Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 378 (Week Ending 20/10/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
10900 J. Langdon Limited Co Wicklow
18772 Switchfield Unlimited Company Co. Louth
22369 William H. Byrne & Son Unlimited Company Dublin 7
78676 Portomarin Unlimited Company Co. Louth
86571 Asal Printers & Stationers Limited Co Kildare
89917 A. G. B. Developments Limited Dublin 15
95116 Compex Limited Co. Laois
100218 Ben Eadair Fishing Company Limited Co Dublin
100219 Ben Eadair Fish Processing Company Limited Co Dublin
165585 Peter Molloy Transport Limited Co Wicklow
207164 Abermead Limited Co. Kildare
216527 Celtic Club Charter Limited Co Cork
236197 Goodway Catering Limited Dublin 3
236273 Tinal Electrical Limited Co. Kerry
268452 Jazreal Unlimited Company Dublin 2
270756 Kearns & Cuddy Menswear Limited Co Laois
300087 Horsepower Accessories Limited Co Meath
306065 Springport Unlimited Company Dublin 2
311513 J & L Transport Limited Co Dublin
314804 Broadford Community Employment Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee Co Limerick
323109 M & M Products 2000 Limited Dublin 11
324414 Marine Cove Management Company Designated Activity Company Co Meath
348860 Blueglen Technology Limited Co. Meath
351191 Olwyn's Fashions Limited Co. Westmeath
353529 Luxcel Biosciences Unlimited Company Cork
356331 Mercury Equity Investments Limited Dublin 16
359287 Kings Restaurant Sligo Limited Sligo
368448 Tullamaine Homes Limited Co. Tipperary
374727 Kenmare Timber Frame Homes Limited County Kerry
380901 Irish Wellness Management Consultants Limited Co. Cork
387266 Insurance & Liability Management Limited Dublin 4
391550 Sunbeam Montessori & Creche Limited Dublin 15
398418 Castlespring Development Limited Co. Kerry
399107 Eagle Drylining Limited Co.Meath
401382 Biorefinery Ireland Limited Galway
401734 Scroll Agencies Limited Dublin 14
403120 Capital Partners Developments Limited Dublin 18
409339 Langford Developments Limited Cork
409684 Gary Robertson Building Services Limited Co. Wexford
414129 Gort Na Null Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Limerick
414770 Newtown Business Park (Ferns) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Wexford
431798 Steelworks Taverns Limited Co. Dublin
435427 Keyla Developments Limited Cork
436347 Meridian Nursing Home Limited Co. Meath
438781 Divino Veritas Limited Dublin 4
446222 Fox and Hounds Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Cork
447549 The Potanin Institute Limited Dublin 1
450006 The Wellness Institute of Ireland Limited Co. Cork
451674 Deliga Nutrition Limited Co.Kilkenny
451747 Voiceco Networks Limited Dublin 4
452484 Wiredhomes Limited Co. Tipperary
454041 Skf Consultancy Services Limited Cork
463965 Autolotto (Ireland) Limited Co. Dublin
468717 Heatricity Limited Dublin 2
470474 Emer Joyce & Company Limited Galway
471267 Grá an Bhia Teoranta Dublin 8
473101 Denisdoc Holdings Limited Co. Dublin
474557 Used Recycling Machinery Limited Co.Donegal
475608 Ballymount Ventilation Limited Dublin 12
476301 O'Malley Masterson Limited Dublin 6w
477212 J & a Clarke Enterprises Limited Co. Westmeath
482528 Shanvalley Innovative Food Company Limited Co Mayo
484788 Maloney Maintenance Services Limited Dublin 15
488168 Dolwith Limited Dublin 11
490513 Twelve Avenues Limited Co. Limerick
493515 Marian Keane Actuarial Consulting Limited Co Dublin
494450 First Class Woodfinishing Limited Co Wicklow
498297 Cormac Builders Limited Co. Dublin
498961 Irish Claims Consultants Association Co. Kildare
506351 Lot18 Marketing Holdings Limited Dublin 2
506352 Lot18 Marketing Ireland Limited Dublin 2
507318 Besmart Engineering Limited Co. Cork
511208 Health and Wellness Software Solutions Limited Co. Monaghan
512667 Karor & Eason Limited Dublin 15
520091 Softheal Limited Dublin 3
521945 Basz Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
529886 Adjuro Business Services Limited Co. Dublin
535037 Foam Café Limited Dublin 1
535776 Tempbuddy Limited Dublin 8
538661 Xtru-Chew Limited Co. Cork
541157 Vision Qa Limited Co. Cork
541394 Aadyhas Limited Co. Dublin
541958 Creative Nation Media Sc Holdings Limited Dublin 7
541972 Creative Nation McN Limited Dublin 7
544013 Brian Hurley Consulting Limited Dublin 14
545501 Cavel Investments Limited Cork
546185 Doodle & Do Limited Limerick
549209 J.O.D. Clothing Limited Co. Dublin
551979 Gate Safety Solutions Limited Co. Mayo
552035 Fede Gold Limited Galway
553117 Oas Building Limited Dublin 15, D15 N2ty
555130 D. Nomi Limited Co. Louth
555353 Simcove Limited Dublin 2
558628 Graham McCarthy Communications Limited Dublin 2
561327 Blachaplastering Limited Co. Meath
561366 Gillor Limited Co. Louth
561385 Srs Motors Limited Co. Dublin
561560 The Hunger Munger Food Group Limited Co. Dublin
563630 Lostjobs Limited Co. Meath
