westmeath
596600 Jsl Ac Limited Co. Mayo
596601 Stephen Waters Plumbing & Heating Limited Co. Wexford
596602 David and Joyce Fitzpatrick Limited Co. Mayo
596603 Dolmen Recruitment Partners Limited Dublin 2
596604 John Burke Surgical Unlimited Company Co. Galway, H54 Dp02
596605 Sepon Aviation Leasing Limited Dublin 2
596606 Tsw Stonework Limited Dublin 1
596607 Pse Composites Limited Co Cork
596608 Rbb Retail Solutions Limited Co Kildare R14 Xa32
596609 Damian Whelan Engineering Limited Dublin 22
596610 Smart Digital Marketing Limited Co Roscommon
596611 Nbs Scaffolding Limited Co. Mayo
596612 O'Moore Street Service Station Limited Co. Offaly
596613 Vincent Campion Limited Co. Laois
596614 Royal Goldstein Iv Limited Dublin 2
596615 Pumice Limited Wexford
596616 Camross Creative Property Management Limited Dublin 22
596370 Milecrest Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596371 Monsoondale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596372 Carnley Consultants Limited Dublin 18
596373 Stem Watches Limited Co. Dublin
596374 Pigeonmed Limited Co. Kilkenny
596375 Omania Limited Dublin 15
596376 Irish Kannadigara Sangha Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Wicklow
596377 Leti Link Holdings Limited Dublin 2
596378 Ashmur Holdings Limited Co. Limerick
596379 Furlong Equipment Services Limited Co. Laois
596380 Pramerica European Loan Opportunities Limited Dublin 2
596381 Bradyvale Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596382 Daisymill Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596383 Ravengrange Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596384 Boc Upstream Consultants Limited Dublin 6
596385 Taste of the Lakelands Company Limited By Guarantee Co Longford
596386 Global Sport Event Horses Limited Co. Cork
596387 Chapala Developments Limited Co. Meath
596388 De Róiste Lóistíochta Teoranta Co. Limerick
596389 Heritage Guinee Limited Co. Meath
596390 Lucy Café Limited Co Kildare
596391 Newgen Energy Limited Dublin 12
596392 Dms Plant & Civil Limited Near Cork
596393 Distillence International Limited Co. Louth
596394 Beara Organics Limited Dublin 20
596395 Pembridge Film Productions Limited Dublin 2, D02 Nh02, D02 Nh02
596396 Martin Kleja Limited Co. Waterford, X91 Y68f
596397 Tes Technologies Limited Dundalk
596398 Kallyidea Limited Dublin 6
596399 Bradga Print Limited Dublin 4
596400 Mvccc Limited Co. Meath, C15 Pc79
596401 Universal Commerce & Supply Limited Donegal
596402 Cohar Limited Co. Dublin
596403 Go Further Tyres Nenagh Limited Co Tipperary
596404 Mark Scanlon Haulage Limited Co. Clare
596405 Imperic Media Limited Co Dublin
596406 Global Ht Aerotech Company Limited Dublin 2
596407 New Bancroft Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 4
596408 Km Cloud Limited Dublin 2
596409 Kiosk Vision Limited Dublin 3
596410 Gedman Construction Limited Co. Galway
596411 Ponsse Machines Ireland Limited Laois
596412 P&T Flanagan Transport Limited Co. Tipperary
596413 Xdev Real Estate Limited Cork
596414 Mullaghill Farm Limited Co. Meath
596415 Forde Superstore Limited Co. Meath
596416 Heskin Transport Limited Co. Meath
596417 Rmc Plastering Limited Co. Donegal
596418 Tsr Pharmacy Limited Dublin 16
596274 Alisha Mary Fisheries Limited County Donegal
596275 Snappy Technologies Limited Dublin 2
596276 Deutsche Capital Management Limited Dublin 3
596277 Creative Vacancies Ireland Limited Dublin 18
596278 Project Process Support Limited Co Cork
596279 Kieran Byrne Livestock Scanning Limited Co. Carlow
596280 Aclare4 Farms Limited Co Sligo
596281 Iget Toys Ireland Limited Co. Kildare
596282 Visual Audiovisual Solutions Limited Dublin 2
596283 Ardaghey Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee Monaghan
596284 Fortem Strategic Limited Co Dublin
596285 Enright So2 Limited Co Clare
596286 Critical Control Services Limited Co Westmeath, N37yx81
596287 Jha Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
596288 Amg Travel Consultants Limited Co. Clare
596289 Raymond Carolan Electrical Limited Co. Cavan
596290 Oysterhaven Engineering Limited Co. Cork
596291 Dafne Art Project Limited Co. Cork
596292 Phonsie Hevey on Line Services Limited Co. Tipperary
596293 F.A.B Innovation Limited Co Tipperary
596294 Nonlah Developments Limited Dublin 2
596295 Kumara Star Limited Dublin 15
