Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 478 (Week Ending 28/10/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
706864 Mastell Limited Galway
706750 De Burgo Food Limited Galway
706751 Ag Diamonds Limited Dublin
706752 Sunrise Everyday Limited Dublin
706753 Maywin Limited Dublin
706754 Phire Hr Limited Dublin 24
706755 Docmiller Limited Dublin
706756 Immobilien Fischer Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
706757 Riverside Ventures Limited Louth
706758 Vinegar Hill Masonry Limited Wexford
706759 Mya Medical Limited Cavan
706760 Lorglenn Business Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee Carlow
706761 Fired Earth Workshop Limited Kilkenny
706762 Kilshana Accounting Limited Cork
706763 Apple Racing (Ireland) Limited Galway
706764 Partners in Crime Lifestyle Limited Dublin
706765 Fire Total Entertainment Limited Dublin
706766 Hafiz Ark Limited Dublin 7
706767 Madelines B&B Limited Wicklow
706768 Epic Timber Limited Kerry
706769 Tusa Express Limited Wexford
706770 Jennifer Mythen Physio Limited Cork
706771 Burfol Limited Dublin
706772 Stratum Investments V Designated Activity Company Dublin
706773 Black Peninsula Limited Galway
706774 Gmi Ventures Limited Meath
706775 Cuckoo's Nest Investments Limited Dublin 6w
706776 Wondella International Limited Dublin 2
706777 Gr Painting Limited Clare
706778 Aranna Limited Tipperary
706779 Windermere Project Solutions Limited Donegal
706780 Hor Fine Foods Limited Dublin 2
706781 Master Fit Auto Services Limited Dublin 15
706782 Fixxfi Limited Dublin
706783 Trulli Software Limited Dublin 6
706784 Prescient Leadership Consulting Limited Dublin
706785 Iron Isg Irl Limited Dublin
706786 Wings Aviation 30413 Limited Dublin
706787 Lingotot Drogheda Limited Louth
706788 Studio Boon Design Limited Cork
706789 Jsm Facility Management Limited Kildare
706790 Con Serv Provision Limited Wicklow
706791 Maud Productions Limited Dublin 6w
706792 Iceberg Audio Limited Dublin
706793 Greenpier Limited Cork
706794 Bonus Hq Limited Dublin
706795 Pure Wallet Europe Limited Cork
706796 Rory Kissane Architects Limited Meath
706797 26 C Land and Site Consultants Limited Cork
706798 Ballinadeen Occupational Health & Safety Limited Kildare
706799 Jameson Tree Surgery Limited Wicklow
706800 Hazeltip Limited Dublin
706801 Blinbury Limited Dublin
706802 Ctl Ndt Ireland Limited Dublin
706803 Store4u Moonshell Holdings Limited Galway
706804 Green Sphere Limited Dublin
706805 Esmark Finch Printing & Packaging Limited Dublin
706806 Sania & Qasim Catering Limited Galway
706807 Clonmore Park Clo Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
706808 Dianomi Gp Limited Dublin
706809 Dunmore Gardens Limited Donegal
706810 Apus Lights Aviation Limited Dublin
706811 Tucana Lights Aviation Limited Dublin
706812 Pavo Lights Aviation Limited Dublin
706813 Corvus Lights Aviation Limited Dublin
706814 Allied It Solutions Limited Tipperary
706815 Enormousol Limited Dublin
706816 Yepsen Abundance Limited Dublin
706817 Uranotech Limited Dublin
706818 Krishnam Technology Solutions Limited Donegal
706819 Broadway Capsol, Series a Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
706820 Rise Rural Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
706821 Justify Properties Limited Dublin
706822 Columba Lights Aviation Limited Dublin
706823 Amc Capital Fund Investment Holding Limited Kildare
706824 Orhre Killincarrig Limited Dublin 2
706825 Colburtip Limited Dublin
706826 Howth Pipe Band Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
706827 Absolute Carpentry Limited Cork
706828 Millbrook Furnishings Limited Kildare
706829 Ihleu Limited Dublin 14
