Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 478 (Week Ending 25/10/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
143823 Tony Dillon & Co. Limited Meath
219426 Guardian Group Limited Limerick
272851 Douglas Hair Design Limited Louth
320607 Southern Technology Limited Limerick
426051 Neigham (Holdings) Limited Dublin
579618 Dream Beauty Supplies Limited Limerick
579724 Mark's Vegetables Limited Tipperary
585053 Ramsay Cryan Properties Limited Dublin
631789 Roypol Limited Carlow
637139 Elm Music Limited Wicklow
646032 Cmk Legal Limited Dublin
647285 Pelikan Akademie Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
664727 All About Displays Limited Mayo
668686 Akantha Limited Wicklow
677288 Dxb Bars Limited Louth
680715 Openstem Limited Dublin
681110 Withlovefromannagh Limited Longford
690832 Synapcon Holdings Limited Dublin
108780 Open Gate Holdings Limited Dublin
183845 Surface Quality Management Limited Cork
295800 Cornavon Company Unlimited Company Dublin
306907 George Delaney Ground Work & Plant Hire Contractor Limited Kilkenny
336344 P. Burke (Mechanical Engineering) Limited Cork
401221 Orchard Film Limited Cork
401393 Brandlux Unlimited Company Limerick
411041 Cork Community Broadband Limited Cork
437966 Friends in Ireland Kildare
496551 Jerry Egan Consultancy Limited Kildare
519452 Eamo's Bar Limited Louth
539753 Casta Contracting Limited Cork
544875 Fenroe Limited Dublin
549712 Brewhaven Limited Cork
550497 Applied Behavior Analysis Consultants International Limited Meath
561190 Virtual Marketing Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin
562830 Wave2wave Technology Limited Dublin
562831 Wave2wave Networks Limited Dublin
568326 Critters Tv 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin
579069 Auto Depot Tyres Limited Dublin
579903 Trump Data Designated Activity Company Kerry
583527 Focus Asset Management Fund No. 5 Limited Dublin
587445 Fccre Fund 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin
587913 Bake It Easy Limited Kerry
598131 Linebreak Technology Limited Dublin
602995 Keilor Limited Dublin
607056 P & L Joinery Limited Meath
611631 Bellerin 2 Management Company Ogenty Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
614729 Kms Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
616162 Gbsd Limited Dublin
625820 Sirius Airfinance Company Limited Dublin
629220 Sligo Accountants Limited Sligo
630328 Cohen Productions Designated Activity Company Mayo
634138 Ballycoolin Logistics Limited Dublin
635945 Challenge Exploration Limited Louth
636132 Mac Mgh Limited Cork
637277 Advanced Interior Solutions Projects Limited Louth
643284 Dead Still Designated Activity Company Dublin
645252 Pure Elution Engineering Limited Limerick
647550 Aransi Limited Cork
656633 Grbm Medical Services Limited Galway
661518 Oirirc Limited Kildare
667123 Gemstone Leasing 1 Limited Dublin
667124 Gemstone Leasing 2 Limited Dublin
670783 Tidedale Limited Dublin
675337 Critical Consulting Limited Cork
677003 Ravis Trading Company Limited Wicklow
681833 Aulo Web Technologies Limited Carlow
697070 The Kennedy Candle Co Limited Dublin
699739 Wangxiande Limited  Dublin 4
163450 Amadeus Pharmaceuticals Limited Limerick
230605 Morrissey Furniture Limited Tipperary
300966 Dmd Fishing Company Limited Donegal
316938 Hartley's Autocraft Limited Wexford
366156 Maurice G. Keenan Clocks Limited Leitrim
416199 Ballinrink Properties Limited Meath
472732 Friends of Strathmore Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
479823 Auric Pharma Services Limited Dublin
490749 Mpd Golf Limited Dublin
492389 The Friends of Bill W Club Donegal Company Limited By Guarantee Donegal
521709 Rh Investments Limited Limerick
