Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 350 (Week Ending 17/10/2018)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
29894 The Mountain Lake Home Limited County Galway
32193 The Arcade (Middleton and Cobh) Limited Co. Cork
74932 Bank Users Association Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Louth
87525 Academy Shoes Limited Co Cork
88995 Richard P. Graham & Co. (Portlaoise) Limited Co. Laois
115178 Fexco Global Investments Unlimited Company Co. Kerry
119137 Systemaction Limited Dublin 2
121666 Andrews Menswear Limited Limerick
126235 Compound Chemicals (Ireland) Limited Dublin 2
132028 Terry Michaels (Menswear) Limited Co. Kildare
152433 Ballymount Ventures Limited Co. Dublin
157698 Fexco VAT Refunds Unlimited Company Co. Kerry
210260 King Estates Limited Co Galway
211042 The Irish Genetic Resources Conservation Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 6
226996 Troltar Limited Co. Kildare
241703 Monarch Steelworks Limited Dublin 12
257991 Condee Limited Co. Wicklow
266405 M Land Limited Dublin 20
275527 Spangleway Holdings Limited Limerick
278679 Cresington Taverns Limited Co. Dublin
291346 Parol (Four) Limited Co. Meath
303752 Mellowville Limited Dublin 12
305539 Smiledent Limited Dublin 6
306896 Glenthorn Properties Limited Co. Kildare
319550 Fexco V - C Unlimited Company Co. Kerry
335924 U2uz Limited Naas Co. Kildare
337404 K.Now Technology Solutions Limited Co. Kerry
338921 Waugh Project Engineering Limited Co Dublin
340326 Anarye Limited Co Meath
344587 Cc Hotels Limited Henry Street Limerick
349488 Ard A'Laoi Limited Dublin 2
355805 Rayan Restaurant Limited Co Offaly
360634 Nanny Solutions Limited Dublin 6w
360791 Web in a Box Limited Co. Dublin
364066 St. Asicus Social Services Centre Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Roscommon
364915 Awesome Engineering Limited Co. Wexford
367395 Michael Heraty Building Construction Limited Co Donegal
368985 Mprop Limited Dublin 20
369072 Flynn & Associates (Clonsilla) Limited Dublin 15
369824 D M Plant Limited Dublin 16
370162 Kilnacloy Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Monaghan
370873 Knockrobin Holdings Limited Co. Cork
378852 Carvero Properties Limited Co. Kilkenny
401230 Calverstown Properties Limited Co Kildare
406447 Andy Brookes It Limited Wicklow Wicklow Ireland
413109 Bengau Limited Cork
414002 Recolight (Ireland) Company Limited By Guarantee Co Dublin
415192 Gurranabraher Community Renewal Enterprises Limited Cork City
415659 Carney Wood Lands Limited Co. Tipperary
418824 Synergy Integration (Ireland) Limited Blanchardstown Dublin 15
418850 2nd Image Konsult Limited Dublin 15
428485 Kmass Developments Limited Dundalk Co. Louth
435572 Nq; Henry Abbey Liffey St. Coownership Limited Dublin 1
435743 Cradel Limited Galway
438045 Quality Control Materials Limited Co. Clare
438272 Limelight Design Limited Co. Wicklow
438546 Rdjm Limited Dublin 6
438646 Friends of the Aquifer Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Louth
442066 Comerway Developments Limited Co.Kildare
451375 Flowers By Ann Limited Tralee Co. Kerry
453154 Dynamic Arts Limited Dublin 4
454576 Northwilliam Holdings Limited Co. Cork
456485 Altitude Distribution Limited Co Sligo
456555 Patton Brothers (Drumkeen) Limited Co Donegal
459397 Infrasonic Limited Dublin 3
466889 Tony McManamon Limited Co. Mayo
469912 Hutchinson Electrical Services Limited Co Dublin
