Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 434 (Week Ending 16/01/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
685861 Data Analytics Technology Business Solutions Limited Dublin
685862 Pflegeengel Teoranta Dublin
685863 McCosker Consultancy Limited Donegal
685864 Rockvalley House Limited Louth
685865 Targon Capital Limited Dublin 14
685866 Bagpipes of Kerry Limited Dublin
685867 Wizards Place Limited Cork
685868 Soteria Management Limited Dublin
685869 Fhm Business Coaching Limited Wexford
685870 Derryglan Limited Galway
685871 Bare Meadows Project Limited Offaly
685872 Blackbird Capital Ii Leasing 2 Limited Dublin 1
685873 Farrier Technologies Limited Dublin 9
685874 Paulys Dive Bars and Pubs Limited Wexford
685875 Butterfly Red Consulting Limited Dublin
685876 2infinity Recruitment Limited Dublin 24
685879 Andounia Properties Limited Dublin
685880 Muzinich & Co. Leasing (Ireland) Limited Dublin
685881 Cabra Tool Hire and Repair Limited Dublin 7
685882 Gs Emi Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
685883 Bianca Polizzi Media Limited Cork
685884 Archivoire Limited Dublin
685885 Richard Phelan Construction Limited Clare
685886 Stewart & MacLochlainn Limited Donegal
685887 Zenden Studio Limited Dublin
685888 B. Dalton Agri Limited Limerick
685889 Blackbird Capital Ii Leasing 3 Limited Dublin 1
685890 Welcome Health Products Limited Dublin
685891 Ballybrophy Dairy Limited Laois
685892 Walsh's Transport & Recovery Limited Offaly
685893 Mullickey Holdings Limited Dublin
685894 Kri Skincare Eu Limited Dublin
685895 Mason Health Limited Meath
685896 Harperview Limited Dublin
685897 Paddy Ryan and Sons Plant Hire Holdings Limited Tipperary
685898 D-Plant Horticulture Limited Wexford
685899 Meili Travel Technology Limited Dublin
685900 Solskaj Limited Dublin
685901 B.A.R.A.K.A.H. Cars Limited Louth
685902 Brader Holdings Limited Dublin
685903 Fabelview Limited Dublin
685904 Oscarvale Limited Dublin
685905 Tw Joint Holdings Limited Dublin
685906 Visordale Limited Dublin
685907 G.I.G Mobility Limited Dublin
685908 Work Safely Limited Meath
685909 Peter MacMahon Radiology Limited Dublin
685911 Griff Management Holdings Limited Cork
685917 Burman Cloud Consulting Limited Dublin
685918 The Best Possible You Limited Dublin
685919 Social Performance Consulting Limited Dublin
685920 Lgi Engineering Limited Cork
685921 The Hustle Kitchen Limited Dublin
685922 Snasta Teoranta Wexford
685924 Day and Night Agre Limited Cavan
685926 Brendan Toomey Project Management Limited Tipperary
685927 Sormac Services Limited Dublin
685928 SeirbhãS㍠ComhairliãšchãIn an Chuasa Teoranta Kerry
685929 Parliament & Dame Limited Dublin
685930 Rian Thai Sushi Limited Dublin
685931 Populous Architecture Limited Dublin
685932 O R Y Quality Foods Limited Dublin
685933 Uprizer Labs Limited Kildare
685934 O'Boyle Paving Limited Monaghan
685935 Cloud Rixa Limited Dublin
685936 Acorn Tax & Payroll Limited Westmeath
685937 The Milk Well Limited Meath
685938 Iterum Novus Limited Dublin
685939 Jmcrem Limited Sligo
685940 Tod Cybersecurity Limited Cork
685943 Cv Assets Limited Dublin
685944 Juniper Receivables 2021-1 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
685947 Aksis Euro Limited Dublin
685948 Lyoc Limited Cork
685949 Voya Euro Clo V Designated Activity Company Dublin
685950 Wabi Sabi Interactive Limited Dublin
685951 Tesora Technologies Limited Roscommon
685952 Gilead Aviation (Warehouse) Designated Activity Company Clare
685768 Apex Workforce Limited Dublin
685769 Coulisse International Limited Wexford
685770 Eddie Byrne Electrical Limited Westmeath
685771 Borwick, Harding and McCarthy Limited Dublin
685772 A Tech Pest Control Limited Tipperary
685773 The Novel Press Limited Dublin
685774 O'Shea Masonry Limited Limerick
685775 Prime Pizza and Kebabs Limited Wexford
