Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 403 (Week Ending 02/06/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
119687 Melocom Limited Dublin 24
432777 Link Security & Surveillance Limited Dublin 18
497080 Rubycard North Dublin Limited Co. Dublin
515228 Norkell Enterprises Limited Cork
526524 Merit Consulting Engineers Limited Dublin 4
582624 Rinv Finance I Designated Activity Company  Dublin 1
629115 Blackpig Distillery Limited Co. Mayo
501196 Jory Catering (Clane) Limited Cork
610366 Post Data Solutions Limited Dublin 2
625291 McCarthy's Irish Whiskey Limited Dublin 1
106440 Beaufield Mews Limited Co. Dublin
133340 Tzar Investments Limited Cork
185988 Bantry Bay Pilotage & Marine Services Limited Co.Cork
280073 Imprint Drumcondra Limited Dublin 9
395051 Celestial Aviation Trading 40 Limited Co. Clare
404078 Celestial Aviation Trading 73 Limited Co Clare
412553 Restore a Floor Limited Co. Mayo
486160 Ilfc Aircraft 32a-591 Limited Co. Clare
592664 Exscen Media Limited Dublin 15
593155 Gazelle Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
619374 Rosie Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 1
622933 Dramora Limited Dublin 2
626554 Sircleaning Irish Team Limited Dublin 2
635798 Arteegoo Limited Co. Galway
636041 M&S Abbey Bar Limited Midleton Cork
638566 Karmu Limited Dublin 2
639348 Uflex Ireland Pvt. Limited Dublin 4
41132 O'Gorman Enterprise Limited Co. Dublin
195006 Cloneen Contracts Limited Co. Meath
218296 Veolia Water Operations Ireland Limited Dublin 15
426676 Storyboards Limited Dublin 14
449547 Oldmill Catering Limited Co Louth
457369 Ultimate Insulation Services Limited Co Roscommon
505198 Vabtol Limited Co. Roscommon
510281 Storm Home Limited Co. Kildare
547261 Gunne Capital Limited Dublin 6
552838 Wilton Mills Food Services Limited Co Wexford
592839 Bold Harp Limited Dublin 14
601159 La Globe Overseas Study and Placements Limited Co. Roscommon
603806 Popsycle Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Co Offaly
639313 Jrac Services Limited Co. Offaly
643982 Pharmasafe Limited Co. Cork
There are 42 companies in the above list.

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