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Add Unlimited Users To Your Account For Free

With remote working continuing for the foreseeable future we understand that it can be challenging for teams to collaborate during these difficult times as well as keep track of changes in teams across the business. Sharing reports, login details and important updates for your business isn't as seamless as we continue to work from home.

We're making things a little easier - allowing you to add any colleagues in your team, department or firm to your CRIFVision-net.ie account, free of charge.

Fully Customisable To Each User

New users will be able to access their own CRIFVision-net.ie 'sub-account'. Customised with their own user details and tailored monitoring alerts based on their own searches. With the permission of the main account holder, any usage can be deducted from the main account and of course we will extend any discounts for the main price plan in place.

Extra Flexibility

This new account structure should give you more flexibility from your account and mean you and your colleagues receive more relevant credit score updates on the companies that matter most to your business while working remotely. Plus, once activated forgotten login details can be requested directly from the service. So there's no need to share across more open team forums.

Quick & Easy Set-up

If you think it will help your workflows and want to extend access to any colleague at no extra cost, simply send the details of the colleague(s) you'd like activated to Helpdesk.vision-net@crif.com - please include their name and email address and we'll do the rest. Set-up is super quick and the new user will have access to their account in no time!

Of course, if you prefer to keep a separation, we can set up a different accounts for any department or colleague and they will retain full control. Whatever works best for you and your business.

This is just one of the small steps we're taking to help continue to support our customers in these unprecedented times. If you'd like to extend access to any colleagues please do get in touch:

Email: Helpdesk.vision-net@crif.com

Phone: 01 903 2660

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