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At CRIFVision-net we love nothing more than creating custom solutions to meet our customer's unique needs. Every year we help hundred's of business customers solve various different pain points to efficiently identify numerous data sets, saving time and money.

A project completed last year for a financial institution operating in Ireland helped deliver on numerous predefined goals in order to increase sales and optimise workflows.

Pain Points

The business identified the need to be able to help automate services to its customers and help it's sales teams achieve greater engagement with customers. To accommodate this, the organisation realised it needed the latest data on both it's customers and its potential customers employed at the heart of it's systems.


The business came to CRIFVision-net with five clear goals that had to be delivered in order to meet their needs and fix their pain points:

  • To optimise workflows
  • Reduce customer journey times
  • Deliver savings in AML and KYC process
  • Identify customer legal entities
  • Support sales through CRM integration

Our Solutions & Outcome

CRIFVision-net looked at its suite of services and combined three unique solutions in order to deliver on the customer's needs:

  • Delivery of a quarterly batch update of the universe of companies - a list of companies were delivered to the customer every quarter, updated with new data sets, uncovering the best opportunities for the bank and keeping its data constantly updated.
  • Data employed in back office systems - by integrating the company data into the business's CRM system, it was able to directly support its sales team with easy access to the most up-to-date and reliable company information.
  • Auto-filled forms - The Bank's digital experience was greatly enhanced with auto-filled forms for various data sets, to save valuable time and workload for its employees and customers.
  • These solutions allowed the organisation to enjoy a totally automated and streamlined data process, with substantial efficiencies in its KYC and AML workload - saving time as well as achieving substantial cost savings. Not only this but the state of the art solution allowed the business to be constantly updated with real-time company data, integral to its business requirements.

    Creating and delivering custom solutions to help our customers in less time and for less cost is what we specialise in! If you want to know how CRIFVision-net can tailor a solution around your unique business needs or would like to know more about the above success story, contact us today:

    Email: info.vision-net@crif.com Phone: 01 903 2660

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