- by Amy McNeice on 13/03/2023

Enhanced Fitness & Probity Management

One of the key pillars of the new 'Individual Accountability Framework' from the Central Bank Of Ireland, requires regulated entities to regularly certify the fitness and probity of persons in arears of decision-making responsibility across their management teams - in control functions (CF and PCF roles).

This can be a time consuming and costly for the organisation to management themselves. CRIFVision-net are experts in this area and we would be delighted to help.

We have created an online-solution that will help you manage all of your fitness and probity checks in one central dashboard - where you can periodically run checks on persons in scope for the IAF in seconds. You can also activate monitoring so you will be notified if anything changes and take pro-active, positive action.

Our solution to help you manage your Fitness & Probity as a big step towards compliance with the 'Individual Accountability Framework' - is called ConsumerHub.

Fitness & Probity Management Made Easy

With ConsumerHub you can run Fitness & Probity checks with the click of a mouse. Returned results are delivered with easy to interpret traffic lights. Green means go, amber review, red investigate further, saving time, money and resources.

ConsumerHub allows you to easily screen and centrally management enhanced fitness and probity, as well as request supporting documentation on all persons in-scope for IAF. The checks it covers include:

  • Confirmation Of Identity
  • Capture of ID Documents
  • PEP / Sanctions Check
  • Checks against 10 Registries
  • Registered Consumer Court Judgements
  • Disqualified or Restricted Directors
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency Service of Ireland Records
  • Revenue Settlements
  • Irish Business Owners
  • Irish Company Directors & Secretaries
  • Irish Company Shareholders
  • Confirmation Of Bank account
  • Consent based transaction monitoring is also available.

This system is also available through API connection for more frictionless integration into your HR, reporting or control systems. Alternatively the above checks can be performed as an offline project - in one batch process and delivered in data format for import into your systems.

Let us do the heavy lifting, We're experts in checking, analysing and verifying persons for our clients. We've been doing it for over 30 years. If you would like to learn more about our solutions, simply email us at solutions.vision-net@crif.com or call us on Tel: 01 903 2660.

About CRIFVision-net

CRIFVision-net serve the information needs of all the main banks and financial institutions to better inform their business decisions. We have experience in aiding financial institutions in conducting large scale Credit Checks on Individuals (CCI).

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