563742 Skipper Ndt Limited Dublin 7
565112 By Thoroughbreds Limited Co. Wexford
565722 Secure Wrap Limited Co. Dublin
566529 Sk Films Limited Co. Wicklow
569739 Balfour Investments Limited Dublin 4
573112 Max Fortunes Limited Dublin 2
573875 Real Gary Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
575075 Manorlake Consulting Limited Cork
575107 Those Conspiracy Guys Limited Co. Wexford
575524 Hands of Persia Limited Cork
576013 Bulk Delivery Services Limited Co. Kildare
576679 Donegal Farm Machinery Limited Co. Donegal
580402 Campions Public House Limited Co. Dublin
581653 Geronimo Trade Limited Dublin 22
581781 C & C Fibreglass Roofing Solutions Limited Co. Kilkenny
581782 Keane 2 Keane Food Solutions Limited Galway
582908 Big Brother Cctv Limited Waterford
584335 Mindkraft Technologies Limited Dublin 2
587496 Refresh Bnb Limited Dublin 4
588036 Sammon Engineering Services Limited Co. Kildare
592041 Total Civil & Construction Services Limited Co. Roscommon
592741 Balbradagh Logistics Limited Meath
593198 Koliseo Limited Dublin 2
594112 Iotcara Limited Co. Dublin
594400 Ism Accounting and Management Consultancy Limited County Meath
596134 Marwil Trans Limited Dublin 2
597563 Riley Capital Limited Dublin 2
598863 Fuinneamh Productions Limited Dublin 16
602277 Smart Cookie Media Limited Dublin 15
603327 Macron Media Services Limited Dublin 18
603369 Saiyans Consulting Limited Cork
603391 Izene Eu Inc Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
603398 Spirit Growth Ventures Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
603403 West Glow Limited Co. Tipperary
603417 Lamba Marketing Media Limited Co. Dublin
603432 Kennedy Court Media Limited Co Cork
603433 Hoover Tech Limited Co Tipperary
603434 Fletcher Media Limited Co Cork
603440 Redrock Marketing Limited Co Cork
603451 Windsor Media Limited Co. Kildare
603474 Briley Tech Limited Co. Kildare
603475 Featherhill Drive Limited Co. Kildare
603480 Weplay Limited Dublin 2
603481 Weplay Merchandise Limited Dublin 2
603482 Enestech Software Limited Dublin 2
603491 Wisdom & Happy Consultancy and Advisory Services Limited Cork
603520 Early Booking Limited Co Clare
603542 Sully Media Limited Co Tipperary
603568 A Ellison Consultancy Limited Co. Westmeath
603587 Y4kfredy Limited County Louth
603615 Lukher Limited Co. Meath
603619 Kilburn Asset Management Limited Co. Dublin
603681 Ibeez Carpool Limited Cork
603689 Gdm E-Learning Services Ireland Limited Galway
603707 Beksandnas Limited Co. Louth
603747 Mondial Team Limited Dublin 2
603761 Higgins Agri Contracting Limited Co. Galway
603967 Dae Leasing (Ireland) 28 Limited Dublin 1
604792 Empire Marketing Group Limited Dublin 2
608329 Panino Giusto Ireland Limited Dublin 14
610537 Inishowen Quad Safari Limited Co. Donegal
610766 Julbar Limited Dublin 7, D07 A499
610808 E.N.K. Renewvation Limited Co. Kilkenny
615060 Swift Mac Limited Dublin 3
615980 Folláin Pharmaceuticals Unlimited Company Dublin 16
616351 Ironshore Agency (Europe) Limited Dublin 4, D04 H6f6
617042 Briskinfo Consultancy Limited Dublin D6w
618581 Unity Marketing Limited Dublin 2
620339 Ovoca Pmr Limited D8 Wt7c
623575 Orandappl Limited Co. Kerry, V93 K303
623932 Innovative Paper Limited Wexford
625462 Specklestone Investments Limited Co. Meath
625765 M&G Plant Hire & Civil Groundworks Limited Co. Dublin
625803 McGrath Kerry Tarmacadam Limited Co. Kerry
625837 Level One Retail Limited Galway
625845 Ah Lionheart Global Holding Limited Co Kildare
625847 Little Wooden House Limited Dublin
625859 Agus Software Development Germany Limited Dublin 3
625860 Lawlor Music Limited Co. Dublin
625879 Dalcom Construction Limited Dublin 8
625880 God Sent Ministries International Company Limited By Guarantee Kildare
625887 Agriteam Engineering Limited Cavan
625893 Jtm Marvan Construction Limited Co Longford
625965 Construction & Rendering Solutions Limited Co. Galway
625978 Tertium Taverns Limited Co. Dublin, A96 N9k3
625995 Viera-Duarte Health Limited Co. Meath
626023 Taxbusters Accountants Limited Co Meath
626029 Care&Go Limited Limerick
626037 Horn Industry Europe Limited Limerick
626056 Petrof Logistics Limited Co. Louth, A92 Yx60
626639 Metusuno Limited Dublin 14
628094 Ubi Courtage 2.0 Limited Carlow
629257 Medix Innovation Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 4
629987 Supporting Proper Development in Donabate Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
630153 Hurl the World Limited Co. Galway
630873 Celebrate Being Limited Dublin 2
633661 Vsg It Services Limited Co.Kildare, W23he98
633888 S & B Jordan Enterprises Limited Co. Wexford
635686 Hasslefreeswitch Limited Dublin 18
640984 Aei Que Technologies Limited Co. Dublin
648535 Phoenix Immigrant Services Limited Dublin 15
There are 200 companies in the above list.

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