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Issue 511 (Week Ending 16/05/2022)
IndustryCompany Count
Agriculture, hunting and forestry40 Companies »
Computers84 Companies »
Construction191 Companies »
Education22 Companies »
Electricity, gas and water supply4 Companies »
Financial intermediation71 Companies »
Fishing6 Companies »
Health and social work66 Companies »
Hotels and restaurants95 Companies »
Leasing12 Companies »
Legal, Accounting & Business370 Companies »
Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products16 Companies »
Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres7 Companies »
Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment10 Companies »
Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco15 Companies »
Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.8 Companies »
Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products2 Companies »
Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing10 Companies »
Manufacture of rubber and plastic products3 Companies »
Manufacture of textiles and textile products3 Companies »
Manufacture of transport equipment6 Companies »
Manufacture of wood and wood products4 Companies »
Manufacturing n.e.c.16 Companies »
Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials3 Companies »
Motor37 Companies »
Other community, social and personal service activities145 Companies »
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security5 Companies »
Real estate233 Companies »
Transport, storage and communication80 Companies »
Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods150 Companies »

Below is a list of Companies, whose Financial Accounts became available in the week ending 16/05/2022.

Agriculture, hunting and forestry

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
183038Burrenside Mushrooms Public Limited Company14/05/2022
359005J.F.S. Produce Limited13/05/2022
280684Horkans Garden Centre Limited13/05/2022
452784Patrick Murphy Landscaping Limited13/05/2022
327873Cunningham Landscaping Services Limited12/05/2022
522018Corderry Fruit & Veg Limited12/05/2022
479556Gallinagh Finn Valley Nursery Limited11/05/2022
179895Bartron Limited11/05/2022
156688Skibbereen Garden Centre Limited11/05/2022
463344N.O.E. Limited10/05/2022
529708J&S Morkan Farm Limited14/05/2022
550054T & C Dairy Limited13/05/2022
539384Skb Farm Limited13/05/2022
509748Mortonville Farm Limited12/05/2022
512156Milestone Farming Limited11/05/2022
533298Bernard Reilly Farm Limited10/05/2022
549978Dolmen Bloodstock Limited14/05/2022
475823Damiro Limited14/05/2022
281268Irish Holstein Friesian Association13/05/2022
462397Richard Maher Farms Limited11/05/2022
496393Nolan Agri Limited10/05/2022
490485Ballykitt Farm Limited14/05/2022
60838Dowra Marts Limited12/05/2022
498491Dunbin Farms Limited12/05/2022
472433Moloney Agri Limited12/05/2022
546622Ballygriffin Farm Limited11/05/2022
516362Mountroe Farm Limited11/05/2022
504834Kells Community Allotments Limited09/05/2022
502413Eco Skill Limited14/05/2022
538440Pat Brogan Tractors (Duncormick) Limited13/05/2022
516746Kenneally Agri Services Limited12/05/2022
560101Irish Natura & Hill Farmers Association Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
92028Liffey Mills Limited10/05/2022
386722Moyle Animal Collection Limited12/05/2022
386722Moyle Animal Collection Limited11/05/2022
264992C & R Farms Limited14/05/2022
258607The Society of Irish Foresters14/05/2022
447849O Kennedy Tree Care Limited12/05/2022
533269The Tallest Trees Limited13/05/2022
461475Crosscut Tree Care Specialists Limited10/05/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
454469Compupac Business Solutions Limited11/05/2022
470764Dfs Resources Limited14/05/2022
506243Gizagoo Limited14/05/2022
343250Egate Limited14/05/2022
459635Varoom Limited14/05/2022
391219Antares Software Limited14/05/2022
430029Betstone Limited14/05/2022
426898Marina Project Management Limited14/05/2022
545903Globalcom Technology Innovation Limited14/05/2022
529876Synchronicity Limited14/05/2022
549275Creative Collective Limited13/05/2022
458128Computer Software Innovations Limited13/05/2022
532858Ubersoft Limited13/05/2022
552007Elevate Cloud Solutions Limited13/05/2022
441992Evsay Limited13/05/2022
496063Mmsoft Design Limited13/05/2022
499871Adavir Limited13/05/2022
359891Declan Healy & Associates Limited12/05/2022
517701Aqa Computer Software Limited12/05/2022
466393The Intelligent Team Department Limited12/05/2022
395562Anbawn Computing Limited12/05/2022
525481Channelsight Limited12/05/2022
486329Amplience (Ireland) Limited12/05/2022
556137Developer Shelf Limited12/05/2022
482294Threatscape Limited11/05/2022
482294Threatscape Limited11/05/2022
505046Adwords-Club Limited11/05/2022
551328Contrex Limited11/05/2022
490150Lisa Bytes Limited11/05/2022
531779Markethub Technologies Limited11/05/2022
556261Retail Revolution Limited11/05/2022
489448Cxm Tech Services Ireland Limited11/05/2022
503601Stradbrook Software Limited10/05/2022
482161Threatscape Group Limited10/05/2022
482161Threatscape Group Limited10/05/2022
551434Redstrata Limited10/05/2022
534830Madme Technologies Limited10/05/2022
462826Cloonmore Sport Horses Limited10/05/2022
532736Asalma Consulting Limited10/05/2022
540984Inneall Development Limited10/05/2022
364669Alphaserve Limited10/05/2022
517070Software Integration It Limited10/05/2022
538982Aut O'Mattic A8c Ireland Limited10/05/2022
549659Marjolet Creative Limited10/05/2022
534545Allamew Analytics Limited15/05/2022
560280Keystone Uni Limited12/05/2022
360431Alacarte-Software Tailors Limited14/05/2022
429735Celtic Automotive Designs Limited14/05/2022
529987Love Lauren Limited14/05/2022
342411Gailen Inio Limited14/05/2022
480010Seagate Technology Unlimited Company14/05/2022
350612Customised Dynamic Solutions Limited13/05/2022
446439Slievemore Technology Limited13/05/2022
506446Astrology and Consulting Services Limited13/05/2022
476768Mean Web Limited13/05/2022
359492Swinburne Technical Services Limited13/05/2022
423704All Ireland Publications Limited12/05/2022
421401Mind's I Graphic Design Limited12/05/2022
428212Peter Thompson Trading Limited12/05/2022
550323Retrofit Coach Limited12/05/2022
361387Up the Yard Limited12/05/2022
549337Archangel Media Limited12/05/2022
409999Bjb It Consultants Limited11/05/2022
554491Neasa Greene Consulting Limited11/05/2022
328985Ayrfield Technologies Limited11/05/2022
421194Aspirico Limited11/05/2022
551873Ask.Fm Europe Limited11/05/2022
344153Avara.Net Limited11/05/2022
331018Exoftware Agile Solutions Limited11/05/2022
330478Network Ability Limited11/05/2022
498647Zinopy Security Limited11/05/2022
545145Runbook Technologies Limited10/05/2022
386785Aaron Value Adding Services Limited10/05/2022
513887Quantified Limited10/05/2022
420973Sperrin I.T. Limited10/05/2022
551561Anpeil Limited10/05/2022
427585Renta Projects Limited10/05/2022
309766Inishowen Computer Systems Limited13/05/2022
307467Maynooth Computer Training Limited13/05/2022
542018Hartique Limited13/05/2022
306799Irish Domains Limited13/05/2022
131020Lormac Industrial Distributors Limited12/05/2022
294319Implementation Resources Limited11/05/2022
173141Brown Projects Limited10/05/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
390955Daracore Limited10/05/2022
191805Liam Mellon Construction Limited14/05/2022
393798James Connors Limited14/05/2022
528121Max Bay Developments Limited14/05/2022
331375Trowlex Limited14/05/2022
541870Search 4 Alpha Ireland Limited14/05/2022
521668E and R Formwork Limited14/05/2022
545264Keelon Limited14/05/2022
423160Rosslea Construction Limited14/05/2022
338296Oliver Tierney Construction Limited14/05/2022
481722Mark Whelan Building Services Limited14/05/2022
421261Modubuild Designs Limited14/05/2022
410364Coolskeagh Development Limited14/05/2022
340484Cahalan Developments Limited13/05/2022
267365Ballinacarrig Developments Limited13/05/2022
344203McDaid Civil Engineering Contractors Limited13/05/2022
333542J H Craig Limited13/05/2022
496586Eakmac Building Developments Limited13/05/2022
59974John R. Moore Construction Limited13/05/2022
352144Foxlands Construction Limited13/05/2022
401239Donie Bar'O Construction Limited13/05/2022
547488M & a Maintenance Limited13/05/2022
401885Lavally Construction and Communications Limited13/05/2022
124502G. Finnerty Building Contractors Limited13/05/2022
441780Gatemanor Limited13/05/2022
174866Connole Construction Limited13/05/2022
484688Dunworks Contracting Limited13/05/2022
328625Cappog Construction Limited13/05/2022
66407Oldtown Construction Limited12/05/2022
341387Kintex Limited12/05/2022
437729N.M Advisory Limited12/05/2022
485512Botanic Homes Limited12/05/2022
94849Matt Davis Limited12/05/2022
191354Belleek Construction Limited12/05/2022
236392Underground System & Sewer Repair Limited12/05/2022
53540M.W. Homes Limited12/05/2022
548466Valley View Construction Services Limited12/05/2022
378685Quarryview Developments Limited12/05/2022
446500Damco Construction Limited12/05/2022
204134Jim McCabe Surveying Sales and Services Limited12/05/2022
547754Ballinlabaun Plant Hire Limited12/05/2022
416529Karalla Limited12/05/2022
459456Callos Construction Limited12/05/2022
401762B & P McCabe Contractors Limited12/05/2022
452350Amplience Limited12/05/2022
356873Damien Flannery Construction Limited12/05/2022
546225Obr Builders and Maintenance Limited12/05/2022
441299Set Out Site Engineering Limited12/05/2022
532793Franbrid Limited12/05/2022
147485Trudo Construction Limited12/05/2022
514639Branganstown Construction Limited11/05/2022
284115Inny Vale Construction Limited11/05/2022
555798Murfix Property Maintenance Limited11/05/2022
361615Moyclon Construction Limited11/05/2022
155069Ivan Johnston Limited11/05/2022
551454Kazar Developments Limited11/05/2022
327590M.J. Duncan & Sons Limited11/05/2022
546671Lymar Contracts Limited11/05/2022
356559Hard Hat Construction Limited11/05/2022
122069T. O'Hora (Ballina) Limited11/05/2022
469740Newlyn Contracting Limited11/05/2022
441320Ballylinan Construction Limited11/05/2022
447703Walarc Developments Limited11/05/2022
389834Cross Fabrications Limited11/05/2022
423544Dankel Limited10/05/2022
433739Mansfield Construction Limited10/05/2022
345093P.M. & Sons Construction Limited10/05/2022
358547Fowler Construction Limited10/05/2022
386731G.O.S. Construction Limited10/05/2022
387323Omega Project Management Limited10/05/2022
444864Benny Kennedy Contracts Limited10/05/2022
529085Egan Mulready Developments Limited10/05/2022
140076Frank Hanevy and Sons Limited10/05/2022
332367MacKee Construction Limited10/05/2022
503847Prokaz Limited10/05/2022
549816Kidaco Limited10/05/2022
158489O'Connell Plastering & Construction Limited10/05/2022
543904M&G Fitzpatrick Construction Limited10/05/2022
424493T & S Gormley Construction Limited10/05/2022
374095Gallagher Brothers Contracts Limited10/05/2022
435775Willow Lodge Construction Limited10/05/2022
391668Lavally Connor Developments Limited10/05/2022
121311Senate Building Contractors Limited10/05/2022
557492Steel Solutions Construction Limited12/05/2022
389460Devine Roofing & Cladding Limited11/05/2022
439020Declan Walsh Roofing Limited11/05/2022
352741Ward & Burke Limerick Letterkenny Limited13/05/2022
348424Altitude Aluma Towers Limited15/05/2022
517816Sunrise Marble Limited14/05/2022
456975N-Con Tiling Limited13/05/2022
203809Underground Surveying & Analysis Limited12/05/2022
124604Eamonn Casey Memorials Limited12/05/2022
191548Christopher O'Neill (Stone) Limited12/05/2022
203263Designwise Automation Limited12/05/2022
500935Total Access Solutions Limited11/05/2022
425883Kenmare Stonemasons Limited11/05/2022
291414Mountlucas Group Water Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
538582Donal O'Riordan Construction Limited11/05/2022
480934Seating & Access Contracts Limited10/05/2022
528776Hillary Tiling Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
284636Gallagher Civil Engineering Limited10/05/2022
543693Foyle and Marine Dredging Limited10/05/2022
133240Archbrook Engineering Limited10/05/2022
122350Vision Electrical Limited14/05/2022
318824Pmt Premier Machine Tools Limited14/05/2022
443829Acdc Electrical Limited14/05/2022
548281Damien Whyte Electrical Limited14/05/2022
510079N & F Technologies Limited13/05/2022
559148Serviceworks Engineering Limited13/05/2022
559148Serviceworks Engineering Limited13/05/2022
269373Linklight Electrical Limited13/05/2022
484907Mark O'Brien Electrical Contractors Limited13/05/2022
464953Dignam Electrical Systems Limited12/05/2022
503660John Conlon Electrical Limited12/05/2022
373490Octech Services Limited12/05/2022
224792R.E.M. Limited12/05/2022
440784Rb Electrical Contractors Limited12/05/2022
386117Ziton Ireland Limited12/05/2022
484952Millcastle Electrical Services Limited12/05/2022
489304Circle 1 Electrical Limited11/05/2022
255336Cahir Mills Enterprises Limited11/05/2022
502247Dinelec Limited11/05/2022
304815Aldair Limited11/05/2022
330218Kal Engineering Limited10/05/2022
293224T. Mulligan Electrical Contractors Limited10/05/2022
150398Coola Mills Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
296008National Automation Limited10/05/2022
158279Ab Power Systems Limited10/05/2022
503629Lt Electrical Limited10/05/2022
478617Niedax Cms (Cable Management Systems) Limited10/05/2022
295892Zoe Engineering Design Limited10/05/2022
287194M Bergin Plumbing & Heating Limited11/05/2022
497754Simply Plumbing Limited14/05/2022
423769Fitzpatrick Plumbing & Heating Contractors Limited14/05/2022
186671Davis Plumbing and Heating Contractors Limited13/05/2022
409324Raymond White Plumbing & Heating Limited13/05/2022
534907Alpha Mechanical Services Limited13/05/2022
462649Colm McCarthy Sales and Service Limited12/05/2022
525952Ecs Refrigeration Services Limited12/05/2022
546161Paddy Murray Heating & Plumbing Limited12/05/2022
373840Gmk Farm Limited12/05/2022
377953Rediheat Heating & Plumbing Limited12/05/2022
490311Ability Leak Detection Services Limited11/05/2022
460158Nelcon Pump Systems Limited11/05/2022
544275Creo Mechanical Services Limited10/05/2022
551232Hvac Commissioning Services Limited09/05/2022
412699Osl Interiors Limited13/05/2022
438974Absolute Acrylics Limited12/05/2022
538932Horizon Plastering Limited11/05/2022
425046S & C Plastering Limited10/05/2022
331354Carnmore Joinery Limited15/05/2022
348672Killeenduff Construction Limited13/05/2022
534176Bsn Carpentry Limited13/05/2022
285052Castlehaven Joinery Limited12/05/2022
516292Nicky Maher Carpentry Limited12/05/2022
335861Gerard Wilson Limited12/05/2022
423460B.G. Joinery Limited11/05/2022
423530Kylehill Construction Limited11/05/2022
270160G. & J. Ard Joinery Limited14/05/2022
529466The Historic Flooring Co Limited13/05/2022
299858Aj Flooring Limited12/05/2022
507012Skidproof Limited11/05/2022
289163Shanderry Construction Limited14/05/2022
545215Premier Painting Contractors Limited13/05/2022
472451Oliver O'Donnell Limited13/05/2022
129836O'Connell Protective Coatings Limited12/05/2022
537326Tdb Industrial Painting Limited12/05/2022
156221Abbeygale Unlimited Company10/05/2022
534333Christophi Limited10/05/2022
529607B.W.H. Developments Limited12/05/2022
503821Maraldine Limited12/05/2022
527510Holldev Limited11/05/2022
432815B & J Mc Conway Limited12/05/2022
432144Senbar Construction Limited11/05/2022
387624Blainroe Hire & Scaffolding Limited11/05/2022
517836Robert Allen Plant Hire Limited11/05/2022
396859Hallsfarm Plant Hire Limited10/05/2022
267216Cotter Building Maintenance & Industrial Flooring Limited14/05/2022
268711Tandem Oaks Limited14/05/2022
233314John Kelly and Sons (Builders) Limited14/05/2022
314764Linmol Construction Limited13/05/2022
218136Hortland Construction Limited13/05/2022
320098Paul Moran Decorators Limited13/05/2022
275874M M H Builders Limited13/05/2022
216733Sweetnam Services Limited12/05/2022
296717Management Company For Number 31-33 Merrion Road Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
278271Walshe & Bourke (Builders) Limited11/05/2022
237765Clarityne Limited11/05/2022
270483Moscon Construction Limited10/05/2022
215241Cortoon Developments Limited10/05/2022
308292Mainline Developments Limited10/05/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
348555Kiltegan Community Pre-School- Tinkerbell Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
403659Sheephaven Autism Trust Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
475339Winning Montessori Limited12/05/2022
468923Freemount Community Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
378163Germahon Limited13/05/2022
318965J. M. Canty International Limited13/05/2022
373217Priority Management Training Limited12/05/2022
463309Midleton College Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
357737Liberties Training Centre (Ltc) Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
548935Nab Academy Limited14/05/2022
559063Creative City Limited12/05/2022
323589Courage Youth & Family Support Ireland Limited12/05/2022
464656Creative Learning Tools (Irl) Limited12/05/2022
408374Friarylaw Adr Limited12/05/2022
544417Blossoms Preschool Enfield Limited11/05/2022
526318Coole Music & Arts Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
547349Konfident Kidz Limited11/05/2022
511842Science Gallery International10/05/2022
535039English Language and Training For Adults Limited10/05/2022
348352Ahecs - Association of Higher Education Career Services Company Limited By Guarantee09/05/2022
313577Congress Information and Opportunity Centre Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
310437Dowra Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
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Electricity, gas and water supply

