Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 383 (Week Ending 05/12/2019)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
12068 Michael O'Connell (Chemist) Limited Kilkenny
133466 Erne Carpets & Furniture Limited Co. Donegal
205593 Charming Investments Limited Dublin 14
244127 K. Connolly Transport Limited Co. Kilkenny
275599 Munster Precast Concrete Products Limited Co Cork
303177 J.P. Bookmakers Limited Co Donegal
330199 Ormonde Removals & Storage Limited Kilkenny
342217 Cumann Dramaiochta Ghleann Cholm Cille Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Co. Dhun Na Ngall
343239 Fiontar Cill Chartha Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dun Na Ngall
380976 Lunah Productions Limited Co. Donegal
411461 Abri Productions Limited Co Wicklow
452999 Albert Kyles Limited Co. Donegal
458971 Buddycom Limited Co Kildare
480568 Denizen Limited Dublin 2
498459 Maulbrack Consulting Limited Co Cork
507303 Putbuy Limited Co. Kildare
510423 Patellos Limited Co. Westmeath
527618 Fitzgar Limited Co. Cork
556239 Colin Meegan Consultants Limited Limerick
578224 Keelbeg Projects Limited Co. Cork
587436 Quick Cups Limited Co Dublin
590441 Sports Fusion Limited Co. Cork
595244 Marcoran Limited Co. Offaly
612562 Shamrock Spirits Limited Co. Tipperary
615139 C&I International Travel Limited Dublin 15
636549 Scarlett Distance Limited Co. Dublin
638028 Wylde Hay Hemp Limited Kilkenny, R95r1y0
645095 Connect Staff Services Limited Dublin
227010 Kinsale Financial Services Unlimited Company Cork
481741 Cnk Developments Limited Dublin 2
508290 Safelink Ehs Limited  Co. Cork
508924 Irish Stock Exchange Services Limited Dublin 2
624788 Mariposa Capital Investment Limited Co. Dublin
626714 Sirius Aviation Capital Limited Dublin 2
656291 Pufferbee Limited Dublin A96a4a3
261723 Wf Castings Limited Dublin 2
310451 J. & J. Byrne the Country Kitchen Limited Co Wexford
359815 M.K. Collections & Deliveries Limited Dublin 9
400187 Penpro Limited Dublin 8
422493 Cacumba Limited Dublin 4
423458 Murphy Mini Digger Hire Limited Co. Cork
427240 Noinin Bio Limited Dublin 2
436303 Gallagher & Hayes Limited Co. Donegal
466528 Global Diagnostics Nominees Limited Dublin 16
480942 Cactifilms Limited Dublin 8
503004 Percipio Services Limited Cork
504143 Berkeley Hearing Centre Limited Dublin 7
504491 Keating Hr Consulting Limited Dublin 14
510209 B Whitehead Consultancy & Entertainment Services Limited Co. Kildare
513816 Friarylaw Capital Markets Limited Dublin 7
523086 Ecm Sirius Limited Co. Carlow
523401 Benthic Geoscience International Limited Dublin 2
534046 Coco Ridge Ireland Limited Co. Wicklow
534490 Software Rich Limited Galway
540801 Skillford Limited Limerick
544437 Ifast-12 Healthcare Limited Dublin 16
545629 Squarehead Productions Limited Co. Cork
559756 Aspiron Limited Co. Dublin
568325 Envision Film & Tv Limited Dublin 6
576669 Maro Investments Limited Limerick
613552 Pccl Limited Galway
621538 Metarl Postcard (Mittageisen) Film Productions Limited Dublin 14
630890 Odorata Limited Dublin 2
632528 Valiant Consultancy Services Limited Cork
633013 Campionwoodsenterprises Limited Dublin 6
636647 Lacm Global Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
637762 T.W.E.P. Properties Limited Co. Wexford
