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In 2020 and so far in 2021 Ireland is continuing to be a hub for entrepreneurship. In the first 5 months of this year, over 11,600 new companies have been set up, over 3,000 more than the same period last year and many of these companies are appointing first time directors. In 2020 alone there were over 27,000 first time directors, making up 60% of all appointments in the year.

These thousands of directors add to the growing base of existing live directorships which currently stands at just over 720,000.

First Time Directors in 2020

Many of Ireland's newest entrepreneurs account towards the 27,000 first time directors appointed in 2020 which saw a large necessity led entrepreneurship trend over the last 15 months during the pandemic. In terms of age, 2020 saw a slightly lower average age in first-time director appointments compared with 2019, currently standing at 43 years of age (44 in 2019). This has increased very slightly since 2015 where the average age was 42 Years. For the gender breakdown 67% were male and 33% female.

Ireland's Increasing Directorships

There is are currently 722,996 directorships in Ireland right now. With more companies than ever currently registered in Ireland (272,369) this is leading to more and more directorships being appointed every year. We have analysed our database to give you an average breakdown of all directorships:

Director Nationality:

1. Irish: 631,609 (87%)

2. British: 41,102 (5.5%)

3. American: 11,031 (2%)

4. French: 4,327 (1%)

5. German: 3,674 (0.5%)

6. Other: 31,265 (4%)

Director Age Ranges:

1. 50 to 54: 94,168 (13%)

2. 45 to 49: 91,472 (12.5%)

3. 55 to 59: 85,605 (12%)

4. 0 to 44: 75,558 (10%)

5. 60 to 64: 69,247 (9.5%)

Director Genders

1. Male: 420,796 (58%)

2. Female: 222,478 (31%)

3. Unknown: 79,527 (11%)

From the above statistics the average profile of a directorship is Irish, Male and with an age between 50 to 54. In terms of the gender breakdown we see that almost two thirds of directors are male and 31% are female shedding light on a continued gender divide within directorship appointments.

CRIFVision-net Director Search

When performing a CCI background check on CRIFVision-net.ie a directorship report will be returned, you can also complete a sole director check on any person using the dedicated search feature for this purpose also. This will uncover any directorships past and previously appointed to a person. A very detailed picture can be painted from the status of companies associated or once associated with a director.

Performing a directorship search on CRIFVision-net is so easy - just login to your account and head to the Director Search.

For more information on any of our services:

Email: info.vision-net@crif.com

Phone: 01 903 2660

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