Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 376 (Week Ending 21/08/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
57530 Priorswood Management Limited Co. Louth
66810 W. & D. Motor Sales Limited Co. Dublin
78528 W. & D. Vehicle Rentals Limited Co. Dublin
84454 T.G.M. Guarantees Limited Waterford
97265 Tom Murphy Car Sales (Clonmel) Limited Waterford
151439 Anderson Estates Limited Co. Cork
192061 Tom Murphy (Leasing) Limited Waterford
209005 Goldsmith (Ireland) Limited Co Dublin
213616 Pearl White Limited Co Mayo
249344 Znaps Limited Dublin 6
272397 Rathfarnham Courtyard Developments Limited Dublin 2
273389 Ballybofey Carpet Company Limited Co Donegal
320652 Octagon Online Services Limited Dublin 2
331827 Ballyhugh Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co Galway
333945 Anne McMahon Limited Dublin 15
342925 Belvedere Hills Limited Dublin 2
344622 Morris Pet Centre Limited Co. Clare
347535 Fun Place Limited Co. Dublin
352263 Jmaps Properties Limited Co. Meath
354022 G.McE. Construction Limited Co Donegal
360914 Vessel and Pipeline Inspection Services Limited Co. Limerick
374125 John Keaney Carpentry Limited Co. Roscommon
381368 Quayside Storage Limited Dublin 7
385950 Podium Image Marketing Limited Dublin 2
393189 Donton International Investments Limited Rathmines Dublin 6
394061 Recolyn Limited Cork
401573 Hone Bros. (Ireland) Limited Dublin 5
403032 Laighne Films Limited Co. Sligo
407274 Kench Limited Dublin 16
407297 Sean & Declan Smith Painting Contractors Limited Co Cavan
407728 Clune Wood Flooring Limited Co. Galway
417867 Attnia Limited Dublin 2
419117 Betel of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dublin
423876 Lansalads Limited Co Cork
431094 Colistown Holdings Limited Dublin 12
432011 Gkn Consultancy Services Limited Dublin 16
434752 Refocus People Solutions Limited Co. Kildare
436026 Colistown Recycling Limited Dublin 12
436229 Olive Engineering & Design Services Limited Co Kildare
438422 Dundalk Football Club Limited Co. Louth
439643 Castlegregory Close Managemenet Company Limited Co Kerry
440316 Blyry (Lower) Property Developments Limited Co. Kildare
440335 Blyry Case C Property Development Limited Co. Kildare
441366 Colm Craig Horticulturist Limited Co Cork
445392 Cooltree Developments Limited Co. Dublin
448856 Corona Packaging Limited Co Wicklow
453496 Inc Hair Design Limited Co. Tipperary
459713 Leading Signs Limited Limerick
460068 H2o Promotions Limited Co.Cork
460120 Martin Kiely Kitchens Limited Co. Cork
461592 Valledorado Limited Dublin 1
468270 Complete Insulation Limited Co. Louth
469952 Sunflower Breeze Limited Dublin 14
471410 Mbf Heating & Plumbing Limited Co Galway
476208 Brite:Bill Employment Company Limited Dublin 2
481511 Translojik (Ireland) Limited Co. Wexford
481628 Trinity Financial House Limited Dublin 2
488430 West Coast Fm Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Mayo
489347 Food on Campus Limited Co. Kildare
492155 Plumbserve Limited Co. Wicklow
495646 Noster Media Limited Dublin 1
495803 Greenwood Transport Limited Dundalk Co. Louth
501109 African Diaspora Association of Female Students Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
502250 Pivotal G.S. Limited Canada Street Waterford
503127 Phantom Secure Technology Limited Dublin 7
503188 Audit Protect Limited Co. Dublin
503203 Trufall Limited Co. Kildare
505050 So Be It Technology Limited Dublin 7
505941 Digidox Digital Documentation Limited Co. Kildare
506009 Coudev Limited Co Wexford
510254 Rise the Dust Limited Co. Westmeath
510373 Sprism Limited Co. Dublin
513238 Chepha Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
513739 Gone Gaming Limited Dublin 5
524573 Vnc Online Global Limited Co Clare
527660 Tullan Technology Limited Dublin 2
531568 Omnicrest Limited Dublin 7
532153 M S & L Motors Limited Dublin 12
532239 Magellan in Business Limited Co. Cork
535482 Vtrad Limited Co Cork
536521 Inside Edge Limited Co. Dublin
540381 The Cure, For Those in Recovery Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Waterford
540439 Climax Management Company Limited Dublin 22
