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Issue 571 (Week Ending 22/03/2023)
IndustryCompany Count
Agriculture, hunting and forestry49 Companies »
Computers73 Companies »
Construction175 Companies »
Education15 Companies »
Electricity, gas and water supply6 Companies »
Financial intermediation31 Companies »
Fishing5 Companies »
Health and social work48 Companies »
Hotels and restaurants70 Companies »
Leasing12 Companies »
Legal, Accounting & Business315 Companies »
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products19 Companies »
Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres2 Companies »
Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment25 Companies »
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco18 Companies »
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.11 Companies »
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products7 Companies »
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing21 Companies »
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products2 Companies »
Manufacture of textiles and textile products6 Companies »
Manufacture of transport equipment2 Companies »
Manufacture of wood and wood products2 Companies »
Manufacturing n.e.c.7 Companies »
Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials2 Companies »
Motor41 Companies »
Other community, social and personal service activities112 Companies »
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security4 Companies »
Real estate153 Companies »
Transport, storage and communication55 Companies »
Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods153 Companies »

Below is a list of Companies, whose Financial Accounts became available in the week ending 22/03/2023.

Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
543262Thomastown Agriculture Limited22/03/2023
213605Rentes Plants Limited22/03/2023
285320Model Nursery Liners Limited22/03/2023
128512Kindergarden Landscaping Limited16/03/2023
179895Bartron Limited16/03/2023
542874Oliver Bracken Farm Limited22/03/2023
526881Granig Farm Limited22/03/2023
560442Dunmadigan Farms Limited22/03/2023
512649M & B O'Sullivan Limited17/03/2023
530505Clonmoyle Farms Limited17/03/2023
562718Noel Murphy Farm Limited17/03/2023
561288Templeisque Dairy Farm Limited16/03/2023
248375Kelvale Agri Limited21/03/2023
358666White Horse Stud Limited21/03/2023
350271Hillsbrook Eggs Limited22/03/2023
473708Glenfin Farm Limited17/03/2023
497397Fort Agri-Contracts Limited22/03/2023
444902S.J. Leahy Bloodstock Limited21/03/2023
112543The Irish Kennel Club Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
524128Smyth Agri Limited17/03/2023
60838Dowra Marts Limited22/03/2023
511718Michael Power Farms Limited22/03/2023
437167Michael Healy (Farming) Limited22/03/2023
419022Donegal Prime Farms Limited22/03/2023
498497Shane Thynne Limited21/03/2023
354445Oldcourt Kilfinny Farming Limited17/03/2023
366215Future Farming Products Limited22/03/2023
496203Mc Mcgrath Agri Contracting Limited22/03/2023
417224Dunsany Landscape Service Limited22/03/2023
366449E. Power & Sons Limited21/03/2023
463513Mark Moffett Agricultural, Environmental & Engineering Services Limited21/03/2023
513162Floodhall Limited21/03/2023
552830Equine Landscape Services Limited21/03/2023
543998Garrybritt Agri-Contracting Limited20/03/2023
511408Coolbane Construction Limited17/03/2023
547001T & D Agri Contracting Limited17/03/2023
295430Enniscorthy Farm Systems Limited17/03/2023
419027D. Collins Contracting Limited17/03/2023
504411Ashbourne Community Together Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
453914Lynch & Lynch Agri Hire Limited16/03/2023
543371Shamrock Genetics Limited16/03/2023
502370Drumellis Farms Limited16/03/2023
264992C & R Farms Limited16/03/2023
244707Merrick Marketing Limited16/03/2023
287080Pic Genetics Designated Activity Company16/03/2023
157306Fulani Limited16/03/2023
514268K & K Forest Services Limited22/03/2023
371472Developing Alternative Rural Enterprises Limited17/03/2023
487291Treepro Limited16/03/2023
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
469704Global Startups Limited16/03/2023
473491Clazz Solutions Limited22/03/2023
548065Cassano Consulting Limited22/03/2023
405934Xecent Limited22/03/2023
547521Tekten Solutions Limited22/03/2023
549659Marjolet Creative Limited22/03/2023
521864Xpreso Software Limited22/03/2023
489412Grepper Limited21/03/2023
451507Crum Communications Limited21/03/2023
531789Leonard Gahan Consulting Limited21/03/2023
445349Wayne Enterprises Limited21/03/2023
462099Straker Europe Limited21/03/2023
462099Straker Europe Limited21/03/2023
529240Hover Craft Studio Limited21/03/2023
515772Point Blank Digital Limited21/03/2023
539040G Delaney It Consultancy Limited21/03/2023
345306Starturn Technology Limited20/03/2023
331951Pelham Software Consultants Limited20/03/2023
502838Business Applications Consulting Ireland Limited17/03/2023
463711Colwiz Limited17/03/2023
547528Sid & Sohan Consulting Limited17/03/2023
531227Technia Engineering Limited17/03/2023
419171Onm Systems Limited17/03/2023
461019Coppsy Limited17/03/2023
513308Hallboss Limited17/03/2023
548262Infiniti Automation Systems Limited17/03/2023
547337Bash Media Limited17/03/2023
534958Nibu Consulting Limited17/03/2023
500947Garbh Software Solutions Limited17/03/2023
333164Vcom Solutions Limited16/03/2023
470788Optimise It Limited16/03/2023
512218L.S. Learning Partnership Limited16/03/2023
556359Intellimac Consulting Limited16/03/2023
460791Secsen Limited16/03/2023
560280Keystone Uni Limited21/03/2023
457132Mediabank Limited21/03/2023
545253Sentinel Computers Limited17/03/2023
475999Mantlet Limited22/03/2023
491164Beeyon Limited22/03/2023
356230Hospitality Back Office Systems & Services Limited22/03/2023
461565Failsafe I.T. Limited22/03/2023
515795Hilse Limited22/03/2023
519721Death Buy Fashion Limited22/03/2023
510011Sert Consulting Limited22/03/2023
539782Care Monitor Limited21/03/2023
328758Ilus Limited21/03/2023
442691Daly Automation Limited21/03/2023
328994Xwerx Media Limited21/03/2023
349198Horizon Automation Solutions Limited20/03/2023
545989Signfit Branding Limited20/03/2023
329533Joblot Limited20/03/2023
359617Pentagon Computers Limited18/03/2023
503544Uber Locations Limited17/03/2023
510951Westerly Software Limited17/03/2023
493928Cloud Media Limited17/03/2023
531039Dear Will Limited17/03/2023
547017Angionata Limited17/03/2023
357535Softtrace Limited17/03/2023
544123Kashlawn Limited17/03/2023
554995Veritas Storage (Ireland) Limited17/03/2023
540107Six-Pm Health Solutions (Ireland) Limited16/03/2023
515822Molybdenum Limited16/03/2023
546763Mdl Communications Limited16/03/2023
488469Icm Computer Systems Limited16/03/2023
454433Servitpro Limited16/03/2023
332393Origami Tesseract Limited16/03/2023
433506Beneskee Ebusiness Solutions Limited16/03/2023
321975McErlane Limited22/03/2023
158117Coolavin Systems Limited17/03/2023
290771Manalog Limited17/03/2023
306952Rapid Solutions Limited16/03/2023
488079Rsm Innovation Limited16/03/2023
294888Eyesp (Ireland) Limited16/03/2023
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
432845O'Toole & Fitzgerald Plant Hire Limited16/03/2023
432845O'Toole & Fitzgerald Plant Hire Limited16/03/2023
509361Garryhinch Construction Limited22/03/2023
173109John Walsh Construction Limited22/03/2023
355638Killina Construction Limited22/03/2023
533331Lissard Consulting Limited22/03/2023
121037Egan & O'Connor Construction Company Limited22/03/2023
482553Project Church Street Developments Limited22/03/2023
496810Moneygall Construction Shop Fitting Limited22/03/2023
338568A.B.D. Construction Limited22/03/2023
485891Caplan Construction Limited22/03/2023
409724Allondale Construction Limited22/03/2023
547425Quality Asphalt Limited22/03/2023
419836Cc & C Lismacbryan Construction Company Limited22/03/2023
131546M & C Doyle Construction Limited22/03/2023
146151Killoran Developments Limited22/03/2023
327898Arden Engineering Limited22/03/2023
548689Robert Gaffney & Sons Builders Limited22/03/2023
384856S.L. Developments Construction Limited22/03/2023
359474S. L. Developments Limited22/03/2023
545693P & S Moore Developments Limited22/03/2023
328874M Gallwey Limited22/03/2023
548534Edgar Allen Limited22/03/2023
458807Shane O'Donoghue Construction Limited21/03/2023
138282Chris McCarthy Construction Company Limited21/03/2023
303382Virtual Concepts Limited21/03/2023
547545Triford Build Limited21/03/2023
398765Ok-Mac Limited21/03/2023
384979Hazwins Developments Limited21/03/2023
158489O'Connell Plastering & Construction Limited21/03/2023
365979Atm Civil Engineering Limited21/03/2023
130409Drumakill Engineering Limited21/03/2023
401262Rushe Carpentry & Construction Limited21/03/2023
424924Cloneygowan Validation Limited21/03/2023
330460F.C.O.R. Pictures Limited21/03/2023
559302Wodcon Building Services Limited21/03/2023
383710New Asset Developments Limited21/03/2023
454648Huntsfield Construction Limited21/03/2023
450827Hurley Building Contractors Limited21/03/2023
540756Leo Harmon Project Advise Limited21/03/2023
404506Lions Arch Construction Limited21/03/2023
561828Redfern Construction Limited21/03/2023
496090Brookmore Civil Engineering Limited21/03/2023
439070Roslink Developments Limited21/03/2023
445985Acorn Valley Developments Limited21/03/2023
