Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 356 (Week Ending 19/12/2018)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
3630 Priceglen Unlimited Company Co Cork
29771 Central Garage (New Ross) Limited Dublin 3
31218 M. O'Leary & Sons (Millers) Limited Co. Cork
35523 J.F. Kenny Management Company Limited Dublin 6
64774 Michael B. Costello Limited Dublin 3
76732 Fuinneoigi Chonnamara Teoranta Co. Galway
77807 Ics Environmental Control Systems Limited Dublin 18
89725 Flexachem U.K. Limited Cork
92737 Meed Enterprises Limited Dublin 11
112571 Shamrock Tea Merchants Limited Dublin 16
114652 Brandsma Books Limited Co. Dublin
148047 Oktag International Limited Kilkenny
150563 Ashington Limited Dublin 6
153637 Flexachem International Limited Cork
157956 Fordbrook Engineering Limited Co Cork
160181 Service D'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire Corporation Limited Dublin 18
165146 Kisswood Limited Co. Galway
174682 Flexachem Group Limited Cork
175982 Oakway Developments Limited Co. Louth
185698 Ailesbury Corporate Finance Limited Dublin 14
193356 Millvard Limited Cork
211950 Harry's Bar and Restaurant Limited Co Donegal
224681 Sun Shore Limited Co Dublin
227897 Thornton's Restaurant Limited Dublin 6
241909 Cedar Conservatories Limited Co Dublin
244833 Belgard Windows Limited Dublin 12
245281 Eugene Carey (Auctioneers) Limited Co. Cork
246260 Blazeside Limited Co Cork
247319 Tom Murray Construction Limited Cork
248138 Glebe Junior Montessori School Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
251407 Dolphin Enterprises Limited Co Cork
255074 Richcourt Developments Limited Dublin 3
259874 Redland Ventures Limited Dublin 2
261119 Broomglade Unlimited Company Co Cork
285682 Bellozane Limited Dublin 2
286003 Paragon Stores Limited Dublin 15
294441 Velostar Consulting Inc. Limited Cork
294728 Pencross Construction Limited Co. Kildare
295469 Dukeswalk Trading Limited Co Louth
299051 Daneshouse Limited Co. Kerry
301558 Cronton Limited Co. Meath
304952 Pipetec Design Limited Co. Cork
307384 Dublin Tourism Information Centre Limited Rathfarnham Dublin 14
308391 Pye Electronics Limited Rathfarnham Dublin 14
311325 Allied Fuels Limited Dublin 18
315321 Accolade Computers Limited Co. Kilkenny
320369 Amharclann Backstage Limited Longford
332047 Michael O'Donovan & Son (Midleton) Limited Co. Cork
336878 Stephen Curran Transport Limited Co. Kildare
340231 Calmec Engineering Limited Co. Meath
341290 Taipan Properties Limited Co. Offaly
341298 Blackstar(Internet).Ie. Limited Dublin 12
342903 Litton Lane Hostel Limited Dublin 12
352466 Document Lifecycle Management Solutions Limited Dublin 15
352801 Robswall Property Limited Dublin 2
353132 Mullally Plant Hire Limited Co. Offaly
357790 Conted Limited Dublin 6
360277 Leader Sportswear Limited Dublin 15
364799 Nation I.T. Solutions Limited Co. Cork
368073 Dundalk I.C.T.U. Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Louth
368242 Seamus Sheridan Construction Limited Co. Westmeath
369168 Brooks Reconstruction Limited Co. Dublin
369190 Belgard Window Systems Limited Dublin 12
382373 Carthanach Company Limited By Guarantee Tipperary
382580 Totem Media Limited Co Clare
382748 Tibodo Limited Dublin 24
384300 Chimfix Solutions Limited Co. Galway
388051 A.B. Impex Limited Co. Clare, V94v9kn
388495 Premier Meats Supply Co Limited Dublin 15
393243 Pyrmont Bloodstock Limited Co. Wicklow
394024 D.B. Damp Proofing & Developments Limited Co. Monaghan
399649 Trueman Catering Limited Co. Westmeath
399938 First Touch Developments Limited Co. Clare
401535 Lakeside Walk Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Monaghan
407514 Fitness Fanatics Limited Kilkenny
413645 Galt Catering Limited Co. Cork
413665 Michael Connolly Haulage Limited Co.Kildare
416607 C & F Print Solutions Limited Dublin 16
417116 Asterion Software Limited Co. Cork
417977 The Retail Park Carrickmines Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2, D08 Ft82
423575 Tempore Unlimited Company Dublin 14
427800 Lansa Developments Limited Dublin 2
428707 Korpc Services Limited Cork
