Below is a list of new Company Set Ups.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 466 (Week Ending 23/07/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
700440 Glantoiri Teoranta Wexford
700474 MacFarlane Packaging Ireland Limited Dublin 4
700475 Vivalto Vie Irl Limited Dublin
700380 Cak Analytics Limited Cork
700381 Abbey Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
700382 Dawson Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
700383 Grafton Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
700384 McMahon Transport & Storage Limited Meath
700385 Ferlisi Trading Limited Dublin
700386 Amicis Data Europe Limited Dublin
700387 Ir Engineering & Sons Limited Donegal
700388 Atlantic Metals Limited Sligo
700389 Kavanagh Electrical Contracting Limited Cork
700390 AIB Jv Holdings Limited Dublin
700391 Mr Xray Ndt Limited Dublin
700392 Cregan Impact Holdings Limited Limerick
700393 Camden Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
700394 Belvedere Dental Care Limited Cork
700395 Pearse Issuer Designated Activity Company Dublin
700396 Bursting Blooms Limited Louth
700397 Rathdown Eagle Unlimited Company Dublin 24
700398 Intrum Investment Services Limited Dublin
700399 Eagle Holistic Wholesalers Limited Cork
700400 Gourmet Inn Limited Kildare
700401 Beakonshaw Limited Dublin
700402 McKeown Contracts Limited Monaghan
700403 Kilballyquilty Farm Limited Waterford
700404 Carrigagulla Dairy Limited Cork
700405 Naughton Safety Services Limited Longford
700406 Zarcon Media Limited Mayo
700407 Belmayne Development Company Limited Dublin 2
700408 Jab Auto Holdings Limited Wexford
700409 Pulsar Engineers Limited Dublin
700410 Mixed Messages Multimedia Limited Dublin
700411 Iage Tech Limited Dublin 16
700412 O'Dhalaigh Sheeters Limited Offaly
700413 Glenview Bloodstock Limited Cork
700414 Bragadeiros Chocolate Limited Dublin
700415 Sp Photo Limited Dublin
700416 Healthy Feckin Juices Limited Louth
700417 Nabroc Limited Dublin
700418 Tcc Consulting Limited Galway
700419 Calcar Creo Limited Dublin 15
700420 Fst First Service Team Limited Dublin
700421 The People's Foodbank Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 12
700422 Assakata Limited Dublin
700423 Baramita Limited Dublin
700424 Issano Limited Dublin
700425 Airy Hall Limited Dublin
700426 Aranaputa Limited Dublin
700427 Kmbs Co Limited Leitrim
700311 New Season Food Limited Dublin
700312 Torrent Management Limited Dublin
700313 Kriptic Pharmaceuticals Limited Dublin 1
700314 Mac's Food Bar Keenagh Limited Longford
700315 Prime Delivery Limited Dublin
700316 Crana Stables Limited Donegal
700317 Seanglade Limited Kildare
700318 Lordspark Agri Limited Tipperary
700319 Holmes Coaches Limited Donegal
700320 Koda Property Consultancy and Administration Limited Cork
700321 Frontiers Open Science Limited Dublin 2
700322 Good Ideas Daily Limited Carlow
700323 Viamericas International Limited Dublin
700324 Egalavan Limited Kildare
700325 Pura Vida Home Limited Dublin
700326 Bounceback Cafe Limited Dublin 8
700327 Commissioning, Engineering and Qualification Vision Limited Kerry
700328 CS Tours Ireland Limited Dublin 13
700329 Truffle & Co Cafe Limited Tipperary
700330 Leanable Limited Dublin 22
700331 McQuaid Decor Limited Donegal
700332 Yy Restaurant Limited Westmeath
700333 Royal Escargot Meath Limited Meath
700334 Rok View Holdings Limited Dublin 15
700335 Sean Healy Waterfall Limited Cork
700336 Abbeypark Capital Holdings Limited Roscommon
700337 Lfea Limited Dublin 18
700338 St. Michael's House Foundation Dublin 9
700339 Pssj Company Gpc Limited Kildare
700340 Ll Cycles Limited Waterford
700341 Knocknacarra Football Club Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
700342 Frosthallow Limited Dublin 4
