Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 403 (Week Ending 06/06/2020)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
671782 Premier Morts Medical Limited Dublin 18
671674 Green Certification & Auditing Designated Activity Company Co. Meath
671675 Britannia Beverages Ie Limited Dublin 2
671676 Silice Limited Co. Dublin
671677 Rightway Risk Management Limited Co Louth
671678 Axis Packaging Limited Dublin 20
671679 Dublin Expresso Coffee Limited Dublin
671680 Perkins and Will, Ireland Limited Dublin 2
671681 Bear Cart Limited Waterford
671682 Dentapp Limited Co. Offaly
671683 Milan Real Estate Investments Limited Dublin 4
671684 Glenn Autos Limited Dublin 5
671685 Better Me Limited Co. Meath
671686 Web Boost Stars Limited Co. Dublin
671687 Ciphertalent Limited Co Monaghan
671688 Rm Gearbox Specialists Limited Cork
671689 Altipeak Consulting Services Limited Dublin 12
671690 Buyfold Limited Co. Dublin
671691 Sherman Connections Agency Limited Co. Kilkenny
671692 Bfmc Core Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
671693 Kenmed Equipment Limited Co. Dublin
671694 Severock Holding Limited Dublin 1
671695 Sue's Catering Limited Dublin 17
671696 Haley Car Sales Limited Co Kilkenny
671697 Ultimate Construction Limited Co Dublin
671698 Waving Goodbye in Ireland Limited Co. Dublin
671699 Kevish Consulting Limited Co Dublin
671700 Tli Group Holdings Limited Kerry
671701 Hamilton & Delee Carpentry Limited Co. Cork
671702 Parvis Lifestyle Limited Co Dublin
671703 Dundalk Bureau De Change Limited Co. Louth
671704 Gillieston Capital Limited Dublin 8
671705 B & C Coffee Company Limited Dublin 12
671706 Rycofix Limited Co Galway H54rd78
671707 Colt Blue Limited Co. Donegal
671708 Rosette Management Co Limited Co Tipperary
671709 Lovingly Care Box Limited Dublin 2
671710 Pro-Reliability Solutions Limited Co. Offaly
671711 Silver Biotics Ireland Limited Dublin 3
671712 Irish Sustainable Communities Together Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Louth
671713 D. Murray Consultancy Limited Dublin 15
671714 J&S Renewables Limited Co. Donegal
671715 Healy Haulage Limited Co. Kilkenny
671716 Gort Property Consultants Limited Co. Wicklow
671717 Ecoplex Energy Solutions Limited Dublin 15
671718 Green Wolf Limited Dublin 14
671719 Eunomia Limited Cork
671720 Ornelll Limited Dublin 11
671721 100 Degrees Restaurant and Wine Bar Limited Co. Wexford
671722 Pat Gallagher Construction Limited Co. Cork
671723 Ulula Digital Limited Dublin 18
671724 Eugene Jones (Ireland) Limited Co. Cavan
671725 Future Plumbing Limited Co. Wicklow
671726 Realign Coaching Limited Dublin 6w
671727 M. Fitzgibbon Plant Hire Limited Co. Clare
671728 Rinan Food Village Limited Co. Wexford
671729 Foodfirstireland Limited Dublin 12
671730 Lsc & Partners - Corporate Tax Consultancy Limited Cork City
671731 V89 Nails & Spa Limited Co. Laois
671732 Karla Consultancy Limited Co. Dublin
671733 Cbec Process and Industrial Automation Limited County Kildare
671734 Phoenix Performing Arts College Limited Co. Meath
671735 Brittas Bay Antiques Limited Co. Wicklow
671736 Moonshot Online Learning Limited Dublin 9
671737 Fothain Unlimited Company Co Dublin
671738 Emerald Hygiene Stores Limited Co. Donegal
671739 Jathy&Co Limited Dublin 6
671740 Bowe, White & Nugent Limited Co. Waterford
671741 U Bociana Limited Co. Kildare
671742 Erb Recovery Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
671743 Support Local Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
671744 Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant Limited Co.Cork
671745 Luxury Goods Locker Limited Dublin 18
671746 L & P Hair and Beauty Limited Dublin 24
671747 Shannon Retail Innovation Limited Co. Dublin
671748 Ttg Travel Limited Dublin 7
671548 Emody Limited Dublin 2
671549 E-Healthpassport Limited Dublin 1
671550 Toolcheck Limited Co. Wicklow
671551 Happy Rainbow Limited Co. Wicklow
671552 Peace Chiropractic Limited Co. Wicklow
671553 Pat McGrath Electrical Limited E45 Yo45
671554 Collon Consulting Limited Co. Louth
671555 Old Cornmill Limited Dublin 2
