Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 632 (Week Ending 25/05/2024)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
35345 Balmar Limited Dublin
188017 Conrad Corporate Finance Limited Dublin
253347 Olom Limited Cork
380523 Oakview Technical Services Limited Offaly
441802 Smolensk Developments Limited Tipperary
452015 Peter McVerry Trust Addiction Services - Aras Dublin 7
479160 Act on It Consulting Limited Dublin
494411 Doyle Hr Limited Dublin
545387 McGuinness Family Partnership Limited Clare
547041 G. Belladonna Limited Clare
565800 Knip Construction Limited Wexford
567097 Ckm Purchasing Consultants Limited Cavan
575553 Eromon Limited Limerick
588457 Canaccord Genuity Management Company Limited Dublin
620910 Obsessed Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
628608 Synderesis Now Limited Meath
647126 O' Sullivan Nominees Sos Limited Limerick
651508 Wtk Scientific Limited Kerry
656428 Merlintech Fze Consulting Limited Dublin
660327 Quinville Enterprises Limited Clare
668016 Rockfall Holdings Limited Wicklow
672280 Oriand Limited Dublin
672481 Ajm Restaurants Limited Galway
673061 Wow Competitions Limited Meath
679071 Fds Fund Investments Limited Laois
686986 Asc Chemical Technologies Limited Dublin
690578 Sensorygraphy Limited Cork
693844 Helkon Holding Limited Dublin
694645 Lakota Consulting Limited Dublin
701217 Incubacode Limited Dublin
715973 Sentriflex Technology Co. Limited Dublin 2
718046 Doddy Isa Limited Wicklow
720461 Hyperbaric Consultants Limited Kildare
723765 Gumbo Etc. Limited Dublin 12
724069 Campion Brannigan Auctioneers Limited Laois
727039 Curatyx (Ireland) Limited Dublin
730467 Oficina Limited Dublin
741022 Sipl Property Investments Limited Dublin
746929 Needo Holding Limited Dublin 2
748275 Rain Jamerson Enterprises Limited Dublin
750658 Foursight Tech Limited Laois
751326 Belbere Consulting Limited Dublin
222432 Ashington Oil Services Limited Dublin
310695 Gold Adjusting Services Limited Cork
424001 Trim Steel Fabrication Limited Cavan
493376 Middle Eye Media Limited Clare
501204 Cffh Financial Education Limited Dublin
543609 Telbay Limited Dublin
561539 Boyne Valley Seafoods Limited Louth
579786 In1 Solutions Online Limited Dublin
589399 Nlp New Life Limited Louth
593482 Spirit Labs Limited Wexford
595602 Dr Elevation Holdings Limited Dublin 4
607862 E & S Financial Consultancy Limited Cork
611563 Mova Ireland Limited Cork
620523 Fiona McKenna Consultancy Services Limited Waterford
639681 Healandfeelcbd Limited Laois
657122 Kilnaglory Solar Farm Limited Dublin
657123 Ballyspillane West Solar Farm Limited Dublin
672684 Keltech Hygiene Solutions Limited Waterford
673426 Cork Competition Network Limited Cork
694869 Health Recruiters Ireland Limited Wexford
712068 Ballygowny Solar Farm Limited Dublin
716050 Ela Expeditions Ie Limited Dublin 2
717612 Regiomelo Consultancy Limited Dublin
718217 Kilmurry Solar Farm Limited Dublin
723913 Biorebalance Distribution Limited Dublin
726923 Currabally Solar Farm Limited Dublin 6
730080 Wagon Fleet I Limited Dublin 2
74097 Quinn Farms Limited Monaghan
342679 Gla Associates Limited Kerry
361260 Diamond Aware Limited Westmeath
487708 Doldwave Limited Dublin
545009 Dopsys Limited Dublin
594621 Iconic Oil Limited Louth
605369 Fairycastle Limited Dublin
611623 Certified Conformity Limited Dublin
621431 Firefishfunding Limited Clare
621786 Euro-Mediterranean Association of Exchanges Volunteering Events Ireland Limited Meath
622518 Innova Integra (Ireland) Limited Dublin
629384 Digital Yacht Limited Dublin
645333 Mardyke Guesthouse Limited Cork
658010 Gortamor Designated Activity Company Dublin
670737 Coles Bay Investments Limited Cork
681432 This Is Yoga Limited Wicklow
706969 O-Pad Holdings Limited Dublin
706970 O-Pad Ireland Limited Dublin
709116 Sky Haven Capital Limited Louth
709229 Regscape Limited Cork
726611 Ipq - Engineering Limited Dublin 6
728051 Weddell Limited Cork
735684 Goddess of Victory Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
748576 Saltfjorden Limited Dublin
396347 Fs Sub Holdings Limited Louth
544726 Brandon Point Enterprises 2 Unlimited Company Dublin 6w
548542 Brandon Point Enterprises 6 Limited Dublin 6w
548543 Brandon Point Enterprises 5 Unlimited Company Dublin 6w
548544 Brandon Point Enterprises 8 Limited Dublin 6w
598204 Fusion Vision Limited Dublin
648288 Anita Hogan Consulting Limited Kildare
655636 Universal Education Technologies Limited Dublin
656585 Oppidan Recruitment Limited Dublin
669125 Killartry Investments Limited Louth
675276 Filtracycle Limited Dublin
684104 Palumbus Limited Dublin 12
714874 Southern Cross Development Owners Management Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
723371 Vc Howth Funding Designated Activity Company Dublin
724959 Rockstone Investments Limited Dublin 15
729363 Beltram 12 Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
729364 Beltram 11 Designated Activity Company Dublin 4
236856 Loughrea Heritage and Development Company Limited By Guarantee Galway
237323 Dertra Investments Limited Kildare
424060 Dermot O'Hurley Management Services Limited Kildare
471787 Coltech Electro Enterprises Limited Meath
484088 Milk Processing Ireland Limited Cork
484089 Munster Milk Limited Cork
484096 Irish Dairy Processing Limited Cork
484097 Elite Milk Processing Limited Cork
484946 Dcam Ann Limited Westmeath
546499 Costeb Limited Waterford
573234 Event It Limited Cork
585658 Deirsa Limited Louth
587393 Shane Fennell Engineering Services Limited Cork
604676 Skyline Horizons Limited Donegal
632132 F & M Kierse Limited Cork
642333 Bio-H Europe Limited Dublin
674496 Octavian Polaris Medical and Dental Recruitment Limited Galway
676106 Baumeister Service & Facility Management Limited Dublin 2
706638 Kimberley House Limited Wicklow
715209 Orveto International Trade Limited Dublin
719844 Coelho Software Solutions Limited Westmeath
720089 Ap Safety Services Limited Dublin 15
721967 Quantech Consulting Limited Dublin 2
742628 O Mahony - Life Science Equipment Engineering Limited Cork
There are 134 companies in the above list.

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