Below is a list of Dissolved companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 519 (Week Ending 28/06/2022)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
42186 Gmp 2 Plant Hire Limited Dublin 2
59770 Storecon Limited Dublin
245112 Dekor Distribution Limited Dublin
272863 Goldmaster Developments Limited Dublin
328873 Crystal Solutions Limited Kilkenny
338384 The Golden Horseshoe Limited Dublin 3
347203 Fmc Tech Limited Dublin 1
347358 Pinerock Homes Limited Dublin 2
396328 North Wall Community Training Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
421079 K & K Supermarket Limited Cork
495981 Amentum Aircraft Leasing No. Fourteen Limited Dublin 2
538169 Harbourdev Limited Dublin 2
543286 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Xlvi Limited Dublin
547462 Roof Poland Leasing 2014 Designated Activity Company Dublin
549160 Amentum Aircraft Leasing No. Fifteen Limited Dublin 2
555779 Polvent Limited Dublin
639196 Peopletime Hr Ireland Limited Cork
44649 Bar-Ware Enterprises Limited Bank Place Limerick
117296 Jeb Entertaining Cavan Limited Dublin 2
260045 Drummanning Electrical Limited Dublin 2
374092 Edward Cotter Partnership Building Services Limited Cork
407960 Seoda Property Limited Dublin
530060 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Xxxvii Limited Dublin
540594 Obdistco Limited Dublin
560684 Xcloudhub Limited Dublin 2
633098 Atlas Heritage Worldwide Limited Clare
649132 Abl Aviation 5539 Sbi Limited Dublin
54245 Rebooting Football Limited Dublin
55809 Trag Knitwear Limited Cork
74044 Finns Transport Limited Galway
161009 Peterport International Limited Dublin
170465 Apn Electralarm Limited Dublin
190476 Capway Unlimited Company Limerick
198616 Sue - D - Knits Limited Kerry
220321 Food Innovation Limited Mayo
223999 Silvermines Enterprise Limited Tipperary
225089 Murray-Kee Limited Clare
247138 Poster Audit Bureau Unlimited Company Dublin
250532 V.G. Hire (Midleton) Limited Cork
274995 Magna Ireland Finance Unlimited Company Dublin 2
298636 Sovereign Shareholdings Limited Louth
298638 Sovereign Cleaners Limited Louth
311023 Pssl Agroalimentaire Limited Tipperary
314774 Retonberg Limited Dublin
330374 We and Us Limited Meath
339723 Hasscon Limited Cork
368881 Ridgeman Limited Dublin
370289 Moydow Keel Group Water Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee Longford
383556 International Surface Solutions Limited Dublin
386152 Global D Technologies Limited Dublin
388177 Maevorn Limited Kildare
397468 Archive Cd Books Ireland Limited Dublin
405549 Author Rights Agency Limited Dublin
407091 Coachyard Manor Management Company Limited By Guarantee Meath
414248 John McGrath's Convenience Store Limited Dublin
444851 Source Out of Home Ireland Unlimited Company Dublin
450192 Tmmi Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
451993 Cwc Management Services Limited Cork
454302 Beechrock Consulting Limited Cork
454679 Dortek Export Limited Wicklow
455840 Paddy Power Treasury Unlimited Company Dublin
456036 Jemm Barrow Limited Carlow
456068 Gone Been Limited Dublin
468412 Osl Consultants Limited Dublin
473954 Irish Institute of Mental Health Nursing Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
479806 Corrig Logistics Europe Unlimited Company Limerick
480272 Rossard Management Co Limited Kerry
480821 Healthy Heart Initiative Limited Dublin
482966 Desmond Tax & Corporate Services Limited Cork
483167 D Hayes Safety Training & Consulting Limited Cork
487843 Neisha Breen Limited Wexford
498780 Emgate Technologies Limited Limerick
498855 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Xviii Limited Dublin
499619 Rhm Medical Limited Westmeath
500797 European Academy For Education and Social Research Limited Dublin
501013 McConnell & Kelly Accountants Limited Donegal
501618 Nickyd's Products Limited Dublin
508004 Elie Beauty (Europe) Limited Donegal
518371 A&N Washeteria Limited Dublin
529782 Amtb Holding Limited Cork