706830 Sandcastles Preschool Limited Cork
706831 Pezoules Limited Cork
706832 Silver Berry Limited Dublin
706833 Ardcloon Farm Limited Cork
706834 Silent Meadow Limited Dublin
706835 Acbc Property Limited Dublin 7
706836 Am Properties Limited Dublin 5
706837 Smart Fox Capital Limited Dublin 22
706838 Vipseity Limited Wexford
706839 Salem Foundation Healthcare Ireland Limited Dublin 24
706840 Thornbrooke Residential Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 16
706841 Ashleigh Signs (Ireland) Limited Dublin
706842 Gree Consulting Limited Kildare
706843 Sea Thistle Limited Dublin 14
706844 Akute Kitchens Limited Dublin 5
706845 Frode Limited Kildare
909678 Orridge & Company Limited Dublin 4
706645 Construction Workers Express Vision Limited Westmeath
706646 Clontarf Dental Practice Limited Limerick
706647 Camping Soul Food Limited Galway
706648 Daya Stones Limited Galway
706649 Docksolid Limited Tipperary
706650 Dvmc 45-48 the Avenue, 15-18 the Square Limited Cork
706651 App-Commerce Limited Dublin
706652 Dvmc 7-14 the Square Limited Cork
706653 Iquad Engineering Limited Galway
706654 Okta Identity Ireland Limited Dublin
706655 Re-Con Resources & Manpower Limited Louth
706656 Crana Plant Servicing & Maintenance Limited Donegal
706657 Mj Milk Tea Limited Dublin
706658 Lynch Plant Repair Limited Louth
706659 Luaimhsar Limited Cork
706660 Creative Kind Agency Limited Cork
706661 Task Connect Limited Kildare
706662 Louis and Anne Limited Dublin
706663 Duggan Agri and Livestock Limited Waterford
706664 Mountstation Foods Limited Dublin 24
706665 Funcheon Vale Dairies Limited Cork
706666 Action Formwork Limited Dublin 24
706667 Inchicore Family Doctors Limited Meath
706668 Codegeek Solutions Limited Dublin 15
706669 Colorful Concepts Limited Cork
706670 Mirner Construction Services Limited Cork
706671 Qycu Limited Tipperary
706672 Nirmana Digital Wealth & Financial Advisory Limited Wexford
706673 Priya Marbella Hair Extensions Limited Dublin
706674 Ketek Investment Holdings Limited Meath
706675 Action Entertainment Limited Wicklow
706676 Rigney Health Services Limited Kilkenny
706677 Earth Studio Limited Dublin
706678 R Fast Gk Limited Donegal
706679 Top Clover 1 Limited Kildare
706680 Silversea Limited Wicklow
706681 Slip Test Solutions Limited Tipperary
706682 Etg Svpg Aircraft Holdings Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
706683 O'Regan Industries Limited Laois
706684 Lion & Sparrow Consulting Ireland Limited Dublin 6
706685 Fundit Pundit Limited Dublin 15
706686 Ballymakenny Nominees Limited Dublin
706687 Wedo-Education Limited Dublin
706688 Pelican Topco Limited Dublin
706689 Pelican Bidco Limited Dublin
706690 Accommodation For the Event Limited Kildare
706691 Evernord Limited Cork
706692 Northern Ring Limited Clare
706693 Roots Cafe Oranmore Limited Galway
706694 Malbay Tyre Centre Limited Clare
706695 Mpam Services Limited Dublin
706696 Maximo Catering Services Limited Dublin
706697 Microstar Int Limited Dublin
706698 Infinity Telecoms Limited Dublin 11
706699 Lahoma Limited Lissadell Park
706700 Xid Miner Limited Dublin
706701 Harmony Solar Clare Limited Wexford
706702 Belgard Balloons Limited Dublin
706703 Stein Commercial Prop Thirteen Limited Dublin 2
706704 Palmer Square European Loan Funding 2022-1 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
706705 Bang Bang Productions Limited Meath
706706 Powergreen Digital Technology Limited Kildare
706707 Cantwell Site Services Limited Mayo
706708 Paperplane Experience Limited Dublin
706709 Ad Ballycomclone Construction Limited Wexford
706710 Conor Wall Engineering Services Limited Dublin
706711 Secureism Limited Dublin 18