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
470915Boolabrien Windfarm Limited14/05/2022
424895D & T Electrics Limited13/05/2022
504597Angolauto Limited12/05/2022
552016Atlantic Force Renewable Limited10/05/2022
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Financial intermediation

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
544547Repackaged Asset-Backed Securities Designated Activity Company14/05/2022
514375F.E. Buttimer (Holdings) Limited14/05/2022
450416Ardagh Glass Dublin Finance Limited14/05/2022
450417Ardagh Glass Dublin Limited14/05/2022
491244Ardagh Packaging Finance Ireland Limited14/05/2022
498354Ardagh Receivables Finance Designated Activity Company14/05/2022
267357Arvinmeritor Finance Ireland Unlimited Company14/05/2022
489258Ardagh Packaging Finance Public Limited Company13/05/2022
435614Ardagh Glass Finance Public Limited Company13/05/2022
489805Ardagh Packaging Dublin Finance Limited13/05/2022
534264Centaur Financial Limited13/05/2022
543452St. Paul's Clo V Designated Activity Company13/05/2022
536049Jupiter Asset Management (Europe) Limited13/05/2022
443314Willow No.2 (Ireland) Public Limited Company13/05/2022
547508Diamond Capital Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
498785Elance Limited12/05/2022
417031Knockcarrig Limited11/05/2022
558663Grx-B Designated Activity Company11/05/2022
364548Canali Ireland Limited11/05/2022
529889Bsi Insolvency Limited11/05/2022
504255Lumae Investments Limited11/05/2022
451846Lnc Consultancy Services Limited10/05/2022
518484Blue Dolphin Ip Holdings Limited10/05/2022
437804Nilbud Inns (Dublin) Limited10/05/2022
361131The Foundation Members of the Pearse Stadium Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
266879Inwest Limited10/05/2022
355432Moneyquid Financial Services Limited10/05/2022
191707Pombal Corp Limited14/05/2022
192962Stalac Limited14/05/2022
174682Flexachem Group Limited14/05/2022
141682Belfius Ireland Unlimited Company13/05/2022
317081Bamapour Property Holdings Limited13/05/2022
304121Kavanagh Giftware Limited11/05/2022
223778C.J. Ryder and Company Limited11/05/2022
320878O'Leary Insurances Life & Pensions (Galway) Limited11/05/2022
310246C.T. Caterer Limited10/05/2022
289596Nannerl Ventures Limited10/05/2022
497726Sure Financial Limited13/05/2022
364990Adidas International Re Designated Activity Company13/05/2022
282408Blossomglen Limited12/05/2022
123832Tredagh Life Assurance Pension & Investments Limited11/05/2022
308567Seamus Healy Moorings Limited11/05/2022
505947Overstone Ccf Management Limited14/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited14/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited14/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited13/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited13/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited13/05/2022
560797Fairfield Ref Epfiv No. 4 Designated Activity Company13/05/2022
501534Odey Investments Public Limited Company13/05/2022
532101Jk Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
412507Pzena Value Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
490105Mondrian Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
516590Plainview Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
360460Odey Investment Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
437095Harding Loevner Funds Public Limited Company13/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited12/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited12/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited11/05/2022
496127Mpmf Fund Management (Ireland) Limited11/05/2022
424146Insight Global Funds Ii Public Limited Company11/05/2022
431087Absolute Insight Funds Public Limited Company11/05/2022
364533Insight Liquidity Funds Public Limited Company11/05/2022
459936Legal & General UCITS Etf Public Limited Company11/05/2022
249260Mantwood Investments Limited10/05/2022
459659Ray Cooke Financial Services Limited14/05/2022
505511Foxrock Quant Fund Limited11/05/2022
432165Clarity Finance Limited10/05/2022
370556Power Life & Pensions Limited12/05/2022
18930O'Leary Insurances Limited12/05/2022
486261Hd McKay Limited11/05/2022
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Co NumCompany NameAR Now
173768Tamal Sea Angling Limited13/05/2022
500179Jt Fisheries Limited13/05/2022
360613Johnston Fishing Company Limited13/05/2022
216982Tadhg O'Maoileoin Teoranta13/05/2022
515721Munster Shellfish Limited14/05/2022
128473Seal Harbour Enterprises Limited12/05/2022
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Health and social work

