Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 375 (Week Ending 16/06/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
10014 M.I. Esses & Sons Limited Dublin 2
16614 Esco (Sundries) Limited Dublin 2
28094 Waterside Estates Limited Dublin 2
33131 Grafton Services Limited Dublin 4
49331 Keane Electrical Limited Dublin 15
53651 Glora Investments Limited Dublin 4
71973 Hanka (Galway) Limited Galway
79372 Wavendon Flat Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 4
105902 Graphic Prism Limited Co. Cork
115039 Broad Street Centre Limited Waterford
115980 Gillmount Developments Limited Co.Tipperary
119664 Feelgood Media Limited Co. Galway
129372 Allure Security Limited Dublin 5
129459 Four Star Pizza Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin 2
137642 Davy Airfinance Investors Trust Limited Dublin 2
138596 Bsc (Properties) Limited Waterford
149050 Rainforest R & D Limited Co. Westmeath
149572 Music Centre Limited Co. Donegal
170685 United Beverages Pension Trustees Company Limited By Guarantee Ireland
194941 Ercoland Limited Dublin 2
196210 Kelly's Garage (Donore) Limited Co. Kildare
204750 Landstar Investments Limited Dublin 4
224568 Mosswood Developments Limited Co. Meath
236851 Interactive Music Limited D06 X3w7 Ireland
256434 Cush Electrics Limited Co. Galway
257916 St. Albert's Nursing Home Limited Cork
277528 Quintus Manufacturing Limited Co. Meath
281363 South East Motor Cross Club Limited Co. Wicklow
297988 Tom Murray Developments Limited Cork
312832 Armadillo Computing Limited Co Cork
315884 Pontell Holdings Limited Waterford
321473 Kelpro Limited Dublin 6w
326505 Burke & Egan Furniture Manufacturing Limited Limerick
327151 Noise Productions Limited Dublin 14
332976 Esquires Property Limited Galway
334052 Eu Bookings Limited Co. Waterford
345299 South West Offshore Services Limited Co. Cork
348161 Jesters Leisure Limited Dublin 2
353587 Helipilot Limited Co. Galway
355148 Vl4 Staranise Limited Cork
364016 Nanocomms Nominees Limited Dublin 2
366108 Mbresourcing Limited Co. Cork
392607 New Era Asset Management Limited Dublin 2
395007 Gaynor Heating Limited Co. Meath
402542 Odessa Club and Restaurant Limited Dublin 2
406486 Darcia Bars Limited Co. Tipperary
417237 Exsmiel Limited Dublin 2
419119 East West Cable One Limited Co. Kildare
422841 Gleesons Bookmakers Limited Co. Kilkenny
422919 Aylesbury Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Sligo
427742 Marc MacSharry Properties Limited Sligo
427945 Black Note Unlimited Company Dublin 2
430272 Indoco Limited Co. Cork
437218 Cliffe Shipping Youghal Limited Co. Cork
438788 Glenlake Management Company Limited Dublin 2
440998 Crystal Bar Systems Limited Dublin 12
441215 Emerald Business Consulting Limited Dublin 2
445672 Block B&C Francis St Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 6
446277 The Seventh Augusta Nominees Limited Sandyford Dublin 18
447978 Catherine Kiely Consultants Limited Co Kerry
462904 Bag Travel Limited Dublin 15
471957 Westmar Consulting Limited Galway, H91 Fxr8
472054 Corporate Surveillance & Intelligence Limited Co. Dublin
473449 Oneshop Property Services Limited Dublin 17
476160 Good Value Homes Developments Limited Co. Cork
483933 Altus Quantum Limited Co Dublin
487983 Watertek Consulting Limited Carlow
489361 Coal Direct Ireland Limited C150e2t4
490341 Bracton Limited Dublin 4
490716 Dryc Limited Dublin 22
491647 Fortuna Maior Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
500702 Rohilla Medics Limited Co. Meath
502518 James Duggan Adventure Sports Limited Co. Cork
503796 Castle Archers Limited Co. Wexford
504324 Dvc Energy Consulting Limited Cork
505296 Fmb Audit and Advisory Limited Dublin 7
505737 Global Living Ventures Limited Dublin 2
506181 The Irish Responsible Gambling Board Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
507852 Enigma Networks Limited Dublin 1
513032 Castlemeighan Investments Limited Cork
514968 Lixnaw Walkway Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kerry
518354 Plan Ahead Events Ireland Limited Dublin 6w
525617 Simpl Digital Media Limited Dublin 7
529672 Mountain Stream Cloud Software Limited Dublin 12
529982 France Irlande Gastronomie Limited Dublin 6w
530160 Reliable Gas Limited Dublin 17
531690 Falkin Butchers Limited Co. Clare
532822 D.O.T. Logistics Limited Co. Clare
534053 The Findependent Group Limited Co. Cork
538648 Tfs Forestry Limited Co. Limerick
541111 Riley Project Management Limited Dublin 12