685776 Richie Kelly Consulting Limited Dublin
685777 Grey Ghost Coffee Co. Limited Dublin
685778 R&R Engineering Limited Donegal
685779 John Doyle Transport Limited Galway
685780 Johnston & Son Plastering Limited Dublin 12
685781 Josie's Cafe Limited Roscommon
685782 Prax Global Financial Services Designated Activity Company Dublin
685783 Trak Global Solution Hq (Europe) Limited Dublin 1
685784 Mindcanopy Limited Dublin
685785 Farrell's Nursery Limited Kildare
685786 Duncan Plant Hire Limited Leitrim
685787 The Dublin Door and Floor Centre Limited Dublin
685788 Bfol-Spandau Limited Dublin
685789 Tajima Ireland Limited Dublin
685790 Ryan Fishing Limited Dublin
685791 Sadiewil Limited Dublin 12
685792 Dairymore Limited Monaghan
685793 Huntingtown Farm Limited Wexford
685794 P.A.R. Engineering Innovation Limited Dublin 16
685795 Keltic Groundworks Limited Galway
685796 Tech Hut Limited Meath
685797 Nuview Continu Eu Limited Dublin
685798 A Helping Hand Dublin Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
685799 Making Science Limited Dublin
685800 Wildflour Bakery Limited Cork
685801 Chai Latte Limited Dublin 9
685802 Derek Bowhan Limited Louth
685803 Real Language Exchange Limited Dublin
685804 Dream Shape Equipment Limited Cork
685805 Flangrow Limited Sligo
685806 Tightknit Films Limited Wicklow
685807 Technoreal Limited Cork
685808 Killeen Electrical Limited Tipperary
685809 Hai Kuo Shipping 2059c Limited Dublin 1
685810 Mallorca Ventures Limited Limerick
685811 Camcor Property Services Limited Offaly
685812 Jubilee Clo 2021-Xxv Designated Activity Company Dublin
685813 Accountsiq Nominees Limited Dublin
685814 The Removals Crew Limited Dublin
685815 Egan Marketing Consulting Limited Monaghan
685816 Raymond Power & Company Accounting Limited Clare
685817 Pb Kaye Limited Kildare
685818 Colfer Engineering & Plant Limited Wexford
685819 Ard-Ri Property Developments Limited Kerry
685820 Fair Oaks Loan Funding Iv Designated Activity Company Dublin
685821 Certif Professional Translation Services Limited Cork
685822 Carroll Estates Roslyn Limited Dublin
685823 Kl Flooring Limited Carlow
685824 Gaskell Limited Dublin
685825 Intercede Handelsagentur Limited Dublin
685826 Miotalã"Ireacht EalaãNe Teoranta Donegal
685827 Clowrey Consultancy Limited Tipperary
685828 Wkd Distribution Ireland Limited Wexford
685829 Car Movers Specialist Transport Limited Meath
685830 Aes Automation Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
685831 Helwig Vermoegensverwaltung Limited Dublin
685832 Conogra Holdings Limited Dublin
685833 Tangle Teezer Limited Dublin 1
685834 Gildea's Opticians Unlimited Company Kildare
685835 Marlin Invest Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
685836 Toner Construction Limited Donegal
685837 Walsh Prime Contracting Limited Kerry
685838 Zing Elate Limited Dublin
685839 Casa Projekt Company Limited Dublin
685840 Hai Kuo Shipping 2060g Limited Dublin 1
685841 Gary Gaughan Limited Dublin
685842 Cian McNamara Golf Professional Limited Cork
685843 Marble Hill Finance Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
685844 Rmc Ventures Limited Dublin
685845 Cointradingview Limited Dublin
685846 Ovipay Limited Dublin
685847 The Nutrition Health & Wellness Company Limited Monaghan
685848 Empploy Digital Services Limited Dublin
685849 Shahinaj Pizzeria Limited Longford
685850 Xoriant (Eu) Limited Tipperary
685851 North-West Ecology Limited Sligo
685852 Nolan Transport Holdings Limited Wexford
685853 Mullins Capital Limited Wexford
685854 Nly Pharma Consulting Limited Dublin
685855 Beyond Genesis Limited Cork
685856 O'Sullivans Quality Butchers Limited Limerick
685857 Bbw (Ireland) Limited Cork
685858 Scan Alarms and Security Systems (Ireland) Limited Dublin
685859 Aq Foods Limited Kerry
685860 Data Cash Solution Limited Dublin
685656 Barrier Fire Protection Ireland Limited Dublin