473420M.J. Killcloone Limited20/03/2023
561685Drombanna Civil Engineering Limited20/03/2023
556965Oscp Limited17/03/2023
115951Vincent Neary & Company Limited17/03/2023
547011Metricon Developments Limited17/03/2023
327670Stonecroft Developments Limited17/03/2023
384733Neary & Son Housing Limited17/03/2023
417972Tubrid Beg Construction Company Limited17/03/2023
452770Dolema Consulting Engineering Limited17/03/2023
370274Swaine Developments Limited17/03/2023
561825Fleming Agricultural Services Limited17/03/2023
425303Jb Tyres and Garage Equipment Limited17/03/2023
397596Lda Construction Limited16/03/2023
366800Drumcilla Construction Limited16/03/2023
557764Moate Maintenance Limited16/03/2023
500723Nodaat Plumbing Limited16/03/2023
93953Ballyfarna Construction Limited16/03/2023
150646S & K Carey Limited16/03/2023
548589Canlo Limited16/03/2023
112753Kiely and Cafferky Limited16/03/2023
131527White Lodge Construction (Ireland) Limited16/03/2023
526492Dg Cusack Building & Construction Limited16/03/2023
444440Paddy McTeigue & Sons Limited16/03/2023
472896Mathieu & Mitchell Limited16/03/2023
389781Rectory Homes Limited16/03/2023
412758Edilcon Civil Engineering Limited16/03/2023
429770Heritage D&D Limited16/03/2023
401617Stg Contractors Limited16/03/2023
369931Nomadic Developments Limited16/03/2023
461841Rossmore Plant Limited16/03/2023
337748F. O'Reilly Roofing Limited21/03/2023
444089Fitzgerald Paving Limited22/03/2023
461307Sol Golf International Limited17/03/2023
285074S.O.L. Golf Course Construction Limited17/03/2023
276352Stormhall Limited22/03/2023
408877Keith Boyd Refridgeration Limited22/03/2023
287453Sean Cleary & Son Engineering Limited22/03/2023
500595Nautic Inflatable Services Limited22/03/2023
127738D & S Industrial Temperature Sensors Limited22/03/2023
527281Laois Scaffolding Company Limited22/03/2023
470825Contemporary Lighting Solutions Limited21/03/2023
515754Ace Chimney Repairs Limited21/03/2023
529768Offshore Welding Services Limited21/03/2023
456975N-Con Tiling Limited21/03/2023
457814Bridgewood Carpentry Limited21/03/2023
177172Gleeson Engineering and Design Limited21/03/2023
143780Master Engineering Limited20/03/2023
520611Noel Toohey Engineering Co. Limited18/03/2023
550458Geoghegan Lift Hire Ireland Limited17/03/2023
547332Ballyneale Stone Masons Limited17/03/2023
547144Stephen Walton Design Services Limited17/03/2023
136271Piconsult Limited16/03/2023
405465Quantum Building Solutions Limited16/03/2023
347615Hickey Fabrication Services Limited16/03/2023
488459Ssi Aquadam Limited16/03/2023
466222Jod Electrical Limited22/03/2023
312148Dunleavy Engineering Limited22/03/2023
403913Mavcom Limited22/03/2023
439080T. Nolan Electrical Limited22/03/2023
509973Shane Scally Communications Limited21/03/2023
444438Beatty Electrical Limited21/03/2023
414487Harty and Lawlor Company Limited21/03/2023
439283Niall Guiden Concepts Limited21/03/2023
511349Bbm Secure Limited17/03/2023
401585Echo (Sound and Light) Limited17/03/2023
427053Esl Electric Limited17/03/2023
358423Trahe Design Limited16/03/2023
471224Kes Electrical Limited16/03/2023
405443Orion Business Concepts Limited16/03/2023
454732Westlink Electrical Services Limited16/03/2023
3857042tel Communications Limited16/03/2023
467821N.D.P. Insulation Limited22/03/2023
438590Acara Concepts Limited21/03/2023
358882Bernard Donovan Heating & Plumbing Limited16/03/2023
383469Monaghan Heating & Cooling Limited22/03/2023
470035Eco Life Energy Limited22/03/2023
353308John Galvin Plumbing Limited22/03/2023
389196L T Refrigeration Limited21/03/2023
445928Sean O'Reilly Heating & Plumbing Services Limited21/03/2023
86929Spectrum Engineering Limited17/03/2023
120934A. Birthistle & Co. Limited17/03/2023
560413Brian Mullen Plumbing Solutions Limited17/03/2023
544576Declan Smith Gas & Oil Limited16/03/2023
262249Sean Mulvaney & Sons Limited16/03/2023
399561Green Renewable Heating Limited16/03/2023
441466Eoin Gallagher Limited21/03/2023
416264Horizon Safety Systems Limited17/03/2023
388196Smoke Management Systems Limited16/03/2023
411865Rory Quirke Drylining Contractor Limited16/03/2023
403580Ark Joinery Limited22/03/2023
357855Pat O'Donoghue Carpentry Limited22/03/2023
369083Greenmount Carpentry Limited21/03/2023
423530Kylehill Construction Limited17/03/2023
547205Marble Arch Carpentry Limited16/03/2023
507012Skidproof Limited16/03/2023
541318Dublin Tile Merchants Limited16/03/2023
363478Rapid Glass Limited21/03/2023
430560Heritage Decorating Services Limited21/03/2023
541216Sky Painting Company Limited17/03/2023
334648Niall Byrne Painters & Decorators Limited17/03/2023
547587Jdc Paints Limited16/03/2023
379825All Room Decor & Design Limited21/03/2023
422646Goodwin Garden Services Limited18/03/2023
532464Mistral Developments Limited17/03/2023
383161Orchard Pipelines Limited17/03/2023
370249Sugrue Investment Holdings Limited17/03/2023
393325Pat Nolan Plant Hire Limited17/03/2023
432815B & J Mc Conway Limited16/03/2023
526435Finbur Plant Limited16/03/2023
414061Connie O'Sullivan & Son Plant Hire Limited16/03/2023
308304Sandymark Construction Limited22/03/2023
384498Scd Asset Management Limited22/03/2023
276285Greenbrook Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
312993Springridge Construction Limited22/03/2023
326406Clovertree Developments Limited22/03/2023
313191Cherrycourt Construction Limited22/03/2023
291897John O'Flynn Building & Plastering Limited21/03/2023
322036G.K.T. Developments Limited21/03/2023
308144Martin Kelly Construction Limited21/03/2023
203254B. McHugh Construction Limited21/03/2023
264444Ballylara Construction Limited18/03/2023
310289Oakdale Construction Limited17/03/2023
318223White Tyle Construction Limited17/03/2023
197629Setanta Properties Limited16/03/2023
234536J.J. McCauley Construction Limited16/03/2023
315720Bouley Developments Limited16/03/2023
234185Icarus Properties Limited16/03/2023
238037Claddagh Construction (Sligo) Limited16/03/2023
202342West Cork Building Supplies Limited16/03/2023
323738Heritage Designs & Developments Limited16/03/2023
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
453812Dalkey Community Pre-School Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
403833Brantrest Limited22/03/2023
484132Laois International School Limited16/03/2023
539320The Thomas F. Meagher Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
547040Daniel O'Connell Summer School Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
359666The Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy Limited21/03/2023
499743The Academy of Popular Music Limited21/03/2023
528772Educational Society of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee20/03/2023
502963Leadership Nous Limited18/03/2023
391322Larry Henry Sos Training Limited17/03/2023
441408Transformational Coaching and Training Limited17/03/2023
409136Navigate Executive Coaching Limited16/03/2023
271791Charleville Castle Heritage Trust Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
131370Aras Na Dige Teoranta21/03/2023
316884Dominican Montessori Pre-School Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
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Electricity, gas and water supply

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
486985Mbor Services Limited21/03/2023
477884I Power Synergy Limited18/03/2023
339206Teevurcher Limited16/03/2023
447704Coollegrean Windfarm Limited16/03/2023
384284Uisce Technology Limited22/03/2023
551145Ballinlaw Domestic Systems Limited17/03/2023
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Financial intermediation

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
507353Bugloss Limited17/03/2023
494631Fitzwilliam Tax Partners Limited22/03/2023
256875Ecock Holdings Limited21/03/2023
318520John Daly Financial Services Limited21/03/2023
547182Monaco Gold Limited21/03/2023
499607Sealed Air Securitization Designated Activity Company21/03/2023
560032Adagio Iv Clo Designated Activity Company17/03/2023
219727Hansard Europe Designated Activity Company17/03/2023
559655Coogee Bay Unlimited Company17/03/2023
307510Jori Properties Limited16/03/2023
307512Jori Investments Limited16/03/2023
389168Lornic Consulting Limited16/03/2023
314238Minm Investments Limited22/03/2023
65115Schull Sailing School Limited22/03/2023
223778C.J. Ryder and Company Limited21/03/2023
173843C.Q. Investments Limited21/03/2023
292732Deaneglow Property Limited21/03/2023
192271DCC Food & Beverage Limited16/03/2023
158574Larchfield Company Unlimited Company16/03/2023
248768Vincent Casey Life & Pensions Company Limited21/03/2023
518031Ornella Underwriting Limited16/03/2023
41286O'Mahony (Insurances) Limited16/03/2023
223230Private Client Trustees Limited16/03/2023
350072Ignatius Investment Holdings Limited22/03/2023
502865Ia Capital Structures (Ireland) Public Limited Company22/03/2023
264990Capelview Limited17/03/2023
318902Totalvale Limited17/03/2023
389134Fogo Holdings Limited21/03/2023
378992D. Murnane & Associates Limited21/03/2023
383771Custodian Pension Trustees Limited16/03/2023
362666Meritas Financial Advisors Limited16/03/2023
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
547739Atlantic Fresh Seafoods Limited17/03/2023
165516Armada Shellfish Co. Limited16/03/2023
269658Green Oysters Limited22/03/2023
542738Ocean Oddities Limited17/03/2023