647856 Kouchin Reynolds Pipe Co Limited Co. Dublin
32598 Carrick Trust Limited Dublin 2
50542 George Cooke and Company Limited  Dublin 12
87198 Cornus Investments Limited  Dublin 8
90866 Control Equipment (Dublin) Limited  Co Dublin
94547 North City Oil Company Limited  Co. Dublin
123917 Mayday Marketing Limited Co. Clare
150120 Pearlstone Investments Limited  Co.Kildare
156989 Sign It Print & Sign Co. Limited  Limerick
157736 Brimrose Investments Unlimited Company  Co. Cork
168906 A and N Nationwide Roofing Limited Dublin 12
205748 Phoenix Software Limited Dublin 12
231155 Loshian Limited  Dublin 6w
232925 Fluid Metering and Instrumentation (Fmi) Limited  Co.Limerick
245879 T. O'Regan & Sons (Newco) Unlimited Company  Co. Cork
268348 Baxton Limited  Co. Mayo
287958 Ashbuck Limited Kilkenny
288332 Royalgrange Investments Limited  Dublin 5
300552 Manchester United Commercial Enterprises (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
319278 L.M.D. Construction Limited Kilkenny
322987 Kilverre Developments Limited Dublin 15
324388 George's Hill School and Community Project Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 7
328422 Leeside Flooring Limited  Co. Cork
338919 D&A Scientific Limited Co.Dublin
342796 Emerald Electrical Wholesale Limited  Dublin 12
346376 Reddington Creche Care Services Limited Galway
355333 Adventure Play & Design Limited  Co.Dublin
357818 J&B Properties Limited  Galway
363694 Science Spin Limited Dublin 4
367374 Assured Database Solutions Limited Dublin 14
372596 Add Space Limited Co Dublin
377036 Cms Hotel Management Limited Dublin 2
382965 Massey Monumentals Limited  Dublin 8
387999 Marlindale Limited  Dublin 8
392707 Streamcroft Limited  Dublin 8
396144 E.V.G. Europe Limited Co. Dublin
399930 Hawthorn Village Management Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Kildare
400480 Cicol Limited  Dublin 8
404667 Crepley Limited  Dublin 8
406277 Irvanta Unlimited Company  Dublin 8
407110 Tisopa Unlimited Company  Co. Cork
410154 Extend-It Limited Co. Cork
410399 Jadalee Limited Co Kerry
411276 Rowan Europe Asset Management Limited Dublin 2
413089 Country Lane Landscaping Limited Co. Carlow
419898 Forge Parkhead Properties Limited  Dublin 8
420740 Focus Business Advisers Limited  Co. Dublin
427647 G7 Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
429101 Sonas Technologies Limited  Dublin 14
430443 Northpoint Retail Park Company Limited By Guarantee  Oranmore
431487 R & M Solar Energy Ireland Limited Co Sligo
440437 Gsd Carpentry Limited Co Dublin
440585 Youngfields Ocp Limited  Limerick
442735 Bradsling Limited Co Kerry
445404 Ballyanny Limited  Co. Tipperary
445568 Mandm Limited  Co Clare
447786 Ajv Validation Limited Co. Dublin
448382 Startrail Properties Limited Co. Clare
449422 New Game Technologies Limited  Dublin 8, D08 Dr9p
454177 Glen of Aherlow Processing Limited  Co. Tipperary
454781 Keechwood Limited Dublin 4
456271 Eoinly Civil Engineering Limited Waterford
461606 Liam Murphy Consultancy Limited  Carlow
474775 Delish Cafe Limited  Co. Cavan
478797 Robert Byrnes Limited Limerick
479893 Trim Wool Shop Limited Trim Co Meath
482064 Law Music Limited Co. Galway
483046 Tender Weddings Limited Co. Dublin
485005 Gerety Farm Machinery Limited  Co Longford
486851 John Moore Safety Limited Co. Limerick
