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Cyber Risk Management



Cyber risk is much more than just hacking. It can come from inside as well as outside of the business. From using unpatched or obsolete software, human errors, service provider and supplier failure, domain admins or upstream internet and network interruptions. One thing that is certain is if a data breach occurs it can cause serious long term reputational damage to your business brand.

For your business, overall the instance of cyber attack appears to be increasing, with new articles of 'data' and 'security' breaches appearing weekly in the media. Recent reports show 43% of businesses have experienced cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.

Understanding Your Cyber Risks

CyberVision powered by KYND's pioneering cyber risk technology makes protecting your business easy. It aims to identify potential vulnerabilities in your public facing systems and covers the following areas as outlined below.

Domain Risk Analysis


Finds all domains connected
to you and their associated
cyber risks.

Service Risk Analysis


Finds all services/software
running on your domains
and their associated cyber risks.

Comparative Risk


Shows how your cyber risk
exposure compares to those
of similar companies.

Data Breach Monitors


Alerts to the leak or theft of
the customer, employee or
supplier data you hold.

Phishing Risk


Checks that your websites
re not hosting dangerous content.

Malware Risk


Identify whether domains
owned by the Organisation are
being used or impersonated to
host phishing or malware.

Customer Support


Expert support and analysis of
cyber risks and advice on how
to fix those identified.

Sites & Certificates Risk


Checks your websites are
maintained and security
certificates are up to date.

On-Going Monitoring


Continuous and regular
monitoring of the cyber
risks that could affect a business.

Service Location


Identify the location(s) of the
Organisation's services
through IP data

Support For Your Cyber Risks

CyberVision powered by KYND provides a 'Fix It Now' support option on all monitored reports, which includes direct access and advice from our our security experts on how best to fix any high risk issues.
All support is provided through our chat forum.

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