671556 Pm Express Transport Limited Co. Cavan
671557 Zaviyar Locum Limited Limerick
671558 Bord Na Móna New Business Limited Co. Kildare
671559 Living Bridge Technologies Limited Dublin 2
671560 Odin Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
671561 Valid Research Limited Longford
671562 Mramar Limited Cork
671563 Bhmh Catering Limited Co. Wicklow
671564 Skin Tonic Limited Co. Mayo
671565 Baig and Mirza Health Services Limited Dublin 13
671566 Zenith Digital Limited Co. Dublin
671567 Aylesbury Farms Limited Co Westmeath
671568 Barradine Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
671569 Inverell Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
671570 Aramac Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
671571 Kitian Phone Services Limited A98 Hof2
671572 Flex Marine Power (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin
671573 Dropseeker Limited Co. Offaly
671574 Virtue Medical Limited Co. Dublin
671575 Dearbhla Cullen Limited Dublin 15
671576 Foresight Health and Safety Limited Co.Dublin
671577 Abft Limited Co. Kilkenny
671578 Eos Face Masks Limited Dublin 16
671579 Securecrowd Services Limited Dublin 24
671580 Dphos Limited Co. Kerry
671581 Mvt Lighting Solutions Limited Dublin 12
671582 Whelan Potatoes Produce Limited Co Wexford
671583 Western Associates & Development Limited Cork City
671584 Peace Inside Ireland Limited Galway
671585 Kenefick Building Solutions Limited Cork
671586 Nature Green Development Limited Cork City
671587 Elysian Business Development Holdings Limited Cork
671588 Smart Lab Engineering Limited Co. Cork
671589 Fatboyslim Fitness Limited Co. Kerry
671590 Elysian Clothing Limited Cork
671591 Tax Experts Network Limited Dublin 2
671592 Freeway Poultry Limited Co. Limerick
671593 Mutual Innovations Projects Limited Cork
671594 Lucent Renewables Limited Dublin 4
671595 Agrotech Systems Limited Cork City
671596 Eco Creative Consultors Limited Cork City
671597 Planet Enviornment Technosystems Limited Cork City
671598 Dem Holding Company Limited Co. Waterford
671599 Golden Spices Limited Dublin 5
671600 Nomocontact Limited Dublin 2
671601 Plural Innovations Limited Co. Clare
671602 I.M.E.T. Limited Cork
671603 Shepherd Property's P&M Limited Co. Meath
671604 Fairpoint Coaching Limited Co. Westmeath
671605 Silverwood Medical Services Limited Rathfarnham
671606 Rf Car Sales Limited Co. Galway
671607 Sharp Hr Consulting Limited Co.Wicklow
671608 Mok Plant Hire Limited Co. Tipperary
671609 Ballyrafter Equine Events Centre Limited Co. Waterford
671610 Srp Assistance Limited Co. Tipperary
671611 Kevin Mannion & Co Limited Co. Kildare
671612 User Growth Limited Dublin 7
671613 Optim Organisation Consultants Limited Dublin 3
671614 Leader Gymnastics School Limited Co. Meath
671615 Truelayer (Ireland) Limited Dublin 1
671616 Brian McGrath Limited Co Meath
671617 Ballymagowan Enterprises Limited Co Donegal
671618 Nac Consulting Limited Co. Leitrim
671619 Skaugvoll Software Limited Co. Clare
671620 Fit For Work Limited Co. Meath
671621 Cubic Transportation Systems Ireland Limited Dublin 14
671622 Quanta Consultancy Services Europe Limited Co. Dublin
671623 Lk Salon Services Limited Co Louth
671624 Lisclough Developments Limited Dublin 2
671625 Kilbally Pharmacy Holdings Limited Co. Laois
671626 Project Dice Investment Holdings Limited Galway
671627 Evcone Limited Co. Clare
671628 Wisdom Lane Asset Holdings Limited Cork
671629 Oho Construction Limited Dublin 15
671630 Sfi Aircraft Holdings Vi Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
671631 Djdl Limited Dublin 18
671632 Three Brothers Distillery Ireland Limited Co. Wexford
671633 Hydrofood Limited Co. Dublin
671634 Sk Utilities Limited Co. Dublin
671635 Perryfton Limited Co. Limerick
671636 Tulcas Data Protection Services Limited Co. Dublin
671637 Vk Fencing Limited Co. Meath
671638 Truelayer (Europe) Limited Dublin 1
671639 L.A.M.E.S.A. Foods Limited Co. Louth
671640 Sdmg Investments Limited Co Mayo
671641 Yuva Medical Limited Co Kerry
671642 Finops Management Accounting Limited Co. Dublin
