- by Ellie Kearns on 14/12/2022

Data Enrichment and Risk Management Audits seem to come hand in hand.

In 2018, data enrichment grew by 80% and is projected to grow more. In 2022, risk management is becoming ever more important for companies due to the rapid increase of 43% in fraudulent offences. As a result of this, there is greater emphasis on conducting KYC, PEP AND CCI checks on company's entire customer base.

Such checks are highly expensive in both time and resources. Let CRIFVision-net run these checks for you. By creating a Vision-Net account, your entire customer base is PEP, KYC and CCI checked simultaneously. In addition to this, you can access the latest credit scores on your entire customer base in just a few minutes as well as the latest UBO's, financial reports or NACE codes for corporate due diligence.

In addition to this, CRIFVision-Net provide a monitoring system which will send you alerts on any potential risks involved with your customers, which will save you even more money on future searching!

Save yourself the time and resources, by joining thousands of companies across Ireland by signing up to CRIFVision-Net's Data solutions today. We make compliance easy.

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