433267 Springview Homes Limited Co. Monaghan
439075 Glynn Interiors Limited Co. Roscommon
440936 Griffin Walsh Engineering Limited Co. Kerry
441622 Colm Hayes Media Services Limited Co. Dublin
443781 Plurabelle Limited Dublin 9
450102 Villefranche Classic Sailing Limited Co Dublin
453196 Gerimac Limited Co. Donegal
453603 Big Orange Consultancy Works Limited Co. Wexford
455863 Tundra Airwave Holdings Limited Carlow
457099 Kmcc Investments Limited Dublin 12
458835 Addicted To Profits Limited Cork
459310 Ceramic-Tec Limited Dublin 2
459419 Vbf Technology Limited Co Kildare
460323 Tornog Commercial Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway
468260 Pts Catering Limited Co. Longford
468565 Home Diy & Supplies Limited Co. Wexford
469049 Virginia Advisory Services Limited Co. Louth
472569 E.W. Insulation Limited Co Wicklow
472667 Eden Sheltered Housing Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co Kerry
473626 Glencullen Dog Kennels Limited Co. Dublin
474297 Landmark Domains Limited Dublin 2
478043 Ballina Mobile Limited Co. Mayo
479221 E-Store Network Solutions Limited Dublin 15
479222 Myshowroom (Holdings) Limited Dublin 15
479223 Magnum Wholesale Limited Dublin 15
480035 Standbury Limited Co. Kilkenny
480555 Karora Limited Dublin 12
480990 Ambrose Lynott Construction Limited Co. Mayo
481888 Zerotouch Media Limited Co. Dublin
483654 Euro-Bridge Brown Limited Co. Cork
485647 Oxems (Ireland) Limited Dublin 13
486690 Diy Pursuits Limited Limerick
489322 Fayssac Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
490324 Shajee Limited Co. Dublin
490691 The Guardian Children's Project Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Wicklow
494284 Value Dog Treats Limited County Cork
494873 Food-Bridge Oak Limited Co. Cork
494874 Food-Bridge Pine Limited Co. Cork
495097 Cork Scrap Processors Limited Co. Cork
495714 Caroline Doyle Limited Co. Wexford
496161 Euro-Bridge Banana Limited Co. Cork
496179 Food-Bridge Tomato Limited Co. Cork
496422 Dungannon Plant Sales Limited Co. Westmeath
496622 Bow Wow Pets & Fishing Limited Lucan
500574 Leinster Animal Rescue Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
503169 Euro-Bridge Fennel Limited Co. Cork
504074 Energise Electrical Engineering Limited Dublin 4
504559 Yogism Limited Dublin 15
504980 Oaklands Development Owner Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
505772 Herculean Business Consulting Limited Co. Donegal
509842 Luceo Consultants Limited Dublin 2
512281 Alexandra Residential Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 3
512460 Crystal Cubes Limited Dublin 24
512598 Pallet Drop Ireland Limited Co. Galway
513107 Commonage Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kilkenny
514787 Ts Shore Consultancy Limited Co. Tipperary
515422 3i High Yield Capital Partners Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
517508 Aoife Wing International Trading Limited Dublin 1
523331 Crested GAA Balls Limited Co. Tipperary
523544 Framed and Delivered Limited Co. Cork
524526 Eco Gas Limited Dublin 15
525214 Meraltech Designated Activity Company Co. Dublin
525898 Rafa's Temaki Limited Dublin 2
526167 Avantech Labs Limited Co. Cork
527557 Get Focused Limited Dublin 10
527953 The Handyman Maintenance Company Limited Co. Louth
528294 Kt Laundries Limited Co. Louth
529499 Delice Catering Limited Dublin 8
529634 Love Buzz Vibes Limited Co. Dublin
529667 Furlong Computers Limited Co. Wexford
531292 Agora Music Limited Dublin 8
532840 San Fran 49ers Taverns Limited Co Cavan
532861 Emerald Registrar Limited Dublin 2
533502 Mundio Network Ireland Limited Dublin 9
533561 Mustardside Limited Dublin 4
533988 Chuan Fu Lin Limited Co. Monaghan
534563 Mundio Mobile Distribution Limited Dublin 9
535532 Mundio Ireland Limited Dublin 9
535555 Jda Furniture Limited Co. Tipperary
536698 Kilfeacle Nr Construction Limited Co. Tipperary
537090 Wedding Decor By Madeleine Limited Co Meath
537829 Jameson Logging Limited Co. Wicklow
539409 Nano-Kamo Limited Co. Laois
540128 My Yoga Limited Waterford
