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Open banking is a game changer in so many ways.

For your business, it lets you add next level customer affordability or screening checks. Instead of requesting bank account statements as proof of affordability; your customer can quickly and easily simply link their account with a click of button.

It makes customer verification easier with confirmation of bank account ownership, helping to reduce fraud. Its also a powerful tool for evaluating small customers like sole traders or entities that are not required to file financials. Everyday more and more customers are choosing to use our open banking technology that we call Link2Bank.

Everyday more and more customers are choosing to use our open banking technology that we call Link2Bank.

Link2Bank is beneficial for both your own business, and for your customer. It is GDPR compliant, meaning that your customer must consent to providing you with access to their bank account data in order to:

  • Fast track their loan application
  • Verify their bank details are real
  • Provide evidence of affordability for finance
  • Confirm a statement history for anti-fraud
  • Avoid emailing sensitive bank account data
  • Allow you to verify IBAN's and account names

As mentioned Link2Bank can be used for a wide range of business checks, covering areas like risk assessment, anti-fraud, as well as in-depth analysis of affordability and scoring, based on monthly incomings and outgoings of an applicant.

Link2Bank has a proven success rate. We are connected to over +3,000 banks globally and have provided 1 million+ open banking scores in the last 12 months. The process is frictionless. Our powerful API analyses over 2,000 data variables from your customer's bank account. The data is interpreted and returned back to you in a powerful, easy to read report containing over 200 KPI's, to cover all of your customer screening needs from anti-fraud to KYC assessment.

Not only is Link2Bank easy for you as a business, we have simplified the on-boarding for your customer too. Simply click the 'Link2Bank' option in our consumer hub, and a request will be sent to your customer to share their bank account details for further evaluation. It's that easy.

If you would like to learn more, or sign up today simply Email us at Solutions.vision-net@crif.com or Call Tel: 01 903 2660.

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