Below is a list of Struck Off companies.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 511 (Week Ending 16/05/2022)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
7951 Adam F. Torrie, Unlimited Company Cork
33638 Mall Holdings Unlimited Company Dublin
40418 Dunmore Holdings Limited Dublin
60021 Frank Barrett & Sons Limited Dublin
62591 Dave Campbell Photography Limited Dublin
63246 Timber Frame Limited Dublin
95964 Sam Hire Limited Dublin
135670 S & P Transport Limited Limerick
136109 Adam F. Torrie (Superstores) Unlimited Company Cork
157079 Tullamore Hardware Limited Dublin
159354 Heiton McFerran Limited Dublin
164632 O'Neill Engineering Limited Wexford
175996 Leeway Properties Limited Dublin
190427 Balcombe Investments Limited Dublin
201147 Boyne Research Institute Company Limited By Guarantee Meath
217336 John Kane Assessors Limited Sligo
225293 Barretts of Ballinasloe Limited Dublin
257500 Pouladuff Developments Limited Dublin
258873 Monkstown Fitted Furniture Limited Cork
259718 Atron Aviation Limited Dublin
266196 Dolla Inns Limited Dublin
281465 Telfords (Athy) Limited Dublin
305574 J.D. Contracting Limited Kildare
338807 Athlone Shopping Centre Service Charge Company Limited By Guarantee Offaly
343549 Trench Construction Limited Mayo
350713 Treanor Logistics Limited Monaghan
353704 Bos Analytical Services Limited Cork
367313 M-Enterprises Limited Dublin
371784 Camhob Limited Louth
377884 Cathedral Place Building Company Limited Limerick
389203 Oricast Holdings Unlimited Company Meath
389938 Shoredock Limited Donegal
398499 Livestock Machinery Limited Kerry
405294 Knocklyon Srh Limited Cork
405296 Sundrive Srh Limited Cork
405297 Sutton Cross Srh Limited Cork
405309 Select Distribution Blanchardstown Properties Limited Cork
407058 Park Place Properties Unlimited Company Dublin
419016 Carrowstone Associates Limited Meath
422657 Rathborne Srh Limited Cork
431547 Fmg Financial Limited Dublin
434876 Claraghmore Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
438599 Kinard Management Consulting Limited Wicklow
444547 Ballack 2 Designated Activity Company Dublin
459125 My Vision Limited Meath
473223 Athena Securities Group Designated Activity Company Dublin
477140 Europe Affiliate Network Limited Dublin
490881 Tictoc Platforms Limited Dublin
494252 Brdctr 1833 Limited Dublin
494298 Eoin Shanley Limited Dublin
497866 Awn Consulting (Environmental) Limited Dublin
507175 Jack & Jill Recycling Limited Kildare
508104 The Red Lotus Limited Dublin
519192 Stanton Fisher Limited Offaly
533846 Tax Bright Limited Kilkenny
540765 Ben Garry (Dunshaughlin) Limited Meath
549345 Charlefort Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin
553739 Valepoint Designated Activity Company Dublin
554947 Luan Investments Limited Dublin
562521 Retail Excellence Ireland Gift Card Limited Dublin
563411 Amitto Limited Clare
572207 Camperhire Limited Dublin
581320 Trapp Dairy Services Limited Longford
584452 Onomah Limited Kildare
584719 Indie Games Limited Dublin
585204 Wanyama Limited Kildare
585699 Applied Communications Finance Unlimited Company Limerick
587449 Cell Reserves Limited Cork
598058 Jdb Sales Marketing & Recruitment Consulting Limited Dublin
599525 Kj Sportsturf Limited Louth
600199 Photoireland Foundation Limited Dublin
600813 Sigma Software Distribution (EMEA) Limited Dublin
601308 Jklm Pharmacy Limited Tipperary
603673 Albus Expertise Limited Cork
603737 Podium Performance Limited Wexford
604975 Kingfisher Architects Limited Dublin
605113 Tmca Consultancy Limited Louth
605569 C & V Car Body Repairs Limited Kildare
609820 Drinkko Limited Dublin
611724 Data Driven Insights Limited 90 Leinster Road
620257 Longevity Health and Wellness Limited Dublin
621108 Silicon Values Limited Cork
624674 Arvonage Limited Dublin
626065 Etact Limited Dublin
627491 Location Hire Now Limited Offaly
628617 Molo Hotels (Ireland) Limited Dublin
630114 Qashe Media Limited Waterford
630703 Squamigi Consult Limited Dublin
631256 Rkf Limited Dublin
631527 Luzamil Limited Dublin
633150 Lead Electrical Engineering Limited Kilkenny
638258 Global Xchange Ng Limited Dublin
639030 Smart Location Limited Meath
641112 Dr Barbara Gilmer Limited Dublin
645653 Edv Buero Nachbaur Limited Dublin
645655 Nachbaur Personalservice Limited Dublin
651212 Formidion Aviation Trading Ireland Limited Dublin
651681 My Love's Wedding Designated Activity Company Dublin
653595 Triathlon Nation Limited Westmeath
657194 Mile High Labs Ireland Limited Dublin
658916 Pluto Electronics Limited Cork
659186 Venubooth Limited Dublin
660017 Ojex Organic Limited Dublin
661129 Subdata Software Solutions Limited Dublin
666698 Contactsurge Limited Monaghan
667669 Pela Fashions Limited Tipperary
669407 Asian Pacific Secure Trade Limited Dublin
669979 Project Travel Limited Dublin
670199 Jadenview Limited Dublin
671545 Marios Castles Limited Cavan
672291 Eastgate Dme Limited Waterford
672672 Gerard Carey Limited Dublin
672769 Seatroph Limited Lucan
674539 Heartnate Limited Dublin
674787 Gaya Candles Limited Dublin
675670 Lynon Sales Limited Laois
680002 Crowleys Corner Shop Limited Cork
680378 Artist Network Creative Dun Laoghaire - Rathdown Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
680751 Shamrock Corner Limited Cork
683834 Gyles Quay Lobster & Crab Limited Louth
685463 Tulsi Distribution Limited Dublin
693504 Price4all Limited Cork
694392 The Winning Shamrock Limited Sligo
696882 Fastbridge Limited Dublin
700735 Get&Better Limited Dublin
702314 Tramet Limited Cork
706281 Cairo (Headford) Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
706339 Production Supplies Unlimited Company Galway
706558 Cairo (Knocknacarra) Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
There are 129 companies in the above list.

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