Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 478 (Week Ending 28/10/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
56389 Automatic Transmission Company Limited Dublin
332744 Mountview Community Network Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
334070 Richard Fielder Ireland Limited Wicklow
354392 Irelands Eye Media Limited Meath
404382 Four Symbols Limited Kildare
506625 Pet Tales Limited Dublin
556661 Robin Murphy I.T. Services Limited Kildare
575523 Smart Percent Limited Galway
590916 Bnrg Neoen Limited Dublin
592966 Mohave Consulting Limited Dublin
620706 Dudick Europe Limited Kildare
629672 Digitalchain Limited Westmeath
638231 Cappagh Investments Limited Dublin
644495 Kd Professional Training Limited Dublin
645037 Rmd Technologies Limited Dublin
669243 Nutridart Limited Cork
686760 Minor Miracles Solutions Limited Dublin
689673 Ubac Money Limited Dublin
107861 Dundian Limited Dublin
158357 Consumer Voice Limited Galway
207375 Nolan Stores Limited Wicklow
326313 Flynn Brothers Construction and Development Limited Galway
386356 Sumba Consultants Limited Dublin
470418 Smd Autos Limited Galway
486222 Nelco Investments Limited Wicklow
510028 Majority Distribution Unlimited Company Limerick
510029 Lifelong Distribution Unlimited Company Limerick
512994 Jomu Limited Dublin
514332 Monroe Agri Distribution Limited Galway
514794 Millennium Noodle Limited Dublin
523715 Eg Financial Restructuring Limited Dublin
552677 Messy Hands Limited Cork
560404 Ethicsii Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
589075 Umbrella Communications Consulting Limited Dublin
605497 Alydan Holdings Limited Dublin
620283 Malden Brands Unlimited Company Limerick
641771 Ourid Limited Longford
381338 Mailbrand Ireland Limited Tipperary
392947 Whelan's Shoes Limited Clare
400821 Southern Crossing Administration Company Limited By Guarantee Cork
431917 Yendo Limited Dublin
447979 Wishtech Limited Cork
507855 K.P.A. (Supermacs) Limited Westmeath
552211 Velofit Studio Limited Westmeath
556379 Riark Scientific Limited Waterford
597931 Virtual Footprint Limited Donegal
609126 Food Fitness Fertility Limited Galway
622486 Sme Contractors Limited Monaghan
634461 Celtic Channel Limited Dublin
640576 Orkistrations Unlimited Company Waterford
640609 Bin Disposal Systems Limited Mayo
645512 Sheriff Street Lower Tenant Limited Dublin
645568 9 Dawson Street Tenant Limited Dublin
645569 27 O'Connell Street Tenant Limited Dublin
652011 Britain Quay Tenant Limited Dublin
656243 Mayor Street Lower Tenant Limited Dublin
656256 78 Sir John Rogerson's Quay Tenant Limited Dublin
656257 1 Commons Street Tenant Limited Dublin
657709 Fashion with Style Limited Dublin
659641 M&J Automation Limited Dublin
680449 Taj Healthcare Limited Mayo
353403 Coffey Project Management Services Limited Dublin
565729 Cbs Security Solutions Limited Meath
662951 Oxo Capital Limited Dublin
674532 Cowper Media Companies Limited Dublin
678869 Dyna Miami Brickell Technology Limited Dublin
679283 Sv Restaurant Limited Clare
682069 On Point Coffee Limited Dublin
684469 Bjt Procurement Limited Galway
677017 Change Electric Limited Longford
104406 Employee Relations Services Limited Dublin
135892 Repro Bio Galway Limited Galway
148046 Reale Quality Homes Limited Limerick
183205 Aoc Marketing Limited Cork
209306 Ict International Group Limited Dublin
228130 Biofilm Environmental Systems Technology Limited Galway
232385 First Rate Limited Dublin
320607 Southern Technology Limited Limerick
334046 R.D. Productions Limited Dublin
343611 Abhann Management Limited Dublin
435548 MacPlan Limited Limerick
491012 Imperial Brands Unlimited Company Limerick
511327 Buster League Limited Cork
517202 Gramorous Limited Wicklow
518692 Nude Make-Up Limited Dublin
525659 Classon Markets Limited Dublin
558454 Bua Digital Limited Sligo
559262 Transdigm Ireland Limited Dublin
568997 Arris Ireland Financing, Unlimited Company Cork
574392 Fontheb Limited Dublin
578420 Marc Quinlan Catering Limited Dublin
579724 Mark's Vegetables Limited Tipperary
584055 Zimmerhands Limited Dublin
612315 Caesar Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
621745 Sb Pile Testing Limited Wicklow
633071 Ascle Medical Company Limited Dublin
666991 Jiang Property Limited Meath
666992 Jiang & Wu Holding Limited Meath
668686 Akantha Limited Wicklow
670915 Mercato Uno Trading Limited Dublin
686239 Hutflow Limited Dublin
686337 Casesumma Limited Lucan
693398 Eirus Marketing Limited Lucan
There are 103 companies in the above list.

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