Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 383 (Week Ending 05/12/2019)
Company Name Amount Date Industry
1. Cla I P Consulting Limited €100,154 27/11/2019 Other
2. Wildale Limited €68,478 18/11/2019 Hospitality
3. Panda Waste Services Limited €44,198 18/11/2019 Community Service
4. Chordata Limited €38,113 29/11/2019 Other
5. Cj Hospitality Limited €29,095 22/11/2019 Other
6. Independent Plumbing & Drainage Limited €28,332 13/11/2019 Construction
7. T/As Walsh Shopfitters €23,040 02/12/2019 Construction
8. Daisy Retail Limited €13,507 20/11/2019 Trade and Retail
9. Polish Family Foods Limited €12,031 15/11/2019 Trade and Retail
10. Jaffa Cafe (Drogheda) Limited €11,374 22/11/2019 Hospitality
For the total value of €0.37M

Company statistics:

Other = 30% Construction = 20% Trade and Retail = 20% Hospitality = 20% Community Service = 10%

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