541321 Whitevalley Limited Cork
547951 Sardar Medics Limited Co. Offaly
547975 Ballydowd Tyre Centre Limited Co. Dublin
548553 The Pick Pack Store Limited Co Louth
554897 Cloudox Limited Co Longford
555147 Mac Homes & Real Estate Limited Monaghan
557285 Bramley Hopkins Web Services Limited Co Dublin
557753 K.M.R. Records Limited Co. Monaghan
559964 Tobias Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
561048 Mtd Professional Consultants Limited Co. Carlow
561911 Kod Lean Enterprises Limited Co. Louth
564040 Craven Industrial Holdings Public Limited Company Dublin 3
564081 Newslinn Technologies Limited Dublin 8
564283 C.F.E Medical Limited Galway
564563 Styling Suite Limited Co. Kerry
564815 Ioc Forecourt Limited Dublin 10
568089 Impact Cultural Project Management Limited Co. Cork
568971 J.T.S. Takeaway Limited Co. Longford
569951 Pop in Takeaway Limited Tipperary
571318 Niall Conroy Medical Services Limited Dublin 24
573392 Insight Renewables Limited Dublin 24
574473 Wetalkit Limited Dublin 18
574490 Bookstar Publishing Limited Cork
574498 Ak Euroequip Limited Dublin 11
574521 Omni Medicare Limited Co. Kildare
574550 Cammeray Limited Co. Carlow
574580 Selection Garments Limited Dublin 7
574581 Saimayas Limited Co. Dublin
574586 Some Like It Fresh Limited Co. Kildare
574627 Srmks It Services Limited Dublin 9
576105 Finches Restaurant Limited Monaghan
576965 Vp Incoming Travel Services Limited Galway
577984 Sliabh Consulting Limited Cork
578194 Jade Payments Ireland Limited Co. Cork
578646 Ourtown Passport Limited Co. Wexford
579451 Young Hearts Limited Co. Kildare
581416 Nation-Wise Nation Branding Limited Dublin 2
583935 Rosco Medical International Limited Dublin 9
585406 Laurken Limited Co Wicklow
586773 Maureen O'Shea Pharma Consulting Limited Cork
589307 Cptm Management Limited Dublin 2
590832 Aughtreagh Grass Limited Co. Cavan
590968 F. Keogh Electrical Group Limited Co. Dublin
591065 Maud Search Group Limited Co. Westmeath
592031 Cityzen Dublin
592859 Binary Tree Limited Dublin 11
593132 Adramita Limited Dublin 24
593548 Mountlucas Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Offaly
594899 Inveniio Technology Solutions Limited Co. Galway
595491 Trifecta Labs Ireland Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
595691 Bitahon Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
595707 Slieverue Engineering Limited Co. Kilkenny
595720 Grove Village White Limited Dublin 2
595728 Paragon Designs Limited Dublin 2
595755 Kamils Med Limited Cavan
595762 Goonan Distribution Limited Co. Longford
595778 Johnstown Paddocks Limited Co. Meath
595789 H.N.R. Scaffolding Limited Dublin 22
595798 Vrk Recruitment Limited Dublin 15
595800 Simon Quality Construction Limited Dublin 7
595861 Jamie Capital Limited Cork
598959 Cloud Smart 360 Security Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
600437 Hawkland Limited Dublin 2, D02 Dh60
602022 Vet Work Recruitment Limited Co. Laois
604694 Supermodel of Ireland Limited Dublin 6
605312 The Village Boutique Limited Donegal
605346 Munster It Support Limited Cork
605998 Lebec Industry & Trading Limited Dublin 1
606655 Man-Sol Limited Co Clare
607395 Bl Jv Limited Co Kildare
609491 Sirius Alpha Investments Limited Dublin 18
609535 Wonderful Horizons Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
609866 Hnbloem & Associates Limited Dublin 16
611243 Crennan Flue Harvester Limited Co. Clare
612136 Virtual Playroom Limited Cork
613537 Autolec Limited Co. Cork
615675 Nabs Advisory Limited Cork
616379 AA Skewers Limited Galway
617966 Integrated Project Delivery Limited Dublin 2
617978 Smart Alternative Limited Co. Dublin
617985 Alliance Golden Limited Co. Dublin
618006 Linton Medical Services Limited Galway Ireland
618055 Glenview Aggregates Limited Sligo
618057 Global Services Vzla Limited Dublin 2
618065 Athlone Dental Excellence Limited Dublin 2
618066 Shannon Dental Excellence Limited Dublin 2
618099 Ai Personal Shopping App Limited Co. Cork P31hw35 Ireland
618113 Magic Locksmith Services Limited Co. Dublin
618115 Qwabo Limited Dublin 3
618122 Fab Factory Limited Co. Louth
618124 Abbeylands Developments Limited Co. Meath
621960 Conversion Bug Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
633181 Creative House Innovations Limited Dublin 2
633769 Quantum Pharma Limited Co. Cork
640150 As Aviation Alibaba Limited Dublin 1
There are 186 companies in the above list.

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