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If you're not 100% sure. You are not on your own. Many companies have an objective to become 'greener' or more sustainable.

In a recent survey the percentage of companies who consider sustainability to be 'very important' to their business has risen from 20% in 2018 to 90% by 2022. As well as the environmental benefits, signalling to customers a company has begun its sustainability journey has become for also more commercial reasons, including reputation, brand and customer engagement.

The area is so all encompassing, knowing where 'greener' starts and finishes is often too big for a company. That's where CRIFVision-net's new ESG solution Synesgy can help. Companies across Europe are now beginning to record and report on the sustainability of themselves and the companies they do business with.

Synesgy provides you with an ESG check-list and lets you gauge how your company is performing across the key areas of sustainability in line with the latest legislation.

A company can assess their sustainability as well as the companies they do business with, which is part of a new EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability (CRSD) which will be enforced by January 2024. This directive will mean a change in behaviour in organisations. It will result in a shift from acting sustainably for reputational reasons, to acting sustainably to comply with latest regulations - in an attempt to unite with companies around the world in a bid to protect the planet.

Synesgy provides companies with a questionnaire based on the 5 macro sections governing ESG principles. Once completed by both the company themselves and their suppliers, Synesgy will provide a certificate and an ESG score, which companies can then use to show to their customers, and the companies they do business with that they are dedicated to conducting sustainable business practices. Start your sustainability journey today with Synesgy. Register online at www.synesgy.com/.

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