Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 442 (Week Ending 28/02/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
23414 Irish Tea Merchants Limited Dublin
168076 Westside Painting Contractors Limited Clare
206619 Cravenway Unlimited Company Cavan
253324 Irish Office For Padre Pio Dublin
343144 Allegro Research Limited Clare
348042 Grace Automation Services Limited Cork
398451 Nailmar Limited Clare
433458 Vinitrading Limited Dublin
467285 Homefix Property Solutions Limited Carlow
483465 Brehon Information Services Limited Clare
485061 The Rise & the View Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Louth
501742 H2x Hydronicx Limited Cork
504311 Natural Biotics Ireland Limited Clare
519572 Fitzgibbon Mes Consultants Limited Cork
525813 Egg Caravans Limited Dublin
527080 Brandwood Property Management Limited Galway
538719 Polymath Limited Wexford
548437 Grey Goose Bloodstock Limited Tipperary
552399 Yileo Trade Limited Dublin
552971 Global Communications Mobility Ireland Limited Dublin
558084 Mullingar Turbos Limited Westmeath
573190 Calc 26 - Aircraft Limited Dublin
575579 Trilogy Recruitment Limited Wexford
581866 Jambalaya Limited Cork
582532 Balaigh Designs Limited  Dublin
582658 Collapsing Horse Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
584985 Family Development Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
586320 Attis Consulting Limited Clare
604749 Bernoulli Engineering Limited Donegal
607326 Graniteshares Physical Precious Metals Public Limited Company Dublin
610578 Alpha Labels Limited Donegal
623887 Ballymurphy Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
627498 The Prep Master Limited Dublin
631440 Quiubas Limited Dublin
635989 Carmasec Management Limited Dublin
637111 Stronghold Technologies Limited Dublin
639221 Iron Hill Advisory Ireland Limited Louth
642494 Sheehan Phlebotomy Limited Limerick
642749 Edencreek Limited Dublin
646239 United Lux Limited Dublin
650985 Soileir Foods Limited Cork
653431 Es English Solutions Limited Kildare
655719 Lyme Disease Foundation of Ireland Dublin
658269 Edwards Inspire (Ireland) Limited Dublin
658804 Marc&Jo Consultants Limited Dublin
659346 Brennan and O'Connor Properties Limited Galway
661186 Kallord Limited Dublin
662261 Meadows Finance Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin
670163 Qoppa Limited Dublin
673628 Dbc Logistics Limited Dublin
681571 Prestige Cosmetixe Europe Limited Dublin
155068 M.T. Alloys Limited Laois
294957 Bogue Transport Services Limited Cork
318211 Innmac Teoranta Dublin
344576 The Spokesman Advertising Company Limited Dublin
357208 Muckross Community Playschool Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
376274 Oakleaf Place Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Cavan
381644 M. O'Hanlon Haulage Limited Cork
393754 Ashgrove Machinery Sales Limited Limerick
396826 A. Murnaghan a & T Services Limited Monaghan
406009 Children of Africa Company Limited By Guarantee Roscommon
461740 Mini-Minors Limited Galway
478829 Clare Jordan Limited Carlow
480607 Gorman & Co Accountants Limited Donegal
493777 Eiretrac Solis Limited Tipperary
494662 Click4esol Limited Dublin
497556 Domulas Limited Mayo
549611 Woodcom Retail Solutions Limited Dublin
564213 Noble Shadow Productions Limited Cork
568744 Chapel Music Limited Dublin
592234 Cohen and Griffiths (Ireland) Limited Dublin
592612 Crowleycorp Limited Dublin
596666 Clevedon Engineering Services Limited Cork
599373 Blasta Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
601370 Elite Equine Innovations Limited Tipperary
601917 Cornerstone Procurement Services Limited Dublin
605829 Naughton Marine Limited Galway
617179 O' Brien Construction Consultancy Limited Limerick
620178 More Advanced Solutions Limited Kerry
637460 Noumen Limited Galway
646240 The Half Light Gallery Limited Cork
646486 Vexpro Technologies Limited Dublin
646736 Vfs Engineering Services Limited Mayo
648878 Mixim Productions Limited Meath
648987 Nuaware Limited Dublin
650635 Baggot Basin Limited Dublin
652307 Capsica Limited Dublin
653963 Ronwall Limited Dublin
668216 Bgp Technologies Limited Dublin
668252 Bgp Technologies Europe Limited Dublin
674375 Xencora Limited Dublin
86510 Jesmond Limited Dublin
198408 Bardulf Limited Dublin
228696 The Courtyard Associates Limited Limerick
335820 Edenmore Drug Intervention Team Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
352127 The Constructivist Psychotherapies Section of the Irish Council of Pyschotheraphy Limited Dublin