535217 Chatham St. Dental Care Limited Dublin
562179 Sproose Innovation Limited Dublin
567343 Clarecroft Limited Dublin
574370 Toc Cleanco Limited Tipperary
574672 Barry Vaughan Limited Dublin
581527 Omoma Limited Dublin
609396 Diamond Sky Limited Wexford
611785 Capel Bridge Investment Limited Dublin
620527 Maks Insulation Limited Tipperary
630342 Hart Consultancy Limited Kildare
634259 Amco Dbb Limited Waterford
648640 Bottleneck Consulting Limited Wicklow
652049 The Molly Malone Irish Whiskey Company Limited Dublin
663796 Anoubis Limited Dublin
675987 John Kavanagh Consulting Limited Wicklow
680370 Cdloc Iii Designated Activity Company Dublin
680371 Cdloc Iii Ub Designated Activity Company Dublin
680372 Cdloc Iii Lb Designated Activity Company Dublin
694125 Sashats Marine Services Limited Meath
698051 Ui Shp No. 1 Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
110368 Slaney Interiors Limited Wexford
309163 Malin Film and Television Limited Donegal
364933 Ag Education Services Limited Dublin
411991 Barrons Bar Limited Wexford
442288 Kelly O'Connell Developments Limited Laois
449909 Killeen Mechanical Solutions Limited Westmeath
450608 Insuresoft Development & Marketing Limited Dublin
493311 Hotelpoints International Limited Dublin
501943 Drivesmart Driving Instruction Limited Wexford
518548 Catherine O'Connor Limited Clare
532444 A & K Building & Maintenance Services Limited Laois
533363 Critical Path Project and Consultancy Services Limited Dublin
552576 Brightpoint Designs Limited Wexford
570524 Gft Globe Fintech Limited Dublin
570953 Amber Design Innovations Limited Kilkenny
570956 Polished Nail & Beauty Bar Limited Limerick
571505 Curly Monkey Limited Dublin
601640 Medara Limited Dublin
605176 Lough Gur Construction Limited Limerick
608475 Limerick Footgolf Limited Limerick
611670 Wellington's Distillery Limited Dublin
611671 Edgewater Blending & Bottling Limited Dublin
621514 Evamar Assets Limited Kilkenny
628433 Callao Limited Dublin
638336 Spelman Sportswear Limited Limerick
639321 Craigieburn Limited Cork
652664 Ireland Bully Kennel Club Limited By Guarantee Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
661334 Sheephouse Books Limited Dublin
23537 Tractamotors (Dublin) Limited Dublin
101699 Motor Value Limited Dublin
359764 Sage Construction Limited Galway
425951 Dublin Driving School Limited Dublin
449896 Iitd Training Solutions Limited Dublin
461404 Galway Jazz Festival Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
467242 Fergus Slattery Property Investments Limited Dublin
489367 Immunocopea Limited Dublin
491013 Shannon Brands Unlimited Company Limerick
520738 Freedom Brands Unlimited Company Limerick
529822 Remedio Medical Consulting Limited Mayo
536414 Sorrento Cosmetics Limited Dublin
537085 Sorrento Liquor Limited Dublin
550902 S&W Engineering Consulting Ireland Limited Cork
573850 Ireland Capital Point Vision Limited Dublin
584264 Parker Hr Services Limited Galway
588924 Ennistep Limited Dublin
605149 Cork Environmental Consulting Limited Cork
623062 Kilcoole Lodge - Onecare Vision Limited Dublin
623063 Riverstick Lodge - Onecare Vision Limited Dublin
623064 Onecare Vision Limited Dublin
624220 Kilbrew Lodge - Onecare Vision Limited Dublin
625339 Abc Internet Limited Dublin
625381 Boost Social Ireland Limited Dublin
633019 Hicotechie Limited Dublin
642559 Bluebell Rosso Pizza Limited Dublin
645042 Ireland Untouched Limited Ballina
667412 Ux Enhancement Solutions Limited Cork
669964 Kai Initiative Group Limited Dublin
675182 Yellow Bird Consultancy Limited Dublin
688780 Blasta Bakery Limited Dublin 8
696569 Water Energy Base Limited Dublin
There are 159 companies in the above list.

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