700343 Mitamirri Limited Galway
700344 Ballymoney Comm Environment Group Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford
700345 Generation Im Sustainable Solutions Gp Iv Limited Dublin
700346 Knock Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee Mayo
700347 Emvee Industrial Solutions Limited Dublin
700348 Autodesk Finance Holdings Limited Dublin 2
700349 D & S Steel Fixer Limited Dublin
700350 Smarteire Limited Dublin 12
700351 Studio Layla Limited Dublin
700352 Flmjc E-Commerce Co. Limited Louth
700353 M&M Fintech Limited Cork
700354 Bru Na Riogh Holdings Limited Kildare
700355 Dunshaughlin East Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Longford
700356 Lnhc Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700357 Asac Management Gpc Limited Dublin 6
700358 Mata Asset Holdings Limited Dublin 6
700359 Ddispatch Technologies Limited Dublin 1
700360 Lenauro Holding Limited Galway
700361 Molohan's Caravan Park (Tromora) Limited Clare
700362 Fox Covert Farm Enterprises Limited Offaly
700363 Oracle Fitout Limited Louth
700364 Supply Gap Limited Cork
700365 Silicon Highway Group Limited Dublin
700366 Cornacloy Property Holdings Limited Dublin 4
700367 Martin Mulcahy Engineering Limited Cork
700368 The Sun Loft Limited Dublin 10
700369 Bezel Brothers Limited Mayo
700370 Foto Ionia Ire Limited Dublin
700371 Shooting Fish Media Limited Galway
700372 Rongsheng Hight Tech Ireland Limited Dublin 15
700373 Omeriad B2b Services Limited Cork
700374 Sital & Sons Limited Dublin 22
700375 Maxgib Consulting Limited Limerick
700376 Pro Medical Translation Limited Limerick
700377 The Redeemed Christian Church of God Covenant Parish Leixlip Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
700378 Rockbreakers Chisels Limited Dublin
700379 Irish Boer Goat Association Company Limited By Guarantee Tipperary
909629 Sma Solar Technology Ag Limerick
909630 Drumco Limited Donegal
700234 Feral Surf Ireland Limited Dublin
700235 Trimcraft Eu Limited Dublin
700236 O'Neill Bray Central Stores Limited Laois
700237 Siobhan Oh Holdings Limited Dublin
700238 Silverspoon Links Limited Dublin
700239 Annies Kitchen Limited Cork
700240 Hyde Square Limited Dublin 15
700241 Bk Fitness Limited Dublin
700242 Access Professional Counselling Limited Dublin
700243 The Conscious Lifestyle Company Limited Cork
700244 Flixtv Designated Activity Company Cork
700245 Akta Gold Limited Cork
700246 Samazia Limited Tipperary
700247 Sennheiser Consumer Audio Ireland Limited Offaly
700248 Oakmont Engineering Limited Meath
700249 Firstbase (Ireland) Limited Dublin 18
700250 Cuc Medical Limited Dublin
700251 David Punch Plumbing & Heating Limited Cork
700252 Rbkd Holdings Limited Kildare
700253 Kbmp Holdings Limited Cavan
700254 Myers Property Ventures Limited Cork
700255 Aqua Gold Limited Dublin
700256 Deane Brothers Ventures Limited Galway
700257 Greener Engines Recycling Limited Sligo
700258 Abws Limited Laois
700259 Murphy Plant & Civils Limited Cork
700260 Ae Technology Services Ie Limited Dublin 4
700261 Facet Jewellers Limited Dublin
700262 Aod Alumin Limited Dublin
700263 Venus Nail Spa Limited Wicklow
700264 Equieire Equestrian Limited Dublin
700265 Havan Offshore Array Limited Donegal
700266 Tulca Offshore Array Limited Donegal
700267 Oak Fuel Supermarket Limited Cork
700268 Voyage Offshore Array Limited Donegal
700269 Blue Digital Technology Development Limited Dublin
700270 Orangecity Consultancy Services Limited Kilkenny
700271 Richard Heffernan Farms Limited Tipperary
700272 Hannah & Henry Apparel Limited Dublin
700273 Lo Dolan Dental Limited Dublin 4
700274 Dingle Street Food Limited Kerry
700275 Benjamin's Guns and Roses Florist Limited Sligo
700276 Verzenay Consulting Limited Dublin