685657 Bryanstin Limited Dublin
685658 Corbel Management Limited Dublin
685662 Gda Energy 6 Limited Dublin
685663 G.R Alarms Limited Tipperary
685664 Tecspro Services Limited Dublin
685665 Apc Automation & Control Limited Cork
685666 Medability Engineering Limited Cork
685667 Ktsl Ireland Limited Dublin
685668 Pac Properties Limited Cork
685669 Luxury Fires Ireland Limited Kilkenny
685670 Nbl Designated Activity Company Wicklow
685671 Cois Fharraige Mechanical Services Limited Galway
685672 Wilfi Investments Limited Wicklow
685673 Coletrac Limited Westmeath
685674 First Draft Designated Activity Company Dublin
685675 Incline Ii B Shannon 1 Limited Dublin
685676 Poppy and Barley Limited Limerick
685677 Owf Films Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
685678 Sandyford & Stepaside Community Tennis Club Limited Dublin
685679 Shielmartin Investments Limited Dublin
685680 Maypark Flexible Workspace Limited Dublin
685681 A Connaughton Flexible Workspace Limited Dublin
685682 Brickfield Flexible Workspace Limited Dublin
685683 Amy Graham Flexible Workspace Limited Dublin
685684 Ross Jackson Agri Limited Offaly
685685 Phinity Risk Solutions International Limited Dublin
685686 Spotlight Test Solutions Limited Dublin
685687 Matthew Brogan Electrical Limited Monaghan
685688 Doyle Ryan Kilbane Holdings Limited Kilkenny
685689 O'Callaghan Singleton Auctioneers & Valuers Limited Cork
685690 Alpha Tracking Services Limited Cork
685691 Professor Puzzle Europe Limited Dublin
685692 Quest Top Associates Limited Dublin
685693 Shareron Investment Limited Laois
685694 Barracks Farming Limited Wexford
685695 Ashbrook Sallies Limited Dublin
685696 Alfred Franks & Bartlett ( Europe ) Limited Dublin
685697 Footsure Safety Footwear Eu Limited Dublin
685698 Bural Investments Limited Dublin
685699 Sip Investments Limited Dublin
685700 Spaid Holdings Limited Dublin
685701 Gbmt - Global Building Materials Trade Limited Dublin
685702 Coffee Drop Limited Kildare
685703 Solutions and Sales Sas Limited Dublin
685704 St. Anthony's Surgery Limited Cork
685705 Kieran Coffey Tyres Limited Monaghan
685706 Puzzlestone Limited Dublin
685707 Siedler Stiftung Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
685708 Minerva Pdp Borrower Irish Designated Activity Company Dublin
685709 Tiebus Limited Wicklow
685710 John Fitzgerald Art Limited Meath
685711 Acionna Limited Cork
685712 Ritona Limited Cork
685713 Brictas Limited Cork
685714 Ariana Ventures Limited Dublin
685715 Rhein-Main Immobiliencenter Limited Dublin
685716 Orcro Ireland Limited Dublin
685717 Paradise Farm Limited Cork
685718 Rana Beauty Limited Dublin 24
685719 Cookstown Carpentry Limited Louth
685720 Obh Developments Limited Cork
685721 Ysk Limited Longford
685722 Crodel Limited Laois
685723 Y.B. Financial Consulting Limited Kildare
685724 South East Coastal Protection Alliance Designated Activity Company Wicklow
685725 Sandeman Seeds Limited Dublin
685726 Hmg Paints (Europe) Limited Donegal
685727 Zoom-In Personal Development Limited Meath
685728 Llhfts Limited Dublin
685729 Project 4 Agile Learning Limited Dublin
685730 Upscaler Limited Dublin
685731 Mind & Wellness Counselling Psychotherapy Wellness Limited Kildare
685732 Amsk Investment Limited Dublin
685733 Gesdev Limited Dublin
685734 Cdl Iii Designated Activity Company Dublin
685735 Cdl Levered Iii Blocker Designated Activity Company Dublin
685736 Cdl Unlevered Iii Blocker Designated Activity Company Dublin
685737 Mtm Car Sales Limited Dublin
685738 Atm Educational Resources Limited Meath
685739 Contae Teoranta Donegal
685740 Park Pets Veterinary Services Limited Meath
685741 Drumacrib Farming Limited Monaghan
685742 Underjob Recruitment Limited Dublin
685743 Ccross Talent Limited Dublin
685744 Hbitrade Happy Barter International Trade Limited Dublin
