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Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

Company Number Company Name Partial Address
572349 Case Financial Corporation Unlimited Company Dublin 2
572364 Reenconnell Limited Co. Kerry
572365 Gneeveguilla Stores Limited Co. Kerry
572379 Superior Q Engineering Limited Galway
572408 Bao Qiao Hotels Limited Dublin 4
572282 Blue Saurus Limited Dublin 4
572283 Furkeel Limited Co. Cork
572284 Fillit Space Limited Co. Dublin
572285 Protax Accountants Limited Dublin 12
572286 Willis Gs Ireland Limited Dublin 4
572287 Tethys Limited Co. Wicklow
572288 Urban Street Catering Limited Co. Meath
572289 Lsf Irish Holdings 71 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
572290 Bantry Business Association Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
572291 Profilo Smart Limited Dublin 8
572292 2click Solutions Hub Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
572293 The Ceiling Crew Limited Dublin 9
572294 Wilcaro Limited Wicklow
572295 Premier Quartz Designated Activity Company Co. Kildare
572296 Brendan Horgan Limited Co. Meath
572297 Rohan Consulting Services Limited Co. Dublin
572298 Hendon Hospitality Limited Co. Clare
572299 Deskos Partners Limited Dublin 2
572300 Mountainview Consulting Limited Dublin 14
572301 Stringer Plant Hire Limited Co. Clare
572302 Synchro Retail Wicklow Limited Co Dublin
572303 Bespoke With Us Limited Dublin 9
572304 Jervisteen Limited Dublin 2
572305 Clairmont Films Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
572306 Tasnuva Shamim Foundation Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 13
572307 T & M Bare Cheek Theatre Company Limited Cork
572308 Chartered Advisory Limited Co Galway, H91k6y5
572309 Mi-Mar Trans Limited Co Cork
572310 Sophialex Cleaning Limited Dublin 8
572311 Dry Paint Club Limited Dublin 4
572312 Cliste Consultants Holdings Limited Cork
572313 Pharmafind Limited Clare
572314 Fingal Wholesale Limited Co. Dublin
572315 Puma Transport Ireland Limited Co. Louth
572316 Castlethorn Developments Unlimited Company Dublin 14, D14 N7y8
572317 Greyslate Limited Co. Clare
572318 Kipuka Digital Solutions Limited Dublin 6
572319 Raso Propeties Limited Co. Kildare
572320 Magmum Project Management Limited Co. Longford
572321 Clonmore Cattle Farms Limited Co. Monaghan
572322 Meelon Construction Limited Co. Cork
572323 Donohoe'S Supermarket Group Holdings Limited Co. Cavan
572324 Pcop Ii Investors B Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
572325 Pcop Ii Investors C Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
572326 Sgc Snagcglobal Company Limited Dublin 2
572327 Raimis Auto Repair Centre Limited Dublin 15
572328 Gt Analytical Limited Co. Louth
572329 Nutracore Limited Co. Louth
572330 Golden Core Media Limited Co. Louth
572331 Dialed In Media Limited Co. Louth
572332 Davro Media Limited Co. Louth
572333 The Dream Factory Limited Dublin 8
572334 My Career Scout Limited Co Mayo
572335 Pól Concrete Cutting Holdings Limited Co. Kerry
572336 Castlefield Estate Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
572337 Spanish Point Investments Limited Limerick
572338 Bidtech Limited Co. Dublin
572339 Rushbrook Nurseries Limited Co. Dublin
572340 Ajila Value Adding Ventures Limited Co. Louth
572341 Lag Medical Services Limited Co. Cork
572342 Ian Carroll Consulting Limited Co. Cork
572343 The Georgian Fast Food Company Limited Dublin 18
572344 Athletic Evolution Ireland Limited Co. Wicklow
572345 Seamus Mc Menamin Limited Co. Donegal
572346 The Grill Armory Limited Dublin 6w
572347 Knockballymaloo Limited Co. Tipperary
572266 Testforce International Limited Dublin 2
572267 Meg Global Operations Limited Dublin 6
572268 Lee Metal Limited Cork
572269 Elevate Fitness Limited Co. Louth
572270 Lisavaird Food Group Limited Co. Cork
572271 Complete Stability Solutions Limited Co Offaly
572272 Clontibret Transport Limited Co. Monaghan
572273 Low Cost Dental Limited Co. Dublin
572274 Drm Flight Services Limited Co. Kildare
572275 Cf & Co. Investment Properties Unlimited Company Dublin 6w
572276 Green Box Properties Unlimited Company Dublin 6w
572277 Md Agricultural Consulting Limited Co. Monaghan
572278 Scamall Assets Ireland Limited Dublin 2
572279 Saltoro Limited Co. Dublin
572280 Wisdom Peak Limited Co. Dublin
572281 Castle Peak Limited Co. Dublin
572256 Cilag Holding Finance Unlimited Company Co. Cork
572257 Knightsferry Investment Limited Dublin 1
572258 Blue Monkey Limited Dublin 7
572259 M Hussain Limited Co. Meath
572260 Soft Logic Systems Limited Dublin 2
572261 Janssen Pharmaceutical Sciences Unlimited Company Co. Cork
572262 Body Key Limited Co. Dublin
572263 Moga Property Limited Waterford
572264 Ashan Investments Limited Co. Meath
572265 Beaukel Limited Co. Meath
There are 97 Company set ups in the above list.