540537 Ami Client Services Limited Dublin 2
540852 Cooper Cleantech Consulting Limited Co. Cork
541282 Ethical Pork Limited Co. Meath
546182 Mitchell/Mulcahy Catering Limited Co. Sligo
547235 Countycovers Limited Co Wexford
548093 Grace Health Limited Limerick
553725 Trojan Wire Company Limited Co. Kildare
554029 Triskelvia Limited Dublin 16
556367 Earth and Medical Foundation Wexford
557820 Queen of Ireland Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 2
558287 Relaxation Gym Limited Limerick
558878 Tusk Dream Limited Co. Dublin
559542 Mrw Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
563830 Cleaning and Safety Products Limited Co. Donegal
563848 Annacarty Aerospace Limited Co. Tipperary
563878 Ld Sheridan Hospitality Limited Co Cavan
563914 Smartqrtravel Limited Galway
563964 Sports Hub Limited Dublin 11
563992 Gonegirlgone Limited Co. Dublin
564034 P & N Tyre Services Limited Co. Cavan
564042 Sk Finishing Services Limited Co. Wexford
564082 Jem Civil Engineering & Groundwork Limited Co. Cavan
564146 Lino All - in Services Limited Co. Cork
564175 Caffe Amore Limited Dublin 2
564205 Cardioeducation Limited Dublin 2
564212 Culback Logistics Limited Co. Donegal
564215 Amran Tandoori Limited Cavan
564242 Rb Accounting Limited Co. Kilkenny
564247 Sxud Limited Dublin 12
564248 Ifl Forwarding Limited Dublin 15
564277 Future Vision Consultants Limited Tipperary
565884 Crowley Life and Pensions Ireland Limited Co. Meath
567128 Ndb Tours Limited Dublin 12
569143 Khwezi Financial Services Europe Limited Co. Wicklow
569278 Bronzeglen Unlimited Company Dublin 4
570091 Shahbaz Aircraft Leasing Limited Dublin 13
570156 Axon Search Limited County Dublin, K67 E0a2
571391 Skemar Limited Co. Galway
571652 Copper Ireland Financing I Unlimited Company Dublin 2
573408 Blinddata Limited Co. Dublin
575009 Safe Farm To Fork Limited Co. Louth
575096 Kildonan It Limited Co. Dublin
575989 Gleeson Scaffolding Limited Wicklow
577315 Dps Advisory Limited Co. Dublin
577539 Lostlink Limited Dublin 7
578055 Food Media Limited Co. Dublin
580871 Rishi Technologies Limited Co. Kildare
582115 Hallinan Psychological Services Limited Co. Roscommon
584199 Jds Commercial Services Limited Co. Wexford
584909 Annaly Fashions Limited Longford
584935 Ghulab Tandoori Limited Dublin 11
584971 T.R.L. Developments Limited Co. Meath
584976 New Khan Balti Takeaway Limited Dublin 22
585049 News Service Novosti Limited Dublin 2
585115 Sai Foods International Limited Co. Roscommon
585148 Maos Limited Galway
585188 Lazar Automotive Limited Dublin 15
585229 Manahil Food Limited Dublin 7
586005 Cosaze Limited Co. Meath
589678 Uherrd Limited Co. Kildare
590309 Sealiner Limited Dublin 2
590965 Vmc Partners Alliance Limited Dublin 2
592521 Fyp Globalvision Limited Dublin 6
595886 Utility Finances Limited Co. Kildare
600194 Three B's Cafe Limited Co. Tipperary
602965 Cushbar Properties Limited Co. Wicklow
603524 Fno Tech Limited Dublin 8
604034 Sasof Iii (A29) Aviation Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
604035 Sasof Iii (A30) Aviation Ireland Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
605654 Dateme Limited Co. Meath
606171 Ecomglobal Inc Limited Dublin 2
606725 Pj Hill Limited Co. Clare
606744 Cff Technologies Limited Dublin 9
606748 Alfurqan Community Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
606773 Plandai Industries Limited Co Clare
606775 Rosmarbecs Limited Dublin 22, D22 Xn44
606788 Expro Recovery Limited Co. Kilkenny
606797 Freeport (Galway) Property Limited Co. Galway
606814 Rasbora Limited Co. Cork
606884 Vitropics Limited Co. Galway
606977 Ryan's Auto Recyclers Limited Co Leitrim
606986 Alnic Construction Limited Co. Wicklow
607425 Azyan Medical Services Limited Limerick
609768 Sector7 Openvms Migrations Limited Dublin 7
617143 Cave Creations Limited Co. Dublin
618338 Wts Aero Limited Dublin 5
618525 Lumiere Distributions (Ireland) Limited Co. Waterford
628086 Lioness Finance Designated Activity Company Dublin 4, D04xn32
There are 255 companies in the above list.

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