373987 Paypoint Network Ireland Limited Dublin
389668 Uniform Express Ireland Limited Louth
407601 Mmd Construction (Fermoy) Limited Cork
413632 Meehan Ventures Limited Louth
494387 MacA Accessories Limited Cork
494881 Duncorry Limited Louth
497557 Ronoco Digital Limited Mayo
504539 Bike Addiction Limited Dublin
505059 Keane Capital Ventures Limited Cork
511180 Peter Roche Carpentry Limited Meath
511803 Essential Distribution Limited Dublin
528652 M K Alexander Limited Dublin
531398 Proactive Risk Control Limited Cavan
537800 Orbas Consulting Training and Research Limited Kerry
544463 Nikon Developments Limited Donegal
546099 O'Brother Studios Limited Dublin
547548 Douro Bar Limited Dublin
576828 Anteco Property (Ireland) Limited Dublin
596521 Coimmvest Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin
605265 Torine House Limited Kerry
610228 Optifab International (Ireland) Limited Dublin
612932 Holt Aircraft 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
617518 Hub-Data Limited Limerick
617636 Arushi Healthcare Limited Limerick
618789 Central Cabins Limited Kildare
622374 Cadlink Software Limited Dublin
638700 Xpron International Limited Dublin
652093 Sheela Advertising Limited Dublin
653530 Jeffrey-Conciergerie Services Limited Dublin
655600 Disco Vintage Limited Cork
657392 Mobilehr Limited Dublin
665784 SkmAA Company Limited By Guarantee Wicklow
669124 Dc Mortgage and Financial Services Limited Dublin
670862 Latinamerican Market Consultancy Opc Limited Dublin
678282 Care Assure Limited Louth
59361 William Fewer & Sons Limited Kilkenny
192129 Ironstyle Limited Westmeath
297746 Rusheen Bay Properties Limited Galway
415189 The Ice Box (Liquor Trading Company ) Limited Meath
500899 Pufferfish Games Limited Meath
501929 Morris Medical Limited Galway
523004 You Ming Tang Limited Laois
541711 John Lowry & Son Painting Limited Galway
546680 Quality I.T. Contracts Limited Dublin
561925 The Silly Shop (Dundrum) Limited Dublin
566963 Kilmainham Square Carpark Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
585890 Elc Gaming Limited Dublin
603675 Annahaia Farms Limited Monaghan
606631 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 3 Limited Dublin
606632 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 4 Limited Dublin
606633 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 5 Limited Dublin
606634 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 6 Limited Dublin
606635 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 7 Limited Dublin
606636 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 8 Limited Dublin
606637 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 9 Limited Dublin
606638 Industrial International Aircraft Leasing 10 Limited Dublin
627154 Kimego Transport Limited Kerry
628397 Chiltern Farm Chemicals Europe Limited Dublin
637077 Kempster Travel Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin
638393 Nexii It Consultancy Limited Kildare
640049 A Goose Design Limited Dublin
641045 Tricoda Limited Kildare
643567 Rpgg Media (Ireland) Limited Dublin
655808 Durkan Facilities Management Limited Dublin
655835 Durkan Living Limited Dublin
655856 A.N. Durkan Limited Dublin
656968 Sol Noctis Investments Limited Dublin
663690 Aiforgoodsligo Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
664228 Norg Global Ventures Limited Dublin
669705 Black Cat Competitions Limited Kerry
139345 Hark Developments Limited Dublin
248175 Intext Plastering Limited Dublin
282748 Clon Property Limited Cork
313193 Effective Sales & Marketing Limited Dublin
342000 Stylish Shoes Limited Westmeath
401432 Heberger Ireland Limited Cork
444931 Lake Placid Funding Unlimited Company Dublin
472320 Clear Wall Construction Limited Offaly
481325 Ideal Quality Gifts Limited Mayo
511869 Mdg Web Limited Dublin
524190 Inspired Image Limited Dublin
532240 Suv Jeep Exports Limited Donegal
540822 Scratch Empire Limited Kerry
548911 Strata Health Solutions Limited Dublin
595154 Cng Kennels Limited Mayo
619014 Simple and New Limited Dublin 9
626877 Hainan Airlines Ireland Branch Limited Dublin
629202 Blue Fish Consulting Limited Galway
634618 Jason O'Brien Electrical Contractor Limited Waterford
642484 Thierys Motor Limited Dublin
654687 Jo Charles Singer Limited Dublin
665915 Wineways Limited Mayo
672006 Kkht Investments Limited Dublin
674663 Navigate Si Limited Louth
There are 190 companies in the above list.

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