251497R & J Beshoff Fresh Fish Limited16/03/2023
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Health and social work

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
407407The Well At Work Limited17/03/2023
446959Lux Med Polish Medical Clinic Limited22/03/2023
486117Javed Medical Services Limited22/03/2023
473480Crosslanes Physiotherapy Clinic Limited21/03/2023
418813Gorey Family Chiropractic Clinic Limited21/03/2023
548132Arab Ventures Limited21/03/2023
297642Life Line Ambulance Service Limited18/03/2023
513924Joyce Lynch Medical Limited17/03/2023
544747Fitzgerald Plastic Surgery Limited17/03/2023
557192Stark Medical Limited16/03/2023
557324Pearl Dental Limited22/03/2023
532098Denthouse Dental Limited21/03/2023
420053T H C Dental Limited21/03/2023
554252Blue Poppy Visage Limited17/03/2023
554252Blue Poppy Visage Limited17/03/2023
542234Perladent Limited17/03/2023
409560North West Stroke Group Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
530675Policy Advocacy Consulting Europe (Pace) Limited22/03/2023
422519Hss Management Limited22/03/2023
541892Body Project Limited22/03/2023
406469Elder Home Care Limited22/03/2023
496654Advance Therapy Systems Limited21/03/2023
547999Ian Dowling Physiotherapy Limited21/03/2023
501915Lir Psychological Services Limited21/03/2023
370781Imi Irish Medical Information Limited17/03/2023
323071Eldabane Holdings Limited17/03/2023
562652Ger Feeney Hearing Limited17/03/2023
373130Stanford Woods Care Centre Limited16/03/2023
400965Oakenfield Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
556750Déise Vets Limited21/03/2023
455346Queen of Peace Community Development Project Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
547124Curam Nua Limited21/03/2023
502955Deerpark Community Childcare Service Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
460418Manzini Youth Care Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
548417The Anne Fitzgerald-Know Hope Foundation Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
413292Mid-Louth C.E. Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
470936Little Treasures Creche & Playschool Limited22/03/2023
353992The Trustees of Macroom Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
515165Montessori House of Children Limited22/03/2023
532238Kal Psychological Services Limited20/03/2023
370418Circle of Friends Limited17/03/2023
501520Kilmeena Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
477788Multyfarnham Children's Services Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
562644Baldoyle Little People Limited17/03/2023
474192Threemilehouse Community Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
509060Happy Days Playschool Lar Easa Limited16/03/2023
494852Gril (Gordon Ryan Independent Living ) Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
546969Islamic Cultural Centre Swords (Iccs) Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
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Hotels and restaurants

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
435940Endson Limited22/03/2023
549558Muckno Hotels Limited22/03/2023
127213Foxfield Inns Designated Activity Company22/03/2023
539431Lisheen Castle Limited21/03/2023
333732Zest Foods Limited17/03/2023
469890Ballymagarvey Village Limited16/03/2023
469890Ballymagarvey Village Limited16/03/2023
469890Ballymagarvey Village Limited16/03/2023
449072Pll Limited16/03/2023
517885Aran Camping Holidays Limited22/03/2023
517885Aran Camping Holidays Limited22/03/2023
435986McEnerys Park Limited21/03/2023
245849Forest Farm Caravan & Camping Park Limited17/03/2023
376903The Ship Restaurant and Bar (Dunmore East) Limited22/03/2023
543908Mohsen Samy Limited22/03/2023
548268Rj Cuisine Limited22/03/2023
401652The Food Room Limited22/03/2023
549600Dey Surma Limited22/03/2023
472652Beavhoda (Irl) Limited22/03/2023
543190Sceharm Café Limited22/03/2023
258120Adandber Limited22/03/2023
515026Girasole Pizzeria Limited21/03/2023
183954Cazaudehore Limited21/03/2023
122965Valence Limited21/03/2023
520761New Dragon Chinese Restaurant Limited21/03/2023
546863T.F.W. Food Services Limited21/03/2023
456396Il Panorama Cafe Limited21/03/2023
486880Palluot Limited21/03/2023
542119Rmd Catering Limited21/03/2023
443625Saba At Home Limited18/03/2023
521772Raglan Support Plus Limited17/03/2023
303588Yorkstein Limited17/03/2023
534393Rata Makai Limited17/03/2023
509799Kathmandu Nepalese Restaurant Limited17/03/2023
557412The Bookshelf Limited17/03/2023
561380Capulus Limited17/03/2023
513248Aj Martin Limited16/03/2023
539344R & J Seafood Limited16/03/2023
541267R & J Food Distributors Limited16/03/2023
447543The Carvery Restaurant Tt Limited16/03/2023
386467The Brick Oven Limited16/03/2023
546861Cheapstar Catering Limited16/03/2023
304330Sunny Bay Limited22/03/2023
282758The Smugglers Inn Limited22/03/2023
141738Listowel Hotel Limited22/03/2023
544455Knightskeepe Limited22/03/2023
483855Icolater Limited22/03/2023
284983Jarlie Limited22/03/2023
161074Bbb Taverns Limited21/03/2023
511989Clarke's City Arms Limited21/03/2023
401963P.L.O.R. Limited21/03/2023
546050Longwood Taverns Limited21/03/2023
515695Coraude Limited21/03/2023
28903James Barrett & Sons Limited21/03/2023
275708Howleys of Curry Limited21/03/2023
425196Ballydesmond Bars Limited17/03/2023
356520Fitzpatricks (Bar & Lounge) Limited17/03/2023
337558Pioneer Foods Limited17/03/2023
518242Ryconlou Limited16/03/2023
562303McO Utilities Limited16/03/2023
549547Jed Murph Limited16/03/2023
210105Grangeland Ventures Limited16/03/2023
517660Gladebarna Limited16/03/2023
517193Firstgrowth Limited16/03/2023
128004Callbere Limited22/03/2023
128616J & M Pubs Limited21/03/2023
129033L. Tenanty & Sons Limited21/03/2023
140528Acrefield Limited17/03/2023
155096Bridge House Hotel Limited16/03/2023
284109Canurie Limited16/03/2023
70 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Hotels and restaurants" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
73370Irish Commercials (Sales) Limited17/03/2023
164352Patrick Slevin & Sons (Coach Hire) Limited17/03/2023
131267Great Island Car Rentals (Cork) Limited16/03/2023
559786Kevin Meaney Plant Sales Limited22/03/2023
442958Quarryvale Plant Limited22/03/2023
553790Aggard Plant Hire Limited22/03/2023
377425E.L.R. Motor Repairs Limited22/03/2023
126766Crownfield Limited21/03/2023
547074Drom Groundworks & Plant Hire Limited21/03/2023
528727Deane Civils Limited17/03/2023
300535M. & T. Plant Hire Limited16/03/2023
520968Dfw Formal Wear Limited17/03/2023
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Legal, Accounting & Business

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
330179Pharma-Assist (Clonmel) Limited21/03/2023
550757Nortonlifelock Global Unlimited Company22/03/2023
550757Nortonlifelock Global Unlimited Company22/03/2023
508876The Waterstones Pension Trustee (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
440649Trimill Limited21/03/2023
461788Danske Bank (Ireland) Pension Trust Designated Activity Company17/03/2023
449615Ocapac Holding Company Unlimited Company17/03/2023
449614Oracle Research Company Unlimited Company17/03/2023
494573Ocapac Hardware Partner Unlimited Company17/03/2023
559200Tomricia Limited22/03/2023
479391Helena Grattan Consulting Limited22/03/2023
348874Seville Business Services Limited22/03/2023
479355Bruffea Accounting Services Limited21/03/2023
474421Medpro Billing Solutions Limited21/03/2023
546064J Canty Accountants Limited21/03/2023
561218Causeway Capital Limited21/03/2023
555500Davern Accountancy Limited21/03/2023
508631Cu Advisory Services Limited21/03/2023
505496James Byrne & Company Accountants Limited21/03/2023
501392Focus Aviation Limited17/03/2023
501393Avoset Aviation Limited17/03/2023
460212Fred's Accounts Services Limited17/03/2023
366591All Finance Tax Limited16/03/2023
465155Bca Secretarial Limited16/03/2023
539760Hugh Lennon & Company Limited16/03/2023
468023Hugh Lennon & Associates Limited16/03/2023
408154R O'Leary & Co Limited16/03/2023
114318Javelin Advertising Limited22/03/2023
279528Aqua Design Limited17/03/2023
461555Newlyne Capital Limited16/03/2023
461554Coco Investments Limited22/03/2023
354973Advanced Financial Planning Limited22/03/2023
484366Leadingedge Consultancy Engineering Services Limited22/03/2023
474663Charlie Glass Consulting Limited22/03/2023
227706Phoenix View Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
474156Koi Business Coaching and Consulting Limited22/03/2023
502237Hospitality Hosting Limited22/03/2023
440754Southern Crusher Spares & Sales Limited22/03/2023
548345Jkd Project Services Limited22/03/2023
369842Dk Project Management Limited22/03/2023
531392Jh Public Affairs Limited22/03/2023
460736Aldergate Limited22/03/2023
463282Purtell Consulting Limited22/03/2023
358495Atlantic Risk Management Limited22/03/2023
415758Mullarkey Project Management Limited22/03/2023
440254Mdh Captial Limited21/03/2023
531420Gorsewood Consultants Limited21/03/2023
562462Star Advantage Limited21/03/2023
420921Karna Management Limited21/03/2023
547038Djm Safety Limited21/03/2023
527122Bedoin Limited21/03/2023
398842Phoenix Retail Consultancy Limited21/03/2023
547141Nsi Technology Limited21/03/2023
368841Twin Butterfly Enterprises Limited21/03/2023
526818Eag Hr & Training Limited21/03/2023