488292 Osds Limited  Dublin 24
500119 Madden Westxpress Limited  Co. Galway
502871 Cosmic Dry Cleaning Services Limited Co. Limerick
502919 United Link Energy Company Unlimited Company  Dublin 6
502952 Erfolk Net Limited  Co Clare
503079 The Redeemed Christian Church of God New Dawn Assembly Midleton Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Cork
503199 O'Connor Bus Hire Limited  Co. Cork
508187 Dark Maths Limited Co. Kerry
509333 The Adult Stem Cell Foundation of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Dublin
510287 Altomoravia Holdings Limited  Dublin 8
511181 Kieran Doyle Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
512341 Docklands Summer Festival Limited Dublin 2
513363 Ldp Design Services Limited  Dublin 6
514059 Martin Mulhall Construction Limited  Dublin 14
516624 Savvy Media Limited Co Meath
517029 Jacami (Ireland) Limited  Dublin 12
518255 M.N.S. Immo Limited Co. Dublin
519733 Baseline Consulting Limited Dublin 18
519985 Tresfull Limited Co. Dublin
520996 Tsr Medical Services Limited Dublin 15
522909 Back2me Limited Co. Wicklow
524987 Quay Street Bakery Limited  Sligo
526778 Tambourine Limited Co. Kildare
527718 Zzyzxl Limited  Co. Kildare
528695 Zackmo Limited  Dublin 2
528696 Blue Cactus Management Limited  Dublin 2
528697 Dam Groep Limited  Dublin 2
528721 Prime Value Capital Management Europe Limited  Dublin 7
529098 Graphic Whisper Limited  Dublin 12
531938 Jtt Newsagency Limited  Dublin 7
532040 Halal Kebab House Limited  Co. Louth
532187 Harvest Work Solutions Ireland Limited  Co. Kildare
532314 Saineolaithe Canach Teoranta  Dublin 2
536572 Sbd Infastech 1 Unlimited Company Dublin 12
536573 Sbd Infastech 2 Unlimited Company Dublin 12
540097 Samot Property Limited Limerick
540393 Hair Quarters Limited  Dublin 24
544554 Appo-G Telecoms Limited  Co. Laois
544920 Calvary Waterford Christian Church Company Limited By Guarantee  Co Waterford
545997 P. Black Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
546790 Zest Projects (Ireland) Limited  Co. Dublin
547731 Digital Cat Limited Dublin 7
548351 Eu Auto Parts Distributor Limited Co. Dublin
548633 Skygenics Limited  Co. Dublin
548687 Embunty Enterprises Limited  Co. Cork
548730 Jobod Limited  Cork
548832 Muenster Limited  Cork
548846 The Negotiators and Mediators International Limited  Co. Meath
548911 Strata Health Solutions Limited  Dublin 2
548922 Adg Construction Limited  Co. Louth
548987 Channel Pwem Company Limited By Guarantee  Co. Cork
549155 Class People (Ireland) Limited  Dublin 8
550554 McOl Building Solutions Limited Co. Wexford
551010 Briargate Developments Kinsealy Limited Wexford
551276 Winmalee Consulting Limited Dublin 17
551647 Musical of My Life Films Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
553042 Cmd Foods Limited Co. Dublin
554422 Mtbonnie Limited Co. Dublin
555101 Ise Training Solution Limited Co Cork
556017 Rc Welding and Inspection Limited Co. Donegal
556778 S & E Aguilar Limited Co. Cork
557220 Previse Limited Co. Waterford
558503 Asgard Lodge Nursing Home Limited  Co. Wicklow
560786 Aussie Outback B.B.Q. Limited  Dublin 24
562047 Zunera Limited  Co. Limerick
564999 Social Butterfly Limited Limerick
567320 Seamrog Trend Limited  Dublin 15
567369 Cobet Consulting Limited  Co Cork
