Below is a list of some of Ireland's top companies whose Credit score has been updated in the last 14 days.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 572 (Week Ending 30/03/2023)
Co. NumCompanyPartial Address
67771P.J. Carroll & Company LimitedDublin
352581Ward & Burke Group LimitedGalway
292095Ward & Burke Water LimitedCork
336958Ward & Burke Construction LimitedGalway
34002L. Behan & Sons LimitedDublin
173894Moylough Concrete Products LimitedGalway
214134Sean Doyle Painting Contractors LimitedWexford
181168Condron Concrete LimitedOffaly
329118Garyaron Homes LimitedDublin
333235Superior Pipeline Products LimitedKildare
7131Circle K Ireland Fuels LimitedDublin
8209Circle K Ireland Energy LimitedDublin
81753Longnorth LimitedDublin
276008Micros Fidelio (Ireland) LimitedDublin
455097Shanley Mechanical Contractors LimitedWaterford
255237Securispeed Logistics LimitedDublin
82253Central Business Equipment LimitedMayo
463065Lmc Modular Group LimitedDublin
374208Beckano Glazing LimitedDublin
372125Paypal International LimitedDublin
310574Wyg Ireland LimitedDublin
292931Haughton & Young LimitedDublin
285815Park Place Technologies Ireland LimitedCork
262480Acchl LimitedDublin
258274Palatine Transport (Ireland) LimitedDublin
248157Colour World Print LimitedPembroke Street Upper Dublin 2
246892Flancare (Clonmel) Distribution LimitedDublin
245407Curley Furniture & Carpets LimitedGalway
239481Debenhams Retail (Ireland) LimitedDublin 2
232719Redmond Civil Engineering LimitedWexford
218846Ina'S Kitchen Desserts LimitedDublin
213254Iqon Technologies LimitedLouth
195578Applied Materials Ireland LimitedKildare
191297Lake Region Medical LimitedWexford
187817Retsam Ireland Holdings LimitedCork
181220Mothercare Ireland LimitedLouth
168486Walker Vehicle Rentals LimitedDublin
150703Basta Holdings LimitedBallsbridge Dublin 4
132200Jackson Power Systems LimitedDublin
129122Finglas Motors LimitedDublin
125657Classic Marketing LimitedDublin
124230Koverto Envelopes (Ireland) LimitedPembroke Street Upper Dublin 2
109452Daf Truck Services (Cork) LimitedCork
64422J.V. Ledwith LimitedMeath
56759Cameron Ireland LimitedDublin 2
16846Advance Tyre Company LimitedDublin
113012Interlink Ireland LimitedWestmeath
436622Nordon Landscapes LimitedGalway
3997Siac Construction LimitedDublin
121043L. & M. Keating LimitedDublin 2
413290Cold Move Dublin LimitedDublin 4
59468Moy Materials LimitedDublin
310275J.L. Goor Materials LimitedDublin
408675Atlas Tyre & Autoservice Holdings LimitedDublin 22
93949O'Kelly Brothers Civil Engineering Company LimitedLimerick
174203Townlink Construction LimitedDublin
60693Aromatics Holdings LimitedDublin
308304Sandymark Construction LimitedDublin
119665C.L.G. Developments LimitedDublin
52177Ferrero Ireland LimitedCork
101563O.C.G. Office Centres LimitedWestmeath
283267Clydaville Investments LimitedKerry
410151Gbadebo LimitedDublin
282638Vodafone Enterprise Global LimitedDublin 2
229110Global Media & Entertainment (Ireland) LimitedDublin
37342Irish Express Cargo LimitedCork
302979Diamond Glass LimitedDublin
391588Modern Plant LimitedDublin
385279Publicity Mailing LimitedDublin
105639Walsh Mechanical Engineering LimitedMayo
73370Irish Commercials (Sales) LimitedKildare
77037Cardinal Health Ireland Manufacturing LimitedOffaly

There are 62 companies in the above list.

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