Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 376 (Week Ending 16/07/2019)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
4468 Lewis Clein & Son Limited Dublin 2
48980 Training and Development Limited Co. Dublin
74923 Michael McGettigan (Donegal) Limited Co. Donegal
102188 R M E (Navan) Limited Co.Meath
127836 Lascance Limited Co Cavan Ireland
142272 Vesey Manufacturing Limited Dublin 6
142854 Jim Woods International Limited Co Clare
152323 Jim Woods Holdings Limited Co.Clare
169128 Jim Woods Developments Limited Co.Clare
187619 Vesey Developments Limited Dublin 6
217317 Deltacom Limited Dublin 12
224081 The Mill Cab Company Limited Dublin 22
252301 Patrick McAllister Developments (Sligo) Limited Co Sligo
266845 Queenswood Builders Limited Co. Louth
272575 Conmul Enterprises Limited Co. Louth
273044 Southern Promise Limited Co. Kilkenny
274829 Michael Honan & Associates Limited Co Mayo
275501 Diamond Resources Limited Co Cavan Ireland
279821 Mar Consultants Limited Co Sligo
293610 The Milestone Bar Limited Co Leitrim
302329 Cappadonna Limited Co. Cork
304790 Abbit Trading Limited Co. Meath
309291 Stepridge Trading Limited Monaghan
313448 Blueoak Limited Co. Laois
319788 Utility Operation & Maintenance Services Limited Dublin 4, D04 Y5n2
334103 Martins Mastics Limited Co Meath
334113 Awms (Celtic) Limited Dublin 2
339565 Wesfile Limited Galway
341736 Agm Cargo Management Limited Dublin 2
350873 Blue Ark Design Limited Co. Dublin
363533 The Jonah Project Company Limited By Guarantee Via Waterford
374919 Saldies Bar Limited Co. Donegal
378320 D-Eight P Holdings Limited Dublin 2
380357 Norman O'Rourke Sales and Services Limited Cork
381038 Noone Casey Limited Dublin 2
381128 Olain Developments Limited Co. Galway
389375 Rockfield Manor Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Sligo
389741 Castletroy Technical Services Limited Limerick
398972 Primus Property Management Limited Co. Longford
406312 East Cork Contractors Limited Co. Cork
406459 Knocknatullagh Developments Unlimited Company Dublin 2
410301 Ice Auction Galleries Limited Dublin 2
410914 Jfj Developments Limited Dublin 24
414562 Tubrid Beg Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kerry
416164 Bamboo Garden Limited Limerick
416360 China Properties Limited Dublin 2
424156 Lynch McGrath Properties Limited Co. Dublin
424586 Eyebuild Limited Cork
426095 Solar Solutions Ireland Installations Limited Co. Dublin
426423 Publicis Digital Limited Dublin 2
426623 Doyle Dph Limited Co. Wexford
429280 Clean Water Technology Limited Co. Wexford
433823 J Tutty Limited Co Wicklow
437661 Gaga Baby Limited Dublin 5
440987 Xeon Financial Services Limited Dublin 13
444077 Lost the Plot Limited County Meath
444588 Cumann Iarscoile Bheanntraí Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta Co Chorcaí
447155 Artec Studios (Irl) Limited Letterkenny Co Donegal
452461 Kilreffit Building Contractors Limited Co. Tipperary
452568 Cratloe Health Care Limited Co. Limerick
456468 Rant 'R Rave Marketing Limited Dublin 16
460433 Cloone/Aughavas Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Leitrim
463115 Amal Consultancy Services Limited Cork
463860 Actgem Limited Co. Meath
470412 Vco Ireland Limited Kilkenny
475304 Mastergas Limited Dublin 16
475497 Roswin Roscommon Limited Dublin 2
475569 Icsl Consulting Ireland Limited Dublin 6w
475967 Leslie Warren Estates Limited Waterford
478601 Mv Estates Limited Co. Dublin