535030Ripple Consultants Limited21/03/2023
512668Lenzen Limited21/03/2023
300837Gmn Associates Limited21/03/2023
532461Entrepreneur First Limited21/03/2023
375850Michael Redmond & Company Limited20/03/2023
501494Enervise Limited20/03/2023
425445Jch Enterprises Limited20/03/2023
506486Edge Business Consulting Limited20/03/2023
496619Yadbay Limited20/03/2023
361479Aster Environmental Consultants Limited20/03/2023
446096Foresthill Consultancy Services Limited20/03/2023
495183James Barry Fine Art Limited18/03/2023
304364Sarabridge Limited18/03/2023
504252Lily Blossom Limited18/03/2023
531421Woodrise Consultants Limited17/03/2023
475148Trinaderry Limited17/03/2023
498460Quatre Murs Limited17/03/2023
506218Ceann Trá Consultancy Limited17/03/2023
495641Innovative Procurement Solutions Limited17/03/2023
460208Adr Workplace Solutions Limited17/03/2023
404716Vita Matrix Limited17/03/2023
284251Quantum Training Limited17/03/2023
499252Apm Consulting Limited17/03/2023
400311Beva Capital Limited16/03/2023
444359Synergy Training and Consulting Limited16/03/2023
521816Biz2biz Limited16/03/2023
426613Experia Investments Limited16/03/2023
543609Telbay Limited16/03/2023
362039Prunell Limited16/03/2023
501389Socorn Limited16/03/2023
517054Enjoy the Coffee Limited16/03/2023
529015Ljb Consulting Limited16/03/2023
438226Gv Purmac Limited16/03/2023
513944Varpop Limited22/03/2023
542312Delta Fund Dfi 001230 Limited22/03/2023
512596Anglo Therapy Balkans Limited22/03/2023
554442Malin Corporation Public Limited Company22/03/2023
494632Gagnoa Limited22/03/2023
506974NTR Europe Holdings Limited22/03/2023
516572Trimston Holdings Limited22/03/2023
532099Denthouse Property Limited21/03/2023
517179K O Capital Limited21/03/2023
545229Mek Vintage Holdings Limited21/03/2023
416942W.A. Management Company Limited21/03/2023
399986Ballymakeegan Pharmacy Holdings Limited21/03/2023
374788Cosma Tooling Ireland Unlimited Company21/03/2023
547140Abdsu Limited21/03/2023
448836Dhtok Investments Limited21/03/2023
484605Maystron Limited21/03/2023
548434Stablewell Limited21/03/2023
554864Roufis 110 Limited21/03/2023
449612Info-Gel Limited21/03/2023
346428Valve Services Holdings Limited21/03/2023
442183Valve Services Limited21/03/2023
538332Flashpoint Investments Limited21/03/2023
541062High Street Properties Limited21/03/2023
440036Edspo Holdings Limited18/03/2023
509555Vista Millbrook Limited17/03/2023
562194Modern Restaurant Concepts Limited17/03/2023
522612Subulter Investments Limited17/03/2023
545496Atct Holdings Limited17/03/2023
545495Jae Engineering Holdings Limited17/03/2023
424155Mf Investments Holdings Ireland Limited17/03/2023
525636Fiestale Limited17/03/2023
323946Ncr Global Holdings Limited17/03/2023
547295Apas Asset Holdings Limited17/03/2023
546947Kiwieire Ventures Limited17/03/2023
358192Klimeford Limited17/03/2023
404111Playmount Limited17/03/2023
337375Redfield Properties Limited17/03/2023
45790Derrybawn Construction Company Limited17/03/2023
558345N & G Scannell Holdings Limited16/03/2023
455661Lourycon Limited16/03/2023
422051Bridge House Hotel Leisure and Spa Limited16/03/2023
432484Jivan Holdings Limited16/03/2023
333307Ranchroy Limited16/03/2023
434361Dromash Holdings Limited16/03/2023
523276Venuswood Limited16/03/2023
519259Askerview Limited16/03/2023
432708Roadmender Limited16/03/2023
542488Of Wilson Property Limited16/03/2023
544449Virtus Health Ireland Limited16/03/2023
549689Human Assisted Reproduction Ireland Limited16/03/2023
427264Wincan Investments Limited16/03/2023
357705Castlepeak Limited22/03/2023
369850Murrin Automation (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
387927Ome Consultancy Services Limited22/03/2023
335335A. Burke Cost Consulting Limited22/03/2023
447799D&R Lyons & Associates Limited22/03/2023
526376Duggan Barrett Consulting Engineers Limited22/03/2023
403490Kevin O'Grady & Associates Limited22/03/2023
443392Bc Automation Consultants Limited22/03/2023
398124Mdm Mechanical Co-Ordination Services Limited22/03/2023
364318Kelly & O'Callaghan Limited22/03/2023
384502Arthur Middleton Limited22/03/2023
387012Aoife Cassidy & Associates Limited22/03/2023
451413G Kavanagh Qs Consultancy Limited22/03/2023
543587John Joe Lewis Architectural Services Limited22/03/2023
515862Haynes Consultancy Limited22/03/2023
215861Imrem Limited21/03/2023
241219Consult Oma Limited21/03/2023
527094Stark Industries Limited21/03/2023
541692Gdm Design & Management Limited21/03/2023
471680Fhp Architects International Limited21/03/2023
190542Cahill-O'Brien Associates Limited21/03/2023
457958Carroll Controls Limited21/03/2023
305662Aine Lahart Limited21/03/2023
546839Nolo Design Limited21/03/2023
515681Calibre Engineering Limited20/03/2023
270088Geomembrane Testing Services Limited20/03/2023
460524Malaika Limited18/03/2023
357057Cawdot Consulting Limited18/03/2023
432955Paul Cullivan Quantity Surveying Limited17/03/2023
256755Walsh Draughting Services Limited17/03/2023
303362Donlea Consulting Engineers Limited17/03/2023
382432Vincent Houlihan Electrical Services Limited17/03/2023
438719Depiction Limited17/03/2023
534110Ejc Architects Limited16/03/2023
430082Daniel P Keane Architectural Technologists Limited16/03/2023
354615Prospect Architecture & Interior Design Limited16/03/2023
489385Mark Murphy Consultancy Limited16/03/2023
549586D.J. Fitzpatrick Consulting Engineers Limited16/03/2023
450032Helianthus Limited16/03/2023
359384Coady Partnership Architects Limited16/03/2023
471402Gml Engineering Limited16/03/2023
490237Celtic Asbestos Consultancy Limited21/03/2023
470422Butcher Bid Limited22/03/2023
323107Commercials World Limited22/03/2023
373836Visualise Limited22/03/2023
386409Javelin Direct Marketing Limited22/03/2023
327200Purple Design Limited17/03/2023
458885Kelly Media & Communications Limited16/03/2023
401563Exalt Recruitment Limited22/03/2023
547644Munster Hr Associates Limited22/03/2023
3564711st Option Models Limited21/03/2023
536529Millingtonpope Limited21/03/2023
521240Piquet Aviation Limited17/03/2023
316204The Drogheda Job Initiative Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
531018Greenline Conversations Limited16/03/2023
524604Shield Electronic Systems Limited22/03/2023
411159Brown Bros. Locksmiths Limited17/03/2023
389151Infosectech Limited17/03/2023
530691Horizon Safety & Security Systems Limited17/03/2023
550817Hogan & Howard Security Consultancy Limited16/03/2023
420749Watch-It Security Services (Monaghan) Limited16/03/2023
523186Lykus Security Limited16/03/2023
530793Serious City Services Limited22/03/2023
550460Exterior Building Cleaning Limited21/03/2023
444422Master Hygiene Limited21/03/2023
539282Ventilation Surveys and Services Ireland Limited17/03/2023
431777C.S.C. Environmental Services Limited16/03/2023
517438Jang Productions Limited22/03/2023
470434Dillon Photography Limited22/03/2023
452503Donal Murphy Photography Limited21/03/2023
409623Mc Gees Photo Centre Limited21/03/2023
296754M.C. Photography Limited17/03/2023
383462Eye Focus Limited17/03/2023
478666Melissa Mannion Limited17/03/2023
498501MacPhoto Limited16/03/2023
536502Tandem Secretarial Services Limited22/03/2023
352386Horan & Son Office Services Limited21/03/2023
556493Maturity Spirits (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
218508Starlow Limited22/03/2023
163200F. Watson & Son Limited22/03/2023
542892New Payment Innovation Limited22/03/2023
321789Shanbower Holdings Limited22/03/2023
321789Shanbower Holdings Limited22/03/2023
226235Oliver McAvinia Limited22/03/2023
123388Renihan Refrigeration Limited22/03/2023
399738Tree Top Properties Limited22/03/2023
511156Raw Marketing & Events Limited22/03/2023
169014Square Systems Limited22/03/2023
340257Duo Productions Limited22/03/2023
305740Medeci (Furniture) Limited22/03/2023
344930Tinsley Interiors Limited22/03/2023
157214Rathkeale Landscaping Services (Limerick) Limited22/03/2023
80436Barb Electrical (Holding) Company Limited22/03/2023
285161Barb Electrical Company Limited22/03/2023
304149Noel Halpin Garages Limited22/03/2023
148515Michael Street Management Company Limited22/03/2023
167908Larnbury Limited22/03/2023
558923Dayse Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
557517All Shapes All Makes Limited22/03/2023
242263Cabdale Limited22/03/2023
172589Magnum Labelling Systems Limited21/03/2023
176928Edmar Signs & Designs Limited21/03/2023
221016Carpen Trading Limited21/03/2023
247022Stannagh Limited21/03/2023
289595Seygore Distribution & Warehousing Limited21/03/2023
284412Jpa Computers Limited21/03/2023
195039Money Markets International Nominees Limited21/03/2023
195039Money Markets International Nominees Limited21/03/2023
217026Morning Fresh Farm Limited21/03/2023
202978Iasis Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
139614Sovereign Security Limited21/03/2023
547191Goveas Aviation Solutions Europe Limited21/03/2023
544094Quartz Logistics Limited21/03/2023
288925Cullen Communications Limited21/03/2023
371267Mecom Media Limited21/03/2023
121501Eurotext Translations Limited21/03/2023
468079Fassarnuck Limited21/03/2023
121501Eurotext Translations Limited21/03/2023
441286Optima Signs Limited21/03/2023
532582Gsp Fire Limited21/03/2023
201485Pearson Fencing Services Limited20/03/2023
440605McSweeney Analytical Limited20/03/2023
235813Glenbruff Limited20/03/2023
