Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 409 (Week Ending 08/08/2020)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
675130 Mill Stream Coatings Limited Co. Westmeath
675131 East Found Limited Dublin 2
675132 Nxtgen Facades Limited Co. Cork
675133 Aechive Limited Co. Sligo
675134 Tt Quality Properties Limited Dublin 14
675135 J&A Burke Limited Cavan
675136 John Belton Limited Dublin 2
675137 Diggs Culture Limited Dublin 15
675138 Pure Pastures Dairy Limited Co. Clare
675139 Ui Hire Limited Co. Clare
675140 Tuff Doors Limited Dublin 13
675141 Fog It Decontamination Service Limited Co. Cavan
675142 Interactive Mapping Limited Co. Mayo
675143 Solo Vision Limited Dublin 15
675144 Aj Data Services Limited Co. Dublin
675145 Magnum Brands (Eu) Limited Dublin 4
675146 Connect Medico Legal Experts Limited Co Wexford
675147 Abs Construction and Engineering Limited Co. Cork
675148 Blue Dog Keeper Enterprises Limited Dublin 12
675149 Cara-M&S Experts Limited Co. Tipperary
675150 Diamond Renovations Limited Co. Wicklow
675151 City Deep Holdings Limited Co.Kildare
675152 The Puissance Protection Group Limited Co. Meath
675153 Advantage Property Limited Co. Louth
675154 Livin Quality Investment Limited Dublin 1
675155 D Wadeson Foodz Limited Co. Dublin
675156 Web Success Limited Co. Dublin
675157 Pjh Consultancy Limited Co. Meath
675158 Deluxe Barber Limited Co. Meath
675159 Blessington Technology Services Limited Co. Wicklow
675160 Wooden Age Limited Dublin 11
675161 Mojekz International Consult Limited Dublin 15
675162 Metatexxt Limited Cork
675163 The Weapon Distribution International Limited Cork
675164 Img Logistics Limited Cork
675165 Zmartup Limited Cork
675166 Troels Olivero Limited Cork
675167 Duke Business School Limited Cork
675168 Finance Ireland Loan and Treasury Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
675169 Edark Limited Cork T23 Tp96
675170 Travancore Assets Limited Co. Wicklow
675171 Wicklow Seaweed Company Limited Co. Wicklow
675172 Archway Painting Contractors Limited Co. Kilkenny
675173 Wilford Business Solutions Limited Co. Galway
675174 Healthy Bake Limited Co. Roscommon
675175 Me Me Boutique Limited Co. Monaghan
675176 Tt Horizons Limited Co. Donegal
675177 Ymd Consulting Limited Co. Cork
675178 Brookfield Care Centre Limited Co. Cork
675179 Ubik Digital Limited Co. Kilkenny
675180 Belisarius Art & Design Limited Dublin 9
675181 Yeats Local Limited Co Sligo
675182 Yellow Bird Consultancy Limited Dublin 15
675183 Sleek Kitchens Limited Co. Monaghan
675184 Prime Gp6 Limited Do2 Ar55
675185 Rathard Investments Limited Co. Clare
675186 Open Door Hr Limited Co. Wicklow
675187 J Akar Group Projects International Limited Dublin 7
675188 Stacle Communications Limited Dublin 7
675189 Saytv Limited Co Dublin
675190 New Dromkeale Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
675191 Slr Design Innovation Limited Co. Wicklow
675192 Healy Agri Plant Hire Limited Co. Cork
675193 Gustav West Consulting Limited Co. Galway
675194 Dacim Construction Limited Co. Cork
675195 Head Genre Limited Co. Waterford
675196 Abl Express Motors Limited Co. Limerick
675197 Dmc Deliveries Limited Co. Clare
675198 Ace Fit Club Limited Co. Kildare
675199 Periwinkles Pre-School Limited Co Louth
675200 Apm Innovations (Europe) Limited Dublin 3
675201 Nest Family Health Limited Dublin 8
675202 Henry Mc Ginley & Company Limited Co. Donegal
675203 Org Advisory and Managed Solutions Designated Activity Company Cork
675204 Horkesley Consulting Limited Dublin 2
675205 Gyrogy Limited Co. Limerick
675206 Low Energy & Passive Architects Limited Kilkenny
675207 Gortalassa House Services Limited Co. Clare
675208 Wilex Developments Limited Dublin 7
675209 Pc Media Consultancy Limited Dublin 7
675210 Temgar Limited Co. Dublin
675211 Paudie Collins Bus Hire Limited Co. Kerry
675212 Armatrans Limited Co. Dublin
675213 Clavja Limited Co. Dublin
675214 Relational Urbanism Limited Dublin 2
675215 Rocksas Services Limited Dublin 2