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
268149Villa Marie Nursing Home Limited14/05/2022
218750Moyglare Nursing Home Limited14/05/2022
471009Escombe Care Limited13/05/2022
216599Aras Mhuire Limited10/05/2022
496353M&M Health Care Limited14/05/2022
503827New Infirmary Group Limited14/05/2022
519817Almorah Limited13/05/2022
492002T.A. Creagh Company Limited13/05/2022
549734Nasreen Medics Limited12/05/2022
552077Medical Check-Ups Research Cork Limited12/05/2022
494034Domarin Consulting Limited12/05/2022
401427Newlyn Woodstown Limited12/05/2022
516274Mediquest Limited11/05/2022
504203Locum Jf Medical Services Limited11/05/2022
526306Myon Drive Limited11/05/2022
504191Gaegi Limited11/05/2022
315645Professional Medical Health Care Services Limited10/05/2022
430007Lumière Associates Limited15/05/2022
430007Lumière Associates Limited15/05/2022
475421Camelot Care Limited13/05/2022
517828Icare Healthcare Limited13/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited13/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited13/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited13/05/2022
533002Meade Care Limited13/05/2022
458826Lus Na Gréine Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited12/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited12/05/2022
548170Actualise Clinical Limited12/05/2022
532165Strength Is Health Limited12/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited11/05/2022
217412Midleton and District Day Care Centre Limited11/05/2022
518057Tracking & Protection Made Ez Limited11/05/2022
397963Medwise Limited11/05/2022
546184Cp Clinic Limited11/05/2022
194640Irish Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
544806Buie Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
552190Engineering & Ehs Limited10/05/2022
527174Cian Durkin Foundation Trust Limited10/05/2022
551294Rinn Mhór Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic Teoranta10/05/2022
519484Elizabeth's Little Friends Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
530604Fitness Advice Bureau Limited10/05/2022
459405Emlagh Lodge Limited11/05/2022
496458T S V Accommodation Limited12/05/2022
460585Balbriggan Community Childcare Group Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
356126Cromane Community Pre-School Group Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
387584Kenya Orphan Aid Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
549532Childcare Development Project Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
541774Carlow Islamic Cultural Centre Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
343277Milltown Childcare Centre Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
376684The Oval Creche Limited13/05/2022
419236Guild of the Little Flower Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
489649Latteragh Community Hall Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
378092Fermoy Community Pre- School Playgroup Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
358729Lollipop Lane Limited12/05/2022
334129Rainbow Daycare Centre Limited12/05/2022
381258Mount Leinster Region Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
562644Baldoyle Little People Limited11/05/2022
353110Laois County Childcare Committee Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
368799St Olivers Pre-School Ballycashen Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
408321Mardore Limited11/05/2022
508447Y-Pod Youth Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
363357Glenfarne Community Development Trust Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
463984Baron's Playschool Limited10/05/2022
398132Great Island Area Projects Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
499940Roscommon Safe Link Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
66 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Health and social work" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Hotels and restaurants

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
523046Sansovino Property Company Limited15/05/2022
447398Ard Ri House Hotel Limited14/05/2022
438281Tollhouse Limited14/05/2022
361631Hitiandi Limited11/05/2022
488671Findabed Limited10/05/2022
62060Patrick Kavanagh (Marino House) Limited10/05/2022
116102Castleown Enterprises Limited14/05/2022
559057Kabul Top Pizza Limited14/05/2022
535234Deli La Tasca Limited14/05/2022
531275Gary Stafford Limited14/05/2022
504486Millfield Investments Limited14/05/2022
337430Gallery Twenty Nine Cafe Limited13/05/2022
357464Murbri Food Limited13/05/2022
554181Cnl Mamma Rosa's Limited13/05/2022
428997K2 Spices Limited13/05/2022
559232Easy Wok Limited13/05/2022
382850D & a Pizza's Limited13/05/2022
462411Gentile's Limited13/05/2022
454334Valexia Limited13/05/2022
547415Aprile Catering Limited13/05/2022
470211Vladis Limited13/05/2022
374146Csj Master Limited13/05/2022
552158Sackville Catering Limited13/05/2022
471666Gilberts Restaurant Limited13/05/2022
296548Celtic Mist Taverns Limited13/05/2022
322235Harbar Limited12/05/2022
515089Kekkonen Limited12/05/2022
555502The Snug Kitchen Limited12/05/2022
507921MacRuzza Foods Limited12/05/2022
546047Tresworth Limited12/05/2022
537262Derek & Catherine O'Sullivan Limited12/05/2022
549639Strada Ponte Limited12/05/2022
289773The Gandon Inn Limited12/05/2022
482732Market Place Restaurant Limited12/05/2022
374344Iss Food and Retail Services Limited12/05/2022
149180Rockwood Investments Limited12/05/2022
541456The Good Room Café Limited12/05/2022
543190Sceharm Café Limited12/05/2022
521936The Delgany Restaurant Company Limited11/05/2022
329227Pats Pizza Limited11/05/2022
253485Horse & Hound Ballinaboola Limited11/05/2022
542713Domo Food Services Limited11/05/2022
514875Gorkha Limited11/05/2022
489166Ming Feng Limited11/05/2022
485729Bel & Bellucci (Ballsbridge) Limited11/05/2022
450507Matris Limited11/05/2022
535231Tara's Tea Rooms Limited11/05/2022
513533Magia Holdings Limited11/05/2022
491546Nolita Limited11/05/2022
328666Becky's Kitchen Limited10/05/2022
512682Mexcal Limited10/05/2022
472230Mdrn Limited10/05/2022
359484Carlton Coffee Company Limited10/05/2022
326992Howards Cafe Limited10/05/2022
420661The Village Chinese Takeaway Limited09/05/2022
426463P. Borza Restaurants Limited09/05/2022
533423Bothar Na Speire Teoranta15/05/2022
529501The Oasis Bar Limited15/05/2022
485246Craineen's Bar Limited14/05/2022
253997F. K. Taverns Limited14/05/2022
417326Rosatos Bar Limited14/05/2022
46853Conlyn Holdings Limited14/05/2022
366754Maddens Bridge Company Limited14/05/2022
315106G & D Inns Limited13/05/2022
528088The Oar Bar Limited13/05/2022
504085Kate Ryans Limited13/05/2022
543414White Swan Tavern Limited13/05/2022
388769O'Boyles Pub & Shop Limited13/05/2022
458803Greener on This Side Limited13/05/2022
372889Kilbarrahan Company Limited12/05/2022
526655Holycross Bars Limited12/05/2022
146288Walverdene Limited12/05/2022
330838T.Molloy & A.Gillespie Company Limited12/05/2022
345978Johan Entertainments Limited12/05/2022
433963A & D Coady Limited11/05/2022
534570Ice Bar Limited10/05/2022
177313O'Gara Inns Limited10/05/2022
252825O'Donoghues (Portlaoise) Limited10/05/2022
341122Rockcreek Taverns Limited10/05/2022
311134Byrne's Pub Limited10/05/2022
366423Glan Investments Limited13/05/2022
489405Canyella Limited12/05/2022
438058Lo-Cater Limited12/05/2022
450463Uisneach Catering Limited12/05/2022
479360Henton Technical Services Limited12/05/2022
441389O Donnell Mobile Catering Limited10/05/2022
107424W.S. Catering Limited10/05/2022
200740Marlfield House Hotel Limited13/05/2022
189402Beech Holdings Limited12/05/2022
115190Malmo Developments Limited11/05/2022
122835Ashmore Hotels Limited11/05/2022
136784Panther Catering Limited11/05/2022
30504Glenowen Hotel Limited10/05/2022
154091Woodenbridge Inn Limited10/05/2022
177539Strand Hotel (Tramore) Limited10/05/2022
95 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Hotels and restaurants" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
534517Tc Aviation Capital Ireland Limited14/05/2022
461673Jim Mulchrone Plant Hire Limited15/05/2022
370610Contract Sweepers Limited14/05/2022
330373D.J. Cadogan Imports Limited13/05/2022
368283Tmts Limited13/05/2022
159079Evans Engineering Limited12/05/2022
303218Coogan Plant Hire Limited11/05/2022
502696Mike Gaffey Plant Hire Limited11/05/2022
530100Scully Plant Hire Limited11/05/2022
518001Jim Martin Plant Hire Limited10/05/2022
450369Parkmore Truck and Bus Parts Limited10/05/2022
403066Tom Hanlon South East Plant Hire Limited10/05/2022
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Legal, Accounting & Business

