Below is a list of Strike Off Listed companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 466 (Week Ending 29/07/2021)
Company Number Company Name H15
Partial Address
421468 Metro North-East Route Alliance Limited Dublin
500642 Richter Medical Services Limited Limerick
531898 Gavmc Trading Limited Westmeath
540638 Salcombe House Limited Dublin
541137 Angortwo Limited Dublin
76742 Bdt International Security Printing Limited Dublin
238223 Buckley's Mechanical & Electrical Contractors (Ballydesmond) Limited Cork
243665 Flower Creations Limited Dublin
356106 The Village Centre Slane Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
364347 Kilcullen Property Management Co Limited Kildare
462148 Gyre & Gimble Productions Limited Mayo
464900 Classic Secretary Limited Dublin
464981 Cappagh Earth Wind & Fire Heating Systems Limited Meath
468491 Lee Valley Harbour Limited Cork
496781 Waddicom Technologies Limited Dublin
518551 Shkj Construction Limited Dublin
537713 Cepe Consult Limited Dublin
557879 Team Training & Events Ireland Limited Kildare
563480 Thortrium Limited Dublin
568952 Norwex Ireland Limited Dublin
581718 High School Rugby Scouting Limited Dublin
585674 Orthokids Solutions Limited Dublin
587084 Peps Packaging Limited Dublin
587544 Chaos & Harmony Limited Dublin
623389 Ortho-Pol Medical Consulting Limited Dublin
639237 Bernie Kelly Catering Limited Wicklow
643012 Mpd Boats Limited Wicklow
658428 Integra Ak Limited Dublin
663642 Oshea Payroll Limited Dublin
665203 Glynn Murphy Limited Kilkenny
670118 Airovis Limited Galway
675395 Unknown Ai Recruitment Limited Dublin
681284 Conor Corcoran Limited Wicklow
414170 Durkin Medical Limited Longford
442283 Kpc Gemb International Limited Dublin
455574 Silverstream Investments Limited Dublin
480390 Hollingsworth Construction Limited Wicklow
486035 Ap Mechanical Engineering Limited Wicklow
498666 Abc Network Limited Dublin
506834 William B. Waldron Limited Galway
537837 Insysso Limited Dublin
563083 The Limelight Nightclub Limited Donegal
570687 Comsys Finance Holdco Limited Dublin
580940 L&M Event & Building Contractors Limited Kildare
590886 Mullaghmore Consultancy Limited Dublin
594011 Denkal Limited Galway
608969 Maneuver Limited Dublin
615666 Etag Investments Limited Dublin
617135 Tax Pie Holdings Limited Meath
644603 On the Menu Ireland Limited Meath
645724 Brevard Limited Dublin
659500 Digital Gateway Limited Dublin
659553 Awaylu Limited Dublin
664005 Traffic Market Limited Dublin
679193 Rynn Technology Services Limited Dublin
680586 Lorcan & Fyon Limited Dublin
127146 The Big Red 1 Limited Dublin
183308 Icsa Consulting and Recruitment Ireland Limited Dublin
325249 Ferris Transport Limited Dublin
389409 Eyris Training Consultants Limited Cork
433150 Tony O'Loughlin & Associates Limited Dublin
440597 Miragreen Limited Galway
453740 Val Eur Properties Limited Tipperary
476564 Trifictech Limited Wexford
482227 EMC Energy Limited Galway
487201 Smt Tech Support Limited Clare
517440 Kitchens 2 Trade Depot Limited Cork
518867 Eamojo Consulting Limited Dublin
530947 Q.K. Meats Garavogue Limited Waterford
530948 Q.K. Meats Lagan Limited Waterford
530949 Q.K. Meats Lee Limited Waterford
530950 Q.K. Meats Liffey Limited Waterford
530951 Q.K. Meats Moy Limited Waterford
530952 Q.K. Meats Nore Limited Waterford
530953 Q.K. Meats Poddle Limited Waterford
530954 Q.K. Meats Shannon Limited Waterford
530955 Q.K. Meats Slaney Limited Waterford
530956 Q.K. Meats Suir Limited Waterford
530958 Q.K. Meats Bann Limited Waterford
530959 Q.K. Meats Barrow Limited Waterford
530960 Q.K. Meats Blackwater Limited Waterford
530961 Q.K. Meats Brosna Limited Waterford
530962 Q.K. Meats Camac Limited Waterford
530963 Q.K. Meats Dargle Limited Waterford
530964 Q.K. Meats Dodder Limited Waterford
530965 Q.K. Meats Easky Limited Waterford
530966 Q.K. Meats Foyle Limited Waterford
530985 Q.K. Meats Tolka Limited Waterford
539802 Devilfish Medical Services Limited Galway
574602 Firebox Limited Wicklow
586553 Ssi Health & Wellness Limited Galway
595055 Amq Business Intelligence Limited Clare
605915 Korthan Limited Dublin
607071 Gecko Code Limited Dublin
609972 Airtek Creative Solutions Limited Cork
610001 Wipetex Limited Waterford
621187 Atlantic Subsea Consultants Limited Mayo
623047 Alliance Safety Resource Group Limited Cork
638285 Byrus Electrical Limited Dublin
641700 Clearvision (Cm) 2005 Ireland Limited Dublin
642042 Oelheld Ireland Limited Limerick
642718 Van Aaken Properties Limited Dublin
643500 Convar Europe Limited Dubln 4
263537 Ruby Box Limited Louth
441943 Cardoc Limited Tipperary
517450 T.L. Agencies Limited Dublin
520449 Streakford Limited Dublin
532738 Duggan Construction and Plant Hire Limited Mayo
567373 The Rights Bureau Limited Wicklow
569791 Viking Apartment Company Limited Dublin
601631 Mt Mechanical & Contracting Applications Limited Cork
602655 Aveen Modelling Limited Cork
613420 Lilly Dawn Limited Dublin
619279 Pinegrove Consultants Limited Waterford
622377 Fola Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
623415 Machine Learning Developments Limited Dublin
625903 Mtj Corporate Limited Dublin
632710 Midland Solar Limited Longford
639105 Rft Engineering Solutions Limited Cork
646467 Fola 2 Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
654038 Penance Tv Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
662421 Cassidy Fitting Services Limited Meath
663855 Nuu Pay Services Limited Meath
664380 Tirol Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin
667784 Ravelin Jet Leasing 4 Designated Activity Company Dublin
667785 Ravelin Jet Leasing 5 Designated Activity Company Dublin
668657 Elysian Beauty Dawson Limited Dublin
674413 Lka Logistics Limited Cavan
There are 128 companies in the above list.

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