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Verify Your Customer's ID in 4 Simple Steps

With the introduction of our new Onboarding service: the DigitalHub, a new identity verification tool called IDVerify is now available from within your existing CRIFVision-net account. IDVerify allows you to verify your customer's identity with ease, from anywhere and for less cost than ever before.

Digital IDV checks (EIDV) are becoming the norm, it's a better and more automated process for many reasons:

  • It's quicker than face-to-face KYC
  • Easier/more convenient for the customer as they no longer need to go into a physical branch with their documents
  • It's more secure as the data is stored in fully GDPR compliant platforms
  • It leads to faster approvals.

It's a win-win! But how do you run an IDV check with CRIFVision-net...

How To Run an IDVerify Check?

  1. Simply login to your CRIFVision-net account as normal and select 'Onboarding' from the new top menu and then select the 'Add Person' option.
  2. To verify the ID of your customer, simply select 'IDVerify' and enter their details (from here you can also add a PEP or CCI report to the data subject report too). Once you press search the customer will automatically be added to your DigitalHub and an email will be sent to the address you have entered, requesting they upload their ID documents.
  3. Your customer receives an email from help@IDVerify.ie, containing your company name. From there your customer simply scans their documents and takes a selfie.
  4. As soon as your customer has uploaded their documents, their EIDV report appears in your DigitalHub Dashboard, with images captured of their ID documents and easy to read analysis.

What Happens in the Background?

When your customer uploads their documents and selfie, validation checks are initiated to ensure the person matches the identity document and that they are a real person, while OCR robots extract their personal data into a usable format which is fed into the DigitalHub for you to view.

What About Security?

The DigitalHub Onboarding Platform is GDPR compliant and audit trails are available on each customer report. Access controls are also customisable so only the right people in your organisation can see the various data points, there are different levels of access too in order for you to manage your customer portfolio in the most efficient way possible without exposing the data to too many people. We call all of this 'SecureStore' and removes the compliance burden from your business and ensures all of this sensitive data is kept as secure as possible.

What Next?

IDVerify is now available on every CRIFVision-net account, so you can start verifying your customers now! Simply login to your account and follow the steps above.

CRIFVision-net is also waiving all SecureStore fees for the next 3 months in order for you to experience all of the amazing DigitalHub features. You can also use your existing units to purchase reports through the DigitalHub!

So what are you waiting for? Login to your account now to run your first IDVerify check. We promise you won't regret it!

To learn more about IDVerify and the DigitalHub/SecureStore, get in touch! We would be delighted to tell you more and discuss some options for your business:

Email: info.vision-net@crif.com

Phone: 01 903 2660

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