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
375159Ardagh Glass Sales Limited13/05/2022
350005Hibernia Steel (Manufacturing) Limited13/05/2022
530171Belo&Scotch Limited12/05/2022
532973Fastnet Analytical Limited10/05/2022
433940Microbide Limited10/05/2022
358753Beacon Company Secretaries Limited14/05/2022
550757Nortonlifelock Global Unlimited Company11/05/2022
550757Nortonlifelock Global Unlimited Company11/05/2022
425702Sherlock and Company Law Searchers Limited11/05/2022
557024Child Forensic Services Limited10/05/2022
329940Global Accounting & Tax Services Limited14/05/2022
418244Kelly O' Shea Pensions & Financial Services Limited14/05/2022
358577Jb Gallagher Consultants Limited14/05/2022
561829The Fd Centre Limited14/05/2022
507270Accounts Aware Limited13/05/2022
429599Dunning Taxation Services Limited13/05/2022
535630Kmc Accounting Systems Limited13/05/2022
548910Bradley Consulting & Advisory Limited13/05/2022
355619Crystal Asp Services Limited13/05/2022
524721White Gate Consultancy Limited13/05/2022
478113Paycheck Plus Payroll Services Ireland Limited12/05/2022
525383Mrm Property Limited12/05/2022
520567Scully Accountancy & Taxation Services Limited11/05/2022
495813Donovan Accounting Services Limited11/05/2022
511083Sheehy (Cta) Limited11/05/2022
501554Dunaba Limited10/05/2022
560275NcAA Limited10/05/2022
503603Blueprint Capital Limited10/05/2022
550378D&N Business Solutions Limited10/05/2022
109412Tu Dublin Su Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
250989Catalyst Marketing Communications Limited14/05/2022
533629Cupertino Consulting Limited15/05/2022
148774Ardagh Treasury Limited14/05/2022
446428Calida Consultants Limited14/05/2022
301564Sri Executive Search Limited14/05/2022
506006Gdp Consulting Limited14/05/2022
438734AAA Management Services Limited14/05/2022
503820Leahy Ying Limited14/05/2022
528835Towers Watson Investment Management (Ireland) Limited14/05/2022
249151Audit & Inspection Services Limited14/05/2022
555105Sustainability Matters Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
458690Safety Compliance Ireland Limited14/05/2022
516618Dma Cost Management Specialists Ireland Limited14/05/2022
532229Intra College Limited14/05/2022
483156Ardagh Packaging Services Limited13/05/2022
543891Blackrock Crossfit Strength Health and Fitness Limited13/05/2022
362960Mmia Limited13/05/2022
364457Peter Conroy Pharmacy Holdings Limited13/05/2022
545870Ramsterl Limited13/05/2022
548071Morley Walsh Consulting Engineers Limited13/05/2022
479848Ti Chiara Consulting Limited13/05/2022
552317Alvarez Consulting Limited13/05/2022
462981Csu Management Services Limited13/05/2022
558954Signature Technical Solutions Limited13/05/2022
373658Energy Systems Design Limited13/05/2022
528432Connect with China Limited13/05/2022
501829Mri (Wex) Limited13/05/2022
446429Carine Consultants Limited13/05/2022
501359Frontier Legal Research Limited13/05/2022
535997Ariadne Consulting Limited13/05/2022
530093Astoneco Management Limited13/05/2022
530912Twaddell Management Limited13/05/2022
553160Complete Business Affairs Limited13/05/2022
458657Castlehall Management Limited13/05/2022
537384Youth Suicide Prevention Ireland Publications Limited12/05/2022
410286Ashcourt Business Services Limited12/05/2022
364450Embarcadero Pharmacy Holdings Limited12/05/2022
410125Acp Properties Limited12/05/2022
506282Solwur Limited12/05/2022
506797Nurlin Limited12/05/2022
562367Laurelbay Limited12/05/2022
523244Pivotal Investments Limited12/05/2022
519498Above and Beyond Limited12/05/2022
519459Lb It Consultancy Limited12/05/2022
358464Whitecat Technologies Limited12/05/2022
463411Pdb Project Management Limited12/05/2022
180108Executive Connections Limited12/05/2022
442295First Rate Energy Services Limited12/05/2022
503404Almega Property Management Solutions Limited11/05/2022
500630Mrc Planning & Economics Limited11/05/2022
491316Jml Technology Limited11/05/2022
527893Nuacon Limited11/05/2022
289786Sentry Consulting Limited11/05/2022
518925McBp Consulting Limited11/05/2022
549806Guilmartin & Co LLP Limited11/05/2022
489144Roo Training Limited11/05/2022
229001Mescal & Associates Limited11/05/2022
428052Lurrig Management Services Limited11/05/2022
377219Monatrea Consultants Limited11/05/2022
428263Neesha Consulting Limited11/05/2022
428055Tonarussa Consultants Limited11/05/2022
428053Noughaval Limited11/05/2022
428259Kilcusnaun Management Services Limited11/05/2022
377251Freemore Consultants Limited11/05/2022
428049Fourcuil Consulting Limited11/05/2022
428045Knockmannagh Consulting Limited11/05/2022
428048Flaxfort Management Services Limited11/05/2022
428044Bealock Management Services Limited11/05/2022
523244Pivotal Investments Limited11/05/2022
314403Hygiene Monitoring Services Limited11/05/2022
517679Newdeen Limited11/05/2022
552790Genesisblock Capital Limited11/05/2022
483538Board Works Limited11/05/2022
446667Mpm Consulting Limited11/05/2022
201561Ace Advice & Corporate Nominees (Ireland) Limited11/05/2022
525827Nanomex Limited10/05/2022
316651Trevor G Owens and Associates Limited10/05/2022
449458Lismoore Consulting Limited10/05/2022
334995Curran Communications Limited10/05/2022
282013Citco Fund Services (Ireland) Limited10/05/2022
523244Pivotal Investments Limited10/05/2022
388924Extensive P. R. Limited10/05/2022
393458Mg Financial Consultants Limited10/05/2022
431850Elphene's Coffee Consultancy and Arts Management Limited10/05/2022
498582D. Coleman Technical Services Limited10/05/2022
547728Shaka Educational Consultancy Limited10/05/2022
535226Cuttle Consulting Limited10/05/2022
533218Duncraig Consulting Limited10/05/2022
555184Cilibri Limited15/05/2022
554855Ravensilver Limited15/05/2022
531995Speed Fibre Group Limited14/05/2022
406238Ardagh Packaging Group Holdings Unlimited Company14/05/2022
520177Rocatil Limited14/05/2022
395490Ardagh Packaging Group Unlimited Company14/05/2022
349786MacOson Holding Limited14/05/2022
489774Ardagh Packaging Ireland Holdings Limited14/05/2022
521497Ski Chasing Limited14/05/2022
353760Sm Property Limited14/05/2022
324896Avaya International Enterprises Limited14/05/2022
548111Testall Construction Testing Services Limited14/05/2022
417818Kindred Investments Unlimited Company14/05/2022
526034Ariotto Ireland Limited14/05/2022
501209Crellow Limited14/05/2022
514985Almondville Limited14/05/2022
406237Ardagh Packaging Holdings Limited13/05/2022
364454Peter Conroy Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
550319Devtown Limited13/05/2022
373104Cawley Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
349791Chailey Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
544895Kobiholz Limited13/05/2022
517794Pdfm Investments Limited13/05/2022
422497McGroary O'Brien Holdings Limited13/05/2022
502953Hbro Group Holding Limited13/05/2022
484356Webroot Global Holdings Limited13/05/2022
545037Kaseya Global Ireland Unlimited Company13/05/2022
358610Charleway Enterprises Company Limited13/05/2022
562144Havbell No. 2 Designated Activity Company13/05/2022
542381Comhlacht Sealbhaíochta Gaoithe Teoranta13/05/2022
562000Alpha Mechanical Holdings Limited13/05/2022
559007Targa Capital Holdings Limited12/05/2022
553051Keystone Un Limited12/05/2022
400715Harvest Resources Holdings Limited12/05/2022
403327Moritz Property Investment Company Limited12/05/2022
541224Electramed Holdings Limited12/05/2022
510683Li Property Investments Limited12/05/2022
517832Aarc Hc Limited12/05/2022
553233Ballyliffin Fine Houses Limited12/05/2022
549852Base Control Management Limited12/05/2022
533105Trevera Holdings Limited12/05/2022
503702Fortglade Limited12/05/2022
319661Cedar Grove Holdings Limited12/05/2022
472246Lukek Limited12/05/2022
411881Keltston Properties Limited12/05/2022
407965Fadebrook Nominees Limited12/05/2022
550694Senaque Trust Limited12/05/2022
428765Niebla Company Unlimited Company12/05/2022
512174P. Puttens Investments Limited12/05/2022
548643Coolnamara Investment Limited11/05/2022
549720Casa Del Rey Limited11/05/2022
349794Lewsie Medical Holding Limited11/05/2022
349767Brolga Limited11/05/2022
551154De Loughrey Leisure Limited11/05/2022
428206Flowmount Management Company Limited11/05/2022
536503Kinaraville Limited11/05/2022
510930Lams Investments Limited11/05/2022
462723Auldbean Investments Unlimited Company11/05/2022
550584Precision Cables Ireland Holdings Limited11/05/2022
559089Spinal Stabilization Technologies Limited10/05/2022
506439Nella Investment Holdings Limited10/05/2022
559082Adhesives Research Europe Limited10/05/2022
391037Brian Noone Limited10/05/2022
241339Moyville Holdings Limited10/05/2022
406318Parsinna Limited10/05/2022
402113Oratava Investments Limited10/05/2022
442682Ace Vegetable Suppliers Limited10/05/2022
537672Carinch Limited10/05/2022
555111Maisondale Limited10/05/2022
475538Trilogy It Solutions Limited10/05/2022
393862Countside Limited09/05/2022
417581Keith Peoples Limited14/05/2022
274818Sustainable Design International Limited14/05/2022
449747Need2build Project Management Limited14/05/2022
481365Brian Dunlop Architects Limited14/05/2022
387917Anthony J. Kelly (Design Services) Limited14/05/2022
412492Rmm Engineering Limited14/05/2022
436538Conan Engineering Limited14/05/2022
359668Tidmarsh Consultancy Limited13/05/2022
370689Ab Control Systems Limited13/05/2022
407191MacKey Engineering Consultants Limited13/05/2022
368351I.P.R.S. Limited13/05/2022
531695Ach Architects Limited13/05/2022
332549Archimedes Design Limited13/05/2022
265948Taylor Architects Limited13/05/2022
372031X T B Limited13/05/2022
421304Sepher Limited13/05/2022
341869Fkl Architects Limited13/05/2022
197668Building Design Partnership (Architects, Designers, Engineers) Limited13/05/2022
248605John Duffy Design Group Limited12/05/2022
549719Greenhill Parke Engineering Limited12/05/2022
447852Lawton Validation Services Limited12/05/2022
449068Dmod Limited12/05/2022
460388Ryan Power Management Limited12/05/2022
486817Irish Sea Contractors Limited12/05/2022
458264Egan Mulready & Associates Consulting Engineers Limited12/05/2022
492565Dyeline Project Planning Limited12/05/2022
372342W.D. Buchanan & Co. Limited11/05/2022
405261Lotus Architects Limited11/05/2022
450032Helianthus Limited11/05/2022
561789Aed Consultants Limited11/05/2022
307989Coleman Quinn and Associates Limited11/05/2022
406817Killone Consulting Engineers Limited11/05/2022
391688Medi-Pharma Technical Consultancy Limited11/05/2022
554502Paramount Design + Development Limited11/05/2022
488982Smoke Signals Limited10/05/2022
406956Richard Dixon Associates Limited10/05/2022
442313Arthur Gibney & Co. (Architecture) Limited10/05/2022
548061Condon Utilities Services Limited10/05/2022
403070Pj O'G Architectural Technologist Consultant Limited10/05/2022
544730Beseenonline Media Limited15/05/2022
387479C M C Communications Limited14/05/2022
470670Martin Larkin Consultancy Limited14/05/2022