301995First Choice Commercials Limited18/03/2023
496839Killbranch Limited18/03/2023
168750Aviserv Limited18/03/2023
556484Hazelgrove Windows & Glass Limited17/03/2023
286427Haugh Central Stores Limited17/03/2023
320860Riapol Limited17/03/2023
250582Daletrim Limited17/03/2023
468079Fassarnuck Limited17/03/2023
268616Forge Developments Limited17/03/2023
304273Kilkenny Design Limited17/03/2023
140086Kilkenny Design Centre Limited17/03/2023
235989Vellum & Parchment Works Limited17/03/2023
236014Consolidated Manufacturers Limited17/03/2023
237075Ropex Industries Limited17/03/2023
283267Clydaville Investments Limited17/03/2023
432356Cloonlyon Design Limited17/03/2023
432356Cloonlyon Design Limited17/03/2023
316328Brrr Limited17/03/2023
130799Lowneys of Wexford Limited17/03/2023
234229Mellent Limited17/03/2023
264521John McGlynn and Son Limited17/03/2023
270791Leeson Glen Limited17/03/2023
449448Ocapac Distributor Partner Unlimited Company17/03/2023
449449Ocapac Research Partner Unlimited Company17/03/2023
416975Walsh Veterinary Imaging Limited17/03/2023
315616Equinox Maintenance Limited17/03/2023
510872Alupod Limited17/03/2023
280372Marketshare Enterprizes Limited17/03/2023
251807Teach Osta Ui Chualain Teoranta17/03/2023
156128Dominic Delaney (Building Contractor) Limited17/03/2023
323318Bruach Na H-Abhainn Management Company Designated Activity Company17/03/2023
292679Cmt Blacksmith & Iron Works Limited16/03/2023
129235Joe Faherty Limited16/03/2023
253545M.F.L. Limited16/03/2023
237536Casablan Management Limited16/03/2023
236549Energy Saver Insulations Limited16/03/2023
247025Glendalon Limited16/03/2023
44813Abdef Limited16/03/2023
268007Mercury Systems (Europe) Limited16/03/2023
229176Applefield Limited16/03/2023
423429Mrc Aviation and Brand Consultants Limited16/03/2023
142614Gleeson Goldsmiths Limited16/03/2023
246866Rtj Construction Limited16/03/2023
279154Sunlane Limited16/03/2023
260258Wythall Limited16/03/2023
124454Xcel Xecutive Cleaners Limited16/03/2023
213121Wayne Court Limited16/03/2023
289019Clean Supreme Limited16/03/2023
162956All-Soft Solutions Limited16/03/2023
538649Protect Care Limited16/03/2023
391578Frenchpark (Block E) Service Management Limited16/03/2023
321716Dunstaffnage Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
512647Irish Host Family Limited17/03/2023
315 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Legal, Accounting & Business" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
180398Tara Cladding Limited17/03/2023
430960Jb Structural Steel Limited22/03/2023
441515Fabijaniak Steel Detailing Limited22/03/2023
547196John Crane (Ireland) Limited21/03/2023
545548Ian Fahy Engineering Services Limited22/03/2023
502389Mick Mc Keown Engineering Limited22/03/2023
437746Atticus Engineering Limited18/03/2023
530922Sean Hurley Limited17/03/2023
548095Spectrum Environmental Limited17/03/2023
547025Apophyllite Limited17/03/2023
61807Bellurgan Precision Engineering Limited17/03/2023
443580Q Power Limited16/03/2023
483114Total Precision Limited16/03/2023
389000Brocka Engineering Limited16/03/2023
353898John O'Connor Welding & Engineering Limited16/03/2023
351103Magna International Autolaunch Ireland Limited21/03/2023
204819A.1. Lock Docs Limited16/03/2023
489838David Clegg Signs Limited21/03/2023
557728Urn Towers Limited18/03/2023
19 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
361613Total Polymer Solutions Limited21/03/2023
187254Bagenalstown Pharmacy Limited22/03/2023
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
279674First Circle Limited22/03/2023
250203Sakac Limited22/03/2023
158695Premier Software Limited22/03/2023
271315Inspire Quality Services Limited22/03/2023
289653Joshua Advanced Media Systems Limited21/03/2023
72328Independent Pictures Limited17/03/2023
265683Oracle Technology Company Unlimited Company17/03/2023
172139Strata (I.T.) Limited17/03/2023
468993Grainger Energy Solutions Limited22/03/2023
526455Static Hydro Energy (S.H.E.) Limited22/03/2023
374329National Heat Treatment Centre Limited22/03/2023
234009Acoustic Technologies Limited17/03/2023
283594M.K. Panels Limited17/03/2023
311836Retail Options Limited17/03/2023
91731Ashling Microsystems Limited22/03/2023
149743Agt Contracts Limited21/03/2023
904152Kostal Ireland GmbH17/03/2023
287509NTR Leasing Limited16/03/2023
248874T.D. Cellular Limited22/03/2023
263572Depuy Ireland Unlimited Company17/03/2023
263572Depuy Ireland Unlimited Company17/03/2023
77037Cardinal Health Ireland Manufacturing Limited16/03/2023
370725Comeragh Controls Limited22/03/2023
210174Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Ireland Unlimited Company17/03/2023
210174Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Ireland Unlimited Company17/03/2023
25 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
370533M & K Meats Limited22/03/2023
553086S & S Duffy Meats Limited17/03/2023
495211Karro McGee Roi Limited16/03/2023
250952Drumbawn Properties Limited21/03/2023
221821Galway Free Range Eggs Limited17/03/2023
221821Galway Free Range Eggs Limited17/03/2023
221821Galway Free Range Eggs Limited17/03/2023
269098Tom Mulvey Potatoes Limited22/03/2023
546804Donegal Farmhouse Cheese Limited16/03/2023
280728Crimco Foods Limited21/03/2023
237269B. & R. Catering Services Limited17/03/2023
531493Bakelicious Limited17/03/2023
52177Ferrero Ireland Limited21/03/2023
517024Caffrey' S Chocolates Limited17/03/2023
415762Pónaire Limited17/03/2023
515825Inishfree Foods Limited22/03/2023
465512Cavan Country Produce Limited16/03/2023
531913Woodcock Global Beverages Limited16/03/2023
18 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
356475Systemair (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
521012Turbo Air Engineering Limited22/03/2023
224094Ashford Building Services (Ireland) Limited16/03/2023
146356Electro-Mech Construction Limited22/03/2023
149343Innovative Products Limited22/03/2023
155916Power Transport Limited22/03/2023
128631Martin O'Callaghan Limited22/03/2023
256411Pat Costello Construction Limited21/03/2023
258589Irish Landfill Services Limited17/03/2023
203236John Lynch Plant Hire Limited16/03/2023
252274Finucane & Sons Plant Hire and Civil Engineering Limited16/03/2023
11 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
305346Michael Harrington U Pvc Limited17/03/2023
133874Moneygall Glazing Accessories Limited16/03/2023
496433Maighcoincreite Limited16/03/2023
385337Jennings Concrete Precast Limited16/03/2023
496521Nolan Natural Stone Limited22/03/2023
401849McMahon Monumental Sculptors Limited17/03/2023
428243O' Neill Memorial Headstones Limited16/03/2023
7 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
51594Eddie Barry Limited22/03/2023
144533Croeso Limited17/03/2023
425280Nice & Nasty Limited16/03/2023
438342Dublin Hht Cartography House Limited22/03/2023
543399Racecard Publishing Ireland Limited21/03/2023
147311Crumlin Print Limited22/03/2023
224607Alun Systems Print Limited16/03/2023
172948Four Seasons Music Limited16/03/2023
389243Blood in the Alley Productions Limited22/03/2023
519109Printwell Design Limited22/03/2023
392411System Label Technology Limited22/03/2023
392411System Label Technology Limited22/03/2023
534199Andrew Davey Printing Limited22/03/2023
357494Rapid Print & Signs Limited17/03/2023
515991Gpd Media Limited16/03/2023
322087Avid Capital Partners Limited17/03/2023
440457Creative Binding Solutions Limited17/03/2023
187332The Print Works Limited17/03/2023
405740MacCana Teoranta20/03/2023
131309Cornell News Limited22/03/2023
235392Turform Publications Limited17/03/2023
21 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
80991Abbey Rollers Limited17/03/2023
162301Nationwide Vulcanising Limited21/03/2023
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of textiles and textile products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
61541Laurence Pierce (Property) Limited21/03/2023
274971Progressive Flooring (Irl) Limited17/03/2023
141194Comvale Limited17/03/2023
368244Wove Strategic Consulting and Design Limited16/03/2023
175616Peter John Limited16/03/2023
278608J.P. Bond & Company Limited16/03/2023
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Manufacture of transport equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
310535Ferngrove Conversions Limited22/03/2023
522483Leon Cassidy Car Services Limited16/03/2023
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Manufacture of wood and wood products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
161441S. Dolan Carpentry Limited22/03/2023
124528Dublin Square Deal Centre Limited21/03/2023
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Manufacturing n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
354669Callaghan Kitchens Limited16/03/2023
304833Bc Media Services Limited17/03/2023
244941Connolly Investments (Kingdom) Limited17/03/2023
515588Fuan Teoranta18/03/2023
305291Cool Serve Refrigeration Limited17/03/2023
405940Aweld Engineering Limited17/03/2023
263720Padraig O'Luagh Teoranta17/03/2023
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Mining and quarrying of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
549843MacPo Engineering Services Limited22/03/2023
470572Geonua Limited16/03/2023
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
401270First Choice Auto's Limited22/03/2023
