Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 416 (Week Ending 19/09/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
141995 Vallbury Limited Dublin 6
307029 Globetrack Technology Limited Co. Dublin
310533 Image Works Consultants Limited Dublin 2
328414 Aspect Consulting Limited Dublin 18
345152 Alan Nolan Auctioneers Limited Co. Kildare
360589 Athgoe Par 3 Golfcourse Limited Co. Dublin
404525 P.C. Supermarkets Limited Co. Cork
407466 Stratigos Limited Co. Cork
407920 Jml Cash Registers Limited Co. Tipperary
417675 Altitude Management Services Limited Galway
442063 E Brennan Csv Engineering Limited Dublin 10
469923 Dana Hayes Architect Limited Co. Cork
486293 Dh Media Limited Cork
487928 Angels Beacons of Hope Limited Dublin 24
501531 Ali Memon Limited Co Cavan
508599 Castle Road Engineering Services Limited Co. Cork
512262 Maventi Limited Co. Dublin
515021 Qualcroft Limited Co. Dublin
531949 Broadcasting Security Directive Limited Dublin 1
548545 Hatchill Limited Dublin 2
576424 Centricity Customer Solutions Limited Cork
588058 Madisonj Limited Co. Dublin
599138 Moy Civil Works Designated Activity Company Co. Meath
601211 Shengtang International Investment Limited Dublin 9
601957 Junction Therapeutics Limited Dublin 2
610044 One Piece Sushi Limited Dublin 2
610746 O'Sheas Property Services Limited Co. Kerry
611462 Yongs China Direct Trading & Services Limited Dublin 5
612427 M Fusion Limited Co. Dublin
617496 London Tattoo & Piercing Academy Limited Limerick
623380 Inkampani Limited Dublin 2
624249 Harefield Construction Limited Limerick
626989 Ogma Education Limited Galway
629789 Lb Aviation Europe Limited Dublin 4
637587 Healthperm Resourcing (Ireland) Limited Dublin 4
638837 Ibc - It Business Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
642211 Cathleen Shi Limited Dublin 12
642751 Jiv Data Limited Limerick
643328 Sommerit Limited Wicklow
649813 Sean O Halloran Limited Co. Waterford
653797 Inboarding Technology Limited Dublin 11
655107 Douglas Engineering (Mfg & Sales) Limited Waterford
664870 John Condon Software Consulting Limited Dublin 7
669350 Mahon Medics Limited Co. Offaly
518521 Elemis Solutions Limited Kilkenny
578401 Decision Surface Limited Dublin 6
604737 Trilogy Education Services International Limited Dublin 2
647293 Hemptrolley Limited Co. Cavan
647949 Dunne & Wistreich Psychological Services Limited Co. Cork
648963 Propeller Community Limited Co Tipperary
295881 Accuris Technologies Limited Dublin 1
303465 Accuris Interception Limited Dublin 1
397718 Paramount College Limited Co. Dublin
402509 Als Irish Aircraft Leasing Msn 3171 Limited Co. Clare
402517 Als Irish Aircraft Leasing Msn 1668 Limited Co. Clare
427197 Eden Irish Aircraft Leasing Msn 3136 Limited Co. Clare
429783 Eden Irish Aircraft Leasing Msn 3049 Limited Co. Clare
437310 Eden Irish Aircraft Leasing Msn 1612 Limited Co. Clare
458024 Centre For Recovery and Social Inclusion Cork Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
634874 Foundation Physio Limited Dublin 14
34818 R. H. Condell Limited Limerick
91923 B. & P. Communications (Irl) Limited Dublin 7
116119 Pat Mc Morrow Limited Dublin 13
134562 Links Consultancy Pdb Limited Dublin 5
141792 Greg Lane Services Limited Cork
284299 Caden Communications Limited Co. Dublin
307262 Cox's Protective Clothing Limited Co. Mayo
318103 Kml Safety Services Limited Co. Tipperary
323910 Northside Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 17
339033 Windwatch Limited Co. Kerry
339094 Cbre Corporate Outsourcing Limited Dublin 4
348945 S & S Farrell Limited Co Dublin
411673 Eamonn Ryan Roofing & Carpentry Services Limited Co Waterford
436177 Galroso Limited Co. Galway
476609 Stonehouse Consulting Limited Dublin 1
488127 Boating Innovation Limited Dublin 2
525798 Ion Connect Limited Co. Mayo
526844 The Penny Loaf Company Limited Co. Offaly
530478 Brand Magic Limited Cork
530659 Just Oil & Grain Europe Limited Dublin 1
532293 Kermattco Limited Co. Cork
546141 Gerry Blain (Fish Sales) Limited Co. Donegal
553925 Airbus Finance Limited Dublin 1
569611 Emerge Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
584823 Emelita Medical Limited Co. Limerick
587771 Puritan Products Limited Dublin 2
590359 Carago Technologies Limited Dublin 18
594173 Leeuwenhoek Limited Co. Clare
599271 Conquest Asset Management (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin
601465 Diamond Collections Unlimited Company Co. Louth
604849 Throwin' Shapes 3d Printing Limited Dublin 22
605609 The Saw Drinks Company Limited Dublin 18
607489 Knight Works Productions Limited Cork
617944 Waggy Kitchen Limited Co. Louth
619009 Garrycastle Transport Limited Co. Offaly
621291 Kja Distribution Limited Dublin 7
621686 Phoenix Resources Alternative Staffing Solutions Limited Co. Louth
630207 Athenry Coffee Doc Limited Co. Galway
640625 Neocortek Limited Clontarf Dublin 3 D03 P590
644264 Galactic Realities Limited Dublin 4
645654 Kea Ir 211 Limited Dublin 3
649828 Irmt-Re2 Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