469956 Keith Sheane Contracting Limited Wicklow
470158 Irish Molly Limited Co. Wicklow
471223 Marcom Media Limited Dublin 2
473553 Treay County Trucking Limited Co Limerick
476107 Tolisons Equity Holdings Limited Co. Cork
477357 Ei Embassy Investments Unlimited Company Ballsbridge Dublin 4
477791 Deal Depot Limited Dublin 6
478902 The Irish Guild of Ash Hurley Makers Limited Co Offaly
483628 Hicon Facilities Services Management Limited Co. Tipperary
483771 Coolmer Commercials Limited Co. Kildare
491742 Shareladder Limited Dublin 9
492685 Dublife Projects Limited Co. Dublin
493164 In Box Producers Limited Dublin 1
494108 Sportssavers Limited Wexford
495786 Mara Limited Co. Dublin
497704 Erptech Limited Co Kildare
497796 Quality Nursing Care Limited Co Donegal
497800 Tara Leathers Limited Co. Sligo
498004 Collectables Plus Limited Co. Tipperary
498438 Glow Health and Fitness Limited Co. Waterford
500688 Ballindooley Cross Community, Cultural and Heritage Project Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Galway
502097 Dmd Manufacturing Limited Dublin 2
503367 Chandelier Investments Limited Dublin 2
503444 Mefsont Limited Dublin 9
505349 Carroll Ryan Consultants Limited Limerick
508016 Kloudtek Software Solutions Limited Kimmage Dublin 6w
508198 Biloxi Holdings Unlimited Company Co Cork
508795 A New Way 2 Health Limited Co Meath
508920 Byrne Facilities Management Limited Dublin 22
511388 Earth's Crust Limited Dublin 14
512342 Donegal Creative Furnishings Limited Co. Donegal
512427 Temptation Island Limited Co. Kerry
512537 McGillycuddy Reeks Community Trust Company Limited By Guarantee Co. Kerry
523246 Cr Bodyworx (Dundrum) Limited Dublin 14
523969 Barry Corcoran Hirework Limited Co Offaly
524913 Evolution Quality Services Limited Dublin 9
526056 Klein Enovation Pvt Limited Co. Carlow
526234 Athlone Fitness and Weight Loss Centre Limited Roscommon
526601 Vesuvio Tapas Limited Carlow
526654 Creative Digital Strategies Limited Co. Cork
526752 Massey's Fine Foods Limited Co Wicklow
526776 Plugmedia Limited Dublin 8
526791 Crum Wholefoods Limited Co Clare
526802 Myvan Limited Galway
527484 Galvin Industrial Services Limited Co. Kerry
528351 Dexnihilo Limited Co. Galway
529080 Bayswater Corporate Sales Limited Co. Kildare
529244 Teal Properties Limited Co. Tipperary
529717 Tmc Executive Trust Limited Dublin 2
532474 The Food Grail Limited Co. Louth
533322 Triona Lanigan Psychological Services Limited Co. Waterford
536200 Pids & Project Services Limited Co. Dublin
536458 Mardyke Hall Management Company Limited Co. Cork
539645 Jonathan Power Consultancy Limited Waterford
540015 Battlebard Games Limited Dublin 9
541360 Community Productions Limited Dublin 12
542021 Aqua Chief Limited Dublin 15
542568 Airsoft Battle Zone Limited Co. Cork
542587 Marble City Publishing Limited Kilkenny
542593 Automated Infrastructure Management Technologies Limited Co. Dublin
542618 All About Flowers Limited Co. Kildare
542639 Brooklyn Barber Limited Co. Kildare
543103 Einas Medicals Limited Co Laois
543120 Eriksend Limited Dublin 2
543150 Hadyat Limited Navan Co. Meath
543153 Na Goods Services Limited Co. Tipperary
543197 Satisfood Limited Dublin 2
543234 Liffey Century International Limited Dublin 1
543252 City Deals For Less Limited Dublin 15
543267 Nugent It Services Limited Co. Westmeath
544186 Vio Consulting Limited Dublin 2