706712 Cooke Bros Electrical Installation (Irl) Limited Louth
706713 Marine Crassous-Bencheikh Limited Dublin
706714 Anderson Renovations Limited Galway
706715 Danu Inns Limited Kerry
706716 Flyefit Twenty-One Limited Dublin 8
706717 John Screen Tech Limited Dublin
706718 Dargan Clothing Limited Dublin
706719 Envista Limited Dublin
706720 Mylyn Limited Kildare
706721 Rosguill Construction Limited Westmeath
706722 White Connolly Limited Laois
706723 Numeric Property Services Limited Dublin 5
706724 Creggan Consulting Care Limited Westmeath
706725 P & D Plus 3 Enterprises Limited Meath
706726 Clarity Cargo Limited Dublin
706727 Darma Capital Trading Limited Dublin
706728 Rainsford Consulting Services Limited Dublin
706729 Wren Aviation Limited Dublin
706730 Magpie Aviation Limited Dublin
706731 Bigger Than Reality Limited Dublin
706732 Marmac Property Services Limited Kildare
706733 Jobfairy Limited Dublin
706734 Rathdowney Vets Limited Laois
706735 Med Arch Group Limited Dublin
706736 D&H O'Malley Hold Limited Galway
706737 Nova Capital Helicopters Three Limited Louth
706738 Plutus Technologies Limited Dublin
706739 Forest Vector Limited Dublin
706740 M.Murphy Construction Limited Clare
706741 Mp Pras Developements Limited Kildare
706742 Ketten Feickert Ireland Limited Dublin 2
706743 Imaginate Limited Dublin 2
706744 Castlecuffe Limited Dublin 2
706745 Pierce of Ink Dun Laoghaire Limited Dublin
706746 Xanthos Centric Limited Dublin 11
706747 Nobellum Spark Limited Dublin
706748 Hbw Energy Limited Cork
706749 Big Game Hunters Europe Limited Dublin 2
909677 Solugenix Corporation Fitzwilliam Square
706576 Ubp Social Investment Private Debt Designated Activity Company Dublin
706577 M McElroy Building & Carpentry Limited Monaghan
706578 Hilltown Property Management & Development Limited Meath
706579 E-Classroom Ventures Limited Cork
706580 Raisezen Limited Limerick
706581 Easiir Media Limited Kerry
706582 Skn Batch Limited Kerry
706583 Eoc Advisory Limited Dublin 3
706584 Regan Productions Limited Dublin
706585 Galetech Group Limited Cavan
706586 Fairweather Ecommerce Opportunities Designated Activity Company Dublin
706587 Amia Beauty Limited Dublin
706588 Navan Hire Holdings Limited Meath
706589 Greenlink Interconnector Group Holdings Limited Dublin
706590 Greenlink Interconnector Financing Limited Dublin
706591 2s-Brushing Limited Cork
706592 Eha Advisory Limited Dublin 3
706593 Wen and Chen Limited Kerry
706594 Bracklone Dairies Limited Laois
706595 Sk Household Furniture Limited Dublin 1
706596 Jetelectric Limited Tipperary
706597 Bwa Plastering Limited Dublin
706598 Fair Haired Hound Investments Limited Galway
706599 Gorey Physio Solutions Limited Wexford
706600 Millard Scaffolding Limited Cork
706601 Tease in Twelve Limited Dublin 22
706602 Laterem Developments Limited Wexford
706603 We Are Together Limited Monaghan
706604 Canalside Cafe Limited Kilkenny
706605 Vyra Limited Wicklow
706606 Westridge Donnybrook Limited Dublin
706607 Lynpro Limited Dublin 22
706608 Atogail Forests Limited Kerry
706609 Brendan Byrne Construction Limited Wexford
706610 Bridgewater Consulting Limited Cork
706611 Roscar Hospitality Limited Kerry
706612 Haperty Limited Dublin
706613 The Gates Film Limited Clare
706614 Select Controls Solutions Limited Wexford
706615 Blue Gecon Transport Limited Limerick
706616 Trendy&Glam Limited Dublin
706617 Vale Community Youth Development Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
706618 Brendan Burns Engineering Services Limited Dublin
706619 Araz Emergency Medical Services Limited Dublin
706620 Sankrita Consulting Limited Dublin 13