650306 Strato3 Aviation Limited Dublin 1
667914 Monjour Group Se Co Dublin
669090 Store Ur Stuff Limited Co. Louth
317397 Irish International Antiques Exhibition Limited Dublin 1
340436 Ballyvergan Marsh Committee Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
391265 Dunria Technical Services Limited Cork
394213 J. Brady Engineering Services Limited Co. Kildare
399614 Dolan Property Limited Co Dublin
432345 Gf Financial Limited Dublin 9
444630 Nanorb Engineering Limited Cork
478466 Garden & Home Crafts Limited Co. Louth
495799 Computershare Finance Ireland Limited  Dublin 24
500028 Hacksack Limited Dublin 16
506303 Brio Investments Limited Co Meath
540253 Eibhor Pharma Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
558296 Flynn Household Staff Limited Co. Waterford
577362 Sz Catering Limited Co. Wicklow
589923 Keepers of the Flame Productions Designated Activity Company Co Kerry
591745 Blue Cat Productions Designated Activity Company Kilkenny
595808 Pmpi Management and Improvement Limited Co. Dublin
607127 Cleansing Grace Organic Soap Factory Limited Dublin 15
608421 Ammar Ahmed Medical Services Limited Galway H91xv21 Ireland
615015 Cct Collections Limited Co. Dublin
619089 Vlanda Safety Limited Dublin 15
632213 Oneforall Pharmacy Services Limited Galway
632906 Animal Surgery Limited Co. Donegal
636172 Rooskey Community Childcare Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
644036 Beanspillers Limited Dublin 6
663637 Q. Van Daalen Consulting Limited Dublin 3
671219 Power Analytics & Advisory Services Limited Co. Kildare
40015 The Irish Stone Foundation Dublin 18
47677 Convent of Mercy (Moate) Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway
68902 Institute of Commercial Management Limited Dublin 2
89647 Rawlins Investments Limited Dublin 4
93375 Bonagee and North West Spring Show Society Designated Activity Company Co. Donegal
180783 Eez-Away Limited Waterford
183882 Carroll & McAuley (Sales) Limited Dublin 20
189199 Immovale Limited Limerick
267897 Wexford Meats Limited Wexford
305305 Spunky Properties Limited Dublin 16
312327 Amerton Engineering Limited Cork
319643 Palibredam Limited Co Wexford
321103 Cavan Public Participation Network Company Limited By Guarantee Co Cavan
323360 Clarke Travel Limited Co Westmeath
363499 Stoneyford I.T. Services Limited Co. Meath
364002 Saint Francis Nursing Home Limited Co. Galway
380068 Critical Brands Limited Co Cork
401046 Hibusnet Consultants Limited Co. Kildare
408944 Kiltimagh Old Park Hotel Limited Co. Mayo
411297 Venbury Unlimited Company Cork
415339 C & S Bricklayers Limited Co. Limerick
417893 Djl International Ventures Limited Dublin 18
418058 Clarvale Limited Dublin 2
445163 Park East South East Construction Limited Waterford
451138 Ace Environmental Limited Monaghan
468296 Giant Technologies Limited Co. Mayo
477995 Plant Database Limited Dublin 6w
480168 Wilbur Ventures Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
483896 Hk Engineering Solutions Limited Co Cork
498346 The Arkle Memorial Statue Fund Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dublin
499855 The Core Studio Limited Co. Dublin
501067 Leinster Fire Safety Limited Co. Kildare
511536 Solveridge Limited Co. Dublin
524668 Setag International Limited Co. Louth
532372 Pconway Engineering Limited Cork
534525 Iris Sky Systems Limited Co. Louth
541189 Kl Technology Developments Limited Co. Meath
548624 Commandridge Limited Dublin 2
556042 Badd Fit Limited Dublin 18
560649 Kings Island Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee  Limerick
562004 Mbes Engineering Limited Co Tipperary
567550 Marino Secretarial Services Limited Dublin 3
572643 Safehouse Communications Limited Dublin 24
580689 Airwood Limited Cork
585933 Help Not Harm Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
592962 Scorefair Limited Co. Tipperary
598065 The Irish Sport Horse Alliance Limited Co Kildare
599799 Daclotel Limited Co. Wicklow
603688 Takeme Digital Media Limited Cork
604830 Zanos Europe Limited Dublin 14
605683 Domain It Consultancy Limited Co. Clare
606473 Tuile Lund Limited Co. Wicklow
606714 Sgi Engineering Limited Cork
609618 Teach Lisa Limited  County Donegal
610305 Sprite Robotics Limited Dublin 2
611372 Jmc Investigations and Consultancy Services Limited Co Meath
612390 Gr2 Backup Limited Co Dublin
618786 Imcc Design Limited Dublin 6w
622730 Shamrock Educational Services Limited Carlow
632970 Medex Wellness Limited Co. Dublin
633871 Rocketfoods Cafes & Kitchens Limited Co. Dublin
633949 Ninja Sushi Bento Limited Cork
636954 In Denial Studios Limited Co Clare
637302 Outcome Insurance Services Limited Dublin 11
640640 Tonghinno Jb Limited Co. Dublin
643406 Fasbia Limited Liatroim
643745 Edelweiss Food Services Limited Limerick
646235 P. Morrissey Auctioneers Limited Co. Kerry
647160 Optosite Security Solutions Limited Co. Meath
649059 Emerald International Talent Acquisition Limited Co. Galway
653363 Pluto Technologies Limited Dublin 3
There are 203 companies in the above list.

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