545018 Dark Song Film and Tv Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
545142 Lets Deal Different Limited Co. Dublin
546244 K & L Sheehan Limited Co. Laois
546266 A & L Statistical Resources Limited Co. Cork
547096 Archer Entertainment Limited Co. Dublin
547900 A & J Tracy Haulage Limited Co Dublin
549018 Forget Me Not Flowers & Gifts Limited Galway
549785 Gilford Sports Enterprise Limited Dublin 4
551639 Irish Mai Endowment Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin 24
551693 Tdhm Productions Limited Dublin 15
554930 Kelquan Holdings Limited Dublin 2
554931 Sacal Holdings Limited Dublin 2
555389 Puresource Technology Limited Co. Dublin
557478 Food Headquarters Limited Co. Wicklow
557948 Muddy Bikini Limited Co. Meath
558790 Pfl Piping Limited Co. Limerick
560454 Viking Wind Services Limited Via Waterford
560474 Johanson3 Technologies Limited Co. Westmeath
560522 Adapptise Limited Co. Cork
560530 Rubymill Limited Dublin 3
560537 Zoetic Limited Dublin 16
560544 Mrk. Cm - Interiors Limited Co. Dublin
560602 Voucherland Ireland Limited Dublin 8
560639 Spartan Pizzas Limited Dublin 15
560654 Southside Clutch & Service Centre Limited Co. Kildare
560696 Fast Telecom Limited Dublin 7
560701 Rioso Limited Limerick
560709 Robur Limited Co. Kildare
560765 Start Studios Limited Co. Leitrim
560788 Fairpunt Limited Laois
560828 Bm Repair Centre Limited Dublin 12
560832 Metha Corporation Limited Dublin 2
560966 Koloro Print Limited Kilkenny
561054 Tna Badminton Ireland Limited Co. Mayo
561063 No. 84 the Beauty Loft Limited Co. Wicklow
561139 The Tan Tanning Company Limited Dublin 18
561160 Lotus Catering Limited Co. Tipperary
561185 Meadowfield Investments Limited Co. Leitrim
561191 Cloud Licensing Solutions Limited Co. Louth
561209 Ludus Recruitment Limited Dublin 1
561242 Continentallied Limited Dublin 6w
561276 The Smoked Brothers Ventures Limited Co. Meath
563102 Three D Share Limited Co. Wexford
563592 Rheemed Limited Co. Wexford
571164 Doran Barber Shop Limited Dublin 6
571552 Millicent Consulting Limited Co. Kildare
572454 Mrc Financial Limited Dublin 18
576086 Atalaya Sec Solutions Limited Co. Dublin
577351 Amh Clinical Research Limited Dublin 4
578102 Dclg Investments Limited Co. Galway
579393 Ca Bloc Designs Limited Co Dublin
580025 L'Atelier Des Délices Limited Cork
580790 Ravee Consultants Limited Dublin 15
580816 Enchantment Entertainment Limited Galway
580844 Eremon Limited Co. Donegal
580849 Triton Motors Limited Dublin 22
580864 Alis R&R Limited Dublin 18
580885 Present & Kind Limited Dublin 6w
580908 Hibernia Recruitment Limited Co. Galway
580944 Armagh Imports Limited Co. Louth
581000 Bóaire Limited Co. Meath
581018 Wenso Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
581028 Onsite Maintenance Limited Co. Meath
581041 Pentalia Limited Co Dublin
581042 Khan Autos Limited Dublin 12
581045 Cluainweir Limited Dublin 2
581107 Golden Age Luxury Homes Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
581118 Paul Costello and Sons Building Contractors Limited Co. Wicklow
581119 Tossed Natural Food Company Limited Co Dublin
581121 Birds Eye Production Limited Co. Dublin
581128 Andy's Auto Imports Limited Co. Meath
581146 The App Den Limited Dublin 8
581172 Laser Validations Limited Co. Sligo
581174 John & Martin Catering Limited Co. Cork
581177 Kilcosol Limited Co. Cavan
581181 Ash & Ro Limited Wexford
581259 Blast and Wilde Limited Co. Meath