480439 Big Bin Company Limited Co. Kilkenny
483862 Clubsxpress Limited Co. Mayo
483975 Landec Investments Limited Dublin 2
487759 Feirm Ard Gaoithe Teoranta Co. Kerry
492104 Medard Consultants Limited Co. Westmeath
493397 Zermatt Investments Limited Dublin 4
494164 Talking Therapy Limited Co. Cork
496717 Dwme Company Limited Co. Kildare
502263 William Casey Anaesthetist Unlimited Company Dublin 6
502749 Savage Outdoors Limited Dublin 5
505097 Spectacular Vintage Events Limited Cork
508910 Monto Caffe Limited Dublin 12
509019 Irish Course Providers Association Dublin 18
514476 Romack Venture (Ireland) Limited Dublin 6w
516697 Safe As Houses Limited Co. Meath
516804 Lion Wholesale Foods Limited Co. Louth
516841 Dooley Kelly Oe Limited Co. Louth
520588 Coiste Pobail Lios Póil Teoranta Co. Chiarrai
522956 Runlastman Limited Dublin 18
523041 McFrench Limited Dublin 12
523111 Miten Entertainment Limited Co. Wicklow
523208 Gc Fitness Limited Co. Dublin
523556 Vinitec It Solutions Limited Dublin 18
527254 Alucraft Properties Limited Dublin 22
530623 Adluck Limited Dublin 12
535920 The Fisherman Seafood Bar and Grill Limited Galway
538511 Mooney Milk Distribution Limited Dublin 16
538620 Twiznight Limited Co. Dublin
538644 Jlp Analysis Teoranta Galway
538807 Inter Essen Foods Limited Dublin 3
542208 Minutek Limited Co. Mayo
545635 Paddy Casey Limited Co. Monaghan
546434 Kick Off Projects Limited Co. Wicklow
547383 Full Pets Limited Co. Dublin
547422 Archaio Limited Dublin 2
548670 Lal Con Limited Co. Laois
549571 Emerald Group Marketing Promotions Limited Dublin 1
550406 Azuru Wholesale Limited Co. Clare
551569 Premier Irish Golf Tours Limited Co. Kerry
556437 City Medical Care Limited Cork
556646 Blue Lilly Limited Co. Kildare
558048 Varsej Limited Dublin 6
558872 Sw Babygrows Limited Co. Wicklow
558944 West Coast Auto Recovery Limited Co. Clare
561659 Tcm Contractors Limited Dublin 2
564094 Ray & Viv Limited Co. Offaly
564159 Beetrend Digital Limited Dublin 2
564163 Exocet Technology Limited Dublin 2
566111 Maic Consultant Limited Co. Longford
566213 Donegal Vehicle Adaptions Limited Co. Donegal
566978 Jmc Agri Engineering Limited Co Kildare
567225 Viktoria Corporation Hcs Limited Dublin 2
568720 Dr. Margie Lynch Medical Unlimited Company Co. Limerick
569108 Endgame Limited Cork
571816 Hodman Engineering Limited Co Cork
573335 Bravendale Limited Co. Cork
575777 Indigenous Association of Enugu State in Europe Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dublin
575809 Want It All Technology Limited Co. Dublin
575875 Ibrowse Limited Dublin 7
575887 Satguru Enterprises Limited Waterford
575944 Weston Richmount Limited Dublin 8
576030 Core Data Metrics Limited Co. Kerry
576050 Just in Time Build Limited Cork
576052 Sean Murray Car Sales Limited Co. Clare
576068 Kranchy's Indian Restaurant Limited Co. Mayo
576087 Bamberwell (Ireland) Limited Dublin 12
580011 Wolfhound Lithium Limited Cork
581110 School Fundraising Limited Dublin
581521 Sureget International Limited Dublin 11
585110 Interview Room Limited Co. Wicklow
585923 Wildarek Property Services Limited Dublin 13
586561 The Letter Fairy Limited Co. Tipperary
586833 Purple Clay Enterprises Limited Dublin 2
587898 Beijing Taste Buffet Limited Cork
588066 R Flood Consulting Limited Dublin 16
589411 James Westbourne Limited Co Meath, C15 Hk40
590230 Elderbay Limited Co. Cork
590846 Marga Trading Limited Dublin 13
