Notices were published in the national newspapers by the companies below.

  By Business Barometer.

Issue 466 (Week Ending 23/07/2021)
Company Number Company Name Partial Address
396045 Howeng Design Limited Wexford
402261 Kincan Limited Dublin
453740 Val Eur Properties Limited Tipperary
469173 Thorndean Consulting Limited Dublin
517578 Atrinago Limited Wicklow
561426 Maroon Jam Productions Limited Tipperary
562585 A Maroon Designated Activity Company Tipperary
610614 Rcw - Germany Cargo Limited Dublin
617135 Tax Pie Holdings Limited Meath
622423 Bedrock Properties Bd Limited Limerick
639797 Robjam Limited Cork
642796 Array Biopharma Limited Dublin
643500 Convar Europe Limited Dubln 4
659500 Digital Gateway Limited Dublin
661960 Grass Check Limited Limerick
672976 Dermalights Beauty Europe Limited Dublin
675603 History Goods Ireland Limited Dublin
265967 Ft Investment & Pension Consultants Limited Dublin
294284 Brand Central Station Limited Cork
440597 Miragreen Limited Galway
464900 Classic Secretary Limited Dublin
482227 EMC Energy Limited Galway
498666 Abc Network Limited Dublin
548527 Ngd Consulting Limited Dublin
553334 Codewise Software Limited Dublin
560768 Windy Meadows Consultancy and Management Limited Kildare
587084 Peps Packaging Limited Dublin
596536 Simple Rc Detailers Limited Wicklow
601631 Mt Mechanical & Contracting Applications Limited Cork
621187 Atlantic Subsea Consultants Limited Mayo
623814 Black Cat Consulting Limited Cork
629099 Dea Gate Automation Ireland Limited Cork
630764 Construction Connections Limited Waterford
631743 Fsl Scoreboards Ireland Limited Cork
645245 Tecster Online Limited Dublin
649894 Rozelor Limited Dublin
656650 Matterhorn Aviation One Limited Dublin
680752 Analytical Robotics Inc. Limited Dublin
76742 Bdt International Security Printing Limited Dublin
139038 Marnhull Limited Kilkenny
376760 Gizmos & Concepts Limited Dublin
396980 Miriad Services Limited Wicklow
417140 Ignite Insights 21 Limited Dublin
430914 Livewire Promotions 21 Limited Dublin
459080 Ellis La Cala Limited Dublin
477254 Vivaki Limited Dublin
486035 Ap Mechanical Engineering Limited Wicklow
492655 Glanbia Investip Limited Kilkenny
498971 Gemini Medical Limited Kildare
500271 Aecd Limited Offaly
537837 Insysso Limited Dublin
537928 Landshark Holdings Limited Dublin
543455 Jchoppers Limited Cork
563083 The Limelight Nightclub Limited Donegal
579481 Deirdre O'Brien Limited Cork
605826 Guérison Medical Limited Galway
619279 Pinegrove Consultants Limited Waterford
637847 Catherines Deli & Bakery Limited Dublin
639019 Lost Letter Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
662635 Life-Force Medical Limited Dublin
667751 Manuela Antonelli Bioenergetics Treatment Limited Dublin
669480 Kahawa Coffee Limited Dublin
187937 Pat West Entertainment - Promotions Limited Dublin
243665 Flower Creations Limited Dublin
263537 Ruby Box Limited Louth
273458 Crannog Investments Limited Dublin
273459 Drumlin Enterprises Limited Dublin
325249 Ferris Transport Limited Dublin
333210 Organic Green Fertilisers Limited Meath
356106 The Village Centre Slane Management Company Company Limited By Guarantee Dublin
358341 Commprove Limited Dublin 2
389409 Eyris Training Consultants Limited Cork
414170 Durkin Medical Limited Longford
426046 Teligrean Limited Cork
428203 Grenada Developments Limited Dublin
462148 Gyre & Gimble Productions Limited Mayo
487201 Smt Tech Support Limited Clare
537713 Cepe Consult Limited Dublin
554624 Neantóg Cuideachta Ghníomhaíochta Ainmnithe Galway
567373 The Rights Bureau Limited Wicklow
571018 Direct Online Shops Limited Cavan
572314 Fingal Wholesale Limited Dublin
574038 Survivor Production Designated Activity Company Dublin
574602 Firebox Limited Wicklow
578192 Montesa Limited Cork
591638 Ovation Capital Investments Limited Dublin
595055 Amq Business Intelligence Limited Clare
596751 Mainistir Cuideachta Ghníomhaíochta Ainmnithe Galway
597503 Pure Beauty & Laser Limited Dublin
598341 Fm Mender Designated Activity Company Co No Gaillimhe
600814 Bright Side Film Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
603934 Supervized Designated Activity Company Dublin
606568 Turtler Gps Limited Dublin
607071 Gecko Code Limited Dublin
608570 Inventions Production Designated Activity Company Dublin
608901 Kitchens By Virgo Limited Meath
616971 Cuanla Cuideachta Ghníomhaíochta Ainmnithe Designated Activity Company An Spidéal Co. Na Gaillimhe
622377 Fola Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
623415 Machine Learning Developments Limited Dublin
626055 Egypt's Unexplained Designated Activity Company Dublin
627145 Dms Television Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
634839 Abuc Documentary Designated Activity Company Dublin
639105 Rft Engineering Solutions Limited Cork
646467 Fola 2 Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
654038 Penance Tv Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
660580 Elite Custom Floors Limited Laois
661977 Sweep Official Limited Dublin
662421 Cassidy Fitting Services Limited Meath
668657 Elysian Beauty Dawson Limited Dublin
670118 Airovis Limited Galway
674413 Lka Logistics Limited Cavan
679193 Rynn Technology Services Limited Dublin
681284 Conor Corcoran Limited Wicklow
472208 Chutney Films Limited Cork
480390 Hollingsworth Construction Limited Wicklow
526278 Zone Digital Limited Dublin
608602 Ags Horses Limited Westmeath
609804 Lama Productions Designated Activity Company Dublin
610001 Wipetex Limited Waterford
619957 Moreno Medical Services Limited Dublin
642718 Van Aaken Properties Limited Dublin
650012 Safe Logic Limited Dublin
650026 Useful Science Limited Dublin
650540 Kildress Joinery Ireland Limited Cork
664005 Traffic Market Limited Dublin
664380 Tirol Investments Designated Activity Company Dublin
553245 Trans Radu Limited Dublin
654700 Amd Management Services Limited Cork
There are 128 companies in the above list.

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