Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 362 (Week Ending 16/02/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
59607 The Cape Diamond Company Limited Co. Dublin
66453 Clareen Limited Co. Meath
82023 Indur (Trading) Limited Dublin D08 W6r7
82755 Walham and Company Limited Dublin 14
86084 Four Leaf Services Limited Co. Cork
124077 Grotron Limited Dublin 2
158882 Courier Publications Limited Co. Clare
182751 Mecore Limited Co. Dublin
192323 La Familia Limited Co. Cork
202077 M. D. A. Limited Limerick
209955 Letur Limited Co. Meath
209960 Leuze Limited Co. Meath
209962 Leushi Limited Co. Meath
209964 Liconi Limited Co. Meath
218053 The Cutting Corner Limited Dublin 4
219359 Easthill Limited Co. Meath
219362 Caceras Limited Co. Meath
219369 Aznavale Limited Co. Meath
219370 Egmont Limited Co. Meath
223484 Daisy World Limited Co. Meath
223485 Daisy Gold Limited Co. Meath
223581 Cypress Gold Limited Co. Meath
223723 Superfect Limited Dublin 6
224172 Dagtec Limited Co. Meath
225455 Langridge Limited Co. Meath
225911 Kenderwood Limited Co. Meath
228374 Drake View Limited Co. Meath
228380 Diamond Lake Limited Co. Meath
228390 Ankabay Limited Co. Meath
228393 Dibond Limited Co. Meath
228394 Dukesfan Limited Co. Meath
228395 Dukesbay Limited Co. Meath
265030 Athenry Taverns Limited Co.Galway
290162 Rossmire Limited Co Meath
296501 Dynamic Business Systems Limited Co. Laois
305213 Wren Innovations Limited Co Louth
316120 Crystal Communications Limited Co. Carlow
321347 St. Michael's Field Limited Thurles Co Tipperary
324661 Wbp Block 2 Management Company Limited Co. Dublin
325044 Announcements Online Limited Co. Kildare
328020 Cianlaur Construction Limited Co Galway
352990 Acad Engineering Limited Dublin 14
353228 O.S. Consultants Limited Dublin 16
353938 Pheiffer Lynch International Limited Dublin D15 Tn3n
369328 Morehampton Developments Limited Dublin 4
377389 Aston Carpets & Flooring Unlimited Company Co. Mayo
384342 Ryanasia Limited Dublin 4
385355 Memel Construction Limited Dublin 24
386921 Institute For Disability and Senior Citizens (Idsc) Company Limited By Guarantee Co Wexford
403024 Carnabhal Property Developments Limited Co. Wexford
407432 Fitzgerald House Mgmt Limited Co. Tipperary
409765 Brookvalley Enterprises Limited Co. Cavan
425795 Monksland Oyster Hotels Limited Parkmore Galway
425798 Dciti Limited County Kildare
425940 Golden Inn Palace Limited Kilkenny
426708 Fairymount Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
432732 Pafco 35791 Limited Dublin 2
435549 J & a McCarthy Stores Limited Cork
439108 Kaikoura Investments Limited Dublin 2
440494 Dsk Marketing Limited Dublin 1
441534 Crowe Carpentry Limited Co. Offaly
441601 D & T Niblock Limited Cork
441718 Kwbp Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
442180 Ryans Bookkeeping & Management Services Limited Co Offaly
445337 Lighthouse View Management Company Limited Co. Kerry
446035 Cp Park Road Management Limited Co. Kerry
450914 Ventisys Technology Limited Co Sligo
455449 Innox Construction Limited Waterford
456497 Gerry Murphy Consulting Limited Dublin 18
460777 Ba Clane Limited Co Kildare
469900 Thai Shamrock Trading Co. Limited Dublin 2
474795 Echo Consultants Limited Co.Limerick
474896 Sportsline Marking Limited Dublin 12
476256 Shotclip Limited Dublin 1
479372 Living Cultural Solutions Limited Co Meath
482248 Elite Blinds Limited Co. Dublin
484133 Hiroki Limited Dublin 18
488110 Annie's Hair Salon Limited Co. Kildare
488357 The Magic Roundabout Creche & Montessori Limited Co. Dublin
488392 Cadouin Consulting Limited Co. Laois
489942 Irish Legal Software Limited Co. Offaly
491627 Greener N-Vision Limited Co Longford
491894 Bandon Rose Limited Co. Cork
493754 Ragem Limited Dublin 6
495992 Nmp It Solutions Limited Co. Limerick
497453 Fid-Fighting Infectious Diseases-The Gambia Kilkenny
497811 Sullivan's Quay (No. 7) Consultancy Limited Dublin 6
498965 Refcove Limited Dublin 15
499664 Curra Documentation Consultants Limited Co. Cork
502904 Doyle Bookmakers (Wexford) Limited Wexford
503027 David Whelan Consulting Limited Co. Dublin