700277 K R Traders Limited Waterford
700278 Wtech Fire Topco Limited Dublin
700279 Dlc Carolan Developments Limited Meath
700280 Power Paws Club Limited Cork
700281 Cimar Cloud (Eu) Limited Dublin
700282 Nur Fatma Cetin Limited Dublin
700283 Lavalla Enterprise Limited Clare
700284 Brett Site Safe Solutions Limited Kilkenny
700285 Jbs Scaffolding and Construction Limited Tipperary
700286 Yathiqu Limited Dublin
700287 Farmify Limited Dublin
700288 Canaradzo Limited Donegal
700289 Iwa Athleisure Limited Wicklow
700290 Scannain √Čiriu Cuideachta Ghniomhaiochta Ainmnithe Kerry
700291 Moatsinmotion Limited Dublin
700292 Healx Technology Limited Dublin
700293 Allsported Data Services Limited Dublin
700294 Ddhr Issues Limited Galway
700295 Fm Law Secretarial Limited Dublin
700296 Loughkent Dairies Limited Tipperary
700297 Sddm Holdings Limited Kildare
700298 Indal Green Track Limited Laois
700299 Rian Offshore Array Limited Donegal
700300 Therapy Now Psychology Services Limited Donegal
700301 Advanced Clinical Research Services Ireland Limited Dublin
700302 Workaway Lite Limited Dublin
700303 Berlin Clark Consulting and Solutions Limited Dublin
700304 Field Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
700305 Robusta 8 Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
700306 Robusta 7 Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
700307 Robusta 6 Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin
700308 Npo Sea Shepherd Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Carlow
700309 Meerkat Pr Limited Kerry
700310 Seanchai Productions Limited Wexford
909626 347 Green Leasing Ii Limited Tipperary
909627 Nova Measuring Instruments GmbH Dublin
909628 Lexon (UK) Limited Dublin 2
700188 Janber Homes Limited Donegal
700189 Walsh Media Limited Louth
700190 Baac Eva Limited Dublin 18
700191 Cody Manufacturing and Process Solutions Limited Tipperary
700192 Sippio (Eu) Limited Dublin 2
700193 Maeve Records Limited Wicklow
700194 Telegenz Limited Dublin
700195 Eagle Peak Developments Limited Kerry
700196 Mech Rock Services Limited Cork
700197 Creevagh Farms Limited Monaghan
700198 Breffni Seamount Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
700199 Mang Morgan Rental Limited Dublin
700200 Primore Group Limited Meath
700201 Kilderry Earth Management Limited Kerry
700202 Oc Quality Printing Limited Kerry
700203 Happy Days Creche Durrow Limited Laois
700204 Mang Morgan Holding Limited Dublin
700205 Mang Morgan Capital Limited Dublin
700206 Mang Morgan Property Limited Dublin
700207 Mang Morgan Medical Limited Dublin
700208 Persefit Limited Dublin
700209 Yourparkingspace Ireland Limited Dublin
700210 Mad Zee Designs Limited Dublin 15
700211 Purdys Pantry Limited Dublin
700212 Bg Rigging Scaffolding Services Limited Dublin 8
700213 The Wickham Pub Company Limited Kerry
700214 Mango Beauty Clinic Limited Dublin
700215 Lulsley Bloodstock Limited Laois
700216 Kitlist Limited Dublin
700217 Denevlla Holdings Limited Longford
700218 Evernest Facilities and Services Limited Waterford
700219 L Mealiffe Construction Engineering Limited R35 A4o3
700220 Mirza Catering Limited Cork
700221 Vital Floors Limited Dublin
700222 Jordans Consultancy Services Limited Galway
700223 Young Machinery Sales Limited Laois
700224 Arcis Technology Solutions Limited Dublin
700225 Fajar & Zahara Catering Limited Mayo
700226 Scitari Limited Dublin
700227 Krishna Software Limited Dublin
700228 Sp Agri & Engineering Limited Cork
700229 Pizzaz Limited Dublin 2
700230 McBarker Holdings Limited Dublin
700231 Aidhne Properties Limited Kildare
700232 Studio Blvck Limited Cork
700233 John P. Delaney Architects 2 Limited Kildare
There are 248 Company set ups in the above list.

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