530801 Alphas Managed Accounts Platform Xl Limited Dublin
531855 Haxcop Limited Dublin
534248 Gallagher Communications Limited Dublin
535012 Merrion Square Network Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
538427 Vyvo Europe Limited Dublin
539735 Obec Electrical Limited Cork
542045 Nehos Limited Dublin
548837 Jimjaq Developments Limited Galway
549578 Tanas Catering Limited Dublin
549640 Trevin Computer System365 Limited Limerick
550982 Scribblestown Airsoft Limited Dublin
551615 Barnell Limited Wexford
559342 Oriel Trawlers Limited Louth
560793 Passion Sys Limited Dublin
562681 Optis Property Limited Meath
564742 Citidwell West Limited Cork
566932 Glor Douglas Mnd Limited Cork
572251 Cyclotron Business Development Limited Dublin
572844 Silent Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
572912 Lock Financing Limited Dublin
574327 Skaro Media Limited Dublin
576980 Hudson Park Management Services Limited Dublin
584847 Gerard O'Brien Consultancy Limited Clare
587302 Ipomen Scarlet Leasing Two Limited Dublin
588008 Heritageworks Limited Cork
595672 Edison A.V. Technologies Limited Cork
601610 Horwich Limited 7 Fitzwilliam St Lower
603442 Velvet Tech Limited Dublin
603452 Nantucket Marketing Limited Dublin
603478 Rolling Green Limited Dublin
603563 Backstreet Main Limited Dublin
603758 Webster Way Limited Dublin
610726 Western Friars Limited Dublin
613148 Minimalistic Dental Designs Limited Dublin
613149 Upward Follicle Designs Limited Dublin
613151 Readers World Today and Tomorrow Limited Dublin
613808 Dvsum Ireland Limited Limerick
621304 Ipomen Scarlet Leasing Four Limited Dublin
621306 Ipomen Scarlet Leasing Five Limited Dublin
628919 Tam It Consultancy Limited Kildare
637873 Lerom Investments Limited Kildare
643915 Sw Flood Forum Services Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
644845 Cpcp Levered Unitranche Te Blocker Designated Activity Company Dublin
645788 Loyall Tech Limited Dublin
649364 Medicamminamenti Limited Kildare
651422 Cmhigg Solutions Limited Mayo
652480 Shaw Wd & Associates Limited Dublin
653461 Global Gifts Pvt Limited Dublin
653560 Integral Ecology Concepts Limited Kildare
660648 Sharned Consulting Limited Dublin
663896 Phoenix Management and Consultancy Services Limited Dublin
670612 Two Sides Investments Limited Galway
670613 Antiagingguy Limited Galway
670953 Safetouch Antimicrobial Protection Limited Dublin
671988 Kishlight Consulting Limited Wicklow
674160 1apptravel Limited Cork
676601 Trc Foods Limited Dublin
676787 Silver Pearl Limited Dublin
677357 Killarney Food Truck Warehouse Limited Kerry
677511 Bahu Kulea Limited Dublin
681811 Fasting & Wellbeing Ireland Limited Dublin
681882 Toc Health Limited Dublin
683164 Ameswire Technologies Limited Dublin
684626 Mickass Limited Wexford
684956 Ndg Infrastructure Solutions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2 Ireland
694766 Marflor Care Services Limited Westmeath
702381 Sparkads Limited Dublin 2
706091 Quinn Commercial Cleaning Limited Galway
83438 R.E.L. and Company Limited Dublin
356442 Bacon & Woodrow Partnerships (Ireland) Limited Dublin
464987 Extra Care-Support and Care Services Company Limited By Guarantee Fingal Bay Business Park Balbriggan Co. Dublin
479598 Thumple Limited Dublin
496562 Mfuture Consulting Limited Dublin
521734 Fitzgerald Actuarial Limited Cork
525417 Kss Electrical Limited Dublin
546724 Butlers Hospitality Limited Block C Cashel Business Centre Stannaway Drive Dublin 12
593953 M7 Ereip Iv Irish Propco Limited Dublin
601985 Wellington Leasing Msn 1779 Limited Dublin 2
603252 Wellington Leasing Msn 2211 Limited Dublin 2
646989 Abl Aviation 5808 Sbi Limited Dublin
21514 Patharoll Limited Dublin
287668 Nc Solutions Limited Wexford
535929 Shane Byrne Electrical Services Limited Dublin 2
603040 Wellington Leasing Msn 834 Limited Dublin
621045 Wellington Leasing No. 5 Limited Dublin 2
There are 165 companies in the above list.

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