540557 Deise Coal Limited Co. Waterford
542953 Qa/Qc Inspection Services Limited Co. Cork
548158 Mudralytik Consulting Limited Dublin 1
548594 The Chowder Company Limited Dublin 8
548820 Candy Lab Limited Dublin 2
548887 Ventus 4 Navitas Limited Dublin 2
549054 Llieno Kroc Limited Co. Cork
549076 Cxc Connect Services Limited Dublin 7
550489 Irish Tyre Processing Limited Co. Clare
553391 Glitch Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
554334 Flirt4free Eu Limited Co. Dublin
554842 Silverwind Solutions Limited Co. Kildare
556245 Minaal Beauty and Medical Clinic Limited Co. Meath
556369 Emire Advisors Limited Dublin D01 X5x0
556370 Ld Barnes Capital Limited Dublin D01 X5x0
557910 Aidan McDonald Consultants Limited Kilkenny
558348 Muratrader Limited Limerick
558391 Fp Shipping Limited Dublin 1
558486 Corpvm Limited Dublin 18
558736 Entire Interiors Limited Co. Carlow
562234 Rainstop Limited Co. Dublin
562953 Webky Limited Co. Kerry
566236 Mng Ventures Limited Co. Dhun Na Ngall
566902 Isa Engineering Limited Cork
567394 Z & S Brothers Limited Longford
568381 Boothrent Limited Dublin 20
570840 Tnt Gym Bray Limited Co. Wicklow
571107 Rockzip Limited Co. Dublin
571392 Blyry Peat Limited Galway
571598 Mar Celtic Solutions Limited Dublin 15
572444 Precision Decisions Limited Co. Cork
575673 Buenos Aires Grill Restaurant Limited Dublin 1
578104 Shabby Chic Hair Boutique Limited Co. Meath
578118 Haider Hawi Limited Co Offaly
578229 Wexford Meats & Casing Limited Co. Wexford
578230 Angel Restaurant Limited Dublin 24
578304 Malakuru Limited Co. Tipperary
579139 Dh Kelly Building Services Limited Dublin 11
579154 Spire Aviation Solutions Limited Shannon
580258 Oakhill Fortune Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
580259 Hibernia Fortune Ventures Limited Dublin 2
582912 Banzai Crowdfunding Limited Dublin 2
583791 Nalgec Winthrop Limited Cork
585760 Ritchie Bros Auctioneers Ireland Limited Dublin 2
588499 Premier Care Centre Limited Dublin 2
588543 Omeath Properties Limited Dublin 2
588840 Corbett Suicide Prevention Patrol Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Limerick
589249 The Belgium Folks Limited Dublin 2
589799 Nautilus Controls Limited Dublin 2
592641 Nakai Ka Limited Dublin 18
592705 Wellclik Limited Co. Meath
593085 Push Make Up Limited Dublin 7
593827 Mgw Engineering Limited Co. Cork
594471 Good Vision Limited Co. Roscommon
598146 Nui Driver Training Limited Co Dublin
599510 Eyeonline Tv Limited Dublin 2
599511 Chancery Park Management Limited Co. Westmeath
599514 Smart Dailys Limited Dublin 7
599545 D & M General and Auto Traders Limited Co. Limerick
599617 Eupayreg Limited Co. Laois
599640 Adirom Limited Cork
599682 Tm Informatix Limited Co. Kildare
599684 Move a Car Limited Co Donegal
599690 Supplement Deals Ireland Limited Co Mayo
599691 All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford
599696 Hugh O'Brien Hbs Ireland Limited Dublin 6w
599714 Liminal Imports Limited Waterford
599725 Sama's Kitchen Limited Co. Dublin
601933 Pieago Limited Wexford
605254 Mhs Solutions Limited Co. Dublin
605518 Claragh Engineering Consultants Limited Co. Cork
606907 O' Halloran Energy Solutions Limited Co. Cork
608320 Star Tw Limited Co Dublin
609705 Rn Contracts Limited Limerick
611118 Colin Graham Limited Dublin 13
614263 Importers & Distribution Limited Co. Tipperary
614353 Iqoption Ireland Limited Dublin 2
619044 Kogneos Limited Dublin 2
621125 Maysfield Residents Association Limited Co. Dublin
621930 Mitochondrial Family Co Galway
622262 Nbm Grain Thirteen Limited Co. Kildare
622343 Handmade Seller Online Limited Dublin 2
624045 Dbserv Consultants Limited Co. Dublin
625483 Cross Ocean Aviation Ireland Limited Dublin 2
625629 Digiit For Business and Communication Limited Co. Louth
626243 Davco Private Equity Limited Dublin 2
628533 Toughbike Limited Dublin 3
630502 Carkel Coffee Limited Co. Kildare
630635 McDonough Therapeutic Services Limited Dublin 12
633433 Bppm It Specialists Limited Co. Clare
637945 Simulride Limited Dublin
There are 174 companies in the above list.

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