581281 Jugaad Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
581290 Flower Maintenance Limited County Roscommon
581298 Seywa Networks Limited Dublin 2
581300 Soter Financial Limited Co. Dublin
581310 Mkg Assets Limited Cork
581312 Outtake Community Media Company Limited By Guarantee Longford
581318 Paudie Galvin Construction Limited Co. Kerry
581323 Skai Limited Galway
581359 Downtown Hostels Limited Dublin 8
581371 Istok Consulting Limited Dublin 6
581386 Crown Travel Limited Cavan
581421 Fortune Mac Investment Limited Dublin 2
581447 Jgv Marketing Limited Cork
581468 Abcon Locum Limited Co. Dublin
581497 Hemp Yourself Limited Co. Kerry
581502 F.I. Xtra Autos Limited Dublin 15
581537 Khans & Sons Takeaway Limited Cork
581567 Castle Indian Spice Limited Co Monaghan
581592 Ben Cunningham Limited Co. Kildare
581595 Clearbourne Services Designated Activity Company Limerick
581609 Cpb Consultants Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
581656 Red Shoe Films Limited Dublin 24
585412 Puffin Distillers Limited Co. Clare
594679 Grnb Limited Co. Galway
594680 Kerwex Facilities Services Limited Co Kerry
596723 Rainbox Toys Limited Roscommon
597739 Lakshmi Consulting Limited Dublin 6
598535 Gmd Plastering Limited Co. Donegal
599479 Wombat Aviation Consultants Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
600574 Perseya Trading Limited Co Kilkenny
602549 Shillelagh Structuring and Trading Limited Co. Dublin
602565 Jackman Investments Limited Co Kilkenny
602594 Tld Online Marketing Services Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602598 Victorstar Limited Dublin 2
602657 Marsap Limited Galway
602703 X Clear Limited Cork
602744 Incredibly Fast Shipping Limited Co. Meath
602762 Soilse Na Cathrach Limited Co. Limerick
602789 Haloglide Limited Co. Meath
602821 Love Bia Limited Co. Clare, V94 Kpx7
602835 Michelson, Pinkus & Vekselberg Holdings Limited Co Clare
602840 Rocketgiants Limited Dublin D07 P4ax
602871 Belpak Limited Co. Dublin
602924 Getnextfone Limited Dublin 3
602949 Bazcon Safety Limited Dublin 18
602961 Ardmore Plant and Sales Limited Dublin 17
603029 Trade Clearhouse Property Limited Cork
603046 Baobao Noodle Limited Dublin 1
603065 Tesla Medical Technologies Limited Cork
603078 Rave Apparels Limited Co. Dublin
603079 Noether Global Limited Dublin 2
603108 Plant,Logistical, Auto Sales Limited Co Offaly
603111 Chrystalis Limited County Roscommon
603124 Cosimo Takeaway Limited Co. Cavan
603128 Boonoid Limited Galway
603158 Maze Catering Limited Co Dublin
603170 C & C Cherry's Limited Dublin 15
603193 Achuleon Limited Co. Dublin
603196 Efficient Logistics Management Limited Co. Meath
603197 Zakura Flower Limited Dublin 4
603234 M.O.B. Deli Limited Co. Monaghan
603238 Chimnex Chimney Services Limited Cork
603249 Proco Agri Limited Co. Louth
603251 Bromwich Direct Limited Co. Louth
603274 Inspire Wellness Healthcare Limited Co. Carlow
603292 Stonevale Consulting Limited Dublin 2
603319 Zipwyre Global Payments Limited Co. Meath
604119 Shanghai Chinese Cuisine Limited Dublin 1
605156 Fexco Energy Limited Co. Kerry
606839 Yd Consulting Limited Dublin 6
608557 Cv Nationwide Trailer Parts Limited Dublin 2
609753 Rowerstown Developments Limited Dublin 8
610544 Thom Actuarial Services Limited Dublin 11
623498 Bouncy Kings Limited Dublin 22
There are 289 companies in the above list.

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