249964Brian Wallace Advertising Limited14/05/2022
458885Kelly Media & Communications Limited13/05/2022
486470Exportise Limited13/05/2022
559428The Works Marketing & Distribution Limited13/05/2022
137893Carlow Signs Limited13/05/2022
536081Fiplus Business Services Limited13/05/2022
188978Denhall Promotions Limited12/05/2022
503840Dreamfield Ventures Limited10/05/2022
532274Digital Advisors Limited10/05/2022
550002Acteon Consulting Limited13/05/2022
438776Lex Consultancy Limited13/05/2022
549728L10n People Limited12/05/2022
482955James Gibbons Limited11/05/2022
46219124hrcareservices Limited11/05/2022
503815Leathnu Decisions Holdings Limited10/05/2022
379971Ely Search & Placement Limited10/05/2022
475257Ft Security Solutions Limited14/05/2022
440857Hall Alarms Limited14/05/2022
351453Track & Trace Limited13/05/2022
503785Pioneer Security Group Limited13/05/2022
503926Sitewatch Security Limited12/05/2022
549973Doonbeg Envirosweep Limited14/05/2022
365181McCreery Contract Cleaning Limited13/05/2022
477126Pestgo Limited09/05/2022
381118Suzanne Toal Photography Limited14/05/2022
545725Wexford Wedding Photos Limited14/05/2022
475571Aco Photography & Design Limited11/05/2022
315072E.K. Photocare Limited10/05/2022
358587Reality Partners Limited13/05/2022
503700Quality Finance Translation (Qft) Limited11/05/2022
392482Tara Translations Limited10/05/2022
497949The Fitness Habit Limited15/05/2022
522384High Chaparral Property Limited15/05/2022
470805Hr Business Solutions Limited14/05/2022
471644Irenext Limited14/05/2022
517796Connaught Audio Services Limited14/05/2022
367005Azimut Life Designated Activity Company14/05/2022
234775Singman Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
560495Mac and Son Creative Limited14/05/2022
444122Investment Radio UK Limited14/05/2022
157247Carrigwalk Limited14/05/2022
519831Gil Fresh Limited14/05/2022
496826Keenaghan Research & Communications Limited14/05/2022
482307Signature Orthopaedics Europe Limited14/05/2022
115916The Haven Property Management Designated Activity Company14/05/2022
490326Fortewave Technologies Limited14/05/2022
253461Clontarf Pharmacy Limited14/05/2022
177729Springwood Limited14/05/2022
147921G & E Associated Pumps and Services Limited14/05/2022
275872Artane Heating Limited14/05/2022
327136Davenmont Properties Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
249160Linlathen Limited14/05/2022
323746Castleredmond Court Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
303918Proford International Limited13/05/2022
300424Midgehill Limited13/05/2022
549534Mp Synergy Limited13/05/2022
427770Rope Access and Safety Training Limited13/05/2022
215235Our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer (Achill) Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
303988Chelseagro Limited13/05/2022
139614Sovereign Security Limited13/05/2022
319941Bray Jazz Limited13/05/2022
532706Louth Hill Farm Limited13/05/2022
119970Kestilla Limited13/05/2022
243438Bresmay Limited13/05/2022
240641Proactive Design & Marketing Limited13/05/2022
437849Future Digital Projects Holdings Limited13/05/2022
549725Pacos Management Services Limited13/05/2022
239778Irish Press Archives Limited13/05/2022
465785Kpp Hire & Sales Limited13/05/2022
325426Newvent Limited13/05/2022
238619P.V.C. Fabrications (Sales) Limited13/05/2022
171990Brennan Graphics Limited13/05/2022
296716Cregg Labour Solutions Limited13/05/2022
469405Ces Carbon Services Limited13/05/2022
142520Novafield Limited13/05/2022
135059Comrie Limited13/05/2022
359512Adca Documentation Services Limited12/05/2022
319810Caldark Limited12/05/2022
289828You Little Beauty Limited12/05/2022
137140Milefocus Limited12/05/2022
288167Soundtrax Limited12/05/2022
134700Blakesworth Limited12/05/2022
153324O'Connell Group Limited12/05/2022
153329Blastech Limited12/05/2022
146500Anthony Mulvey & Co. Limited12/05/2022
325764Raymond Boucheron Products Limited12/05/2022
127239Shellwood Limited12/05/2022
252897Starquay Limited12/05/2022
210695Glovale Limited12/05/2022
908176Altenburg Aviation Limited12/05/2022
210032Cater Hire (Limerick) Limited12/05/2022
485790Picture Frame Studio Limited12/05/2022
491007Dgp Intelsius Teoranta12/05/2022
251022Portgold Limited12/05/2022
358455Pda Design Partnership Limited12/05/2022
242865Endmore Corporation Unlimited Company11/05/2022
472128Tall Order Structures Limited11/05/2022
440045Euler Hermes Services Ireland Limited11/05/2022
136255Wicklow Cash & Carry Limited11/05/2022
122940Byrne Lifts Limited11/05/2022
491909Wet the Line Productions Limited11/05/2022
299063Owers Electrical Limited11/05/2022
472128Tall Order Structures Limited11/05/2022
557729Oxley Docklands Quay One Limited11/05/2022
464664Enviro Hygiene Specialists Limited11/05/2022
371267Mecom Media Limited11/05/2022
136979Irish Fine Foods (Cork) Limited11/05/2022
439213Aspiracon Limited11/05/2022
177568Graymore Holdings Limited11/05/2022
143266Adagrafic Limited11/05/2022
440313Pointgraphics Limited11/05/2022
304996T.A. McGrath Plant Hire Limited11/05/2022
510839Federation of Italian Business in Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
248543Newlyn Developments Limited11/05/2022
410894Jet Tech Aviation Services Limited11/05/2022
289027Respicare Limited11/05/2022
274350Copak Finishing Limited11/05/2022
264218Roving Eye Limited11/05/2022
287856Keen Edge Sharpening Limited10/05/2022
250975Dawnridge Limited10/05/2022
156238Labtop Limited10/05/2022
185361Weather Stop Limited10/05/2022
418110Create Ideas Limited10/05/2022
328364Down To Earth Landscapes Limited10/05/2022
517587Designburst Limited10/05/2022
314274E-Direach Teoranta10/05/2022
194589Select Auto Parts Limited10/05/2022
283213Walsh Traders (Cork) Limited10/05/2022
233377Thornhaven Limited10/05/2022
269631P & J Winder and Company Limited10/05/2022
529302Denise McDonagh & Associates Limited10/05/2022
535470Infinite Potential Limited10/05/2022
213476Nordvale Limited10/05/2022
358652I.P.O.A. Limited10/05/2022
224569Rothbury Trust Limited10/05/2022
296316C.B. Tool Hire & Sales Limited10/05/2022
517806Mak Marine Limited10/05/2022
188783Aquiline Limited10/05/2022
409784Dorsull Construction Limited11/05/2022
370 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Legal, Accounting & Business" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
451655Atlas Global Metal Solutions Limited09/05/2022
562114Mac Reinforcement Steel Limited12/05/2022
130908Oz Stainless Limited11/05/2022
301193Metrology Systems & Services Limited11/05/2022
332551Kiernan Structural Steel Limited13/05/2022
498718Crowley Surface Coatings Limited12/05/2022
540134Electrical Mechanical Safety Consultants Limited15/05/2022
373606E.Buttimer & Company Limited14/05/2022
503952Advanced Composites Engineering Limited14/05/2022
533367Lackavane Mechanical Services Limited13/05/2022
420211Service and Calibration Solutions Limited13/05/2022
391564Buachalla Engineering Limited13/05/2022
94174Moll Industries Ireland Limited12/05/2022
387065Keane Pipeline Engineering Services Limited10/05/2022
396730Terence McEneaney Limited14/05/2022
465058Rw Buchanan Limited12/05/2022
16 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of basic metals and fabricated metal products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
506178Kpack Print Limited12/05/2022
207535P.L.R.S. Limited12/05/2022
12731The Irish Oxygen Company Limited12/05/2022
176691Ecokem Limited12/05/2022
230040Chemical & Nutritional Supplies Limited11/05/2022
128703Norbrook Manufacturing Limited11/05/2022
125316K. & S. Industrial Supplies Limited11/05/2022
7 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of chemicals, chemical products and man-made fibres" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
148229The Computer Shop Limited13/05/2022
254313Intelligo Software Limited13/05/2022
280997Arkphire Services Limited10/05/2022
457893Dunmore Wind Power Investments Limited11/05/2022
341214Excel Electric Group Limited13/05/2022
188864Beirne Electric (Strokestown) Limited11/05/2022
532685Invidico Limited11/05/2022
181875Continental Sales Limited10/05/2022
372559Mirasil Limited11/05/2022
551832Travere Therapeutics Ireland Limited12/05/2022
10 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of electrical and optical equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
510954Piemontese Meat Company Limited12/05/2022
250952Drumbawn Properties Limited14/05/2022
503672Sláintiúil Teoranta11/05/2022
330197Tipperary Organic Ice Cream Limited10/05/2022
134943West Coast Milling Limited14/05/2022
307923Torco Bakery Limited14/05/2022
312461Aine's Chocolates Limited14/05/2022
292614Drohans Bakery Limited12/05/2022
295459Erne Vale Chocolates Limited11/05/2022
497563Paneire Bakery Limited10/05/2022
339525Healy Fine Foods Limited10/05/2022
536180Tea and Coffee Warehouse Limited13/05/2022
558099East Coast Bakehouse Limited11/05/2022
420247The Scion Spirits Company Limited11/05/2022
525690Fullfillco Lifestyle Limited14/05/2022
15 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
23875Hamco Enterprises Limited13/05/2022
472408Smart Hygiene Limited14/05/2022
147894Frank Moore Limited11/05/2022
123318Flexachem Manufacturing Limited13/05/2022
123318Flexachem Manufacturing Limited13/05/2022
146356Electro-Mech Construction Limited12/05/2022
161173Pumphouse (Ireland) Limited12/05/2022
260694Midland Environmental Services Limited10/05/2022
8 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
451441Lang Fenster Limited14/05/2022
146659Corbett Concrete Products Limited13/05/2022
2 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
514166Burke Robert Publishing Limited15/05/2022
515286Mediainc Printing & Publishing Solutions Limited13/05/2022
532837Stare Decisis Hibernia Limited12/05/2022
478916Image Vault Limited12/05/2022
456203Fjw Limited12/05/2022
290864Avalon Print & Design Limited14/05/2022
222696Pharmascope Limited13/05/2022
406114Rory Vance Limited14/05/2022
61793Desmond Johnston Printing Limited12/05/2022
494754Rpm Sign and Design Limited13/05/2022
10 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of pulp, paper and paper products; publishing and printing" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of rubber and plastic products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
105468P.V.C. Fabrications Limited13/05/2022
112170Key Plastics Limited12/05/2022
421075Mel's Signs Cavan Limited11/05/2022
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of textiles and textile products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
515664Spuinse Blathach Teoranta12/05/2022
133740West Cork Curtains (Clonakilty) Limited12/05/2022
237012Siopa Rince Teoranta11/05/2022
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of textiles and textile products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of transport equipment