367778D6 Cars Limited21/03/2023
205720Talbot Motor Factors Limited21/03/2023
187942Breathnach Engineering Limited21/03/2023
443778N4 Autopoint Limited21/03/2023
451489Lakeland Carriage Company Limited17/03/2023
501007McGuinness Service Point Limited17/03/2023
497092Lucan Motors Limited17/03/2023
457024Tilunas Limited22/03/2023
532173Southern 4x4 Breakers Limited22/03/2023
379940Kelly's Car & Commercial Repairs Limited22/03/2023
542468Kilmeague Motorworx Limited21/03/2023
516123Arco Fleet Maintenance Limited21/03/2023
545948Ndg Motors Limited21/03/2023
560580Robert Beirne Engineering Limited18/03/2023
555731Tmc Commercial Garage Limited17/03/2023
547158Mts Metal Turning Services Limited17/03/2023
556447Kenneth Mulqueen Garage Limited17/03/2023
494724Car Cosmetix Limited17/03/2023
433973Keith Kennedy Garages Limited17/03/2023
501055Northwest Motors Limited17/03/2023
434257Truckbreak Limited22/03/2023
385149A.G.E. Automotive Garage Equipment Limited21/03/2023
452423Prussia Consultancy Limited21/03/2023
558131Callan Truck Parts Limited20/03/2023
136658Murfit Brake & Clutch (Units) Limited17/03/2023
529814Alma Service Stations Limited22/03/2023
419197M.K.M.H. Limited16/03/2023
543938John Burke Industrial Factors Limited16/03/2023
158018Foxrock Motor Company Limited22/03/2023
124063Michael Barrable Motors Limited22/03/2023
147747Brian Reynolds Car Sales Limited22/03/2023
312441Crosbie Brothers Limited21/03/2023
197844Meadowbank Body Repairs Limited21/03/2023
178960Gerry Caffrey Motors Limited21/03/2023
121997Truck Car Sales Limited21/03/2023
242750Hurley Bros Garage (Skibbereen) Limited20/03/2023
114653Forest Service Station Co. Limited17/03/2023
305240Cronin's Service Station Limited17/03/2023
63651International Trailers Limited17/03/2023
128099David & Margaret Casey Limited16/03/2023
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Other community, social and personal service activities

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
513144Kilkarney Enterprises Limited21/03/2023
325169Richard Kinsella & Sons Limited21/03/2023
240079Castletownroche Community Mill Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
265006Ardee Community Development Company Limited21/03/2023
310056Ennistymon Parish and Community Group Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
389110West Cork Chamber of Commerce Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
228307D & T Dillon Limited17/03/2023
159953Arklow Chamber of Commerce17/03/2023
487186Clonakilty Chamber of Commerce Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
409728Sli Chriost22/03/2023
326978Columbanus (Sligo) Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
530462Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
546872South Dublin Muslim Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee18/03/2023
493896Christ Life International Christian Centre Company Limited By Guarantee18/03/2023
490182Dominion Chapel Company Limited By Guarantee18/03/2023
374449Ballinaglera Development Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
351415Aughavas Parish Improvements Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
446869Feis Ceoil Association22/03/2023
323940Naas Area Community Employment Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
205359Glendown Residents Association Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
255549Douglas Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
340182Ruan Community Childcare Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
344713Causeway Community Economic Social Development Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
360681Comharchumann Forbartha Arann Sceim Tithiocht Soisialta Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta22/03/2023
216396Arrow Community Enterprises Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
353823I.P.C.A. Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
318933St. Patrick's Rowing Club Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
520235Monasterevin Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
466265Action Community & Enterprise Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
514804Kilflynn Area Development Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
337729Garrymore Community Association Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
541663Drumshanbo Ballinaglera Amenity Co. Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
542802Lhdp Community Employment Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
460341The Association of Nigerian Professionals in Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
548775Community Childcare Training C.E. Scheme (Kilkenny) Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
3896833d4medical Limited22/03/2023
516018Vicam Limited22/03/2023
453568Subotica Limited22/03/2023
356525Leirithe Le MacDara O'Curraidhin Teoranta22/03/2023
468420Cpk Productions Limited22/03/2023
534350South Eleven Video Production Limited21/03/2023
532179Fine Point Films Limited16/03/2023
423831Low Profile Limited21/03/2023
161461Screen Producers Ireland21/03/2023
460142Theatreworx Production Limited22/03/2023
308076Central Entertainment Bureau Limited22/03/2023
345031Scribble Pictures Limited21/03/2023
475818Oliver Hurley Productions Limited16/03/2023
45194Cynthia O'Connor & Company Limited21/03/2023
549767Clonakilty Community Arts Centre Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
305791On the Edge Limited21/03/2023
544281Ladytown Entertainment Services Limited21/03/2023
221277National Show Centre Limited17/03/2023
185841Claddaghgreen Limited17/03/2023
562163Irish American Events Limited16/03/2023
371223Swerve Music Limited16/03/2023
93586G N T Hennessy Limited16/03/2023
453932Assets Model Agency Limited16/03/2023
442442Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
442442Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
388959Lynne Kelleher Limited21/03/2023
171473Kerry Bog Museum Limited22/03/2023
469450Wicklow Historic Gaol21/03/2023
274622Macroom Soccer Club Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
499438West Limierick Leisure and Fitness Limited22/03/2023
349668County Roscommon Hunt Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
446694R.C. Tennis Limited21/03/2023
501574Extreme North Limited21/03/2023
437871Fermoy Youth + River Amenity Group Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
473287Excel Gymnastics Limited16/03/2023
522363The Wild West Limited21/03/2023
420629Gort Playground Group Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
162672Drumshanbo Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
460192Shrule Community Sports Fields Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
323602Wall 2 Wall Pr & Event Management Limited22/03/2023
487079Ionad Óige Bhearna / Na Bhforbaha Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta17/03/2023
466813Kenny Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Limited17/03/2023
542952Kk Hair Dressing Services Limited22/03/2023
455167(Hoc) Hairdressing Limited22/03/2023
548819Ceira Lambert Hair Academy Limited21/03/2023
387168Beauty Within Limited21/03/2023
427002Naturelle Hair and Beauty Limited20/03/2023
113439St. Lukes Hair and Beauty Salon Limited17/03/2023
357546Thomas Kendall Hair Limited17/03/2023
480899Blush Hair and Beauty Limited16/03/2023
453891Creative Academy and Spa Limited16/03/2023
526177Dapper Dans Limited16/03/2023
406945Northwest Health Farm & Equestrian Centre Limited22/03/2023
542700Hartnett Brothers Fitness Limited22/03/2023
458117Drake Chiropractic Limited16/03/2023
463527Loreto Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
452364Corduff Community Campus Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
511417Sláinteachas & Lónadóireachta Dhún Ngall Teoranta22/03/2023
517473Clonee Music Tuition Centre Limited22/03/2023
474002Holographic Displays Limited22/03/2023
373829Enterprise Castlerea Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
246174Strategic Marketing Consultants Limited21/03/2023
385502G. Sexton & Partners Limited21/03/2023
423205Cherry Orchard Community Childcare Service Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
389672North Tipperary Genealogy and Heritage Services Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
553814Kyazoonga Ireland Limited21/03/2023
442373Tots Haven Creche Limited21/03/2023
547238Kavco Consultancy Services Limited20/03/2023
371105Henderson Fire and Safety Limited18/03/2023
538173Rega Ventures Limited17/03/2023
389344Castlelake Fencing Limited16/03/2023
561051Horizon Phoenix Limited16/03/2023
462811Road Traffic Management Services Limited16/03/2023
547943Reuse It - Asset Recovery Limited16/03/2023
433113Hotelkeycards Limited16/03/2023
552886Ridgestur Limited16/03/2023
547016Lark Dream Cleaning Dublin Limited16/03/2023
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Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
318444Kelleher Coach Tours Limited21/03/2023
311354Kilmihil Community Development Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
321409Abbeytan Limited21/03/2023
225338Wicklow Enterprise Park21/03/2023
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Real estate

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
287829T. & M. Properties Limited22/03/2023