675216 League Barbers Limited Co Dublin D24 En2d
675217 Biopower Technologies (Europe) Limited Co. Dublin
675218 Oj Construction Limited Co. Donegal
675219 Chambers Pond Holdings Limited Dublin 4
675082 Achill Tv Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
675083 Ballycrystal Stables Limited Co. Wexford
675084 Lean Industry 4.0 Designated Activity Company X91koek
675085 Vision Community Support Services (Vcss) Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
675086 Managing Projects Sustainability Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Donegal
675087 Marry Financial Services Limited Co. Louth A91 Cy26
675088 Daniel Pop Construction Limited Co. Meath
675089 Athenry Dog Park Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway H65 W319
675090 Highweb Ireland Operations Limited Dublin 2
675091 Piperhill Building Limited Dublin 3
675092 Student Recruitment Pro Limited Co. Galway
675093 Amnexis Holding Limited Dublin 8
675094 Bayswater Ridge Consulting Limited Carrigaline
675095 Hot Box Foods Limited Co. Wicklow
675096 K&T Forbairt Properties Limited Co. Mayo
675097 Readomain Limited Co. Dublin
675098 Save 'N Go Limited Co. Tipperary
675099 Ardcian Project Services Limited Co. Dublin
675100 Cora Clay Limited Co. Kildare
675101 Najjar 4 Medical Limited Dublin 6w
675102 Triple Treat Foods Limited Dublin 18
675103 Drama House Performing Arts Academy Limited Co Dublin
675104 Kidshq Limited Dublin 18
675105 Wilex Investments Limited Dublin 7
675106 Sunfield Cja Limited Co. Louth
675107 Win with Relay Limited Co. Wicklow
675108 Boz Productions Limited Dublin 7
675109 Prowall Plastering & Drylining Limited Co. Westmeath
675110 Acpk Enterprise Limited Co. Meath
675111 A&A Capital Limited Co. Dublin
675112 Organic Plant Solutions Limited Galway
675113 Dealersonline Limited Co. Wicklow
675114 The Nightingale Agency International Limited Dublin 2
675115 Powercut Clothing Limited Co. Carlow
675116 F. K. Electrical Works Limited Dublin 2
675117 Synergy Building Consultants Limited Dublin 24
675118 Ioflow Limited Co. Dublin
675119 Bhb Therapeutics (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
675120 Wildflower Creative Limited Dublin
675121 Moon and Mai Accessories Limited Dublin
675122 The Nice Life Limited Dublin
675123 Waltz Films Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
675124 Dk Global Web Solutions Limited Dublin 1
675125 Dk Global Jobs Limited Dublin 1
675126 Dk Global Recruiters Limited Dublin 1
675127 Bella & Lyla Limited Co. Dublin
675128 Lucky Charm Productions Limited Co. Meath
675129 Córla Consulting Teoranta Co. Meath
675026 Catseyez Traffic Alerts Limited Co. Wexford
675027 Shaun Kerrigan Consulting Limited Dublin 13
675028 Nukaseeds Limited Sligo
675029 Artemis Property Acquisitions Limited Dublin 2
675030 Rexha Property Ventures Limited Co. Wicklow
675031 Grogan Blair Consulting Limited Co. Offaly
675032 Deltec Engineering Limited Co Kilkenny
675033 Industrial Fit @ Home Limited Co. Kildare
675034 Pwsb Consultants (Ireland) Limited Co. Offaly
675035 Rymax Capital Limited Dublin 4
675036 Drawbridge Hospitality Limited Dublin 9
675037 Crafty Wagon Limited Dublin 13
675038 Earls Eleven14 Promotions Limited Co. Limerick
675039 Golf Raffles Limited Carlow
675040 Jennings Fresh Harvest Limited Co. Louth
675041 Plus Property Development Limited Dublin 4
675042 Physiotrition Limited Dublin 12
675043 Pfd Consulting Limited Co. Meath
675044 Veb Home Bakery Partners Limited Dublin 4
675045 Inishowen Equipment Limited Co. Donegal
675046 Dmg Assets Limited Kilkenny
675047 McCabe Civil Holdings Limited Co Cavan
675048 Decasamici Limited Co. Wexford
675049 Orochi Holdings Limited Co. Kerry
675050 Darnoc Construction Limited Co. Cork
675051 Faoinse Limited Galway
675052 Instamix Limited Dublin 8
675053 Idealogix Limited Co. Laois
675054 Drumgola Pharmacy Limited Dublin 17
675055 Denbawn Pharmacy Limited Dublin 17
675056 Phone Store & More Limited Co. Westmeath
675057 Jtwsm Holdings Limited Dublin 4
675058 Patrick O'Boyle Consulting Limited Dublin 8