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
308632Colepark Motors Limited13/05/2022
226863Kirwans Garage Limited10/05/2022
390186Rivval Limited13/05/2022
527603Santos Dumont Limited12/05/2022
115075Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland Limited09/05/2022
545265Road Traffic Safety Solutions Limited13/05/2022
6 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of transport equipment" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacture of wood and wood products

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
462516Ekb Limited14/05/2022
458612Clinical Furniture Solutions Limited13/05/2022
68050Robert Gavan & Son Limited11/05/2022
343118Andoras Limited10/05/2022
4 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacture of wood and wood products" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Manufacturing n.e.c.

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
529903S & R Furniture Limited13/05/2022
204641Gilmartin Bar & Hygiene Supplies (Kiltimagh) Limited12/05/2022
204641Gilmartin Bar & Hygiene Supplies (Kiltimagh) Limited12/05/2022
332848Stephen Egan Furniture Limited12/05/2022
357781Alcina Limited11/05/2022
441576Thomas Sabo (Ireland) Limited10/05/2022
177884Irish Creative Stamping Limited14/05/2022
133134Hand Footwear Limited12/05/2022
391068Lodige Ireland Limited11/05/2022
315136Chomolongma Limited10/05/2022
458344Manorial Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
155554Mc Quillan Staircases Limited15/05/2022
145226Matthew Mannion and Sons Limited14/05/2022
131880Veto Company Limited11/05/2022
485168Jengus Limited12/05/2022
473129Lbne Company Limited11/05/2022
16 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Manufacturing n.e.c." industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
298292Cully Tunnelling Excavation & Pipejacking Limited10/05/2022
459948Coral Quarries Limited10/05/2022
447418Brian Murray Stone Limited11/05/2022
3 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Mining and quarrying, except of energy producing materials" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top


Co NumCompany NameAR Now
533004Denis Cullinane Car Sales Limited14/05/2022
426714John Reilly Motors Limited14/05/2022
525668Limestone Vehicles Limited13/05/2022
473292Kevin Egan Cars Limited13/05/2022
120153Lankel Limited13/05/2022
395409Jerry O'Sullivan Motors Limited12/05/2022
541896Michael Barrable Limited12/05/2022
344447Connonagh Motors Limited12/05/2022
547003Midland Car Sales Limited12/05/2022
485623Behan Commercial & 4x4 Centre Limited11/05/2022
327892Newtown Trucks Limited10/05/2022
162157J.O.L. Springs & Spares Limited10/05/2022
196225Multipart Automotive Limited10/05/2022
408351Wexford Windscreen Centre Limited14/05/2022
330032W.J. Autos Limited13/05/2022
554179Derroon Auto Electrical Limited13/05/2022
545256Wexford Motor Cycles & Marine Limited13/05/2022
417751Merc Care Limited12/05/2022
519046M & M Duffy Motors Limited12/05/2022
110751James Durrigan & Sons Limited11/05/2022
443967On Site Tyre Services Limited14/05/2022
443967On Site Tyre Services Limited14/05/2022
517893Anderson Auto Parts Limited14/05/2022
470091Wicklow Tyre Services Limited14/05/2022
510007Mr Quick Fit Limited14/05/2022
543315Moc Motor Factors Limited13/05/2022
432404John Cummins Tyres Limited11/05/2022
122548Camlin Services Limited10/05/2022
556243Powers of Gorey Sales Limited10/05/2022
327471Shannon Petroleum & Valeting Limited15/05/2022
479188Knockavilla Service Station Limited13/05/2022
374914Pmq Stores Limited13/05/2022
63651International Trailers Limited14/05/2022
205012Eurotrim Services Limited14/05/2022
71062T. & C. Motors Limited13/05/2022
298865Garreden Limited10/05/2022
195963Young Commercials Limited10/05/2022
37 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Motor" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Other community, social and personal service activities

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
533040Philip Sinnott Toilet Hire Limited14/05/2022
503651Woodbine Environmental Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
307704Cleanwell Waste Management Limited10/05/2022
281405McKeever Kleen Limited10/05/2022
312643Ennistymon Liscannor Community Services Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
132624South West Business and Technology Centre12/05/2022
257910M & M Provisions Limited11/05/2022
400701Rpi Events Limited13/05/2022
458511Sociological Association of Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
443031The Redeemed Christian Church of God Christ Foundation Sanctuary Carlow Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
189234Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (Ireland)12/05/2022
178390Focolare Trust12/05/2022
504911Ridwanullah Muslim Sisters' Forum, Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
475217Redeemed Christian Church of God King's Tabernacle Parish Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
356564Roundstone Community Development Council Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
361606Killarney Area Sport & Leisure Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
546894Remember Us14/05/2022
331111Togher Community Project Group Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
386914Muff Sheltered Housing Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
367151Mallow Search and Rescue Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
402058Tooreen Community Group Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
320477East Wall / North Port Development Group Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
180123Ballygall Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
367405Gurteenakila Group Water Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
370193Caim Ce Group Scheme Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
427190Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
399580Boatstrand/Dunbrattin Fishermen & Community Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
551808The Association For the Study of Obesity on the Island of Ireland12/05/2022
505890Nasfat (Nasrul-Lahi-Fathi-Society of Nigeria) Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
213745Phoenix Centre Carrickmacross Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
450158Louth Leader Partnership11/05/2022
254322Gowran and Region Community Services Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
276502Charleville View Residents Association Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
431760Dunfanaghy Community & Family Resource Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
358574S.C.C.U.L Enterprises Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
409420Area Renewal Company Clifden Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
446825Arrow Leadership Program10/05/2022
409670Dalkey Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
405815Moville and District Family Resource Centre Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
326985Friends of the Irish Environment Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
225054Tallow Enterprise Group Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
406419Irish Tourist Assistance Service10/05/2022
496464Breakthrough Cancer Research10/05/2022
496464Breakthrough Cancer Research10/05/2022
527433Salty Dog Pictures Limited14/05/2022
352082Linfeng Media Limited13/05/2022
359319Poderosa Pictures Limited13/05/2022
536077Rockets For Legs Limited12/05/2022
466186Real Films Limited12/05/2022
453568Subotica Limited11/05/2022
263885High Wire Limited10/05/2022
516018Vicam Limited10/05/2022
413702Rubyworks Digital Limited14/05/2022
394268Style City Limited14/05/2022
461346Showtime Cinemas (Ashbourne) Limited14/05/2022
485035Showtime Cinemas (Limerick) Limited14/05/2022
485550Getgofilms Limited13/05/2022
540343Silk Road Film Festival Limited14/05/2022
139733The Print Gallery Limited14/05/2022
287363Teach Synge Cuideachta Faoi Theorainn Ráthaíochta12/05/2022
277148Drumlion Community Council Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
552333Trasna Productions Company Limited By Guarantee09/05/2022
377053Seachtain Na Gaeilge14/05/2022
264650The Irish Voiceover Agency Limited13/05/2022
451547Art Voyage Limited13/05/2022
125095The Suffolk Fine Art Gallery Limited12/05/2022
493211Ionad Gaeilge Loch Garman Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
135504Deep Pacific Limited10/05/2022
360641Almarc Limited15/05/2022
511124The Unusual Suspects Limited14/05/2022
556431Déise Productions Limited12/05/2022
505831Southwyn Limited12/05/2022
443583Heave-Ho Limited12/05/2022
359872Dundrum Arts and Cultural Festival Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
549242The Box Collective Limited10/05/2022
388959Lynne Kelleher Limited12/05/2022
153414County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society11/05/2022
299860Ecosafe Limited14/05/2022
292592Connemara Rugby Club Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
115815Galway Hockey Club Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
224912Alliance Leisure Limited13/05/2022
149837Bridge Centre Management Company Limited13/05/2022
518630West Cork Secret Adventures Limited13/05/2022
489205Grangecon Community Sports Field Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
529351Letterkenny Activity Centre Limited12/05/2022
297993Banteer Community Sportsfield Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
19316Wykeham Limited14/05/2022
488344Irish Ice Hockey Association Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
371777Liscannor Community Sports Field Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
550024Coolronan Raceway Club Limited12/05/2022
500885Victoria Road Enterprises Limited12/05/2022
368686Killenagh Wanderers F.C. Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
396271Dancesport Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
549738Totelbet Limited14/05/2022
434043K and M Bookmakers Limited12/05/2022
426578Horses Mouth Limited14/05/2022
267623Dublin Motorcycle Touring Club Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
90383Kinsealy Riding Centre Limited13/05/2022
487335Cjrs Limited12/05/2022
503726Riverchapel Community Complex Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
307335Subotica Entertainment Limited11/05/2022
213952Panache Dry Cleaners Limited14/05/2022
144080Dwalin Limited11/05/2022
305534New Faces Limited13/05/2022
532882Koseva Limited13/05/2022
357265Faded Limited12/05/2022
527225Athena Hair & Beauty Boutique Limited12/05/2022
464344Salon 42 Creations Limited11/05/2022
126087Authentic Process Unlimited Company11/05/2022
85661Newstyle Hairsalons Unlimited Company11/05/2022
515750Peter Mark Hair Salons Unlimited Company11/05/2022
380486Castle Hair & Beauty Limited10/05/2022
180694Trichos Limited10/05/2022
516412Mc Glynn Funeral Directors Limited14/05/2022
197343Stillorgan Funeral Home Limited13/05/2022
251878Townley Funeral Directors Limited13/05/2022
11680Jerh. O'Connor & Sons Limited12/05/2022
455084Casey Funeral Services Limited12/05/2022
530007Steve McGrath Health & Performance Limited13/05/2022
258282Q Leisure Sales Limited11/05/2022
511647Cp Leisure Limited15/05/2022
403614Class One Coolers Limited14/05/2022
237960Gibney Communications Limited14/05/2022
529688Explorers After School Limited13/05/2022
522697Rolar Aviation Services Limited13/05/2022
481106Transgender Equality Network Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
489552St. Michael's (Cloonacool) Community Centre Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
539575Sandbox Limited13/05/2022
482216Zehra Company Limited12/05/2022
562410Pwjh Removals & Storage Limited12/05/2022
475335Coneel Natural Energy Limited12/05/2022
552614Switchnow Limited12/05/2022
498650Grove Environmental Solutions Limited12/05/2022
501396Breathing Air Systems Engineering Limited12/05/2022
306730D.W. Utility Services Limited11/05/2022
420694Bms Security & Management Limited11/05/2022
422649Safe Ways Industrial and Fork Truck Training Limited11/05/2022
403293Gm Childcare Services Limited11/05/2022
476605S a Partners Lean Consultancy Limited11/05/2022
549741Toon Dulla Limited10/05/2022
546836Premier Hair Restoration Clinic Limited10/05/2022
499010Derek Callinan Services Limited10/05/2022
528632Crowley Cash Handling Solutions Limited10/05/2022
517268The Voucher Link Limited10/05/2022
249315St. John's Church, Killowen, Preservation Group Designated Activity Company10/05/2022
145 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Other community, social and personal service activities" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
362110The Institute of Public Health in Ireland Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
211410Mountbellew Voluntary Homes Association Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
315958Cormagh Development Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
250774Muintir Mhaigh Eo International County Enterprise Fund Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
312621Ardagh Development Co. Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
5 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Public administration and defence; compulsory social security" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

