Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 571 (Week Ending 22/03/2023)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
112631 Carbury Park Mushrooms Unlimited Company Monaghan
323071 Eldabane Holdings Limited Dublin
330473 Globalfocus Limited Dublin
363109 Hardingwood Properties Limited Dublin
389323 Dem Industrial Weighing Systems Limited Kildare
450448 D.J. O'Daly & Co. Limited Meath
457311 Kayem Distribution Limited Dublin
477119 Trag Consultancy Limited Cork
516939 Fbh Engineering Limited Cork
524366 Locumotive Medical Services Limited Galway
560306 Sole Design Limited Dublin
587320 Pharmactive Consulting Limited Clare
590857 I Store Depot Limited Meath
600370 Burren Woodland Project Company Limited By Guarantee Clare
611933 Bgdcmc Designated Activity Company Dublin
621536 Wildcat Films Designated Activity Company Kildare
645667 Solar Flare Films Designated Activity Company Dublin
646759 Good Room Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
648311 Kathrin Engert Physiotherapy Limited Dublin
673655 Titans Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
675410 Periodic Electrical Inspections Limited Waterford
676181 The Protectx Company Limited Dublin
680599 Immoecom Limited Dublin
693124 Ir-Int-Sale Limited Dublin
707040 Smart Digital Lab Limited Cork
730489 Phoenixcare Limited Kerry
101381 O'Connor's Dental Laboratory Limited Sligo
274033 Fsu Pension Trustees Ireland Limited Dublin
296914 Beverley House Foods (Longford) Unlimited Company Galway
335181 F & M Soaps Limited Offaly
407313 Tamarus Limited Dublin
443512 Amazon Bay Limited Dublin
504972 Corbez Limited Dublin
507714 Great Island Consulting Limited Cork
508013 Ccwjpb Limited Kildare
542974 Dagobah Systems Limited Dublin
572348 Osbec Limited Wicklow
609135 Organic Lands Holdings Limited Dublin 2
641111 Arn Rental Services Limited Dublin
643543 Fairburn-Hart & Hardingham Intellectual Property Limited Dublin
650499 Star Rising Aviation 12 Limited Dublin
653148 Halo Labs Limited Dublin
653270 Stenocare Ireland Limited Dublin
654902 Let's Make It Happen (Malawi School Building Project) Company Limited By Guarantee Mayo
656233 Star Rising Aviation 14 Limited Dublin
656234 Star Rising Aviation 15 Limited Dublin
656385 Omg Engineering Consulting Limited Kildare
658814 Firsteleven Ism Holding Limited Sligo
662632 Genesis Real Estate Developments Limited Cork
663522 Visio Business Development Limited Dublin
667085 Konos Engineering Limited Dublin
668990 Star Rising Aviation 19 Limited Dublin
671069 Star Rising Aviation 20 Limited Dublin
671070 Star Rising Aviation 21 Limited Dublin
671073 Star Rising Aviation 22 Limited Dublin
687313 Lauryn Ru Limited Westmeath
713621 Km Masonry Limited Cork
717913 Bookinlab Limited Dublin
724199 Ricaes Limited Cork
729011 Kalanchoe Limited Louth
503593 Life Aids Limited Offaly
536008 Peters Traditional Fish and Chips Limited Dublin
547333 Bita Agency Limited Limerick
556035 Top Shelf Catering Limited Offaly
608399 Ningaloodublinproperties Limited Cork
621983 Agrisave Limited Meath
625172 Institiúid De Híde Teoranta Galway
694699 Motiv Health Limited Dublin
699766 Propfix Property Services Limited Meath
704898 Oloid Audit & Risk Mgt Consulting Limited Dublin
718663 Iesmart Limited Louth
727601 East Cork Safety Services Limited Cork
430169 Tribute Sales and Distribution Limited Dublin
538533 Provco Limited Wexford
670380 Birch Tree Developments Limited Monaghan
678150 Morseti Limited Leitrim
698737 Pdk Shellfish Limited Dublin 2
701958 Carl Thomas Hospitality Limited Dublin
395895 Hot Air Productions Limited Dublin 2
417248 Casimir Investments Limited Dublin
493342 Alpine Coach Hire Limited Wicklow
498144 Educate2trade Corporation Limited Dublin
625127 Zinzan Led Limited Dublin
660785 Amplyx Pharma Ie Limited Dublin
673071 Zulx Group Limited Dublin
680957 Bhakta Medical Limited Louth
716054 Seven Mountains Trading Company Limited Westmeath
719403 D Tell Holdings Limited Dublin 6
723065 Orange Mirror Limited Dublin 6
723066 Purple Mirror Limited Dublin 6
723716 Blue Mirror Limited Dublin 6
723718 Yellow Mirror Limited Dublin 6
723719 Green Mirror Limited Dublin 6
9600 Jack Dolan Unlimited Company Dublin
46259 Munster Fruit and Produce Unlimited Company Dublin
116569 Vozandes Unlimited Company Dublin
155937 Dublin Laser Limited Dublin
312128 Bluestone Properties Unlimited Company Dublin
319864 Yeaton & Associates Limited Dublin
365271 Fyffes Personnel Services Unlimited Company Dublin
453077 Edenvale Electrical Contractors Limited Kilkenny
467232 Rainbow Brite Limited Kildare
471504 Ksg Entertainment Services Limited Dublin
500724 Sm Beauty Limited Leitrim
502408 Reads Cutlers Limited Dublin
572071 Cassini Pharma Limited Mayo
590900 Evin International Investments Limited Wicklow
608481 Phoenix New Homes Limited Dublin
608503 Konrad Joinery (Ireland) Limited Dublin
609168 Prophecy Labs Limited Dublin
611136 Cortica Property Limited Dublin
611395 Wet Nose Limited Dublin
633783 Leonhard Fuss Limited Dublin
653250 Isecke Landmaschinen Limited Dublin
657925 Cecil Mc Guires Limited Limerick
664712 McDonnell Hill Limited Cork
691491 Customoso Systems Limited Dublin
693323 C. S.-Shark-Immobilien Limited Dublin
695692 Activeyez Technologies Limited Tipperary
696276 Ireland a Stor Limited Donegal
698305 Hassles Limited Dublin 15
701416 Shamrock Games Limited Dublin
703491 Eu Crossborder Consulting Limited Cork
705378 Movielia Limited Dublin
715503 Bs Plus Engineers Limited Dublin
727375 Boogoomoo Investments Limited Dublin 1
There are 126 companies in the above list.

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