444548Shronedarragh Management Company Limited22/03/2023
157876Bridge Water Quay Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
182482Cabinet Properties (Dublin) Limited22/03/2023
59452Crofter Properties Limited22/03/2023
318147Glasan Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
533035Amien Estates Limited22/03/2023
428022Stavanger Limited22/03/2023
119665C.L.G. Developments Limited22/03/2023
370702Nociola (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
556225Hobbit Ventures Limited21/03/2023
194954Heather Road Management Company Limited21/03/2023
417511Creative Gardens Landscaping Limited21/03/2023
530617Cantrouk Limited21/03/2023
547143Connaught Close Properties Limited21/03/2023
447454Layden Properties Fermoy Limited21/03/2023
441928Layden Properties Glasnevin Limited21/03/2023
447457Layden Properties Skerries Limited21/03/2023
441926Layden Properties Whitehall Limited21/03/2023
441921Layden Properties Limerick Limited21/03/2023
447459Layden Properties Kilkenny Limited21/03/2023
530740Glassan Estates Limited21/03/2023
401158Cutchee Limited21/03/2023
369965Triford Developments Limited21/03/2023
443653Dmmo Construction Limited21/03/2023
186974Edgewood Management Company Limited17/03/2023
363109Hardingwood Properties Limited17/03/2023
121234Crownwood Holdings Limited17/03/2023
124277D.A.S. Dublin Limited17/03/2023
555495Invest Med Limited17/03/2023
386358Almero Investments Limited17/03/2023
400784Peppergrinder Developments Limited17/03/2023
414275Gneeveguilla Developments Limited16/03/2023
404765Derry Walsh Auctioneering Limited16/03/2023
398241Thomas Gibbons & Sons Developments Limited16/03/2023
431357Dukedom Limited16/03/2023
196673Norman Castle Holdings Limited16/03/2023
448077Layden Properties Monaghan Limited16/03/2023
448039Layden Properties Mitchelstown Limited16/03/2023
441927Layden Properties Rathmines Limited16/03/2023
441924Layden Properties Roscommon Limited16/03/2023
441923Layden Properties Mallow Limited16/03/2023
447455Layden Properties Raheny Limited16/03/2023
447458Layden Properties Loughrea Limited16/03/2023
441925Layden Properties Roscrea Limited16/03/2023
441922Layden Properties Longford Limited16/03/2023
187635Collins Court Management (Northside) Limited16/03/2023
159699Fairwind Investments Limited16/03/2023
554849Chubb Property Limited22/03/2023
554849Chubb Property Limited22/03/2023
424756Fountainview Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
533264Zen Projects Limited16/03/2023
327888D.M. Auctions Limited22/03/2023
262898Francheti Limited22/03/2023
261044Barnacles Accommodation Limited21/03/2023
203796Waterhouse Limited21/03/2023
203797San Sabba Limited21/03/2023
277627Glendale Estate Services (Rosslare) Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
403189Adrian Hassett (Auctioneers) Limited21/03/2023
130783Nieh Enterprises Limited17/03/2023
295567Sorenstam Properties Limited17/03/2023
233399Kadoorie Limited16/03/2023
550262Russell Estate Agents Limited16/03/2023
413137Cooldrom Holdings Limited16/03/2023
530899Impt Consulting Limited22/03/2023
328546Cathedral Court Commercial Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
159772Beechfield Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
300254167/169 Upper Salthill Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
363033Ros Aitinn Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
438524Churchpine Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
421670Shannonville Management (Dowra) Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
457708Graigavern Lodge Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
438650Landsdowne Valley Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
400964Cherrygarth Management Company Limited22/03/2023
424027Corran Maebh Management Company Limited22/03/2023
394918Shannon Cove Property Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
426571Bantry Business Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
374432Kilmacomogue Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
363683Smithfield Market Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
545779Leeson Park Common Areas Limited22/03/2023
511672Opc Property Consulting Limited22/03/2023
164914Dromartin Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
426032Bastion Quay Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
361025Elmpark Green Residential Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
386455S.L. Developments Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
355963Court Lane Property Management Limited22/03/2023
402071O'Growney House Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
244504No. 52 Mountjoy Square Management Company Limited By Guarantee22/03/2023
286579Beach Properties Waterford Limited21/03/2023
561753Old Forge Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
391043Raheen Commercial Centre Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
418399Hamilton House Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
553362Ard Mhuire Property Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
374425Rockwhite Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
378055An Caislean Apartment Complex Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
408938Palmerstown Retail Centre Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
348312Gort Siar Management Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
504394Silverbridge Shopping Centre Management Company Limited21/03/2023
151480Limeoak Management Company Designated Activity Company21/03/2023
360459J.K.L.M. Management Limited21/03/2023
345100Zion Management Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
383744Eatonhomes Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
447015Regents Hall Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
360999Garden Green (Portlaoise) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
445535A.C. Ballaghaderreen Management Company Limited21/03/2023
359006Avc Management Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
549369Ashella Properties Limited21/03/2023
547062Chesney Properties Limited21/03/2023
424735Shannon Haven Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
396707Thornhill Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
345906Woodfarm Management Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
370024Boherbay Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
370322Glor Na Mara Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
458574Peyton Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee21/03/2023
446040Hayesbrook Management Company Limited21/03/2023
391335Molly's Brae Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee20/03/2023
559472Maple Tree Properties Limited20/03/2023
429295Ashmount Mews Management Company Limited By Guarantee18/03/2023
309187Sandmore Limited17/03/2023
399813Fuller's Quay Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
407258Glaslough Village Green Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
329584Dunfanaghy Development Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
329468Boleybeg Limited17/03/2023
128834Blainroe Estate Management Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
369625Innishannon Village Apartments Limited17/03/2023
426593Hollybrook Manor (Block A) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
423941Hollybrook Mews Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
401020Hollybrook Manor Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
299277Monfieldstown Management Limited17/03/2023
373774Bruach Tailte Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
548934Spa Village Green Limited17/03/2023
419122Gaillimh Sli Na Mara Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta16/03/2023
444396The Church Cross Management Company Limited16/03/2023
421230Kacu Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
420033Kilmanaheen Management Company Limited16/03/2023
432767Raheen Landmark Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
284429Bindon Lane Apartments Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
405540Gleann Ailinne Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
332373Cul Na Manach Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
346252S.L. Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
346755Aghadreenagh Drive Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
373710Millbridge Way Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
282382Furlong Grove Management Limited16/03/2023
401009Chamley Park Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
398407Thornwood (Booterstown) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
379711Wilford Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee16/03/2023
235748Praglia Limited16/03/2023
426077Three Arches (Killarney) Management Company Limited16/03/2023
423719Manor Village Waterford Phase Two Limited16/03/2023
335629Dun Leinn Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/03/2023
277195John Quinn & Co. (Auctioneers) Limited22/03/2023
240872Jim Finucane Auctioneers Limited17/03/2023
157183Jim Burns & Co. Limited16/03/2023
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Transport, storage and communication

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
177352Treaty Hackney Cabs Limited21/03/2023
