Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 394 (Week Ending 28/03/2020)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
182618 Passage Shipping Limited Co. Cork
328591 Andona Services Limited Co Cork
331624 Kilbroney Investments Unlimited Company Co Louth
460223 E & T Productions Limited Dublin 13
511910 Nntsk Limited Co. Laois
518957 Sacci Pm Limited Co. Meath
534507 Greenglens Farms Unlimited Company Co. Tipperary
551790 Nimula Services Limited Co. Limerick
575064 Abner Brown Promotions Limited Dublin 6
577556 Windyemerly Gp Limited Dublin 2
587041 Airmilo Travel Solutions Limited Dublin 2
589425 Gerard O'Connell Plumbing Limited Co. Cork
594129 Nzebra Limited Co. Wicklow
606488 Yellow Bowl Bakes Limited Co. Meath
612626 Harmonytree Limited Dublin 2
626733 One16 Pevc Limited Co. Kilkenny
654431 Greenstar Capital Limited Dublin 2
206013 Respond (Support) Company Limited By Guarantee Waterford
360875 O'Mahony Business Consultants Limited Limerick
429703 Conor MacMahon Electrical Limited Co Meath
471848 Teotel Limited Dublin 4
474643 Leonard Coaches Limited Monaghan
483773 Tara Beverages Limited Cork
496821 Dita Eyewear Europe Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin 2
582294 Robs House Limited Co. Kerry
591905 Bweu Limited Cork
595510 Rengen Solar Development Limited Co. Clare
595511 Rengen Solar Installations Limited Co. Clare
596899 Deg Fashions Limited Dublin 24
597917 Advance Cities Limited Dublin 4
614770 Horgan Quality Consulting Limited Cork
625223 Domogat Limited Co. Clare
626777 Seka Medical Limited Co. Cavan
627915 Riva-Classics Limited Dublin 2
640154 Starfuture Administration Limited Dublin 2
641212 Starfuture Real Estate Limited Dublin 2
645885 Book My Medic Limited Dublin 2
647570 Skin Herbalist Limited Co. Mayo
656009 Dtae Intel Ventures Limited Co.Clare
657659 Wethepeople Consulting Limited Dublin 7
90472 Western Avionics Limited Co. Clare
97756 O.B. Marine Limited Co. Dublin
120097 C.C.R. Roofing Limited Dublin 24
153976 Veolia Water Db Ireland Limited Dublin 15
270377 Octagon Design Limited Co. Dublin
287639 Bardon Molumby Services Limited Co Laois
292635 Dingle Travel-Lodge Limited Co Kerry
325192 Island Maritime Limited Wicklow
339372 Agronomy Services International Limited Co. Wicklow
362890 Mob Recruitment Limited Dublin 14
507359 Ryesoft Engineering Limited Dublin 2
507926 Orancastle Limited Galway
518996 Turfgrass Consultancy International Limited Co. Wicklow
579318 Woods Commercial & Residential Limited Co. Limerick
583570 Fyc Sandyford Limited Co. Wicklow
587239 The Ad Eden Clinic Limited Dublin 2
590360 Towe a Line Limited Dublin 9
602857 Shyland Limited Cork
603370 Dee Hutchinson Talent Development Limited Waterford
605236 Fintech First Limited Dublin 4
609530 Oaklands Food Safety Consultancy Limited Co Meath C15 X2d6
609963 Figo Healthcare Limited Co. Kildare
612493 Easter Film Productions Limited Co. Wicklow
619755 Stetawash Limited Co. Mayo
624236 Hiddengent Limited Co. Dublin
624779 Luko Media Limited West Cork
633574 Fizzamore Limited Wexford
635650 Talmer Designated Activity Company Dublin 18
636970 L.Y Wang Limited Limerick
644104 Keash Transport Services Limited Co. Sligo
150300 Merivale Enterprises Limited Co. Meath
477193 Evolve Mobile Limited Co. Dublin
489528 Eventpix Limited Co. Cork
539975 Ian's Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
564603 Sráid Bia Limited Dublin 13
585172 Fone & E Cig Pandora Limited Monaghan
606087 Mq Old Brick Limited Dublin 8
609184 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Eighteen Ireland Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
609200 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Sixteen Ireland Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
609204 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Seventeen Ireland Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
