- by Amy McNeice on 10/10/2022

The latest CSO figures revealed that fraud crimes recorded the largest increase in Q2 2022, compared to the same period in 2021, with an increase of 43% or 4,877. CRIFVision-net's IDVerify platform can help prevent your company being a victim of fraud crimes.

Overall, CSO reported a total of 16,202 Fraud, Deception & Related Offences in the year to Q2 2022. This increase was largely driven by unauthorised transactions and attempts to obtain personal or banking information online or by phone.

It is notable that the majority of the categories within recorded crime, increased in the year to Q2 2022, but the most significant increase was in Fraud Offences.

Among the other categories, Kidnapping & Related Offences recorded the highest rate of increase with 36% or 45. Additionally, Theft & Related Offences documented an increase of 23% or 10,559.

Additionaly, with CRIFVision-net's CCI & PEP reports, you can save time and cost when risk assessing your customers. It is one of the most comprehensive background checks in the Irish market.

Get in touch today if you think we can help you with your compliance needs.

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