Below is a list of Dissolved companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 461 (Week Ending 20/06/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
55216 Best Alarms Limited Dublin
56836 Braun Oral-B Ireland Limited Dublin
87407 Strategia Consulting Limited Dublin
112151 Encad Systems Limited Dublin
126606 Barreno Properties Limited Dublin
203601 Lexart Properties Limited Dublin
212152 Harvey R. Wasserman M.D. & Associates Limited Clare
213233 Rosputin' Limited Roscommon
225939 New Life Enterprises Limited Kildare
244034 J.M. International Management Limited Dublin
280549 Radleigh Homes Limited Dublin
283827 Grotec Limited Dublin
284892 Kilkenny Coach & Bus Limited Kilkenny
290394 Radleigh Developments Limited Dublin
307957 Uti Ireland Limited Kildare
312081 Mainline Utility Services Limited Cork
320761 Glen Footwear(Irl) Limited Dublin
330135 B2c Limited Dublin
330136 Esecurity Limited Dublin
336552 Ashford Estates Unlimited Company Dublin
337570 Northshore Management Limited Dublin
350698 Bud Gunner Limited Kerry
351060 Garden of Ireland Golf Classic Limited Dublin
356391 G & S Carroll Developments (Claremorris) Limited Mayo
365721 Ipartners Limited Dublin
368976 Hillside Catering Limited Mayo
369401 Spectrum Glazing Designs Limited Cavan
373741 Paypoint Ireland Limited Dublin
377341 Automation For the Future Limited Carlow
378114 Bellux Ireland Unlimited Company Dublin
385384 Balscote Commercial Finance Unlimited Company Dublin
389914 Devonty Unlimited Company Cork
395034 Leonard Copley Gas Services Limited Limerick
401659 Millington Properties Unlimited Company Cork
403591 Mne Building Services Limited Dublin
406099 Xperimental Ideas Limited Galway
407988 Lynham Technology Limited Dublin
417782 Michael & Padraig Ryan Groundworks Limited Tipperary
418373 Focused Outsourcing Limited Cork
422074 Eden Garden Services Limited Dublin
424236 Mj Downey Consulting Limited Cork
427338 Fizzythinking Limited Dublin
431226 Flo Web Design Limited Louth
439780 Richmond Housing Society Limited Cork
451093 Daniel Mulcahy Consultants Limited Cork
451126 Limelight Entertainment & Concerts Group Limited Kildare
455774 Pemb Administration Services Limited Carlow
466919 Nordic Water Ireland Limited Dublin
467362 Robert Wilkinson Consultants Limited Cork
469102 Ronan Gleeson Holdings Limited Dublin
471258 Olympian Recruitment Limited Meath
473091 Competitive Insights Limited Kildare
475344 Usci Ireland Limited Galway
480060 Total Laser Healing Limited Dublin
485019 Biorefining Centre of Excellence Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
485425 Rostino Investments Limited Dublin
485886 Ilfc Aircraft 33a-432 Limited Clare
487243 Deirdre Browne Limited Cork
489614 Gd Media Limited Louth
491091 Irish Centre For Manufacturing Research Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
492749 Bellux Ireland No. 2 Unlimited Company Dublin
495115 Agents2change (Europe) Limited Donegal
495878 Detection and Measurement Instruments Limited Kildare
502453 Vology Data Systems Limited Dublin
503788 Karen Casey & Associates Limited Dublin
505514 Blue Sapphire Wealth Limited Wexford
508464 Overbooking and Trading Limited Dublin
517272 Mass Media Limited Meath
522445 Lastcast Media Limited Tipperary
523735 Msn 5512-I Winter Designated Activity Company Dublin
532652 Coleman Advisors Limited Dublin
536901 Curtin Economic Consultancy Limited Meath
539605 Real Time It Limited Dublin
541419 Walsh Invention Services Limited Galway
543320 Universal Coffee Limited Dublin
545300 Southpaw Business & Medical Limited Dublin
547646 Tim Flynn Harvesting Limited Tipperary
547867 Vulcan Fire Safety Training Limited Galway
548465 Premier Marine Flooring Limited Kildare
549677 All Seasons Roofing Limited Dublin
551930 Hughie O'Donnell Limited Donegal
553452 Aware Ce Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
557968 Horsemount Safety Services Limited Cork
560037 Aileen O'Meara Financial Services Limited Tipperary
560139 European Healthcare Consortium Limited Dublin
560895 Customer Insight Innovations Limited Dublin
566235 Uniqfoods Designated Activity Company Dublin
567622 Project DraĆ­ocht Dingle Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
570216 Cauraun Limited Dublin
