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The reporting requirements for many companies who report to the CCR is expanding...

By June 2022, Credit Information Providers (lenders/CIPs) who report to the Central Credit Register (CCR) in Ireland must provide three new mandatory input fields as part of their compliance:

  • Sector of Economic Activity (NACE Rev 2 Code)
  • Enterprise Size
  • Institutional Sector

All these fields must be reported to the CCR for every company (not business) on their ledger.

The deadline to complete this has been recently extended to June 2022, but it is still only around the corner.


In order to fast-track this compliance process for our customers, CRIFVision-net have developed a new solution to meet the approaching deadline.

Simply get in touch and one of our information specialists will talk you through the simple process, all we need is the list of companies on your ledger and we will enrich the data.

Get in touch:

Email: solutions.vision-net@crif.com

Phone: 01 903 2657

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