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Sanction Checks On Your Customers

Following on from recent global events, as new Sanction announcements are made, we are working hard to ensure profiles are updated as quickly as possible and available through your account to assist with your AML and Sanction compliance.

In the days and weeks ahead we will continue to monitor for new announcements and while this is a highly fluid situation, we aim for coverage to be updated no more than 24 hours from official announcements.

For example, working with our team of global data partner, we have confirmed that 400+ European Sanction instructions were processed within 8 hours of one of the recent announcements.

We have included some relevant links and resources below that may be of interest. You can search Sanctions under our 'PEP Search Plus' search or under Person Search once you are logged into your account.


How Can CRIFVision-net Help?

Over the past few weeks we've been helping our customers manage the rapidly changing demands to keep on top of changes for Sanctions and AML exposure.

If it's a requirement for your business, we can help you easily and quickly identify if companies in your supplier or customer portfolios are showing directors currently listed on the latest Sanction lists - saving you substantial time and manual resources.

Our compliance solution can extract the Directors from your supplier or customer portfolio working from just company names. From there, we can match and cross check the Directors, Secretaries and Shareholders against the very latest PEP's and Sanctions covering 150 regions including EU, UK, UN, US Treasury, Security, State, and Unilateral Sanctions and defense trade controls. We can also run credit risk mitigation screening.

This report can then be delivered back to you in a dedicated secure area on CRIFVision-net (DigitalHub) to enable future on-going monitoring or if you prefer, it can be sent in a file ready for import into your internal systems.

Typically we run the data from the companies in two ways:

  1. The companies you have previously searched on your CRIFVision-net account (your monitoring list)
  2. From any file exported from your internal CRM / workflow systems.

If this might of some help to you or you would like just to find out more:

Email: solutions.vision-net@crif.com

Tel: 01 903 2660


The following resources may be of interest:

EU measures against Russia can be found at this link:


The US Treasury Press Releases provide expansive information about the US sanctions against Russia:











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