Below is a list of Companies that have changed their name, in the last 4 weeks (ending 22/11/2019).

Company Number Company Name Previous Name Date Changed
659854 Abbey Training & Physical Therapy Limited
Abbey Training & Physcial Therapy Limited 31/10/2019
660491 Ashgrove Specialty Lending Investments I Designated Activity Company
Ashgrove Speciality Lending Investments I Designated Activity Company 12/11/2019
428706 Birds Eye Ireland Oldco Unlimited Company
Birds Eye Ireland Unlimited Company 18/11/2019
660121 Diamond Pharma Services Ireland Limited
Diamond Pharma Services Limited 05/11/2019
659675 Mml Finance Company Ireland Ii Designated Activity Company
Specialglade Designated Activity Company 29/10/2019
659947 Remountjoy Limited
Plick Limited 01/11/2019
660131 River Green Finance 2019 Designated Activity Company
River Green Finance Designated Activity Company 05/11/2019
660683 Rymc Electrical Services Limited
Rymac Electrical Services Limited 14/11/2019

There are 8 companies in the above list.

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