Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 571 (Week Ending 22/03/2023)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
286146 Performance Improvement Limited Dublin
294695 Attention Deficit Disorder Mid West Support Committee Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
310016 Parity Solutions (Dublin 1999) Limited Dublin
345901 Gmc Life & Pensions Limited Dublin
366010 Nolan Carpentry Limited Kerry
425847 K.D. Developments (Drangan) Limited Tipperary
453077 Edenvale Electrical Contractors Limited Kilkenny
519938 Be Aware Prevent Suicide Company Limited By Guarantee Kerry
527347 Fingal Building & Maintenance Services Limited Dublin
544447 Jadeite Consulting Limited Dublin
556035 Top Shelf Catering Limited Offaly
572348 Osbec Limited Wicklow
585736 Var7 Technologies Limited Dublin
603896 Le Meas Executive Search Limited Dublin 3
609168 Prophecy Labs Limited Dublin
611395 Wet Nose Limited Dublin
620881 Front Row Web Design Limited Limerick
629156 Fourleaf Mobile Limited Donegal
641111 Arn Rental Services Limited Dublin
643543 Fairburn-Hart & Hardingham Intellectual Property Limited Dublin
647554 Emagine Infotech Ireland Limited Dublin
651452 Psc Care Staff Limited Westmeath
656330 Pointner Finanz Limited Dublin
670380 Birch Tree Developments Limited Monaghan
672971 Icon Platforms Limited Dublin
676522 Playground Raters Limited Cork
695692 Activeyez Technologies Limited Tipperary
701416 Shamrock Games Limited Dublin
701958 Carl Thomas Hospitality Limited Dublin
703491 Eu Crossborder Consulting Limited Cork
705378 Movielia Limited Dublin
714003 Capital Care Communications Limited Dublin 2
714027 Onisim Grab Limited Dublin 15
715503 Bs Plus Engineers Limited Dublin
717913 Bookinlab Limited Dublin
718663 Iesmart Limited Louth
723066 Purple Mirror Limited Dublin 6
727594 High Ridge Aviation Management Irish Aggregator Limited Dublin 1
727601 East Cork Safety Services Limited Cork
166226 Michael Kelly Builders Limited Kilkenny
491984 Eirvin Limited Dublin
493342 Alpine Coach Hire Limited Wicklow
500724 Sm Beauty Limited Leitrim
517362 Dublin Bar Academy Limited Dublin
521360 Fennell Communications Limited Dublin
560144 Gregory Financial Services Limited Wicklow
576340 Dream Tree Creations Limited Kildare
607829 F.J Global Marketing Ventures Limited Dublin
622353 Itxc Limited Galway
631925 Gavin Shannon Building Limited Wexford
640137 Sparkle Vision Digital Limited Dublin
642154 Anu Learning Limited Wicklow
645182 E.S.T. Grundstuecks Management Limited Dublin
650954 Rushbrook Mauritiustown Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford
652820 St Anthony's Charity Company Limited By Guarantee Westmeath
653462 Canlab Research Limited Dublin
675742 Healthcare Technology Zentan Limited Cork
678150 Morseti Limited Leitrim
680957 Bhakta Medical Limited Louth
681715 Bannon/Hickey Developments Limited Clare
691491 Customoso Systems Limited Dublin
693910 Apem Ireland Limited Dublin 7
696276 Ireland a Stor Limited Donegal
697214 Dr.-Ing. Ivo Moeller Limited Dublin
697221 Pazzi E-Stores Limited Dublin
698305 Hassles Limited Dublin 15
701188 Doordash Technologies Ireland Limited Dublin
702398 Doordash Essentials Ireland Limited Dublin
704702 De-Cornerstone Healthcare Services Limited Laois
719619 Woodbrook Automotive Limited Dublin
727375 Boogoomoo Investments Limited Dublin 1
365588 Carroll Education Limited Dublin
378679 Hellenic Overseas Trading Limited Dublin
434800 Quinn Bricklaying Limited Wicklow
439088 Ogham Consulting Limited Cork
465468 Temple Printing Nominees Limited Westmeath
471504 Ksg Entertainment Services Limited Dublin
486842 Sleeping Quarters Limited Kildare
508428 Just Like Home Limited Cork
527772 Hairmony Limited Galway
532081 Profect Training Limited Tipperary
553385 Cardorl Limited Louth
577406 Liffey Basement Limited Westmeath
584777 Jod Trial Monitoring Limited Kildare
590900 Evin International Investments Limited Wicklow
612559 Nudge Financial Limited Dublin
622180 Kal Aircraft A380 No. 1 Limited Dublin
622181 Aspen Aircraft A380 Limited Dublin
625019 Crescent College Past Pupils Scholarship Fund Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
633783 Leonhard Fuss Limited Dublin
647763 Mynt Design Limited Laois
663512 Blockavenue International Limited Dublin
673166 Track Suit Gang Limited Dublin
673562 Allied Irish Beekeepers Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
691966 Wealth Stream Limited Dublin
692719 Serac Performance Limited Dublin 18
705322 David Carron Sales Limited Dublin
19592 John McGroarty & Company Limited Donegal
288668 Blaystore Developments Limited Westmeath
298566 Wcw Bes Nominees Limited Dublin
376316 Seamount Developments Limited Dublin
392110 Energy Skills Limited Dublin
405232 Tarbuck Developments Limited Westmeath
428627 Tim Molloy Limited Wicklow
441340 Bun Na Leaca Management Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
450108 Tapetek Limited Cork
507904 Quidenham Limited Dublin 18
551011 Briargate Developments Ardglass Limited Wexford
563972 Fastrack Tyres Limited Kildare
567753 McClelland Consultancy Services Limited Dublin
590546 Nudest Foods Limited Tipperary
604085 Dba Management Limited Limerick
605313 Atlantic Compliance Limited Dublin
628912 Tan Hut Limited Dublin
635032 Elevera Limited Wicklow
657071 Grianan Outdoors Limited Donegal
658294 Emerald Earth Limited Roscommon
664738 Jd Competitions Limited Dublin
672089 Aer Beatha Teoranta Dublin
678172 Halo Top Eu Limited Dublin
681000 Shaga Bilateral Business Consulting Limited Dublin
693108 Wicklow Spca Company Limited By Guarantee Wicklow
693141 Open Office Developments Limited Waterford
700747 Yumeds Holdings Limited Dublin
702655 M&Dh Gmp Consultancy Services Limited Sligo
704178 Tv Equity Holdings Limited Kildare
704275 Hearycarr Holdco 3 Designated Activity Company Dublin
704302 Hearycarr Holdco 8 Designated Activity Company Dublin
704303 Hearycarr Holdco 9 Designated Activity Company Dublin
704304 Hearycarr Holdco 10 Designated Activity Company Dublin
709774 Verso Pollice Limited Dublin
710998 Adedos Ventures Limited Kildare
There are 132 companies in the above list.

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