503037 Scs It Consultancy Limited Co Cork
503187 Ticketingo Limited Co. Clare
503779 Uppercourt College and Social Enterprises Limited Limerick Limerick Ireland
505800 Roasted Coffee Shop Limited Cork
508000 Statler Engineering Limited Co. Dublin
509642 Rockfit Technologies Limited Co. Clare
511790 Fairfield Insurance & Reinsurance Intermediaries Limited Dublin 5
512998 Keith Mellon Total Engineering Services Limited Co. Louth
513079 Curry Community Hydro Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Sligo
513221 E.M. Noone Jewellers Limited Co.Donegal
513430 Elite Metal Services Limited Co. Cork
514663 O'Brien Commissioning Limited Dublin 15
516931 Centricity Limited Co. Cork
516952 Rossodonnell Limited Co. Tipperary
517072 Failte Platinum Card Limited Co. Westmeath
517364 Millipede Childcare Limited Dublin 15
520251 Vzed Technologies Limited Dublin 15
520713 Carnan Consulting Limited Co Kerry
521284 You First Fx Limited Dublin 2
527542 Beatusrarebooks Limited Co Tipperary
528787 Sound & Sea Europe Limited Co. Cork
531574 Dolphyn Ketch Limited Dublin 8
531802 Kopiko Limited Co. Meath
531908 Zynda Media Limited Co. Donegal
532102 Tmg Passenger Transport Limited Co Mayo
532188 I Love Irish Coffee Limited Dublin 3
532271 Easy, Smart and Clever Gifts Limited Dublin 18
532291 Let's Reason Limited Co Wicklow, A63v072
532292 Arklow Bible Clubs Limited Co Wicklow, A63v072
535500 Chinacache Ireland Limited Cork
538266 Barrow Recruitment Limited Co. Carlow
538973 Flufftech Industries Limited Co. Tipperary
540633 Buyzantium Technology Limited Co. Louth
543421 Chiltern Travel Limited Co. Offaly
544038 Mylife Solutions Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Dublin
546640 Ab Sap Consultancy Limited Waterford
546720 Confident Retail Limited Co. Dublin
548802 S & Y Plant Sales Limited Co Monaghan
548849 Marksman Lifestyle Limited Cork
548878 Openmarabunta Limited Co. Wicklow
549021 Starbox Limited Dublin 15
552023 Galway Design Network West Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
552151 Intelsat Ireland Operations Unlimited Company Dublin 2
554771 Landscape and Leisure Cycles Limited Co. Clare
557162 Tyrell Medical Limited Dublin 6
557193 Karstark Medical Limited Dublin 6
559408 Glimmr Media Limited Dublin 3
561121 Jaguar Leisure Limited Galway
562224 Apd Innovations Limited Co. Offaly
562999 Cosy Christmas Limited Co. Kildare
563302 Cariad Celtic Gifts Limited Dublin 7
564630 Lr Concept Limited Dublin 4
565960 Guardian Primary Care Group Limited Dublin 22
567397 John the Miners Central Bar Limited Co. Donegal
567458 Market House Pub Limited Dublin 7
567459 Gta Security Limited Co. Limerick
567549 Gladson & Co Limited Co Donegal
567581 Unconek Capital Guaranty Limited Dublin 1
567589 Concierge Doctor Ssc Limited Dublin 2
576142 Kkel Maintenance Services Limited Co. Clare
576602 Cuba Havana Production Limited Dublin 6
576913 Taste Makers Limited Co Longford
578685 Dmh Professional Services Limited Co. Dublin
580081 Lapwing Finance Limited Dublin 2
581494 Rehan Medicare Pvt Limited Co. Louth
582388 Fusion Packaging Limited Co. Tipperary
583606 Baltic Sport Limited Co. Dublin
583849 Kerr Homes Limited Cork
584703 Vintage Gifts Limited Co. Kerry
588348 Pearl Close Developments Limited Dublin 2
588357 Otc Nutrition Limited Co Clare
588359 Cellcis Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
588373 Asian Sound Radio Limited Cork
588374 Asian News Network Limited Cork
588375 Indo-Irish Film Productions Limited Cork
588380 Bumper Soccer Kerry Limited Co. Kerry
588399 Wakingthefeminists Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 2
588410 Tech Resource Engineering Limited County Kildare
588411 Seo Pro Lmited Limited Dublin 1
588413 Experience Abroad Limited Dublin 9
588432 Vegafria Limited Dublin
588433 Valveni Limited Dublin
588434 Valdemoro Limited Dublin
588442 Tirez Limited Dublin
588443 Almaguer Limited Dublin
588444 Villatobas Limited Dublin
588445 Tajuna Limited Dublin
588446 Henares Limited Dublin
588447 Vallecas Limited Dublin
588448 Coslada Limited Dublin
588449 Revenga Limited Dublin
588450 Polendos Limited Dublin
