Below is a list of Companies that have changed their name, in the last 4 weeks (ending 18/11/2017).

Company Number Company Name Previous Name Date Changed
614054 Alma O'Brien Limited
Chicory Flower Limited 26/10/2017
613989 Aspen Poplar Limited
Calmspirit Limited 24/10/2017
614955 Dwellworks Ireland Holdings Limited
Dwellworks Irish Holding Limited 09/11/2017
613875 Honest Roots Limited
Honest Root Limited 23/10/2017
614660 Jonas Software Ireland Limited
Cavadale Limited 06/11/2017
8639 Pelagia Feed (Ireland) Limited
Pelagia Feed (Ireland) Unlimited Company 27/10/2017
614119 Pita Food Group Ireland Limited
Group Pita Pit Ireland Limited 26/10/2017
613893 Stoer Ireland Limited
Notionside Limited 23/10/2017

There are 8 companies in the above list.

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