- by Amy McNeice on 04/10/2022

Let CRIFVision-net.ie do the hard work for you, it's what we do best.

When it comes to data enrichment we can take the time and effort out of manually running your AML and KYC checks, you tell us what data you need to check and we enrich it.

Imagine the time and resources you could save by instantly having...

Your entire customer base PEP, IDV, KYC or CCI checked in one go. Clearing all due diligence backlogs. Or having the latest credit scores on all of your customers in one report, to start reducing days to higher risk customers. Or perhaps the latest UBO, financials, or NACE codes for corporate due dil.

There is no manual checking required! Plus with monitoring activated you can save your budget on future searching.

If you have yet to try our data enrichment solutions - there's no better time. Join the hundreds of clients who use them every quarter to save on their consumer and corporate compliance requirements.

There really is an easier way to fulfil compliance. Why not let us help?

Email: solutions.vision-net@crif.com or Phone: 01 903 2660

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