Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 454 (Week Ending 16/05/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
92656 Caverndale Limited Dublin
378130 Laune Energy Limited Kerry
383528 Sli Na Faiche Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
402456 Taddei Harmarnee Limited Cork
434075 Kenmara Limited Dublin
440290 Yewcraft Limited Cork
443842 Brickens Treatment Plant Management Company Limited Mayo
478316 Sjep Aviations Limited Cork
494560 Lisnabrin Equestrian Limited Cork
495699 Athboy Farmers Market Limited Meath
506386 Rockbrook Publishing Limited Dublin
533296 The App4u (Ireland) Limited Dublin
549215 Focus Property Facilities Limited Dublin
555166 Retail Smart Consultants Limited Meath
561657 M&D Software Solutions Limited Dublin
566388 Gem Plastics Holdings Limited Cavan
573525 Mgfc Limited Kildare
584713 Petal Point Limited Kilkenny
593118 Joc Logistics & Planning Services Limited Tipperary
595412 Eiden Axton Designated Activity Company Dublin
606006 Sky Human Resources & Consulting Limited Sligo
610643 Hubeleon Limited Dublin
637213 Spectabile Limited Dublin
665804 Cbrelieved Limited Kildare
678764 Hydrofit Ventures Limited Dublin
14128 John Lyttle & Sons, Limited Kildare
50767 Napier Alarms Limited Dublin
149971 Paul Brunton (Manufacturing) Limited Westmeath
271518 White Mischief Limited Clare
285038 Mc Feasto Foods Limited Cork
348286 Dreamcaster Limited Cork
357290 Two Hoots Limited Cork
375483 Walsh Service Alliance Limited Wicklow
409041 The Ferry Store Limited Cork
418611 Ballvari Limited Cork
435308 Wexford Supervalu No.2 Limited Cork
439945 Garamer Limited Cork
443755 Never Better Limited Cork
469256 Gaoth Turbines Limited Meath
473364 Quigg Golden Contract Consultants Limited Dublin
505902 Hibernia Gp Locum Services Limited Dublin
512278 Ballybrack Stores Limited Cork
554140 Sv Fitness Limited Dublin
593640 Janitza Electronics Limited Kildare
594704 Vector Engineering Solutions Limited Kildare
612414 Ssm Property Limited Dublin
615649 Sean Donnelly Business Consulting Limited Limerick
621139 Conect Jobs Limited Wexford
643661 Enrini Limited Galway
653376 Sjk Wicklow Holdings Limited Wicklow
654684 Liverscan Ireland Limited Dublin
656611 Downwind Nominees Limited Cork
680692 Namaly Limited Dublin
112970 Edson Investments Limited Dublin
286585 Chirac Limited Dublin
291066 Pavilion Aviation Limited Wicklow
316336 Thundridge Unlimited Company Dublin
316398 Orpingford Unlimited Company Dublin
363790 Combined Telecoms Limited Dublin
396234 Fingal Letting & Property Management Limited Dublin
420279 Fishtail Charters Limited Cork
437910 Trueware Limited Dublin
484220 Rosie B Clothing Limited Galway
487239 Dome Capital Limited Dublin
503538 Hush Vine Limited Cork
504446 The Bilingual Connection Limited Limerick
513502 Silverdale Technologies Limited Cork
532764 Jawad & Sons Medical Services Limited Wexford
537585 Stethoscope Limited Dublin
548336 Tms Direct Limited Dublin
578699 Musabe Medics Limited Cavan
591175 Tril Trade Receivables (Ireland) Designated Activity Company Dublin
607496 Blackbridge Consultants Limited Westmeath
610230 Adr Testing Limited Louth
614036 Waysha Limited Clare
625402 Brand Integrity Limited Dublin
631343 Eden Health Foods Limited Wexford
645906 McKeigue Electrical Limited Galway
646285 Fleming Estate Agents Limited Kerry
662711 Rsf (Marine) Limited Donegal
672364 The Island Golf Club Links Trust Designated Activity Company Dublin
40644 Tyre Services Limited Meath
49597 El Manzil Limited Cork
69615 Browne's Seamless Gutters Limited Clare
172194 Educo Limited Dublin
323761 Kirwan Plastering Contractors Limited Wexford
327802 Keelderry Wind Farms Limited Cork
340081 Pollard Fuel Limited Tipperary
362456 O'Rourke Plant Hire & Groundworks Limited Dublin
385508 Brian Brunelle & Associates Limited Dublin
409559 Campfreight (New Ross) Limited Wexford
442424 Shib Limited Clare
451978 Togher Music Project (Cork) Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
467903 Vital Martial Arts Limited Dublin
474230 Culture & English Language Services in Ireland Limited Carlow
479715 Coastguard Films Limited Dublin
517740 Transferable Frequency Limited Dublin
543142 P.V.R. Consulting Limited Dublin
547747 Homeland Silveracre Limited Dublin
550297 Lynxoft Technologies Limited Dublin
550629 Gateway Merchant Services (UK) Limited Dublin
551435 Rosmor Investments Limited Dublin
554369 Icsa Innovations Limited Clare
574233 Atlantic Tide Limited Dublin
575077 Parisdale Consulting Limited Cork
579458 Qcad Limited Dublin
584002 Blockmount Property Holdings Designated Activity Company Dublin
606960 Ivape Distribution Limited Meath
609349 Engalo Limited Kildare
611597 Wicklow Town Strength and Fitness Limited Wicklow
611749 You and Me Invitations Limited Wicklow
623228 Bio Cup Limited Cork
624958 Redactus Privacy Limited Dublin
629069 Isaq Services Limited Dublin
635694 Homeland Bsb Limited Dublin
637155 Ni Ji Wok in Limited Dublin
652132 Pathak Briones Food Limited Dublin
656827 Willis Munroe Limited Longford
664970 Mw Restaurants Limited Louth
665134 Duffner Engineering Services Limited Tipperary
674131 Paul Smith Cabinetry Limited Dublin
676288 Flynn-Byrne & Sheridan Limited Dublin
681206 V2g Clarity Limited Dublin
153812 McElroy U.P.V.C. Products Limited Monaghan
232626 Electrical & Instrument Services Limited Limerick
340356 Total Shopping Convenience Limited Dublin
348508 Arcadia Properties Limited Meath
444573 Arcadia Properties Mullingar Limited Dublin
454327 Bdd Online Limited Dublin
482333 Cloud Nine Computing Limited Tipperary
495973 Chicho & Stisi Construction Limited Dublin
507045 Nur Medics Limited Carlow
530538 Fondúireacht Páidi Ó Sé Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Kerry
534045 Jkl Medics Limited Dublin
538660 Kilmoney Consultants Limited Donegal
555959 Price Regan Interiors Limited Sligo
561854 Dricomac Limited Limerick
568862 Pmed 2 Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
573296 Gaslamp Distillery Limited Dublin
603173 Mwdtd Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
614027 Lower City Productions Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
616228 Hele Intelligence and Solutions Limited Dublin
617892 Think Zone Limited Dublin
631540 Breakaway Hosting Ireland Limited Galway
646334 Kachur Limited Dublin
646440 R&R Ice Cream Ireland Limited Dublin
670534 Hive Business Marketing Limited Limerick
680207 Poponaut + Senmotic Limited Dublin
There are 148 companies in the above list.

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