Below is a list of Companies that have changed their name, in the last 4 weeks (ending 28/11/2020).

Company Number Company Name Previous Name Date Changed
681268 Beats Horizons Limited
Blakenova Limited 05/11/2020
683060 Dr Zafruddin Medical Limited
Dr Zafraddin Medical Limited 25/11/2020
680854 Durkan Fairfield Developments Limited
Tansim Limited 02/11/2020
680910 Fiscal Ior Europe Limited
Masian Limited 03/11/2020
680721 Herbert Retail Europe Limited
Talerwood Limited 02/11/2020
681045 Hrlegal Limited
Hrl Plus Limited 04/11/2020
681100 Jubilee Clo 2019-Xxii Designated Activity Company
Jubilee Clo 2018-Xxii Designated Activity Company 04/11/2020
680745 Killarney Brewing & Distilling Nominees Limited
Vulpix Investments Limited 02/11/2020
680853 Management Consultants For Tunneling and Underground Construction Limited
Zanrail Limited 02/11/2020
680878 Optima Construction Group Limited
Coralpark Limited 02/11/2020
173205 Peter Johnston Limited
David L. Semple & Associates Limited 02/11/2020
683061 Slándail Research Limited
Slándail Rsearch Limited 25/11/2020
378438 Sts Ujet Interiors Limited
Sts Aviation Services Ireland Limited 11/11/2020
681722 Sweeney Astro's Limited
Sweeney Astro Pitches Limited 11/11/2020
682614 Xyfil Compliance Limited
Pearbay Limited 20/11/2020
681579 Yadani Efficient Fast Construction Limited
Yanadi Efficient Fast Construction Limited 10/11/2020

There are 16 companies in the above list.

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