671643 Sedenrath Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 4
671644 75/76 Sjrq Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin D01 H104
671645 Poli Pictures Ireland Limited Donegal
671646 Heat Plum Resource Limited Co. Laois
671647 Peregrine Ventures Limited Galway
671648 Nada Contract Services Limited Co Cork
671649 Vardis Security Limited Dublin 2
671650 Riverpoint Construction Limited Limerick
671651 Bayside Projects Dgl Limited Donegal Town Donegal
671652 Ourkid Entertainment Limited Co Wicklow
671653 Cactus Grill Foods Limited Dublin 11
671654 My Barbuddy Limited Cork
671655 Chm E-Cigar Trading Limited Dublin 1
671656 J P G & R Limited Dublin 14
671657 Lawless Retail & Fuel Limited Co. Westmeath
671658 Greenido Limited Co. Wicklow
671659 Oileán Investments Limited Dublin 18
671660 M Dowling Motor Repairs Limited Co Kilkenny
671661 Ballybolger Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
671662 Unfolding Mechanical Solutions Limited Co Cork
671663 Mpr Planning Services Limited Dublin 16
671664 Carrymorecars Limited Co. Wexford
671665 Essential Towing Services Limited Dublin 11
671666 Pyro Recycling Limited Co Cork
671667 Ledwith Management Limited Co. Meath
671668 Valhalla Investments Limited Dublin 7
671669 Aurum Brands Limited Dublin 3
671670 Meridian Hemp Labs (Holdings) Limited Dublin 3
671671 Moran Mines Limited Co. Kildare
671672 J.J. Ahern Farms Limited Co. Cork
671673 Main Street Flowers Limited Co. Dublin
671492 Murphy Veterinary Castleisland Limited Co. Kerry
671493 Evolve Facilities Management Limited Dublin 15
671494 Surax Flooring Limited Dublin 14
671495 Jc Hometech Limited Co. Kerry
671496 A.L.T. Ventures Limited Co. Kildare
671497 Osl Investments Limited Co. Cork Ireland
671498 Osc Investments Limited Co. Cork Ireland
671499 Osma Investments Limited Co. Cork P31hw35 Ireland
671500 Osev Investments Limited Co. Cork P31hw35 Ireland
671501 Osn Investments Limited Co. Cork P31hw35 Ireland
671502 Osml Investments Limited Co. Cork P31hw35 Ireland
671503 Wellbuild Limited Co. Kildare
671504 Galway Medical Supplies Limited Galway
671505 Emerald Web Solutions Limited Galway
671506 Oonagh J Enterprises Limited Co. Laois
671507 Cleaning Evolution Limited Dublin
671508 Medinox Health Ireland Limited Dublin 3
671509 Xp Management Limited Co. Kildare
671510 Vsanitize Limited Dublin 15
671511 Planit Online Garden Designs Limited Co. Kildare
671512 Any Spot Limited County Wicklow
671513 Shopbox Ai Limited Dublin
671514 East Clare Veterinary Limited Co. Clare
671515 W. Kelly Agri Consultants Limited Co Carlow
671516 Narrabeg Farm Limited Co Kildare
671517 Tara Rowan Company Limited Dublin 3 D03 P590
671518 Upland Trail Restoration Ireland Limited Co Kerry
671519 The Power of Knowing Limited Co. Tipperary
671520 Reshub Limited Co. Kildare
671521 Cannae Consultancy Limited Dublin
671522 Globecon Engineering Limited Wexford
671523 Pf Cost Consultant Limited Co. Roscommon
671524 Clifden Recruitment Limited Dublin 2
671525 Helpful Genie Limited Dublin 15
671526 Curnorth Limited Co Longford
671527 Ssg Fancy Dress Limited Dublin 22
671528 Phoenix City Catering Limited Dublin 15
671529 Brightmardan Limited Waterford
671530 Bpb Sustainable Packaging Limited Co. Louth
671531 Ocean Contracts Limited Dublin 24
671532 Vonnphil Limited Co. Cork
671533 Conformity-Ireland For Inspection and Consultation Limited Co. Kildare
671534 Shangri-La Asian Takeaway Limited Dublin 15
671535 Buttons 'N' Bows Childcare Limited Co. Galway
671536 Fiacon Limited Co. Dublin
671537 Ed Medical Solutions Limited Co. Cork
671538 Ams Med Technology Limited Co. Cork
671539 Mocha Technology Holdings Limited Dublin D02 A339
671540 Mocha Operations (Ireland) Limited Dublin D02 A339
671541 Amunet Limited Co. Dublin
671542 Bartapp Limited Cork
671543 Kilkenny Hackett's Bar Limited Kilkenny
671544 Rco Interiors Limited Dublin 14
671545 Marios Castles Limited Cavan
671546 Higgins & Flynn Limited Co. Dublin
671547 Atlantic Gleann Limited Dublin 8
There are 258 Company set ups in the above list.

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