685745 Douglas Financial Brokers Limited Dublin
685746 Armonach Media Partners Limited Dublin
685747 Old School Carney Limited Tipperary
685748 Jpp Consulting Limited Roscommon
685749 Foxford Consulting Limited Galway
685750 L Mc Grath Accountants Limited Laois
685751 Cdl Fintech (Europe) Limited Dublin
685752 Car Expert Auto Repairs Centre Limited Cork
685753 Recruitment Needs Consulting Limited Kilkenny
685754 Justonemore Limited Dublin
685755 The Podfellas Limited Cork
685756 Blue Amazon Holdings Limited Laois
685757 Orbis Global Geo-Energy Limited Dublin
685758 Plus Life & Pensions Limited Kildare
685759 Regnum Advisory Limited Dublin
685760 Laracor Capital Holdings Limited Kildare
685761 Terebin Limited Dublin 17
685762 Rmbc Limited Limerick
685763 Wyldesports Limited Dublin 18
685764 Offshore Wind Quality Consulting Limited Kildare
685765 Tountinna Consulting Limited Tipperary
685766 Matassa Shoes Limited Cork
685767 Hippo Hygienics Limited Dublin
685581 Sc Euroclutch & Gearbox Limited Meath
685585 Boom Consulting Limited Meath
685590 Fusion Furniture Limited Cork
685591 Wurtsboro Trading Limited Mayo
685592 Customise Plumbing and Heating Limited Tipperary
685593 Needham Cleaning Limited Dublin
685594 Skysla Ventures Limited Limerick
685595 The Box Hub Limited Cork
685596 Ah Hardware Limited Kildare
685597 J. Meade Tax Advisors Limited Dublin
685598 Order Line Eu Limited Dublin 4
685599 Heft Music Management Limited Dublin
685600 Rdtc Consulting Limited Dublin 18
685601 Kevin Davies Construction Limited Limerick
685602 Ic Electronic Design Limited Clare
685603 Mobile Land Lc Limited Meath
685604 Castlegrey Landscapes Limited Limerick
685605 Footfalls Consulting Limited Dublin
685606 Searrach Property Consultants Limited Kerry
685607 Caroline Herbert Stamps Limited Limerick
685608 Window Protection Ireland Limited Roscommon
685609 Bma Accountants Limited Limerick
685610 Rockwood Farm Limited Galway
685611 Repower Quality Limited Westmeath
685612 Wrimes Cosmetics Europe Limited Cork
685613 Gsc Capital Property Facilities Limited Dublin
685614 Cloneygowan Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee Offaly
685615 McGlynn Tech Services Limited Longford
685616 Story Pot Productions Limited Dublin
685617 Iter8 Evolve Limited Offaly
685618 Four Coffee Stop Limited Dublin
685619 Engineering Management Select Limited Kildare
685620 Henry Motor Services Limited Donegal
685621 Codelab Technology Limited Dublin
685622 Stoke Brands Limited Dublin
685623 John Millar Agri Limited Cork
685624 Cmj Sports Limited Cork
685625 Verannott Limited Dublin
685626 S&C Horan Farm Limited Wicklow
685627 Semichia Holdings Limited Limerick
685628 Jamska Holdings Limited Dublin
685629 Whitethorn Stud Limited Kildare
685630 Emma Plant Veterinary Limited Longford
685635 Decem Flesk Trading Limited Limerick
909513 Healthspan Limited Dublin 5
909514 Avolon Aerospace Aoe 192 Limited Dublin 4
685556 Sapient Logics Limited Dublin
685557 Wl Woodlawn Developments Limited Dublin
685558 Spencon Limited Meath
685559 Varamex Limited Dublin
685560 Zcm Properties Management Company Limited Dublin
685561 Jem Construction Limited Donegal
685562 Le French Look Beauty and Healthcare Limited Dublin
685563 Telestructures Limited Laois
685564 Kcmm Graham Capital Limited Limerick
685565 Burnt 2 Containers Limited Cork
685566 Jazhair Limited Meath
685567 Lebrun Art Limited Dublin 4
685568 Amber Aesthetics Clinic Limited Dublin
685569 Millbank Property Investments Limited Dublin
685570 Munday Holdings Limited Kerry
685571 Sean Reck Contracting Services Limited Wexford
685572 Leinster Property Holdings Limited Dublin
685573 U Games Ireland Logistics Limited Dublin 5
685575 Clocktower Productions Designated Activity Company Wicklow
There are 345 Company set ups in the above list.

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