570418 Tiny Little Gods Limited Wicklow
571592 Jdvetco Limited Dublin
573685 Cazz Vision Limited Kilkenny
575026 Nutrenol Limited Galway
576125 De Brun Technologies Limited Westmeath
578117 D O'Meara Consultancy Services Limited Tipperary
578352 Cipher Info Consultants Limited Dublin
579490 Aine Smith Consulting Limited Louth
582894 Walkel Properties Limited Kilkenny
583025 Zeus Engineering Limited Limerick
584540 Golden Millon Chinese Takeaway Limited Westmeath
584805 E World Phone Centre Limited Dublin
586525 O'Connell Data Consulting Limited Louth
589606 Brideswell Property Management Company Limited Meath
594144 Veling Aircraft Leasing 29325 Limited Louth
594145 Veling Aircraft Leasing 27250 Limited Louth
594146 Veling Aircraft Leasing 27251 Limited Louth
594147 Veling Aircraft Leasing 27252 Limited Louth
594148 Veling Aircraft Leasing 27253 Limited Louth
595425 Flex Intelligent Technology Solutions Limited Cork
596108 Bikelook Limited Dublin
597349 Excel Air Engineering Limited Waterford
597479 Vanden Software Limited Sligo
599507 Meighan Technology Solutions Limited Dublin
601848 Independent Validation Services Limited Monaghan
604679 Garcaf Limited Donegal
607089 Ul Azam Medics Limited Waterford
612021 Dcsi Limited Waterford
612721 Bok-Energie Limited Dublin
614927 Pramface Limited Dublin
615718 M & N Staff Solutions Limited Donegal
615891 Pole and Move Limited Dublin
618095 Julie Beckett Arts Facilitation Teoranta Kerry
618838 Midland Cycling Tours Limited Westmeath
621374 Astoria Executive Limited Dublin
621630 Workwork Remote Talent Limited Dublin
622660 Seagrove Productions Designated Activity Company Kerry
622911 Shonal Limited Cork
625530 Solo Mobile Accessories Limited Limerick
627045 Alpha Beta Designs Limited Dublin
629516 McNabola Engineering Services Limited Galway
629763 First 11 Capital C Limited Cork
633617 Daniel Knapper Consultancy Limited Louth
637137 The Family Bean Limited Meath
638655 Glenpack Securities Rmbs Designated Activity Company Dublin
640622 Ajf Decorating Limited Louth
640818 Cormichaels Hair Studio Limited Mayo
641984 Kasia Foods Limited Louth
647477 Rhapsody Consulting Limited Kildare
647834 Lochcarron Gloverall Limited Offaly
647924 Ghe Plumbing and Heating Limited Dublin
648653 Pcdf Events Limited Galway
649682 Platinum Home Design Limited Dublin
650267 Quality 3d Printing Solutions Limited Kerry
650676 Byrne Product Sales Limited Louth
651464 Adler Automobile Limited Dublin
652721 Spinnertech Limited Dublin
653042 Spotahome Ireland Limited Dublin
653292 Inhouse Digital Marketing Limited Dublin
653765 Diamond Bidco Limited Dublin
653825 Rs Stack Insights Limited Cork
655658 Luckspread Designated Activity Company Dublin
655801 Express Surgical Services Limited Cork
657185 Dedicatedpa Limited Dublin
660507 Andras Hotels Ireland Limited Dublin
661220 Spear Finance Portugal Designated Activity Company Dublin
662349 Jkgc River Designated Activity Company Dublin
664333 Premium Mechanical Engineering Limited Meath
666520 Aga Mazur Consulting Limited Dublin
667874 Reactemo Limited Dublin
669839 Petrasky Designated Activity Company Dublin
670418 Sb Direct Limited Dublin
670957 Thefarmai Limited Laois
671284 Gr Luxury Competitions Limited Wicklow
677697 Top Gear Repairs Limited Kerry
679562 Karstebox Limited Dublin
679849 Kema Financial & Legal Translations Limited Dublin
680597 Scboyd Consulting Limited Dublin
452000 Emerald Mortgages No.5 Designated Activity Company Dublin
524411 77gsl Ireland Corporate Credit I Designated Activity Company Merchants Square Merchants Road Galway
374263 William McCarthy Limited Co. Dublin
419993 Agip International Transport Limited Cork
158228 Swifco Limited Henry Street Limerick
409286 Kalvebod Public Limited Company Dublin
420654 Cordatus Loan Fund I Public Limited Company Dublin
524408 Ros-Gip Limited Dublin
558727 Green Oak Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin
567235 Small Business Origination Loan Trust 2016-1 Designated Activity Company Merchants Square Merchants Road Galway
583421 Catm Ireland I Unlimited Company Co. Dublin
590463 Green Oak Investments Ii Designated Activity Company Dublin
There are 179 companies in the above list.

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