Real estate

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
555217Blenheim Property Company Limited15/05/2022
555215Humorist Property Company Limited15/05/2022
555246Hyperion Property Company Limited15/05/2022
555218Workforce Property Company Limited15/05/2022
554569Serjeant Property Company Limited15/05/2022
554568Saltram Property Company Limited15/05/2022
554567Assassin Property Company Limited15/05/2022
547184Roberto Property Company Limited15/05/2022
547102Generous Property Company Limited15/05/2022
547101Octavius Property Company Limited15/05/2022
547080Nijinsky Property Company Limited15/05/2022
547103Fifinella Property Company Limited15/05/2022
544740Fp Asset Holdings Limited15/05/2022
526597Galopin Property Company Limited15/05/2022
526591Amato Property Company Limited15/05/2022
526589Tagalie Property Company Limited15/05/2022
526590Felstead Property Company Limited15/05/2022
523047Sainfoin Property Company Limited15/05/2022
523045Ladas Property Company Limited15/05/2022
523043Teenoso Property Company Limited15/05/2022
523044Cicero Property Company Limited15/05/2022
515578Nimbus Property Company Limited15/05/2022
515497Trigo Property Company Limited15/05/2022
515900Sinndar Property Company Limited15/05/2022
515899Secreto Property Company Limited15/05/2022
508886Parthia Property Company Limited15/05/2022
508887Empery Property Company Limited15/05/2022
508885Psidium Property Company Limited15/05/2022
508889Pinza Property Company Limited15/05/2022
507593Papyrus Property Company Limited15/05/2022
507592Durbar Property Company Limited15/05/2022
507591Relko Property Company Limited15/05/2022
507590Morston Property Company Limited15/05/2022
507589Crepello Property Company Limited15/05/2022
499568Dante Property Company Limited15/05/2022
394839Golden Property Opportunity Limited14/05/2022
460395No Issues Limited14/05/2022
526485Weleyre Holdings Limited14/05/2022
179839B & F Properties Limited14/05/2022
429676The Exchange Business Park Contracting Limited14/05/2022
207895Grafton Hall Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
554720Mleu Dublin Services Limited13/05/2022
517840Maddoxtown Properties Limited13/05/2022
559258New Lisslough Limited13/05/2022
443278Weisshaar Limited13/05/2022
192151Town Court Shannon Management Company No 2 Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
428159Aidan McGurn Developments Limited13/05/2022
300488Maryborough Hill Management Company Limited13/05/2022
387807Mjf Properties Limited13/05/2022
355500Jpr Enterprises Gorey Limited12/05/2022
390898Opidar Limited12/05/2022
546412Pb Partners Management Consultants Limited12/05/2022
528025Ardglen Property Holdings Limited12/05/2022
546199The Old Shed Properties Limited12/05/2022
381619Newlyn Holdings Limited12/05/2022
390486Newlyn Group Limited12/05/2022
395515Amay Developments Limited12/05/2022
261496Newlyn Construction Limited12/05/2022
291674Glenrichards Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
558100Kinaraville Properties Limited11/05/2022
404120M & C Tuite Developments Limited11/05/2022
154100Belvedere Real Estate Developments Limited11/05/2022
422578Newlyn Portugal Limited11/05/2022
537334Palmyra Crescent Management Company Limited11/05/2022
169737Danvale Properties Limited11/05/2022
283309Merida Property Limited11/05/2022
486929Neeppoc Limited11/05/2022
186931College Gate Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
489093Ballyreddin Limited10/05/2022
471765Ecovation Energy Limited10/05/2022
327122Ronbow Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
500602King and Castle General Partner Limited10/05/2022
199573Leicester Court Management Limited09/05/2022
360959Plaza Multiplex Limited14/05/2022
527909Murlish Investments Limited13/05/2022
518686Carlor Properties Limited13/05/2022
550811Wcb Property Investments Limited12/05/2022
483673Thornbury Developments Limited12/05/2022
533095Touch Stone Valley Limited11/05/2022
513692Mount Newberry Limited10/05/2022
334286John Quinn Properties Limited11/05/2022
560040Superior Apartments Limited10/05/2022
294709Hillmount Properties Limited14/05/2022
270121Greenhaven Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
406996Ray Cooke Auctioneers Limited14/05/2022
508919Homexperts Limited14/05/2022
324797Whitewillow Properties Limited14/05/2022
472429O'Neill & Company Chartered Surveyors & Auctioneers Limited13/05/2022
286185Vartex Developments Limited13/05/2022
304355Carrickmines Wood Oaks Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
327888D.M. Auctions Limited12/05/2022
231692College Close Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
240263Sherwood Homes Limited12/05/2022
252250Sandycove Management Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
274891S.K. Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
274891S.K. Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
493219E & J Auctioneers & Consultants Limited12/05/2022
269357Ballytrasna Developments Limited12/05/2022
233828Kilcrona House Management Company Limited12/05/2022
237240Manson Developments Limited11/05/2022
406319Parsinna Property Solutions Limited10/05/2022
406317Parsinna Contractors Limited10/05/2022
326504Falconway Properties Limited10/05/2022
309091Accuris Holdings Limited10/05/2022
266876O.D.M. Properties Limited10/05/2022
306459Colusa Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
238160Seacht Management Limited10/05/2022
235933Malt House Quay Management Designated Activity Company10/05/2022
451042Tallaght Cross East Commercial Estate Management Company Limited15/05/2022
448497Parkside Commerical P.M.C. Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
447035Atlantide Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
415954Cuirt Na Habhainn Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
430636Tallaght Cross East Residential Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
421853Glen Abhainn Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
546876Liffey View (Kilcullen) Retail and Residential Development Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
451041Tallaght Cross East Estate Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
472430Fairlands Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
429096Island Key Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
421287Orchard Gardens Management Co. Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
420050Castle Road Management Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
410180Hampton Rise Management Limited15/05/2022
412802Auburn Avenue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
441241Blanchardstown Apartments Management Limited15/05/2022
452425Kingston Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee15/05/2022
323166Dalkey Castle Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
363245Bcams Holdings Limited14/05/2022
382124Balmain Parklands Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
392289Leitrim Village Waterfront Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
399813Fuller's Quay Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
182575Fey Yerra Management Limited14/05/2022
443005Wexyard Management Company Limited14/05/2022
54991940 Carrowmore Apartments Limited14/05/2022
389851Coille Bheithe Apartments (286-293) Owners' Management Company Designated Activity Company14/05/2022
255888Station Road Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
557959Rossan Court Owners Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
461067Capel Abbey Limited14/05/2022
361733Chapel Lane Complex Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
402215Oakwood Manor Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
362234Collum Management Company Limited14/05/2022
423434Cherry Orchard (Broomfield) Management Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
435287Hampton Wood Management Company No.2 Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
435288Hampton Wood Management Company No. 3 Company Limited By Guarantee14/05/2022
436885Rockeytown Crescent Parklands Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
426845Corr an Tobair Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
293561Capel Island Village Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
362140Dhk Management Company Limited13/05/2022
216234Ha'Penny Bridge House Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
320223Glenhilton Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
368028Inish Carrig Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
299486Atlantic Coast Apartments Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
408308Cois Coille Cill Cais Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
291423Carrickmines Wood Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
46169438/43 Tullow Street Management Company Limited13/05/2022
295874Arch Court Management Company (Roscommon) Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
340463Galwaywest No. 2 Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
390139Turvey Walk Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
358373Dunboyne Business Park Management Limited13/05/2022
348654Echo Management Company Limited13/05/2022
368498Block I (Frenchpark ) Service Management Limited13/05/2022
301195Whately Place Management Company Limited By Guarantee13/05/2022
491079Inishcoo House (Burtonport) Limited13/05/2022
364569Douglas Newman Good Commercial Limited13/05/2022
446278Doon North Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
460175Kingscourt Saint James' Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
254188Tusker Green Management Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
534023Marioac Limited12/05/2022
421670Shannonville Management (Dowra) Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
304898Waterford Business Park Management Company Limited12/05/2022
224795Priory Place Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
183973Bellfield Court Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
425794Over the Lakeside Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
436526The Model Quarter Management Company Limited12/05/2022
478636Applefour Property Management Limited12/05/2022
195468R & C Management Company Limited12/05/2022
436557Oldtown Avenue Management Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
417507Waterford Courtyard Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
410693Oaklands Property Management Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
344783Fairgreen House Management (Galway) Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
330317Alandale Orchard Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
330317Alandale Orchard Owners' Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
396805Europark West Wicklow Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
411282Gurtnafleur Business Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
354885Ryder Cup Village Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
397154Parklands (Caheroyan) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee12/05/2022
487419Fota Leisure Management Limited11/05/2022
345960Dunailainn Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
443001Springfield Parklands Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
425701Stocking Avenue Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
462131Heeleys View Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
409236Water High Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
183814Green Isle Court Management Limited11/05/2022
326889Collacot Management Company Limited11/05/2022
550193Ballinvalley Limited11/05/2022
408501Ludden (Buncrana) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
445607Farnamurry Close Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
460834Ballina Quay Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
403769Shesheraghmore Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
444908The Pierre Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
292605Simmonscourt Square Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
549893Boland's Lane Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
202362Docklands Business Park Management Company Limited11/05/2022
333246Six Cross Road Business Park Management Company Limited11/05/2022
518759The Blessington Arms Limited11/05/2022
209511Edenbrook Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
413249Cah Athlone (Car Parks) Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
413250Cah Athlone (Houses) Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
399108Hampton Wood Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
402179Seapark Mobile Home Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
415955Backdar Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
396007Farmleigh Woods Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
357616F.P. Management Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
366829Fitzwilliam Quay Apartments Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
354370St Peter's Square Owners' Management Company (No. 2) Company Limited By Guarantee11/05/2022
426451Castlemartyr (Golf Lodges) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
432962Walsheslough Management Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
550095Reed Productions Limited10/05/2022
402280Scurlockstown Business Park Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
494549Kenmare Holiday Village Limited10/05/2022
386413Thornbrook (Barna) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
550193Ballinvalley Limited10/05/2022
347835Killadoon Management Company Limited10/05/2022
391147Stillbeach Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
351576Back Lane Management Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
396380Wren's Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
382793Derg M.D. Property Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
471164Liam & Doris Limited10/05/2022
383399Jacob's Island (Apartments) Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
415598Strancour Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
308131W.R. Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
364458Central Park Carrick Owners' Management Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
441173Pearse Square Management Company Limited10/05/2022
372849O'Hare's Mill Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
379865Engine Alley Management Limited10/05/2022
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Transport, storage and communication

