Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 632 (Week Ending 25/05/2024)
Company Name Amount Date Industry
1. Carrara Maintenance Limited €269,101 20/05/2024 Other
2. Lowcostdirect Limited €100,522 10/05/2024 Other
3. Eldabane Properties Limited €90,271 10/05/2024 Health
4. Glenmore Generation Limited €79,858 14/05/2024 Other
5. Khan Takeaways & Pizzas Limited T/As Heaven Pizza €50,339 10/05/2024 Other
6. Howley Contracts Limited €45,430 14/05/2024 Other
7. Polish Eagles Football Academy Limited €37,186 10/05/2024 Other
8. Level Up Barkade Limited €30,927 10/05/2024 Other
9. The Persian Cuisine Limited T/As Carcoal Grill) €29,778 07/05/2024 Other
10. Sultan'S Cash & Carry Limited €26,451 15/05/2024 Other
For the total value of €0.76M

Company statistics:

Other = 90% Health = 10%

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