567371 Auto Stop Online Limited  Co. Donegal
567438 Pat Gleeson Tyres Limited  Co. Tipperary
567541 Verota Limited  Dublin 15
567580 Rathmines Music Limited  Dublin 6
570365 Careerwego Limited Co. Tipperary
571554 Wizeoni Limited Co. Waterford
574432 Ko's Chinese Restaurant (Cavan) Limited Co Cavan
578775 Solar Campers Limited Wexford
579262 Trnd Limited Dublin 12
582129 Red Road Properties Limited  Co. Donegal
583624 Allure Car Bike Racing Limited  Co. Cavan
583672 Sea Aid Limited  Co. Cork
587803 Infrequent Tools Limited Cork
588029 Hayes Agri Info Designated Activity Company  Co. Kerry
588355 Xando Sales and Marketing Limited  Dublin 4, D04 Py94
588391 Burke Advisory Services Limited  Co. Kildare
588420 Iot Arann Teoranta  Galway
588465 Wild Atlantic Natural Soaps & Bath Products Limited  Co. Cork
588475 Quertes Limited  Co. Cork
588560 Urban Masala Limited  Cork
588739 Smart Fitness Limited  Cork
588750 F.L. Cozma Construction Limited  Dublin 12
588763 Calaidh Beag Developments Limited  Co. Galway
588809 All Star Management Limited  Co. Dublin
588842 North County Gymnastics Club Limited  Dublin 13
588845 Ianoel Bar Limited  Co. Cork
590452 Scarabeo Limited Dublin 2
595556 Chordata Limited Cork
601866 Dpf International Industrial Hygiene Associates Limited Co Cork
605439 Lloyd Kelly Property Maintenance Limited Dublin 11
606387 Streak Gaming Limited Co. Wicklow
610492 Focused Hub (Irl) Limited  Co. Mayo
610496 Tryco Business Consultancy Limited  Cork
610499 The Jewel of Jules Painters Limited Co. Dublin
610505 Majime Limited  Co. Clare
610526 Cloudappso Limited  Co. Kildare
610529 Gts Robotics Designated Activity Company  Co Louth
610548 Qel Financial Designated Activity Company  Dublin 7
610555 Modulin Limited  Co. Kildare
610566 Essential Pet Care Limited  Co. Meath
610598 Evander Healthcare Limited  Co. Dublin
610622 Apéro Trankil Limited  Limerick
610625 Leeyu Limited  Co. Meath
610650 D&A Travel Events Limited  Dublin 2
610708 The Happy Queen Limited  Dublin 22
610718 Smart Job Construction Limited  Co. Mayo
610724 Hayron Service Partner Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
610727 Livingston Lane Media Limited  Co. Kildare
610739 Island Time Limited  Dublin 6w
610832 Telemedia Appointments Europe Limited  Dublin D02xt91
610865 Edderland Limited  Cork
610868 It-Pgd Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
610870 Lair Entertainment Limited  Dublin 15
610906 Roundstone Capital Real Estate Limited  Dublin 2
610929 Obp Management Company Limited By Guarantee  Dublin 2
610930 First Impressions Bridal Limited  Dublin 16
610936 Aigent Talent Limited  Co. Dublin
610940 Studio Ninety-Eight Wang Limited  Dublin 1
610952 Saffron Sbs Limited  Cavan
610958 Arnoosh Ireland Limited  Dublin 15
610986 Galway Designers Studio House Limited  Co. Galway
610999 Emerald Investigations Limited  Dublin 15
611015 Dotinbox Limited  Dublin 2
611026 Lake Shore Refreshment Limited  Dublin 18
611033 Cheema Ventures Limited  Co. Laois
611247 G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Ireland Limited Dublin 2
612755 Processing and Guidance Limited Kildare, W91 T9dd
613047 Portalis Research & Design Limited Co. Kerry
615405 Natural Fusion Holdings Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
