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Corporate compliance just got a whole lot less complicated.

Our new Due Diligence platform is the culmination of several years of research into this area. This unique new service allows for flexible searching and monitoring against a wide portfolio of global data sources to deliver reports which meet the highest standard of Due Diligence.

It provides users with access to over 1.4m PEP's, 4 million profiles of high risk individuals along with 20 million supporting documents across 240 jurisdictions. The data grows daily and is continually monitored.

We will quickly identify high risk individuals and corporates giving you a full background check which meets all of the current compliance guidelines and the forthcoming guidelines under the 4th EU Anti Money Laundering directive as well as the latest FATF recommendations.

The new AML/PEP platform now available through Vision-net provides your team with an easy to use efficient mechanism for the bulk on-boarding and future monitoring of all of your customers. Our comprehensive checks also include those individuals or entities that have a sanction and also those who are a subject or have been a subject of adverse media attention.

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