588451 Mudrian Limited Dublin
588462 Mml Irish Equine Business Limited Co Cork
588467 Shaniran Energy Holdings Two Limited Dublin 2
588504 McCreesh Transport Limited Co. Clare
588507 Blue Sky Capital Ventures Limited Dublin 2
588511 Subscaff Limited Dublin 7
588512 Jentech Investment Holdings Limited Dublin 9
588541 Redpogba Limited Co Louth
588584 Eggciting Foods Limited Co. Dublin
588629 Rocca James Limited Co. Mayo
588653 Romarn Services Limited Co Kildare
588665 Playdays Community Pre-School County Dublin
588708 Jai Rama Newsagents Limited Dublin 15
588829 Fama Ventures Limited Cork
588848 Td Fitness Limited Co Dublin
590642 Moriarty Actuarial Risk Consulting Limited Co. Galway
591359 Wkc Construction Limited Co. ChiarraĆ­
592858 Laura Kates Bridal Boutique Limited Cork
593526 Brentak Limited Dublin 2
599033 Wild Atlantic Camper Company Limited Co. Sligo
600162 Forde Pm Consulting Limited Co. Cork
600845 Jps Accounting Services Limited Dublin 11
602412 Lovevibe Limited Co Dublin
602662 Afrodyta Laser Clinic Limited Co. Wicklow
603047 Quince Computing Limited Co. Dublin
603418 Scarry Financial Services Limited Galway
603803 Discount Computer Supplies Limited Co. Louth
604279 Firstland Properties Limited Co. Kilkenny
604478 Ballynamona Solar Limited Cork
604995 Orits Limited Co. Cork
605422 Donabate Freight Limited Co. Dublin
608163 Global Education 4 Ever - Ge4e Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kildare
608809 Pecunia Investment Products Public Limited Company Dublin 4
608888 Pinder Engineering Services Limited Dublin 8
609086 Foxy Post Limited Co. Cork
609199 Ballyjamesduff Community Creche Company Limited By Guarantee Co Cavan
610168 Travelflow Limited Dublin 4
610486 Mastered Group Limited Dublin 15
610489 Travatar Limited Galway
610497 Axe Capital Limited Co. Longford
610530 Chytar Limited Dublin 15
610606 Blue Ribbon Club Limited Co. Wicklow
610607 Naggarmedical Limited Co. Wicklow
610623 Mining and Civil Ireland Limited Co. Limerick
610626 Phoenix Lion Corporation Limited Co. Dublin
610638 Ams Motorsport Limited Co. Dublin
610649 Furnivate Limited Co. Cork
610656 Moonness Limited Dublin 3
610657 Mike Condon Bloodstock Consultancy Limited Co. Limerick
610667 M & M Bistro Limited Dublin 2
610706 Social Incubator Network Limited D02xt9
610720 The Phoenix School of Grinds Ireland Limited Dublin 15
610728 Ma Shahab Limited Cork
610768 Zu Tiles & Bathrooms Limited Co Meath
610785 Waverley Fusion Limited Co. Dublin
610788 Juleap Limited Co. Dublin
610793 Clam Distributors Limited Co. Dublin
610799 Ab & Bro's Limited Dublin 12
610815 Proformen Arts Limited Dublin 6w
610816 Matt Motors Limited Dublin 3
610818 Galway City Oil Co Limited Galway
610823 Strikebreaker Limited Co Tipperary
610842 Freesia Ifb & Company Limited Dublin 3
610845 Datadrop Limited Galway, H91 H6xt
610857 Thedailymoo Limited Co. Donegal
610858 Park Drive Publications Limited Co. Donegal
610876 Sublime Escargot Limited Dublin 24
610882 Steffanie Ferrara Modelling Agency Limited Dublin 15
610897 Mastered Group Events and Promotions Limited Dublin 15
610987 Styronit (Ireland) Limited Co Limerick
611030 Charapita Europe Limited Co. Dublin
611050 Teebo Tech Limited Co. Meath
611051 Great William Bars Limited Cork
611078 We-Power Consulting Company Limited By Guarantee Wexford
611085 Paul McMahon Investment Holdings Limited Dublin 6
611086 Spirit Building Management Limited Dublin 6
611106 Tal Prime Venture Limited Co Clare
611123 Ettie Productions Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Meath
611135 Aap Distribution Limited Limerick
612703 Kkr European Credit Opportunities Fund Ii 2017 Designated Activity Company Do3p580
613174 Rise Entrepreneur Educators Limited Co Roscommon
618557 Cgen Cube Limited Co. Cork
619338 Zulugen Limited Co. Cork
620861 Cmlex Limited Dublin 2
621846 Seldakam Solutions Limited Co. Wexford
624072 Capbuster Limited Galway
625711 Jobby Ventures Limited Co. Kildare
629635 Tallaght Cash & Carry Limited Dublin 24
There are 271 companies in the above list.

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