609233 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Nineteen Ireland Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
609234 Cmig Aircraft Leasing Twenty Ireland Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
609486 Jupiter Two Ireland Aircraft Leasing Company Limited Dublin D04 Ep27
628348 Riva Construction Consultancy Services Limited Co. Roscommon
634213 Rreref Limited Dublin 2
87111 The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators Dublin 6
292638 Noel Adams Limited Dublin 11
341360 Advent Construction Limited Dublin 1
352385 Rostrevor Investments Unlimited Company Co Louth
377667 Killydream Transport Limited Co. Cavan
428895 Pat Mangan Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
456119 Ahern & Cusack Limited Co. Waterford
491685 Warrenpoint Investments Unlimited Company Co. Louth
503932 Headland Digital Limited Dublin 7
507883 Brymol Financial Services Limited Dublin 18
542825 Burke Bros Construction Limited Co Wicklow
544277 Ambertec Distribution Limited Co. Dublin
545310 Ndevices Limited Cork
552590 Limitless Carbon Limited Co. Dublin
553455 Zodiak Media Ireland Limited Dublin 2
579188 Acs Gts-E Limited Dublin 8
601996 Horatii Limited Dublin 2
602366 Cell-Free Technology Limited Cork
624386 Invitvip International Limited Dublin 2
626387 Grand Canal Company Tours Limited Co Kildare W23 Xk72
628247 Blue Ocean Massage Limited Dublin 24
645999 Lambson Technology Limited Dublin 15
651966 Sillogue Urban Quarter Designated Activity Company Dublin 11
98764 Sakura-Shamrock Consultants Limited Sligo
143886 Neptune Laboratory Services Limited Co. Galway
170758 Maurice Roche & Company Limited Co Limerick
177404 Droptech Limited Dublin 24
198607 Atherstone Limited Co. Dublin
226899 Accord Engineering Limited Dublin 7
229599 Leisure Security Services Limited Co. Louth
232274 Kentrock Limited Co. Louth
266175 Mc Gann's Plaster Mouldings Limited Co Mayo
270063 Boldeffect Enterprises Limited Dublin 12
273491 Euro-Afro Financial Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
285083 Transquick Limited Co. Sligo
288332 Royalgrange Investments Limited Dublin 5
293391 Webtrade Limited Co. Dublin
302739 Left Field Events Limited Co. Dublin
331398 Llorrac Marketing & Design Limited Dublin 24
332045 Cneasta Technologies Limited Dublin 9
333673 Envirochange500 Limited Cork
341171 Kilard Project Management Limited Co. Meath
355933 Brandon Financial Management Limited Dublin 7
362161 P & C Smyth Stores Limited Co. Longford
383141 Cascade Pool & Hot Tubs Limited Co. Dublin
384571 Gpp Properties Limited Dublin 14
385573 Ardu Consulting Limited Co Na Gaillimhe
407700 Lets Get Together Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee Co Cork
408205 Blayney Bean Counter Limited Co. Monaghan
418451 Noel Dolan Design Limited Co. Leitrim
420197 J. M. J. Ventures Limited Co. Roscommon
421671 B.W.F. Property Development Limited Co. Tipperary
421894 Jion Consulting Limited Dublin 11
422809 Matthews Tours Limited Co. Monaghan
425243 Drp Pharma Limited Co Wicklow
425608 Virtual Assistants Limited Co. Mayo
433512 Keshcarrigan Construction Limited Co. Leitrim
433528 Longford Works Pension Trustees Limited Dublin 2
445077 Markets Real Estate Securities Limited Co. Cork
445923 Cml Restaurant Limited Co. Leitrim
446912 Ics International Contractor Solutions Limited Dublin 18
449938 Visible Chain Technologies Limited Co Meath
457829 Safety and Risk Management Services Limited Co. Leitrim
474361 Irish Innovation & Creativity Foundation Limited Co. Dublin
479513 Glosha Consulting Limited Co. Laois
482348 Ewareness Training Limited Dublin 7
483070 Irish Ballet Forum Co Meath
489563 Unitas Isac Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
494693 Wb Productions Limited Co. Wicklow
504584 Tolvil Limited Co. Dublin
504796 Hedgedirector Limited Co. Dublin
511046 E-Up Unified Perspective Limited Dublin