675059 Dolce Italia Limited Co. Mayo
675060 Happy Out Donnybrook Limited Dublin 6
675061 Barkleys Boutique Doggie Daycare Limited Dublin 4
675062 Energrid Limited Co. Offaly
675063 4btrade Limited Co. Clare
675064 Taskworld Software Limited Dublin 2
675065 Save My Bar Limited Dublin 22
675066 Cary International Capital Limited Dublin 2
675067 Gadget Support Limited Dublin 12
675068 Talent Box Limited Co. Dublin
675069 Thought Vault Limited Dublin 18
675070 Techonus Technology Services Limited Co. Dublin
675071 Bmsa Retail Limited Kildare
675072 The Social Guys Limited Dublin 12
675073 Bauer Gallagher Enterprises Limited Dublin 1
675074 Wright's Nursery Limited Co. Longford
675075 Esroyal Limited Dublin 6
675076 Masaro Products Limited Co. Meath
675077 Poh Windows Limited Co. Cavan
675078 Shelly's Childcare Limited Co. Donegal
675079 Apex Evolution Limited Co. Kildare
675080 Global Tech Peng Cheng Limited Cork
675081 A & S Civils Limited Co. Waterford
674958 Jayviary Limited Dublin 2
674959 Kilbrittain Community Pre-School Project Company Limited By Guarantee Co Cork
674960 Devoe Skincare Limited Co. Monaghan
674961 Msm Digitech Limited Dublin 15
674962 Leura Limited Dublin 2
674963 Mif Ie Unlimited Company Dublin 2
674964 Omuu Limited Louth
674965 Star Ali Gates Limited Dublin 10
674966 Bug Bounty Limited Dublin 22
674967 CS Block B Limited Galway
674968 CS Block C Limited Galway
674969 Breda Maguire Property Management Limited Co. Wicklow
674970 Asp Health Limited Cork
674971 Callas Plant Hire Limited Co. Cork
674972 Lilytrans Limited Dublin 7
674973 Zeus Logistics Limited Co. Clare
674974 Obec - O'Brien Engineering Consulting Limited Co. Meath
674975 Keaven Bistro Limited Co. Limerick
674976 Mad Fashion House Enterprises Limited Co. Offaly
674977 Lmlb Beauty Limited Co. Offaly
674978 Drumkeen Contracts Limited Co Cavan
674979 All Floors Fs Ireland Limited Co. Donegal
674980 X-Lite Beverages Limited Co. Mayo
674981 Webie Limited Waterford
674982 Acorn Property Ventures Limited Co. Cork
674983 Lgr Distribution and Design Limited Dublin 1
674984 Pmask Limited Cork
674985 Darren Commins Limited Co. Offaly
674986 Túr Ceatha Limited Co. Meath
674987 Music Gospel Academy Limited Co. Cork
674988 Showstopper Fashion Limited Dublin 6
674989 Merc Bm Autos Limited Co. Kildare
674990 Wagtail Construction Limited Co. Westmeath
674991 Ballyhane(Rathbride) Unlimited Company Co. Carlow
674992 Braeside Foods Limited Co Cavan
674993 Sentra Group Limited Dublin 3
674994 Salon Prive Limited Dublin 24
674995 Black Veil Films Limited Co. Kildare
674996 Knockgorm Properties Limited Cork
674997 A. Ryan Business and I.T Consultant Limited Dublin 13
674998 Marco Polo Technologies Limited Dublin 18
674999 Gbp Ventures Limited Co. Donegal
675000 Dalemire Limited Dublin 2
675001 Coreet 2 Limited Dublin 2
675002 Truly Tasty Country Foods Limited Co. Kerry
675003 Swit Swoo Limited Dublin 2
675004 Evenly Cooler Games Limited Co. Dublin
675005 Upwardly Urban Limited Dublin
675006 Blossoms Garden Centre and Hardware Limited Co. Cavan
675007 Ambargary Limited Co. Tipperary
675008 Buinnean Limited Galway
675009 Torachas Limited Galway
675010 John McDowell (Ireland) Limited Co. Kildare
675011 Malabar Kitchen Limited Co. Donegal
675012 Reverist Limited Dublin
675013 Grahame Brereton Consultancy Limited Co. Kildare
675014 East Wall Good Foods Limited Dublin 3
675015 Atlantic Infrastructure Wind Limited Limerick
675016 Fogarty Caravan Park Limited Co. Wexford
675017 Dimond Walsh Hospitality Limited Co. Kildare
675018 Mixed Colours Limited Dublin 11
675019 Skinovate Limited Co. Limerick
675020 Abbey Lane Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
675021 Ultra Way Limited Co. Dublin
675022 Zalbay Limited Co. Dublin
675023 Xelway Limited Co. Dublin
675024 Beechwood Derma Limited Dublin
675025 Letterkenny Small Animal Veterinary Limited Donegal
There are 262 Company set ups in the above list.

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