616213 Gr Wind Farms 2 Limited Dublin 2
617712 D&T Eyecare Unlimited Company Kilkenny, R95 Xc98, R95 Xc98
618183 Craft River Limited Co. Dublin
618227 Jlk 100m. Corp Limited Co. Wicklow
618266 Vvv Holdings Limited Dublin 2, D02 H798
621496 The Scream Film Productions Limited Dublin 14
625205 Perle Pentony Limited Co. Meath
625545 Kmol Consulting Limited Dublin 18
625635 Cmp Metabolic Limited Cork
627184 P. J. S. Empire Limited Co. Dublin
627381 A Woodman Qc Limited Co Wicklow
627637 Shibo Estate Limited Dublin 15
630441 Mml Property Partners Limited Dublin 2
630720 Upper Clonmore Farm Limited Co. Offaly
632737 Eau-Coin Investment Holdings Limited  Dublin 2
632742 Diamant Indoctro Limited  Galway
632745 Lynk Mechanic Limited  Limerick
632847 Ballymurray Groundworks Limited  Co Roscommon
632874 Kcpc Limited  Dublin 6w
632886 Grime Scene Limited  Co.Laois
632922 1play Global Pioneering Limited  Dublin 8
632923 Beamline Limited  Dublin 8
632931 Starling Surgical Limited  Dublin 4
632941 Bensonview Limited  Co Cork
632942 Spc Foods Limited  Dublin 22
632948 Kyvor Genomics Limited  Co. Louth
632963 Howden Broking Limited Dublin 2
632975 Tate Build Limited  Dublin 20
632978 North Wood Environmental Services Limited  Co. Kildare
632980 Ice Queen Limited  Co. Tipperary
633024 Tobiezzy Limited  Cavan
633030 Panther & Partner Verwaltung Limited  Dublin 2
633038 Q-Con Plant Hire Limited  Co. Clare
633056 Hot Buttered Toast Limited  Kildare, W23 Dd77
633065 Axe Valorem Limited  Limerick
633070 Q-Con Holdings Limited  Co. Clare
633088 Rhr Motors Limited  Co. Wexford
633191 Nel Consulting Limited  Dublin 2
633203 B3 Digital Solutions Limited  Waterford
633211 Des Green Construction Limited  Cork
633212 Arglano Limited  Dublin 8
633232 Goldlane Limited  Dublin 2
633247 Diocles Limited  Co. Cork
633281 Phoenix Aero Engines Limited  Co Tipperary
633289 L&C Online Sales Limited  Co.Dublin
633292 D&F Concrete Services Limited  Co. Donegal
633313 Repfur Limited  Dublin 7
633318 Goda Tech Limited  Clontarf Dublin 3 D03 P590
633368 Melior Artificial Intelligence Limited  Dublin D07 P4ax
633371 Talldare Limited  Dublin 15
633372 The Grange Stoves Limited  Dublin 6
633386 Polar Krush Ireland Limited  Co. Galway
633388 Vip Motors Limited  Dublin 15
633398 Emforce Limited  Co.Dublin
633411 Sen Global It Limited  Limerick
633425 Ryanair Finance Limited  Co. Dublin
633427 Sustainable Development & Green Energy Trading Limited  Limerick
633908 Smalltone Productions Limited Dublin 12
635524 La Bella Canna Limited Co. Galway
636193 Dore Healthy Lifestyle Training Center Limited Co.Limerick
636571 Bofa Merrill Lynch Merchant Services (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
637208 Dao Vinci Limited Co. Dublin
638753 Martha Care Limited Co. Kildare, R14n773
640946 Transpaygo Ireland Limited Clontarf Dublin 3
641229 Tauntree Limited Co. Donegal
642221 Cara & Co Productions Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
643111 Alpen Elektroanlagen Limited Dublin 3
646186 Corp Apartment Lettings Limited Dublin 2
654314 Euro Emprego Limited Co. Dublin
656502 Lockwood Developments Limited Co Meath
605534 What If We Care Agencies Limited Dublin 13
There are 345 companies in the above list.

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