116284Eamonn Morrissey International Transport Limited22/03/2023
504549Ac Logistics & Freight Limited22/03/2023
389142Hughesplus Logistics Limited21/03/2023
357541Tf Logistics Limited21/03/2023
461339Gem Relocations Limited20/03/2023
547093Transpalmera Limited17/03/2023
462482Gerish Transport & Logistics Limited17/03/2023
496916Hicsull Construction Limited17/03/2023
485937Dumond Haulage Limited17/03/2023
440966Ballard International Logistics Limited16/03/2023
426193Dalystown Transport Limited16/03/2023
491490World Removals Network Limited16/03/2023
31074Consolidated Merchandisers Limited16/03/2023
399728Tir Na Nog Transport Limited16/03/2023
560581Tommy Finucane Limited16/03/2023
486182Jae Engineering Limited17/03/2023
262361Drogheda Port Company16/03/2023
185979Ballinroe Transport Co. Limited21/03/2023
300498Damproad Limited17/03/2023
371688Oceanbridge Groundhandling Limited16/03/2023
160858A - Z Transport Limited22/03/2023
155197Castlefarm Haulage Limited22/03/2023
149173Johnny Crean Haulage Limited22/03/2023
204258P. Smith Transport Limited21/03/2023
173787Comhlucht Iompar Clochmor Teoranta21/03/2023
456676Marble City Warehousing Limited16/03/2023
527037Zany Aviation Limited22/03/2023
527034Persea Aviation Limited22/03/2023
528209Osiris Aviation Limited22/03/2023
527036Oyster Aviation Limited22/03/2023
527038Magnetic Aviation Limited22/03/2023
512776Lime Aviation Limited22/03/2023
529449Paul Claffey Tours Limited21/03/2023
502041Discover School Tours Limited21/03/2023
425198Fermoy Image/Avondhu Tourism Development Company Limited By Guarantee17/03/2023
342508Bernie Travel Limited17/03/2023
328584Independent Travel Consultants Limited16/03/2023
132001Whitechurch Transport Limited22/03/2023
391559Michael Hanniffy Travel Limited22/03/2023
483805Boyle's Buses Limited22/03/2023
183556Mc Cormack Haulage Services Limited22/03/2023
323747Quilter Agricultural Services Limited22/03/2023
161979Michael Walsh Transport Limited21/03/2023
231616Garyowen Transport Limited17/03/2023
421551Budcar Limited21/03/2023
323683Wicklow Courier Service Limited17/03/2023
436663Pt Couriers Limited17/03/2023
360078C.D.S. Distribution Limited17/03/2023
368360Telephone Network Options Limited22/03/2023
458228Questzones (Europe) Limited21/03/2023
547086Orange Ease Limited21/03/2023
504514Avocado Network Services Limited17/03/2023
516156Carnsore Broadband Limited16/03/2023
483130Lynott Teleconsult Limited16/03/2023
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Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
445214J. & M. & Son Exports Limited21/03/2023
483370L.A.B.S. Oil Limited21/03/2023
523680Warter Aviation Limited21/03/2023
131269Maher Fuels Limited21/03/2023
181445Contessa Trading Limited22/03/2023
300164Timberpak Limited17/03/2023
139859P. J. Fencing Erectors Limited16/03/2023
139859P. J. Fencing Erectors Limited16/03/2023
353550Motor Cruiser Sales Limited22/03/2023
142013K. K. Hydraulics Limited21/03/2023
139319Liam Moran Hire Limited21/03/2023
530755Murphy Cad Cam Limited21/03/2023
345720Appeal Conservatory Blinds Limited16/03/2023
345720Appeal Conservatory Blinds Limited16/03/2023
345720Appeal Conservatory Blinds Limited16/03/2023
345720Appeal Conservatory Blinds Limited16/03/2023
557082D4 Asian Street Food Limited22/03/2023
389500Brady Foods Limited22/03/2023
549740The Jungle Food Company Limited17/03/2023
388486P.K. Leisure Enterprises Limited17/03/2023
398129Marli Products Limited16/03/2023
503474Quaestus International Sales Limited22/03/2023
366811Tullogher Limited22/03/2023
406607Cook & Chill Services Limited22/03/2023
516563Blue Angel Designs Limited18/03/2023
390605Ben Music Limited17/03/2023
542780McCaul Dairy Services Limited17/03/2023
359647Fair Street Pharmacy Limited17/03/2023
435519P E E O Limited16/03/2023
530529Ks Claddagh Wood Limited21/03/2023
195289Tony Kiely Limited21/03/2023
904202French Connection UK Limited16/03/2023
326639Honky Tonk Heritage Publishing Co. Limited16/03/2023
348863Lee Valley Landscaping Limited21/03/2023
358956Churchfield Farm Producers Limited21/03/2023
457457Hpbnl Horse Invest Limited17/03/2023
488116Fishery Fine Foods Limited16/03/2023
454023Duffy's Pork & Bacon Limited16/03/2023
460467Anagram Limited20/03/2023
524970Drury Tea & Coffee Limited21/03/2023
425860Krk Holdings Limited22/03/2023
454613Beejay Foods Limited22/03/2023
906143Devenish Nutrition Limited17/03/2023
906143Devenish Nutrition Limited17/03/2023
530554Eirhorse Limited16/03/2023
446646Lexon Pharmaceuticals (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
476152Proventec Healthcare (Ireland) Limited17/03/2023
189295Celbridge Oil Products Limited16/03/2023
480531Tara Steel & Engineering Limited22/03/2023
383082Granitize Eu Division Limited22/03/2023
434844Matt Twomey Granite Limited17/03/2023
166636City Tile Store Limited16/03/2023
434304Clarke's Hardware Limited21/03/2023
501833Pumpower Services Limited22/03/2023
103199Bizquip Limited17/03/2023
472467Bisley Office Furniture Ireland Limited16/03/2023
443707Sionnach Engineering Limited22/03/2023
53306Industrial Plant Limited22/03/2023
545292Bright Light Technology Limited22/03/2023
488238Krishna Telecom (Ireland) Limited22/03/2023
508577Petfix Limited21/03/2023
175887Alma Hygiene Limited18/03/2023
423777D & a Supermarkets Limited22/03/2023
440835D P T Supermarket Limited22/03/2023
477022A & D Supermarkets Limited22/03/2023
329128Kilmeaden Stores Limited22/03/2023
374339Corbally Supermarkets Limited22/03/2023
73972John Staunton (Glenealy) Limited22/03/2023
420471O'Riordan and Lingane Limited17/03/2023
491940Cartron Centra Limited16/03/2023
546851Dervish Healing Limited17/03/2023
443630Seannieco Limited22/03/2023
547351Ca Meats Limited22/03/2023
469523The Butchers Emporium Limited22/03/2023
145086Maurice Mitton Stillorgan Limited21/03/2023
455298Western Dawn Fishing Limited17/03/2023
313037Beshoff Bros. Limited16/03/2023
547340Little Seal Merchants Limited21/03/2023
509935Seamur Limited21/03/2023
461111Dch Off Licence Limited21/03/2023
411455English's Coffee Dock Limited17/03/2023
458408Dsj Publican Limited16/03/2023
473362Beal Organic Cheese Limited17/03/2023
478647Taste the Coffee Limited16/03/2023
398515McMahon's Pharmacy Holdings Limited22/03/2023
351528Goldens Pw Limited22/03/2023
419298C & C Walsh Limited22/03/2023
431903Mary O' Connell Limited21/03/2023
396678Corrigan Pharmacy Holdings Limited21/03/2023
372865Magner's Pharmacy Santry Limited21/03/2023
357306Rosspharm Limited17/03/2023
119353Orneta Limited17/03/2023
354294Declan Coyle Limited17/03/2023
217461Geaneys (Manorhamilton) Limited17/03/2023
555493Trautmann Holdings Limited17/03/2023
428578Boroimhe Pharmacy Limited17/03/2023
282283MacK Pharmacy Limited17/03/2023
527459Fipocar Limited16/03/2023
280514The Sims Clinic Limited16/03/2023
310291Fitzwilliam Hospital Supplies Limited21/03/2023
906144Elekta Limited21/03/2023
314067Xentra Pharm Limited16/03/2023
562018Msn Engineering Solutions Limited22/03/2023
332066Fashion Depot Limited22/03/2023
305558Donagh Traders Limited22/03/2023
547166Prettywoman Boutique Limited21/03/2023
562394Spaghetti Clothing Limited21/03/2023
558720M & M Merchandising Limited21/03/2023
539557Academy Confirmations Limited20/03/2023
528799Athena Knitwear Limited17/03/2023
485482Cj Murtagh Limited17/03/2023
342392Elaine Curtis Limited17/03/2023
542035Official Store Limited16/03/2023
329307Halpin Furniture Limited22/03/2023
93242Michael Farrell Custom Furniture Limited22/03/2023
400220Moriartys of Killorglin Limited21/03/2023
452361Square Deal Interiors Limited21/03/2023
549822Briarhill Furniture Limited21/03/2023
394798Aspenpark Limited17/03/2023
394805Lynnmoy Limited17/03/2023
394804Donnapark Limited17/03/2023
394803Darastream Limited17/03/2023
462237Media Mall Limited22/03/2023
401828John McCarthy Electrical Limited22/03/2023
279340Clanelle Limited21/03/2023
392434McCormack Stores Limited17/03/2023
359311Clonmel Office Centre Co. Limited22/03/2023
135687Ireland International News Agency Limited21/03/2023
148865Post Publications Limited16/03/2023
438625Dundrum Nurseries Limited22/03/2023
390624Cahir Steel & Agri Retail Centre Limited22/03/2023
453669Moya Corcoran Limited22/03/2023
508636Clare Flooring Limited21/03/2023
373216Ticopark Limited21/03/2023
419591Adonis Flower Designers Limited21/03/2023
262851Murphy's Candles Limited21/03/2023
405141Hart Jewellers Limited17/03/2023
398722Louth Foodstore Limited17/03/2023
534909Woodburn Kindling Limited16/03/2023
518547Gearoid O'Leary Computer Services Limited16/03/2023
355516Custy's Traditional Music Shop Limited16/03/2023
486962Sisslings Frames Limited16/03/2023
509976Campbell's Build & Pave Limited16/03/2023
443572Allen Energy Saving Solutions Limited16/03/2023
502546Williamstown Fuels Limited16/03/2023
508682Magnesita Limited21/03/2023
543101Detailing Emporium Limited16/03/2023
562839Petz Limited21/03/2023
561807Harp Energy Supply Limited16/03/2023
331443Voxpilot Limited16/03/2023
443516Paul Reynolds Electric Limited17/03/2023
268548Drommarket Limited21/03/2023
153 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

There are 1,441 companies listed above.

*Please note that there may be some companies not on this list, as they have not provided industry details.

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