596296 Sherwin Cooling Services Limited Dublin 13
596297 Nexus Innovations Ireland Limited Co. Wexford
596298 Doban Properties Limited Co. Kildare
596299 Rjl Finance Limited Co. Kilkenny
596300 Niofal Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596301 Step Into Liquid Limited Co. Kerry
596302 Vegan Snakys Limited Dublin 2
596303 Great Stuff Caterers Limited Co Cork
596304 Clonave Capital Limited Co. Westmeath
596305 Busee Enterprises Limited Dublin 2, D02 Ef99
596306 A.D. Woodcraft Limited Dublin 6w
596307 Ardan Opportunities Limited Co. Kildare
596308 F3develop Beactive Kells (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
596309 Offshore Blade Repair Limited Dublin 2
596310 Xecretia Private Communications Limited Dublin 2
596311 Gpr Tours Limited Dublin 2
596312 Vitality Centre Limited Dublin 2
596313 Chill Room Furniture Limited Dublin 15
596314 Tessile Fabrics Limited Wexford
596315 Data Ocean Limited Dublin 8
596316 John Campbell Accountancy & Taxation Limited Co Donegal
596317 Coventry Global Training & Consultancy Limited Co Kildare
596318 Whiterock Family Practice Limited Wexford
596319 Kcj Coach Limited Co. Tipperary
596320 Joe Savage (Courier) Limited Co Dublin
596321 Adaner Limited Co. Dublin
596322 Leaf Medical Limited Dublin 22
596323 Kepcar Investments Limited Co. Meath
596324 Gematrian Limited Wexford
596325 Jd Heatfix Limited Co. Meath
596326 Adaptive Metadata Technologies (Labs) Limited Dublin 6w
596327 Bgkc Limited Co. Cork
596328 Ibiza Royal Apartments Limited Dublin 2
596329 Menspire Dublin Limited Dublin 24
596330 Richard Ryan Agri Limited Co Limerick
596331 Bmci Aviation Services Limited Co. Clare
596332 Digital Doddle Limited Dublin 3, D03tw13
596333 Jeshurun Technologies Limited Dublin 1
596334 Passive Scientific Limited Co. Limerick
596335 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Lxxii Limited Dublin 2
596336 Nigel Downes Limited Co Wicklow
596337 Nephin Road Developments Limited Dublin 15
596338 Profile Media Nv Limited Dublin 2
596339 Workplace Innovation Europe Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
596340 Coolnahilla Holdings Limited Co. Limerick
596341 Swords Barbers Limited Dublin 15
596342 Annabel Langrish Limited Bantry West Cork
596343 Firstline Property Solutions Limited Co. Laois
596344 Totalemotion Limited Co. Limerick
596345 Collabnet Limited Co Laois
596346 Sky High Lxv Leasing Company Limited Dublin 1
596347 Greene Farm Fine Foods Limited Co. Meath
596348 Nubes Media Limited Dublin 15
596349 Astoma Café and Deli Limited Co. Clare
596350 Brookmanor Homes Limited Dublin 3
596351 Security Bookers Limited Co. Dublin
596352 B. Lundy Construction and Carpentry Limited Co. Kildare
596353 Cleg Consulting Limited Dublin 8
596354 Pm Commercial Vehicle Solutions Limited Co Monaghan
596355 Seamloc Limited Dublin 12
596356 Moanbaun Coole Limited Co Galway
596357 Comerkay Limited Dublin 2
596358 Waterville's O Shea Construction Limited Co. Kerry
596359 Shoredive Ireland Limited Co. Kildare
596360 McCarthy O'Connor Training & Consultancy Limited Co. Wexford
596361 Dermot Gormanly Limited Co. Sligo
596362 Cidok Holdings Limited Co. Mayo
596363 Derrigimlagh Productions Limited Dublin 18
596364 Rose & Rhubarb Industry Limited Dublin 2
596365 Tom Brooks Engineering Limited Co. Clare
596366 Oran Point Management Company Limited Co. Clare
596367 Tmhl Consultancy Limited Co. Clare
596368 Dan Kelleher Consulting Limited Cork
596369 Cloch Property Limited Co. Leitrim
596167 Europreneur Consulting Limited Dublin 1
596168 Breagagh Valley Artisan Meats Limited Kilkenny
596169 Remo Construction Limited Co. Clare
596170 Ocelot Assets Limited Co. Louth
596171 Automotive Surface Finishing Limited Carlow
596172 Clunbury Consult Limited Co. Dublin
596173 Takk-Q-Sol Limited Cork
596174 Cq Office Holdings Limited Cork
596175 Bazien Limited Parkwest Business Park
596176 Centola Limited Parkwest Business Park
596177 Dargun Limited Parkwest Business Park
596178 Aledo Investco Limited Parkwest Business Park
596179 Aledo Holdco 1 Designated Activity Company Parkwest Business Park
596180 Aledo Holdco 2 Limited Parkwest Business Park
596181 Aledo Donabate Limited Parkwest Business Park
596182 Aledo Construction Limited Parkwest Business Park
596183 Aledo Treasury Designated Activity Company Parkwest Business Park
