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Below is a list of companies that filed a "NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF LIQUIDATOR".

Company Number Company Name Partial Address
401893 Mercator Clo I Public Limited Company Dublin 3
491383 Green Fields Capital Limited Dublin 1
131525 Ulster International Finance Dublin 2
218371 Pfizer Cork Limited Co. Cork
254793 Cass-Con Building Company Limited Sligo
393186 Glastonbury Finance 2007-1 Public Limited Company Dublin 2
456801 Pfizer Biotechnology Ireland Co. Cork
493670 Saveco 2 Limited Dublin 2
509609 Barclays Equities Trading (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
486345 Cullbay Limited Co. Meath
113157 D & S Commercials Limited Co. Cork
278080 Bulwer Company Cork
278081 Cressing Company Cork
424809 Wells Fargo Global Fund Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin 1
490270 Bodyshop Direct, Limited Dublin 10
517454 Clinical Supervision Services Limited Co. Dublin
379216 The Diversified Alpha Fund Public Limited Company Dublin 2
381430 Ferali Financial Limited Dublin 2
434138 Sjs Retail Limited Dublin 11
510321 The Irish Cocktail & Spirit Company Limited Dublin 16
7539 Bilberry Estates Cork
106954 Argus Inns Limited Dublin 2
261339 Mallinckrodt International Financial Services Company Co. Wicklow
337726 Jenerate Limited Co. Wicklow
477699 Kkr Asia (Ireland) Limited Canada Street Waterford
501578 Tru (Ireland) Holdings Dublin 4
There are 26 companies in the above list.