706621 Jerry Crowley Consulting Services Limited Dublin
706622 Lerio Ireland Limited Cork
706623 Red Rock Townsend Street Limited Dublin
706624 Vw Market Limited Dublin
706625 Yantao Cheevers Limited Dublin
706626 Bold Travel Designers Limited Dublin
706627 Hrfi Capital Limited Dublin
706628 Hotel Recovery Fund Limited Dublin
706629 Catherine McIlroy Locum Limited Dublin
706630 Mita Auto Traders Limited Laois
706631 Mountleader Services Limited Cork
706632 Jb's Tasteworld Limited Cork
706633 Winston & Fournier Developments Limited Dublin 18
706634 Jd Mooney Contracting Limited Kildare
706635 Poly Gcl Europa Limited Lucan
706636 Jd Automation Services Limited Louth
706637 Taylor's Hill Apartments Holdings Limited Galway
706638 Kimberley House Limited Wicklow
706639 Designwise Interiors Limited Dublin
706640 Spice Cube Limited Monaghan
706641 Lange Consulting Limited Kerry
706642 Motep Limited Dublin
706643 Bleu Bloom Holdings Limited Dublin 4
706644 The Kingdom Park Limited Kerry
909676 Dr Brendan McAdam Dublin 14
706518 Carebrook Partnership Limited Dublin
706519 Adrianz Construction Limited Kildare
706520 Allegion Irish Holding Company Iv Limited Dublin 2
706521 Hermitage Autos Limited Dublin
706522 Vindictive Pufferfish Limited Dublin 7
706523 Greenpoint Investments Limited Cork
706524 Unitrak Limited Dublin
706525 Winhealth (Eu) Pharma Company Limited Dublin
706526 Gormanston Woodcraft Limited Meath
706527 Veeva Software Systems Ireland Limited Dublin 2
706528 Frank Pr Limited Kildare
706529 City Food Loving Limited Dublin
706530 Close Brothers Designated Activity Company Dublin 9
706531 John Byrne Future Electrical Limited Dublin 22
706532 Unireverse Limited Dublin
706533 Ciaran Dowds Media Limited Meath
706534 Patmar Hotels Limited Louth
706535 Express Laundry Center Ireland Limited Cork
706536 Assetfresh Limited Dublin
706537 Nenagh Kickboxing Club Company Limited By Guarantee Tipperary
706538 Jp Guttering Limited Dublin
706539 Gsav Property Investments Limited Cavan
706540 Sig Property Investments Limited Cavan
706541 Meg Property Investments Limited Cavan
706542 Rsmcm Limited Cork
706543 Gw Catering Service Limited Dublin
706544 Glory Holdings Sa Limited Dublin 2
706545 Ncd Investments Limited Cork
706546 Bura Games Limited Wicklow
706547 Quasar Investments Limited Kildare
706548 Pls Hair London Limited Cork
706549 Comotion Studio Limited Dublin
706550 Ballinroad Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
706551 F & K Pizza Limited Dublin 5
706552 Lydia Fitzgerald Consulting Limited Kerry
706553 Asora Dataconnect Limited Dublin
706554 Blockwarelabs Limited Dublin
706555 Cipher Infotech Limited Kildare
706556 Midland Mobile Homes Limited Offaly
706557 Collective Gains Limited Dublin
706558 Cairo (Knocknacarra) Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
706559 Crann Integrated Solutions Limited Dublin
706560 Pet Slainte Limited Dublin
706561 Kilmovee Consultants Limited Mayo
706562 Redshell Properties Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
706563 Derek & Sandra Transport Limited Cork
706564 Concixus Media Limited Wexford
706565 Jociri Limited Dublin
706566 Pizzadog Naas Limited Dublin
706567 Delta Founder Partners Iv Limited Dublin
706568 Paul Guthrie Transport Limited Donegal
706569 Sicon Strategic Investments Holdings Limited Dublin 22
706570 Revolution Road Limited Dublin
706571 Jdev Software Consulting Limited Louth
706572 Noah Logistics Limited Louth
706573 Chris and Deirdre Mulvey Limited Westmeath
706574 Takena Limited Dublin 1
706575 Trend&Atelier Limited Dublin
There are 332 Company set ups in the above list.

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