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
905760Hyundai Rotem Company12/05/2022
905760Hyundai Rotem Company12/05/2022
905760Hyundai Rotem Company12/05/2022
365988Laois Transport For Rural Integration Programme11/05/2022
517791Eagle Cabs Limited14/05/2022
517711Dualla Cashel Minibus & Hackney Services Limited12/05/2022
377909M & G Walsh Limited11/05/2022
154951T O D (Cork) Limited10/05/2022
499986Owen Linnane Coach Hire Limited10/05/2022
356651McManus Bus Hire Limited10/05/2022
90386Martin's Coaches (Cavan) Limited10/05/2022
515156Dylan Martin Transport Limited14/05/2022
418364Quay Logistics Limited14/05/2022
347348Dp Lenticular Limited14/05/2022
359124Pat Foley Transport Limited14/05/2022
401446Drumbreagh Transport Limited13/05/2022
518106Singh & Chandi Transport Ventures Limited13/05/2022
406144Brosnan Haulage Killarney Limited13/05/2022
534449Gaffney Transport Limited12/05/2022
907360McFadyens Transport Limited12/05/2022
442666Edmund Meehan & Sons Limited11/05/2022
529155O'Dornan International Limited11/05/2022
545939Grange Forwarding Limited11/05/2022
334744Wyndham Haulage Limited10/05/2022
477097S & B Haulage Limited10/05/2022
390981Eok Transport Limited10/05/2022
519711Miah Lynch Delivery Services Limited10/05/2022
551568Easyfresh Ireland Limited10/05/2022
518507Fpos Equities Limited12/05/2022
517770Weston Aviation Academy Limited14/05/2022
289967Lillybank Transport Limited12/05/2022
184235Elimgrove Limited10/05/2022
301869Capital Logistics Limited10/05/2022
403956D.S. Workspace & Interiors Limited12/05/2022
521608Mh Town Centre Limited11/05/2022
118280Allen Removals Limited10/05/2022
450155Peace on Our Roads Company Limited By Guarantee10/05/2022
462273Offshore Subsea Consultancy Services Limited11/05/2022
497049Expresspark Logistics (Dublin) Limited13/05/2022
478442Amgar Aviation Services Limited13/05/2022
518235Jmg Aviation Engineering Limited13/05/2022
501547Infinity Aviation Limited11/05/2022
547449Sena Aviation Limited11/05/2022
547404Solas Aviation Limited11/05/2022
547448Tycho Aviation Limited11/05/2022
501548Wave Aviation Limited11/05/2022
504112Gyro Air Limited11/05/2022
547406Cyrus Aviation Limited10/05/2022
501546Chrome Aviation Limited10/05/2022
501545Bios Aviation Limited10/05/2022
547405Alexis Aviation Limited10/05/2022
515066A & S Seagull Limited10/05/2022
385980Elm Air Investments Limited09/05/2022
497929Eagletec Consultancy Limited13/05/2022
136926Kieran Reidy Transport Limited14/05/2022
157262Tobaccoland Limited14/05/2022
157262Tobaccoland Limited14/05/2022
222827Carrick Transport Limited13/05/2022
190793McNulty Coaches Limited13/05/2022
254972Multi Cargo Limited13/05/2022
236461Duffy Transport (Irl) Limited12/05/2022
270560Goudie Bros. Transport Limited11/05/2022
521948Transport Insights Limited11/05/2022
332950Solo Logistics Limited10/05/2022
216724Asland Transport Limited10/05/2022
483435Deadline Direct Limited14/05/2022
269905Monarch Express Limited10/05/2022
489305Digitalfone O2 Cellular Limited14/05/2022
483936Rv Digital Media Limited14/05/2022
503300Kaptec Telecom Services Limited14/05/2022
349766Broighter Networks Limited13/05/2022
539115J&K Lynch Consulting Limited13/05/2022
363523Fitcom Solutions Limited12/05/2022
552855Target Ark Limited12/05/2022
551576Planck Holdings Limited12/05/2022
551578Principal Connections Limited12/05/2022
547686S&S Tele Sales Limited12/05/2022
519224Dontech Telecommunications Limited12/05/2022
550318Violet Star Limited11/05/2022
518094Bazcell Limited11/05/2022
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Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods

Co NumCompany NameAR Now
487414Warwick Investments Limited11/05/2022
543691Simplefeeder Limited09/05/2022
208759Dooley Transport Services Limited13/05/2022
134387Pam Oil Company Limited12/05/2022
518498Jt & Dm Timber Limited11/05/2022
547550Lecklin Limited14/05/2022
406768Forklift Machinery and Accessories Sales Limited13/05/2022
140927The Senior Milking Machine Company Limited13/05/2022
443624Pris-Mag (Ireland) Limited12/05/2022
471063Industrial Handling Solutions Limited11/05/2022
531931Zinzan Ventures Limited13/05/2022
35352Sheahan's Hardware Limited12/05/2022
539939Fast Cure Technologies Limited13/05/2022
442812MacLeod Agencies Limited13/05/2022
525360Lime Green Agencies Limited10/05/2022
446482Fish Wave Limited13/05/2022
345672Wine-Deli Limited12/05/2022
560830Upfield Spreads Ireland Limited12/05/2022
498046Castle King Services Ireland Limited11/05/2022
437654Letterkenny Sandwich Company Limited11/05/2022
386288O'Donovan Taverns Limited10/05/2022
468811Lightsign Limited15/05/2022
550065Emerald Green Baby Limited14/05/2022
376807Peter J O Halloran & Sons Limited14/05/2022
402848Tuam Retail Limited13/05/2022
486703Air Filtration Maintenance Limited13/05/2022
500071Heating Engineer Supplies Limited13/05/2022
512197Campbell Jewellers Limited12/05/2022
440087Pharma Nord Limited11/05/2022
518499Diagnostic Medical Equipment Limited10/05/2022
535166Mr Deals Limited14/05/2022
468719Italian Food Brokerage Agency Limited14/05/2022
545775Fossil Stone Specialist Limited11/05/2022
503185Unique Marketing Limited10/05/2022
377973Mount Amber Bloodstock Limited11/05/2022
357643Global Fruit Company Limited11/05/2022
528489Mb Wholesale Meats Limited10/05/2022
392156Abbey Marble & Granite Limited11/05/2022
514306S.L. Wine Distribution Limited12/05/2022
483633Premier Beverage Brands Limited12/05/2022
329176M.F.V. Neptune Trading Limited14/05/2022
550017McKenna Fish Sales Limited12/05/2022
518457Lacoste Ireland Limited13/05/2022
515891Shuz 4 U (Tallaght) Limited12/05/2022
409645Dresscode Limited10/05/2022
340514P&G Harkness Electrical Wholesalers Limited12/05/2022
499177Killian Greenseal Limited12/05/2022
347945Medi-Ster Limited14/05/2022
549841Architectural Washroom Solutions Limited13/05/2022
444937Alupress Limited10/05/2022
333348Strahan Distributors Limited11/05/2022
141642Provincial Welding Supplies Limited11/05/2022
517623Dj Imports Limited13/05/2022
473134Sotax (Ireland) Limited12/05/2022
436559Crosslane Digital Limited11/05/2022
451904Pat Brogan Tractors Limited13/05/2022
524381Easyecosteps Limited13/05/2022
513171Era Food Stores Limited14/05/2022
422687Derrymanor Limited14/05/2022
427211J.W.B. Retail Sales Limited13/05/2022
462257Curious Wines Limited13/05/2022
446393Shannon Service Station Limited12/05/2022
530775Freshglade Limited12/05/2022
352168Ownea Trading Limited12/05/2022
517448Hitianland Limited11/05/2022
504432Doyle Concrete (Waterford) Limited13/05/2022
551186Smart Cartz Limited12/05/2022
516010Klwp Hegarty & Co. Limited12/05/2022
361674Nui, Galway Students' Union Commercial Services Limited11/05/2022
549984Mark and Dave Dwyer Brothers Limited14/05/2022
138332Charles Vial (Fish Merchant) Limited14/05/2022
510473Sweet Experience Limited13/05/2022
516253Gina's Bakery Limited13/05/2022
389766Foleys Express Food Stores Limited11/05/2022
520049Tetralogy Holdings Limited10/05/2022
499744Baggot Street Wines Limited13/05/2022
357683Euromax Commodities Limited11/05/2022
486837Hegarty Retailing Kilcar Limited12/05/2022
461259Ballyfarnon Motor Works Limited14/05/2022
503900Campbell Artisan Foods Limited13/05/2022
349782MacOson Retail Limited14/05/2022
254092Fortfield Pharmacy Limited14/05/2022
497631Dcp Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
132192Tom Holly (Pharmacy) Limited13/05/2022
97491James Pettit Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
203489Ballina Pharmacy Limited13/05/2022
327183J. Carmichael Limited13/05/2022
344858Merrion Rp Limited13/05/2022
403002A & G Murphy (Knocknacarra) Limited13/05/2022
113398Aid Pharmacy Services Limited12/05/2022
208837The Backhouse Pharmacy Limited12/05/2022
528666Rossfield Pharmacy Limited12/05/2022
546483Certus Healthcare Limited12/05/2022
524933Mofc (Nuig) Limited12/05/2022
524999Mofc (Ba) Limited12/05/2022
238261Lohan's Pharmacy Limited10/05/2022
398013Kilmacud Pharmacy Limited10/05/2022
309412Access Hearing Limited14/05/2022
503922Emerald Healthcare Limited13/05/2022
370794Pharmemma Limited13/05/2022
489929Gael Medical International Limited13/05/2022
462252Distinct Distribution Limited11/05/2022
489160Pjs Properties Limited10/05/2022
156965Berrie Stronge International Limited14/05/2022
302579Ardagh Packaging International Services Limited14/05/2022
350832Lgm Developments Limited13/05/2022
402572Maebh Cantwell Limited13/05/2022
124580Vivlark Limited13/05/2022
422067Migrant Sportswear Limited12/05/2022
489164Km Clothing Limited12/05/2022
514671E & K Nursery & Toys Limited12/05/2022
444210Rjc Fashion Limited10/05/2022
141895Silverstitch Embroidery Limited09/05/2022
362446S W Interiors Limited14/05/2022
112871Durora Limited14/05/2022
263305Babycare International Limited14/05/2022
479260Greenwood Furniture (Waterford) Limited13/05/2022
209294The Olde Pine Stores Limited13/05/2022
406852Dsj Retail Limited12/05/2022
336149Circin Rua Teoranta13/05/2022
368165H Q Electrical Wholesale Limited12/05/2022
513216King & Moffatt Retail Limited11/05/2022
422485Swifsash Limited14/05/2022
534334Hourigans Lawn & Garden Limited12/05/2022
462222Ciaran Coyle Building Supplies Limited11/05/2022
143753Avonbell Limited14/05/2022
136631Grants Newsagents Limited13/05/2022
362926Railway News Limited10/05/2022
177387Letterfrack Hardware Limited14/05/2022
135635Paul Haycock Office Supplies Limited14/05/2022
524894Doherty Roe Fuels Limited13/05/2022
531564Epona Holistic Gifts Limited13/05/2022
377048Horkans Pet World Limited13/05/2022
549849The Philosophy of Sales Limited12/05/2022
509976Campbell's Build & Pave Limited12/05/2022
193540L.N. Keegan & Son (Carrickmacross) Limited12/05/2022
536576Log on Firewood Limited11/05/2022
408518Des Kelly Interiors Limited11/05/2022
380724Eye Contact Opticians Limited11/05/2022
208372Gundry's Limited10/05/2022
433438Thornhill Opticians Limited10/05/2022
511699Lake Bellew Enterprises Limited10/05/2022
445059Hollingsworth Cycles Limited10/05/2022
492024The Canvas Works Limited14/05/2022
527300Cloud Safe Limited13/05/2022
550244Morvoc Limited12/05/2022
443861Fastline Limited11/05/2022
115496Star Truck Auto Repairs Limited12/05/2022
462400Kearney Radio Limited10/05/2022
559275Murray Mobile Technology Limited13/05/2022
150 Financial Accounts from companies in the "Wholesale and retail trade; Personal and household goods" industry, have recently become available.Back to Top

There are 1,714 companies listed above.

*Please note that there may be some companies not on this list, as they have not provided industry details.

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