517774 Earls Farm and Industrial Buildings Limited Co. Galway
518306 Advancia Consulting Limited Dublin 6w
521074 Exceleng Design Limited Co. Galway
522260 Martin Carey Quantity Surveyor Limited Co. Tipperary
523085 Nm Validation Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
523463 Kilrush Parish Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Clare
523967 Applied Information Systems (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
529224 Copanel Limited Co. Mayo
529431 Lieno Logistics Limited Cork
529646 Midland Psychological Services Limited Co. Westmeath
532260 Valent Property Partnership Limited Dublin 18
545487 Quinlan Crane Services Limited Cork
547154 Bmacneale Limited Co. Laois
547170 Stulak Group Limited Dublin D02 Xt91
548277 Neuron Connections Limited Co. Dublin
549381 Reenergise Food and Beverages Limited Co Mayo
556013 Kgb Haulage Limited Co. Offaly
556624 Phoenix Aviation Training Limited Co. Cork
556983 Pedelectric Limited Co. Wicklow
560029 Cloghan Hardware & Garden Centre Limited Co. Donegal
564188 Current Content Limited Co. Cork
564991 Blue It Solutions Limited Dublin 15
567673 Lukeneder International Limited Cork
568920 Fort Knox Networks Limited Co. Cork
571980 Lexicon Innovations Limited Co. Dublin
577012 Upon a Tree Limited Dublin 5
580828 Go X Technologies Limited Co. Kildare
582811 Ethical Financial Advisors Limited Co. Dublin
587229 Black Bear Software Limited Limerick
587702 Mr Sleeping Capsule Limited Co. Dublin
590822 Vvit Consulting Limited Co Meath
596617 Arion Event Management Limited Co. Offaly
598173 So&So Design Limited Dublin 2
600508 Swuite Bohermore Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
600582 Swuite Grangegorman Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
601773 Ksm Billing Management Limited Dublin 7
602944 Windoor Dreams Limited Limerick
603209 Wws Marketing and Creative Services Limited Dublin 18
603970 Innishannon Engineering Limited Co Cork
606455 Groundsong Productions Limited Co. Meath
607654 5 Degrees West Ireland Ocean Racing Limited Cork
610161 Ashwood Actuarial Services Limited Co. Louth
610743 Dollop Limited Co. Louth
610871 Air Vape Limited Co. Laois
610937 Ponce Inlet Limited Dublin 13
615512 Colossus Fintech Limited Dublin
618009 Nuhealth Concepts Limited Limerick
618010 Glia Concepts Limited Cork
618257 Gloracal Enterprises Limited Co. Laois
618787 Fryston Engineering Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
619442 Slj Finance Limited Dublin 15
620170 Q For Cleaning & Maintenance Limited Dublin 24
620622 The Candied Hazelnut Limited Co. Wexford
622524 Infinite Language Services Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
624163 Craft Brew Labs Limited Dublin 14
625375 Seamuz Hmtk Limited Dublin 13
627464 Beemold Facades Limited Dublin 10
627648 Sensilab Limited Cork
628235 Vista Agri 4.0 Hub Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
629389 Alna Productions Limited Co. Wicklow
630082 Culleton Transport Borris Limited Co. Carlow
630628 Finnegan & Son Construction Limited Co. Cork Ireland
632519 Hydrolieve Limited Galway
633375 Rataq Limited Sligo
634673 Soc Productions Limited Limerick
636329 Kimoric Holdings Limited Co. Mayo
636915 Procuserve Limited Dublin 12
638683 Munster Hunter Hirlings Limited Co. Limerick
638713 Lexicon Website Services Limited Dublin 7
639113 Crowning Glory Hair Restoration Limited Dublin 2
639430 Rej Consultancy Limited Dublin 18
642907 Spizarnia (Ie) Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
643244 Hillview Couriers Limited Co. Wexford
646378 Xiang Cr17 Ireland International Ship Lease Company., Limited Do2 Fr58
649776 All Black Tyres Limited Dublin 24
655335 Unilink Impex Limited Cork
655953 Kg Techscience Limited Co. Clare
655954 Jkg Techscience Holdings Limited Co. Clare
659165 Pvp Geeks Limited Cork
There are 236 companies in the above list.

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