591804 Breezemill Limited Co Dublin
592996 Rotator Media Limited Dublin 8
593271 Grafiitii Digital Limited Dublin 13
594658 Brookhill Property Owner Management Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Clare
595207 Cameo and Partners (Landscape Architects) Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
595458 Cambridge Academy Limited Co. Dublin
596328 Ibiza Royal Apartments Limited Dublin 7
597171 Ccct Capricorn Consulting Team Limited Cork
597346 Ecam Biomedical Limited Dublin 2
597364 Advanced Lipo Clinic Limited Dublin 16
597389 Hft Executive Protection Limited Co. Kildare
597425 Gas-Hear Limited Co. Tipperary
597457 Acj Motors Limited Dublin 9
597975 Cultiv8 Consulting Limited Cork
600086 Tf Project Management Services Limited Dublin 18
600110 Balty Restaurant Limited Co. Laois
600691 Guy Ellis Media Ireland Limited Dublin 16, D16 W7w3
600708 Linkedin Ip Holdings I Unlimited Company Dublin 2
602302 Kooblink Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
605510 Behan Fs Limited Dublin 3
605732 Vicki Bears Limited Co. Donegal
606110 Biomé Functional Microbiotics Limited Sligo
608788 Ctmaor Limited Co Tipperary
608789 Korabec Limited Co Tipperary
608790 Aor Pharma Health Limited Co Tipperary
608791 Contar Investments Limited Co Tipperary
608800 Sarolusa Limited Dublin 13, D13 R7w3
609405 Kca Healthcare Limited Co. Tipperary
609893 Best Software Services Limited Cork
613974 Jesee Innovations Limited Co Kilkenny
618532 Sibanya Sports Limited Dublin 2
619365 Niche Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
619509 Mwcapital Limited Dublin 7
619513 Cristina.Herteu Limited Dublin 7
619514 Tdc Construction Projects Limited Co. Meath
619546 Subtech Events Limited Co. Clare
619551 A&U Entrepreneur Limited Dublin 14
619584 Erneway Limited Co. Kilkenny
619585 Tolkaway Limited Co. Kilkenny
619587 Benbreen Limited Co. Kilkenny
619592 Hireme Sc Limited Co. Kilkenny
619604 AAA Impex Limited Dublin 1
619622 Tuneon Design Security Hardware Limited Cavan
619623 Marco Polo Developments Limited Co. Dublin
619646 Spinelcrest Limited Co Kerry
619671 Kiera Taverns Erin Limited Co. Galway, H91 F1w8
619673 Ts Center Limited Co. Cork
619677 Access Health Information Limited Dublin 3
619698 Credo Medical Limited Co. Leitrim
619718 Fundus Food Limited Italy
619720 Ballsy Food Limited Co. Dublin
619721 Eirguard Services Limited Galway
619734 Indian Spice Restaurant Limited Dublin 1
619743 MacK Engineering and Steelworks Limited Co. Tipperary
619767 R & C Ventures Limited Co. Westmeath
619770 Cupritecove Limited Dublin 9
619847 Baig & Co Ventures Limited Co. Kerry
619883 J.D Premier Property Limited Co Dublin K67 X576
619896 Export Consulting Expert Limited Dublin 3
619916 Protocol Cars Limited Co. Dublin
619938 Tyrone Formwork Limited Co. Donegal
619949 Zoneblu Limited Co. Donegal
620031 Mc Entee Professional Limited Co. Cavan
620049 General Autopartes Limited Co. Dublin
620056 Zeigen Haus Limited Cavan
620062 Kids Love Ar Limited Co.Offaly
620066 Dukes & Hunter Limited Co Cork
620102 Maverick James Limited Dublin 22
622273 Lucerne Investments Limited Dublin 2
623721 Neoterizo Limited Cork
624926 Klaszshop Limited Cork
626508 Leveltag Limited Dublin 2
631196 Daisyray Limited Co. Kildare
631577 Soon Done Blog Limited Dublin 6w
634883 Green Moving Limited Dublin 15
There are 223 companies in the above list.

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