596184 Curtis Home Care Limited Dublin 18
596185 P.B.N. Investments Limited Co. Westmeath
596186 Trungas Holdings Limited Dublin 8
596187 Gatehouse Property Development Limited Dublin 8
596188 Blur Media Limited Co. Meath
596189 Businessbrew Marketing Limited Wicklow
596190 Developing Academic Potential Limited Galway
596191 All That Jazz Limited Co. Wicklow
596192 Exotic Animals of Ireland Stud Farm Limited Co. Westmeath
596193 Oaktree Credit Holdings Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
596194 Quality Medicines For All Limited Dublin 18
596195 Apple Riley (Ireland) Limited Cork
596196 Jm Dream Events Limited Co Louth
596197 Dbp Law Limited Co Kildare
596198 Paddy Power Electrical Contractor Limited Co. Tipperary
596199 Premier Ame Medical Limited Co Laois
596200 Solten Business International Limited Dublin 2
596201 Mya Foods Ireland Limited Dublin 15
596202 Dillon Brook Farm Limited Co Galway
596203 Mark & Brian O'Connell Limited Co. Kilkenny
596204 Mptm Limited Co Dublin
596205 Bocada Designs Limited Galway
596206 Cespell Limited Dublin 14
596207 Leverage Shares Management Company Limited Dublin 2
596208 Myofx Limited Dublin 2
596209 Tcs Web Services Limited Dublin 2
596210 Cavehouses Limited Dublin 1
596211 Emerald Environmental Technologies Limited Co. Laois
596212 Adam Boyce Carpentry Limited Co. Wexford
596213 Crinodendron Limited Dublin 6w
596214 Life Academy Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596215 Cutting Edge Training & Healthcare Limited Co. Dublin
596216 Living Design Landscapes Limited Co. Dublin
596217 Timbermill Construction Limited Co. Kildare
596218 Misty Investments Limited Dublin 6w
596219 Doughty Investment Limited Dublin 6w
596220 O'Neill Bookmakers Limited Co. Clare
596221 Mid Kerry Cabs & Tours Limited Co. Kerry
596222 Ng Controls Limited Co. Mayo
596223 Alimax Laundry Limited Wexford
596224 Alelec Engineering Limited Co Laois
596225 Padraig Carney Engineering Limited Co. Kildare
596226 Belerris Consulting Limited Co. Mayo
596227 Cake That Limited Dublin 11
596228 Kcs Bloodstock Limited Co. Kildare
596229 Iacss Limited Co. Tipperary
596230 Eamonn Cormican Maintenance Services Limited Dublin 18
596231 Addihive Limited Co. Limerick
596232 Pmc Sales Limited Co. Waterford
596233 Five Why's Technology Limited Dublin 16
596234 Key Adventures Ireland Limited Co. Tipperary
596235 Cq Park Limited Cork
596236 Mr It Consulting Limited Dublin 14
596237 Kane Williams Architects Limited Co. Kerry
596238 Wexford Design House Limited Co. Wexford
596239 Valley Healthcare Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
596240 In the Bean Limited Dublin 18
596241 Bcf Technology Ireland Limited K32 Er81 Ireland
596242 Dr. Andreas Jahnke Limited Galway
596243 A Fox in the Kitchen Limited Co. Meath
596244 Karden Engineering and Civils Limited Cork
596245 Ptb Hire Limited Co. Mayo
596246 Jo Byte Limited Dundrum Dublin 14
596247 Bsr Associates Ventures Limited Co. Cork
596248 Jld Access Limited Co Meath
596249 Donal Kelly Carpets & Flooring Limited Cork
596250 McCloy Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
596251 Louth Senior Care Limited Dublin 18
596252 Kenna Accounting and Finance Solutions Limited Dublin 15
596253 Equinox Digital Limited Dublin 8
596254 Emerald Isle Retail Enterprises Limited Co. Sligo
596255 Irish Emerald Stud Limited Co. Sligo
596256 Contracts & Procurement Management Limited Co. Kerry
596257 Bagman Pro Limited Dublin 13
596258 Piscatorial Developments Limited Galway
596259 Hci (Construction Services) Limited Dublin 7
596260 New Energy Financial Limited Co. Roscommon
596261 Equinox Management Limited Co. Louth
596262 Mindgames Fantasy Sports Limited Co. Kildare
596263 J.D Glazing Limited Co Wicklow
596264 The Paltory Limited Co.Cork
596265 May Management Information Services Limited Dublin 12
596266 Dannerb Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
596267 Permuto Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
596268 Codex8 Web Design Limited Co. Dublin
596269 Bc Crafts Limited Cork
596270 Keanes Farm Machinery Limited Co. Mayo
596271 Fitzwilliam Corporate Insolvency Services Limited Dublin 2
596272 Mjc Plant Hire & Civils Limited Co. Limerick
596273 Ela Construction Limited Dublin 7
There are 431 Company set ups in the above list.

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